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         Ancient History General:     more books (100)
  1. UNESCO General History of Africa, Vol. II, Abridged Edition: Ancient Africa (General History of Africa (Univ of California Pr) (Abridged Version)) (v. 2)
  2. Elements of General History: Ancient and Modern, Volume 2 by Alexander Fraser Tytler Woodhouselee, 2010-01-11
  3. Elements of General History: Ancient and Modern by Lord Alexander Fraser Tytl Woodhouselee, 2010-02-04
  4. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern: To Which Are Added a Compatative View of Ancient and Modern Geography, and a Table of Chronlogy by Thomas Robbins, Lord Alexander Fraser Tytl Woodhouselee, 2010-01-11
  5. Elements of General History: Ancient and Modern, Volume 2 by Millot, 2010-03-09
  6. The American Nations: Or, Outlines of Their General History, Ancient and Modern by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque, 2010-01-08
  7. Elements of General History; Ancient and Modern, to Which Is Added, a Table of Chronology by Lord Alexander Fraser Woodhouselee, 2010-10-14
  8. Elements of General History Ancient and Modern, with the Continuation to 1815 by Prof. Millon by Claude Franois Xavier Millot, 2010-03
  9. Elements of General History: Ancient and Modern, Volume 1 by Millot, 2010-03-08
  10. Elements of General History: Ancient and Modern, Volume 1 by Lord Alexander Fraser Tytl Woodhouselee, 2010-02-09
  11. Elements of general history, ancient and modern; to which are added a table of chronology and a comparative view of ancient and modern geography by Alexander Fraser Tytler Woodhouselee, Edward Nares, 2010-09-12
  12. The Decline of the Ancient World (General History of Europe) by A.H.M. Jones, 1966-09
  13. The History and Topography of the County of Essex, Comprising Its Ancient and Modern History. a General View of Its Physical Character, by Thomas Wright, 2010-01-15
  14. The History of the World: Comprising a General History, Both Ancient and Modern, of All the Principal Nations of the Globe, Their Rise, Progress, Present Condition, Etc, Volume 2 by Samuel Maunder, John Inman, 2010-03-16

1. World History Compass, Ancient History, General
Links to general ancient history sites. Ancient History, General. ABZU Regional Index Home Page Guide to Resources for the study of the Ancient Near East available on the Internet.
World History Compass
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Ancient History, General
ABZU Regional Index Home Page Guide to Resources for the study of the Ancient Near East available on the Internet. Antiqua Medicina: From Homer to Vesalius University of Virginia Health System. Arachnion. A Journal of Literature and Ancient History on the Web ArchNet ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology. This server provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet. Information is categorized by geographic region and subject. Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish language versions of the home page are also available. Archaeological Research Institute at Arizona State University. Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Links. Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World. Exploring Ancient World Cultures An introduction to Ancient World Cultures on the World Wide Web. Gnomon Online History Link 101 Resource page for Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome for World History Classes.

2. General Info
MA module taught by Egypt Centre for the Department of Classics and Ancient History . General Theme Museums interpret the past according to limitations imposed by knowledge
Museums and the Interpretation of The Past CL-M31 MA module taught by Egypt Centre for the Department of Classics and Ancient History General Theme: Museums interpret the past according to limitations imposed by: knowledge of the time; their various peer group demands; constraints of conservation, labelling; available artefacts; tradition, etc. This course will examine how and why museums place particular interpretations on the past. We will use Egyptology and the Egypt Centre as an example, although the theory learnt can be applied to other museums. The course could largely be seen as that of the New Museology ( The topics covered:
  • Introduction to museums; History of museums. Basic differences in museum interpretation will be considered as a result of the cultural milieu within which they are situated How different discipline areas influence display Museum communication- the building display and labeling and its affect on communication Museums and power. Do museums simply mirror the ideas of the elite?

