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  1. Guide to Native American Ledger Drawings and Pictographs in United States Museums, Libraries, and Archives (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by Donald L. DeWitt, John Lovett, 1998-11-30
  2. Native American Political Systems and the Evolution of Democracy: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by Bruce E. Johansen, 1996-05-30
  3. Peyotism and the Native American Church: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by Phillip M. White, 2000-09-30
  4. Native North American Shamanism: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by Shelley Osterreich, 1998-10-30
  5. Free Trade and Sailors' Rights: A Bibliography of the War of 1812 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
  6. America on Film and Tape: A Topical Catalog of Audiovisual Resources for the Study of United States History, Society, and Culture (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
  7. The Native American Sun Dance Religion and Ceremony: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
  8. Lynching and Vigilantism in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
  9. Bibliography of American Demographic History: The Literature from 1984 to 1994 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by David R. Gerhan, 1995-02-28
  10. Shield of Republic/Sword of Empire: A Bibliography of United States Military Affairs, 1783-1846 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
  11. The Bibliographer'S Manual of American History: General Index. 1910 by Thomas Lindsley Bradford, 2010-01-10
  12. Learning to Behave: A Guide to American Conduct Books Before 1900 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by Sarah E Newton, 1994-05-25
  13. Roosevelt Research: Collections for the Study of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History) by DeeGee Lester, 1992-07-30
  14. The People's Voice: An Annotated Bibliography of American Presidential Campaign Newspapers, 1828-1984 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)

1. American History - U.S. History - Degrees & Guides
A directory of online resources on American history. Online Degree Information. Turn your passing interest and hobby into an academic qualification by earning an online degree today.
Home » U.S. History Gateway - American History
U.S. History Gateway - American History
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2. American History, Facts, Information And Pictures
CHAPTER 7 Growth and Transformation. Technology and Change . Carnegie and the Era of Steel. Corporations and Cities . Railroads, Regulations and the
Early America
The First Americans Mound Builders and Pueblos Native American Cultures The First Europeans ... The Enduring Mystery of the Anasazi CHAPTER 2
The Colonial Period New Peoples New England The Middle Colonies The Southern Colonies ... The Witches of Salem CHAPTER 3
The Road to Independence A New Colonial System Stamp Act Taxation Without Representation Townshet Acts ... Loyalists During the American Revolution CHAPTER 4
The Formation of a
National Government State Constitutions Articles of Confederation The Problem of Expansion Constitutional Convention ... The Second Awakening CHAPTER 5
Westward Expansion and Regional
Differences Building Unity Extension of Slavery Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine Factionalism and Political Parties ... Seneca Fall CHAPTER 6

Sectional Conflict Two Americas Land of Promise Slavery and Sectionalism The Abolitionists ... Peace Democrats, Copperheads and Draft Riots CHAPTER 7
Growth and Transformation Technology and Change Carnegie and the Era of Steel Corporations and Cities Railroads, Regulations and the Tariff

3. - American History INDEX Of Topics - Lesson Plans, Activities, Games
For Kids Teachers Free Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities, Homework Help Interactive Games Home Powerpoints Games ... US Government Mr. Donn's US History Page explorers government slavery colonies ... overviews Creating a
New World Explorers Native Americans Colonial Times Jamestown ... American Revolution - 1776-1783 Western
Origins and Creation of Government Jefferson and the
New Republic
Western Expansion ... Growth in the West The Nation
The Nation Grows Immigration Industrial Growth: Factories/Child Labor/Unions Imperialism ... 20th/21st Centuries Other
US History
Entire Year/

Multiple Units
Patriotic Symbols ... Free Clip Art
For Kids Teachers
Our Free American History
Learn About Native Americans in Olden Times Native American Stories in PowerPoint Format Civil War Letters - Primary Documents Supreme Court Landmark Cases - Plessy v. Ferguson (lesson plan) ... Thousands of FREE presentations by many authors All Rights Reserved Clip Art Credit: Phillip Martin Have a great year!

4. Articles About American History - Life123
Guide to American History including history of the American flag, Native American history, history of the American government, games and more.

5. The History Place - American Revolution
A timeline of significant events. Explorations and Early Colonial Era Beginnings to 1700; The English Colonial Era
Main Index Page

6. Welcome To!
This site has been created to help you on your homeschooling journey. During the many years we have spent teaching our children, we've formed opinions, developed ways of teaching
Welcome to our free American history year one! Skip this intro and take me to the free American history curriculum! Click the green button to log your thanks! since 8/2009 Over downloads as of August 2010 This free history curriculum was originally written for the target age of eight to nine (3rd grade) but can easily be used and adapted for other grades and ages. The easiest grades to adapt for and use our curriculum in are 2nd-6th grades. It is also an excellent supplement to any other history curriculum (for a variety of ages) with plenty of "gravy" like worksheets, printables, links, extra reading, crafts, activities and more. Our American history curriculum uses a literature approach; and whenever possible ties in other (optional) disciplines such as science, language arts and more. Our main focus though is on history. This history curriculum is FREE to anyone who needs or wants it. Please consider it our gift to you from in honor of the many blessings God has bestowed upon our family. If you use and like our materials, we ask that you will consider making a donation or an order via our sponsor's page and/or book links. Please also tell your friends or

7. U.S.A. History Home Page
The following time line shows major events in American History. Click on any of the events for more detail.

8. The History Cooperative | Journals | JAH Index
Vol. 97, 20102011 September 2010 (Vol. 97, No. 2) June 2010 (Vol. 97, No. 1) Vol. 96, 2009-2010
Vol. 97, 2010-2011 Vol. 96, 2009-2010 Vol. 95, 2008-2009 Vol. 94, 2007-2008 Vol. 93, 2006-2007

9. American History Coloring Pages, Worksheets And Activities
American history worksheets, coloring pages and lesson plans for kids.
Learning Treasures is your place for great teaching resources. Home Learning Treasures Store ARCHIVES Math
Language Arts


Coloring Pages
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American History Index
These coloring pages, worksheets and activities all relate to American History.
This links are to particular time frames in American history. There you will find worksheets, coloring pages, units studies and activities that relate to that particular time in history American Revolution Coloring Pages Unit Studies Worksheets Crafts/Activities Puppy with a flag
US Flag Coloring Sheet
Johnny Appleseed Traveling Party Reusable Usable Lnch Bags
Eco-friendly and practical all at the same time Bunnies Printable Pack Make Learning Come Alive! Learn how to create your own unit studies Ancient Egypt Unit Study Polar Bear Printable Resource Pack

10. Thrilling Incidents In American History
Revolutionary War • Opening Of The Revolution • The Boston Massacre • Affair of the Sloop Liberty • Affair of the Gaspee • The Tea Riot • The Boston Port Bill
The Jetmakers Perry's Saints Thrilling Incidents In American History Prev ... Next
Thrilling Incidents In American History

Revolutionary War
Opening Of The Revolution

The Boston Massacre

Affair of the Sloop Liberty

Affair of the Gaspee
Arnold's Treason

War With France
War With Tripoli
Second War With England War With Mexico

11. WWW-VL: History: United States History: US History: USA | W3 Virtual Library
Extensive collection of links on United States history chronological periods, sorted by topic and historical period and maintained by George Laughead, from the WWWVirtual Library
WWW-VL: History Central Catalogue
WWW-VL: History: W3 Search Engines
Research Tools
American History Documents
Bibliographies Archives Libraries ... US History Gateways
Electronic Texts Federal Resources History Journals
Research Aids
Reference Software
Timelines ... Web Stacks Research Library
USA History Associations and Societies
Scholarly Associations
Centers and Institutes US History Museums US Art Museums ... USA Historic Sites United States Historical Topics African-American History Agricultural History The American West Beat Literature ... Historians' Calendar United States History Chronological Periods America Before the Europeans Discovery and Exploration 1492-1650 Colonial Era 1650-1765 Revolutionary Era 1765-1783 ... The Gilded Age, 1876-1900 USA 20th Century History World War One History Medical Front WWI WWI Resource Centre World War Two History WWW-VL History was established as HNSource History Gateway at Kansas ) on 6 March 1993. United States history site managed by George Laughead , manager, Kansas Heritage Group and Kansas History web sites. See also:

12. Asian American History At Brown University | Introduction
We are a group of multiethnic Asian American undergraduate students working with the support and guidance of Professor Robert Lee of the Department of American Civilization at
introduction archives interviews timeline ... contact
mission statement
our process
Brown Daily Herald archives and University records. For presentation purposes, we have divided our research into four broad themes: Academia, Admissions, Asian Student Organizations, and Third World Issues and Community. All of these archived materials are now available for public viewing at the Asian/Asian American Student Resource Center (AASRC) in the former AASA office on the third floor of the TWC, and a selected portion of these materials is also available online
In examining this history, we chose not to attempt to weave these pieces together ourselves; instead, we hoped that the history would speak for itself. To fill in the holes, we have conducted interviews with numerous alumni who were involved in the Asian/Asian American and Third World communities during their time at Brown. These interviews were either recorded or transcribed and are also available in the AASRC and online
limitations We believe that the work presented through this project represents a crucial step in the documentation and exploration of Asian/Asian American history at Brown; however we also acknowledge the limitations of our work. Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming amount of material and a general lack of time, we were unable to constantly reflect upon and adapt our study to ensure that both our process and product were comprehensive. Moreover, much of our source material was derived from the archives of AASA an organization which has throughout its history largely been comprised of students claiming East Asian heritage. As a result, many voices and stories have been inadvertently and unacceptably left out of this narrative.