3. Amazon Research Network
Follow the traces of the famous Amazons, the ancient history of Malta and the enigmatic culture of the Berbers
Amazon Research Network The AMAZONS The BERBERS Amazons of LEMNOS Matriarchal LESBOS ... Johann Jakob Bachofen Amazon Research Network Amazon Research Network auf deutsch

4. Oxford University Press: Ancient History - General
Oxford University Press USA publishes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, children's books, business books, dictionaries, reference books, journals, text

5. Home School Favourites | Living Books For Ancient History
Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains Living Books For Ancient History General

A Living Education

Home Life

Bible and Devotional

How to Home School
Second-Hand Books

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,
the man who gains understanding..."
Proverbs 3: 13 - 18 Home Articles News Services ... Sitemap
Living Books For Ancient History
Story of the World: Ancient Times
Story of the World Activity Book- Ancient Times
Story of the World: Ancient Times CD set
Complete True Tales of Ancient Civilizations
(CD set)
Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
A City Through Time
History Pockets - Ancient Civilizations
History Pockets - Ancient Egypt
Usborne Book of Bible Stories with CD
The Earliest People Adam and His Kin
Genesis: Finding Our Roots
Dry Bones and Other Fossils
The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible
The First Dog Ever
Ancient Egypt
The Cat of Bubastes - CD set
The Golden Goblet
The Seeker of Knowledge
Temple Cat
Fertile Crescent Civilizations (including Israel) Celebrate! Stories of the Jewish Holidays
Usborne Book of Bible Stories with CD
Hittite Warrior
The Richest Man in Babylon
Ancient Greece and The Hellenistic Period
Greek Myths for Young Children
Greek Myths on CD
Archimedes and the Door of Science
Alexander the Great
- Usborne
Alexander the Great - Green
How the Greeks Won the War
What's Your Angle, Pythagorus?

6. Where The Online Community Learns About St. Mary Magdalene (St. M
An effort to bring the spectrum of material and references to Mary Magdalene together in one cohesive website.
Mission Information Friends Blog The Gospels say that Mary Magdalene was a woman who followed Jesus, was healed of seven demons, witnessed the crucifixion and the resurrection, and was told to take the good news to the other disciples. She has been a popular saint for the last 2000 years, and has a rich history in art and legend. Recently she has become the subject of a belief that she was married to Jesus and bore his children. Read more...
  • Beginner's Guide to Mary Magdalene
  • Christian, Gnostic, Feminine Divine? Read about the many perspectives on Mary Magdalene
  • Explore ancient and modern visions of Mary Magdalene in our art gallery
  • 7. Ancient History General At Doubleday Australia
    Ancient History General, History, at Doubleday Australia Fast Order. Already know what you want? Just type the item number/s into the boxes below to add to your cart.

    8. World History Books - Gonzaga University
    Browse the shelves for books on World History. Ancient History (General) D Asia DS Africa Library/Subject Guides/Arts-Hum

    9. Jacob Boehme Resources
    Offers online transcriptions of the works of Jacob Boehme.
    Jacob Boehme Resources
    Contact Webmaster B. Janz's Web Pages GO TO PAGE B. Janz Home Page Aesthetics and Visual Culture African Philosophy African Places Critical Theory Continental Philosophy Resources Culture and Ethnicity in Philosophy Humanities Jacob Boehme Resource Page Metaphysics Resource Page Mysticism Links Philosophy and Contemporary Culture Philosophy in the World's Religions Philosophy of Science Links Philosophy, Technology, and the Environment Place Research The Reasoning Page Useful Philosophy Links Who's Who in the History of Mysticism Search Engines UCF LINKS University of Central Florida UCF Library System UCF Philosophy Department PERSONAL PAGES Biographical Info Miscellaneous Links Courses Taught Search all of B. Janz's Web Pages This page collects existing resources from the WWW on the work, world, and influence of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), and adds some of my own resources, in an effort to support research and teaching on Boehme. If anyone knows of additions to this page, please let me know at the email address below. Falls Sie mehr Information auf Deutsch wollen, nutzen Sie die Suchmachine