13. - African American History Index African American History Index History Index. I have several stories that are interviews with former slaves in America done in the late 1800s. - African American History Index
AMSOIL Auto Parts, etc. Home Racing ... Maps The info in here is brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber, Ed Sanders. E-Mail: History Index. I have several stories that are interviews with former slaves in America done in the late 1800s. Will be adding more as I get time. Please bookmark or make a link to this site and check in from time to time!
Off Site Resources

14. National Postal Museum
The History and Experience of African Americans in America’s Postal Service . Written by Deanna Boyd and Kendra Chen
cpp_value="POSTAL"; foresee.triggerParms["lf"] = 3; // loyalty factor, three pages foresee.triggerParms["sp"] = 50.0; // sampling percentage, 50%
Antebellum Reconstruction Pendleton Act ... Earliest Known
The History and Experience of African Americans
Written by Deanna Boyd and Kendra Chen
Online Articles
Above: A USPS employee selling stamps
Courtesy of the United States Postal Service, Gerald Merna, photographer
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Contact Site Map ... Credits

15. Missouri Native American History | American Indians In Missouri | Indian Tribes
Discover Missouri Native American History from the PaleoIndians to the Hopewell Tribe in MO. Learn about the Indian Tribes of Missouri - the Osage, Delaware, Kickapoo, Shawnee

Missouri Native American History ~ Missouri Indian History
Indian Tribes of Missouri
and the Arcadia Valley Region and the Black River Recreation Area
Missouri Native American history in the Arcadia Valley Region, Black River Recreation Area of Missouri goes back to the Paleo-Indians, the ancient peoples of the Americas who were present at the end of the last ice age. They camped and hunted along Ozark rivers, perhaps as long as 12,000 to 14,000 years ago . These early inhabitants were big-game hunters. The mastodon (for meat) and the giant ground sloth (for fur), still roamed the area. After the ice age arrived, circa 8000 B.C., the disappearance of the large mammals caused the people to hunt smaller game and rely more heavily on gathering and foraging. They crafted fluted points for hunting, needles for making clothing, hand-woven nets for fishing, and mortars for crunching seeds. Fish and vegetables became an important part of their diet.
During the Woodland Period (1,000 to 500 B.C.) The Hopewell tribe inhabited the region now known as Missouri. They learned how to fire clay pots and tools, engaged in trade, and created large ceremonial earthworks. They cultivated corn and hunted deer and wild turkey.

16. Free Websites For Teachers :: Americanhistory - Downloads
Free Teacher Websites, A place where teacher and students can interact with each other.

17. - Your Guide To Homework Help And The BEST Educational Websites And
Homework Help, Educational Videos, Educational Powerpoints, Parenting Tips. Best Encyclopedias, Best Movies, Calendars, Career Information, College and Testing Resources, USA

18. Switching On American History | Don Johnston Incorporated
Switching on American History, AbleNet, Switch software correlated to American history standards providing ageappropriate and accessible curriculum students have a choice of three

19. American History
American History Index In Germany they first came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I
American History at Chamisa Mesa High School American History Index "In Germany they first came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant."
"Then they came for me - and by that time no one was left to speak up."
German Pastor Martin Niemoller
On This Day

On This Day is presented by the New York Times and is updated Mon-Fri.
  • Civics at Works

  • Learn how the government works through this site that explores how the government works.
  • American History Through her Songs and Music


  • This is an excellent site with timelines of history, Science, Arts and Literature
  • Core Documents The Gilder Lehrman Collection of Original Documents The Federalist Papers
  • The complete text to James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton's great work "The Federalist Papers", explaining and defending the US Constitution.
  • The Spanish and Portuguese Explorations
  • This richly illustrated (yet quickly loading) tutorial from the Applied History Research Group at the University of Calgary guides users through the European voyages of exploration and conquest in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
  • Early America Native American Views A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation:
  • US Congressional Documents and Debates 1774-1873
  • Gunston Hall Plantation
  • George Mason and the American Revolution. This is an excellent site describing the Life of George Mason (Mason-Dixon Line) and the Colonial Times in Revolutionary America.

    20. Thrilling Incidents In American History
    battle of contreras. thrilling incidents in. comprising the most striking and remarkable events of the revolution; the french war; the tripolitan war; the indian wars; the second

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