    10. ANCIENT HISTORY: GENERAL - Microsoft Academic Search
    Authors J. Boardman, L. Casson, Ehrenberg Cambridge, London Finley, London Freeman. Citations 0
    var SiteRoot = ''; SHARE Author Conference Journal Year Look for results that meet for the following criteria: since equal to before
    ANCIENT HISTORY: GENERAL Edit ANCIENT HISTORY: GENERAL J. Boardman L. Casson Ehrenberg Cambridge London Finley ... L. Casson Published in 1995. The European Iron Age Citations: 10 J. Collis Published in 1984. Early Metal Mining and Production Citations: 21 P. T. Craddock Published in 1995. The World System: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand Citations: 46 A. G. Frank B. K. Gills Published in 1993. 1987 Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Citations: 33 M. Bernal More references ... Privacy Statement Share this on Contribute to Academic

    11. Drug Abuse Treatment And Rehabilitation Resources
    Drug Abuse / Drug Rehabilitation / Drug Treatment Resources . Where to get help with a drug problem This list of drug abuse, drug rehabilitation, and drug abuse education

    12. Gnosticism: Ancient And Modern
    Describes the history, beliefs, and practices of the ancient Gnostics.
    About this site About us Our beliefs Is this your first visit? Contact us ... Vital notes World religions BUDDHISM CHRISTIANITY Who is a Christian? Shared beliefs ... Comparing religions Non-theistic... Atheism Agnosticism Humanism Other About all religions Important topics Basic information Handling change Doubt/security ... More info. Spirituality and ethics Spirituality Morality and ethics Absolute truth Peace and conflict Attaining peace Religious tolerance Religious hatred Religious conflict ... Religious violence "Hot" topics Very hot topics Ten commandments Abortion access Assisted suicide ... Other topics Laws and news Religious laws Religious news Sponsored link
    Religious watches by Whimsical Watches
    Christian history and faith groups
    Gnosticism: Ancient and modern
    Sponsored link
    Gnosticism is a philosophical and religious movement which started in pre-Christian times. The name is derived from the Greek word " gnosis " which literally means " knowledge. " However, the English words " Insight " and "

    13. Ancient Civilizations
    Ancient History (General) The Ancient World Web An Internet resource guide to the ancient world. Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations Daily life in ancient Egypt, Greece, China
    Chico KidLinks:
    Web Searching for Students
    Search the Library Catalog
    Ancient History
    Prehistoric Peoples Ancient Egypt Mesopotamia Aztec, Maya, Inca ... Ancient Asia
    Ancient History (General)
    The Ancient World Web
    An Internet resource guide to the ancient world.
    Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
    Daily life in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, India, Rome, and U.S. Pacific Coast Indians.
    Exploring Ancient World Cultures
    Eight ancient world cultures are explored at this college-level site: Ancient Near East ; Ancient India ; Ancient Egypt ; Ancient China ; Ancient Greece ; Ancient Rome ; Early Islamic World ; and Medieval Europe.
    Odyssey Online
    Odyssey Online explores Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures through museum artifacts, puzzles, games, and artifacts.
    A collection of links to websites about Ancient and Medieval Civilizations. How did ancient architects and engineers design and erect the medieval war machines known as trebuchets? construct Egyptian obelisks? The Easter Island stone monoliths called moais? Roman baths? The rainbow bridges of ancient China?
    Near East
    Explore the cradle of civilization.

    14. Centenary College:  Ancient History
    ABZU A guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near East on the Web http// Abzu is a guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed
    Home Apply Now About Athletics ... Giving Search English Español Home Taylor Memorial Library Subject Guides Ancient History
    Ancient History
    General Early History Mesopotamia/Ancient Near East Sumerian ... Roman
    ABZU - A guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near East on the Web "Abzu is a guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet." Ancient World Web The site contain links to ancient history web pages. The site originates at the University of Virginia. Semitic Museum at Harvard University The museum focuses on the Ancient Near East and Egyptian cultures. To top
    Early History
    Cave Painting at Lascaux The site contains a photo and audio lecture. It is provided by Queens University in Canada. Cave Painting Chauvet -Pont-d-Arc

    15. Home
    A site dedicated to the innermost mystery of early Christianity and the role of Mary Magdalene as the founder of Christianity.
    Jesus said: There are many standing at the door, but it is the solitary who will enter the bridal chamber.” Gospel of Thomas 75. A site dedicated to the truth of early Christianity ..there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest..” Gospel of Thomas 5
    Was Christ crucified by fallen angels?
    The evidence that Christianity really did emerge from an early form of Gnosticism. How the first Christians believed that Yahweh had appointed seventy fallen angels called ‘Shepherds’ to rule over mankind. And how the Christ was put to death by these angels in a higher heaven and not by the Jews and Romans on earth. The rule of the Shepherd angels
    The Book of Mary
    The Book of Mary explores a new vision of a spiritual Christianity founded by Mary the Magdalene based on her mystic experiences of her spirit Jesus. The Book of Mary draws on a large body of evidence in the four gospels, the letters of Paul, the Gospel of Thomas and other early Gnostic and mainstream Christian works that support the Mary hypothesis. From the Gospel of Thomas the teachings of Mary are reconstructed in the form in which she may have originally spoken them. And the greatest mystery of all is explored, ‘the harvest’ that overcomes death and leads to the bridal chamber ... The full version is available on-line.

    16. Ancient History General Resources St
    Ancient History General Resources St. Michael the Archangel School. Ancient History Background Information
    Ancient History General Resources
    St. Michael the Archangel School Ancient History Background Information Ancient History Resources: Montgomery County Public Schools Yahooligans Search: Ancient History Ancient Civilizations Ancient History - Plymouth Public Schools ... Greek Myths Hotlist Ancient History Resources Ancient History -Middle School Net Ancient History Resources
    F.A. Day Middle School
    Mr. Donn's Ancient History ... Bring Ancient History to Life!
    lesson plans Cleopatra - A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World Unofficial Student Manual Prehistory/Stone Age Resources Ancient Greece Resources ... Return to Sixth Grade

    17. Indus Valley Civilization In India Indus Valley Civilization Trade Ancient Civil
    Indus Valley Civilization Harappa, Latest General Knowledge Questions, General Knowledge in Current Affairs, Kalibangan India,Indus Valley Civilization Town Planning, Ancient India

    18. Sethianism - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    A group of ancient Gnostics, that date their existence before Christianity.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Sethian Jump to: navigation search Gnosticism
    This article is part of a series on Gnosticism History of Gnosticism Early Gnosticism Syrian-Egyptic Gnosticism ... Gnosticism and the New Testament Related articles Gnosis Neoplatonism and Gnosticism Mandaeism Manichaeism ... e Not to be confused with Setianism The Sethians were a group of ancient Gnostics who date their existence to before Christianity. Their influence spread throughout the Mediterranean into the later systems of the Basilideans and the Valentinians citation needed . Their thinking, though it is predominantly Judaic in foundation, is arguably strongly influenced by Platonism . Sethians are so called for their veneration of the biblical Seth , third son of Adam and Eve , who is depicted in their myths of creation as a divine incarnation; consequently, the offspring or 'posterity' of Seth are held to comprise a superior elect within human society.

    19. History's Happening Ancient World History Page
    ANCIENT HISTORY GENERAL; Encyclopedia Mythica the award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Internet Ancient History Source book - An immense resource
    History's Happening!
    Kid Safe Web Sites
    This Website Needs New Home! I've retired from teaching and no longer have the time and energy to maintain this website. Rather than just make it disappear, it needs a new home with somebody still teaching. Contact me if interested - Pete Loeser
    Ancient World History Links
    General Topics
    Prehistorical Times Ancient Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt ... Ancient China
  • Encyclopedia Mythica - the award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Internet Ancient History Source book - An immense resource on Ancient History links and information from Paul Halsall at Fordham University.
  • Notable Citizens of the Planet - This on-line biographical dictionary has the lives of 25,000 notable men and women from ancient times to the present day.
  • History of Nations - This site has a history of every nation in the world as well as many non-sovereign territories. Discoverer's Web - A no nonsense collection of links to sites found on the web about voyages of discovery and exploration. Covers all time periods. Student Ancient History Essays - A collection of History "Web-Reports" written by students of Willits High School.
  • 20. Bored Of Studies
    2 0 1 0 Advanced English. Ancient History. General Maths. History Extension. Society Culture. Studies of Religion I.

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