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         Ancient History General:     more books (100)
  1. The History of the World: Comprising a General History, Both Ancient and Modern, of All the Principal Nations of the Globe, Their Rise, Progress, and Present ... and Italian Wars, and a Complete History by Samuel Maunder, 2010-03-09
  2. A General and Descriptive History of the Ancient and Present State, of the Town of Liverpool: Comprising, a Review of Its Government, Police, Antiquities, ... Square, Public Buildings, and Inhabitan by James Wallace, 2010-04-20
  3. The history of the world: Comprising a general history, both ancient and modern, of all the principal nations of the globe, their rise, progress, present condition, etc by Samuel Maunder, 1860
  4. The treasury of history: being a history of the world : comprising a general history both ancient and modern of all the principal nations of the globe ... by Samuel Maunder, John Inman, 2010-09-01
  5. The History of the World: Comprising a General History, Both Ancient and Modern, of All the Principal Nations of the Globe, Their Rise, Progress, Present Condition, Etc by Samuel Maunder, 2010-03-08
  6. The American nations; or, outlines of their general history, ancient and modern, including: the whol by Rafinesque C. S. (Constantine Samuel), 2009-05-20
  7. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern (Volume 2); To Which Are Added a Table of Chronology and a Comparative View of Ancient and by Alexander Fraser Tytler Woodhouselee, 2010-01-03
  8. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern...With a Continuation, Terminating at the Demise of King George Which Are Added, a Succinct History of the United States... by Alexander Fraser; Edward Nares And An American Gentleman Tytler, 1828-01-01
  9. The American Nations (Volume 1); Or, Outlines of Their General History, Ancient and Modern, Including: the Whole History of the Earth and by Rafinesque, 2010-01-05
  10. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern with a Continuation Terminating of King George III, 1,820 to which are added,a succinct History Of The United States with Additions and Alterations By an American Gentleman by Alexander Fraser Tytler, Rev. Edward Nares, 1837
  11. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern With a Continuation Terminating by Alexander Fraser Tytler, 1828-01-01
  12. Tytler's elements of general history, ancient and modern by Alexander Fraser Tytler Woodhouselee, 1823
  13. Elements of General History: Ancient and Modern, Volume 3 by Millot, 2010-02-09
  14. The American Nations (Volume 1); Or, Outlines of Their General History, Ancient and Modern, Including the Whole History of the Earth and by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque, 2010-03-22

21. Basilideans - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A Gnostic sect founded by Basilides of Alexandria in the 2nd century.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Gnosticism
This article is part of a series on Gnosticism History of Gnosticism Early Gnosticism Syrian-Egyptic Gnosticism ... Gnosticism and the New Testament Related articles Gnosis Neoplatonism and Gnosticism Mandaeism Manichaeism ... e The Basilidians or Basilideans were a Gnostic sect founded by Basilides of Alexandria in the 2nd century. Basilides claimed to have been taught his doctrines by Glaucus, a disciple of St. Peter Of the customs of the Basilidians, we know no more than that Basilides enjoined on his followers, like Pythagoras , a silence of five years; that they kept the anniversary of the day of the baptism of Jesus as a feast day and spent the eve of it in reading; that their master told them not to scruple eating things offered to idols. The sect had three grades – material, intellectual and spiritual – and possessed two allegorical statues, male and female. The sect's doctrines were often similar to those of the Ophites and later Jewish Kabbalism Basilidianism survived until the end of the fourth century as Epiphanius knew of Basilidians living in the Nile Delta. It was however almost exclusively limited to

22. Ancient History: General
Ancient History General Classics. TOCSIN - Journals of interest to Classicists; Classics - Online teaching learning resources; Online Medieval and Classical Library

23. Historical Maps And Atlases
Historical Maps and Atlases NEW! We are currently in the process of transferring Biblical and Ancient History. General
Historical Maps and Atlases
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General Biblical Medieval ... Modern Era
Israel Area Map - Cobb HyperHistory - Antiquity, Medieval and Modern Maps Historic Atlas Resource Library (OSSHE) - Europe, (Ancient) Middle East, North Africa and North America Historical Atals by William R. Shepherd 1923 - Map Center Religious Studies 290: The Millennium: World Maps - Original Antique Maps Tony Belmonte's Historical Atlas of Europe and the Middle East Links to Historical Maps Palestine in the Time of Jesus (different maps) (K. C. Hanson and D. E. Oakman - recommended site) Historical Maps Cartographic Images - Collection of Antique Maps and Links Historical Maps Overview Oddens' Bookmarks Historical Map Web Sites Maps and Referneces ... National Geographic - Map Europe German 272, Winter 2000 - Maps of Germany 1648-2000

24. Ancient History Sourcebook: The Twelve Tables, C. 450 BCE
English translation of The Twelve Tables from the Ancient History Sourcebook.
Back to Ancient History Sourcebook
Ancient History Sourcebook:
The Twelve Tables, c. 450 BCE
Cicero, De Oratore , I.44: Though all the world exclaim against me, I will say what I think: that single little book of the Twelve Tables, if anyone look to the fountains and sources of laws, seems to me, assuredly, to surpass the libraries of all the philosophers, both in weight of authority, and in plenitude of utility. Table I. If anyone summons a man before the magistrate, he must go. If the man summoned does not go, let the one summoning him call the bystanders to witness and then take him by force. If he shirks or runs away, let the summoner lay hands on him. If illness or old age is the hindrance, let the summoner provide a team. He need not provide a covered carriage with a pallet unless he chooses. Let the protector of a landholder be a landholder; for one of the proletariat, let anyone that cares, be protector. When the litigants settle their case by compromise, let the magistrate announce it. If they do not compromise, let them state each his own side of the case, in the comitium of the forum before noon. Afterwards let them talk it out together, while both are present. After noon, in case either party has failed to appear, let the magistrate pronounce judgment in favor of the one who is present. If both are present the trial may last until sunset but no later.

25. Ancient / Classical History - Ancient Greece & Rome & Classics Research Guide
For research on Ancient History, Classics, Classical Greek, Latin Language and Literature, and Greek Mythology.
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  • Ancient / Classical History
    Ancient / Classical History
    By N.S. Gill My Bio RSS
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    26. Graduate Group In Ancient History
    The graduate program in ancient history at the University of Pennsylvania
    Graduate Group in Ancient History
    Program Information
    Penn Links
    Program Requirements for the PhD
    General Schedule for Graduate Students in Ancient History
    General Course Requirement: 20 courses at graduate level approved by the Graduate Chair.
    Foreign Language Requirement: Foreign language reading competence in will be tested in German and French (substitution of another language for the French is allowed by permission the Chair, if the student's research interests justify such a substitution). This requirement should be fulfilled in the period before the PhD Preliminary Examinations. The test for both languages will consist of a single page of relevant prose. In some cases, the relevant departmental reading courses and examinations (e.g., that offered by the Department of German) will be accepted in lieu of the formal reading examination.
    Teaching Requirement: TA instruction in courses designated and approved by the Chair and the Dean of the Graduate Division/SAS, normally in the second and third years of the program.

    27. Myths & Mysteries: Earth's Ancient History UFOs Ghosts Aliens Bigfoot Loch Ness
    Links and information regarding myths, mysteries and ancient history.

    The World's Myths, Mysteries and Earth's Ancient History!
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    More areas: Click Here Widgets Over the centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts proving that humans like us have existed for millions of years. Mainstream science, however, has suppressed these facts. Prejudices based on current scientific theory act as a knowledge filter, giving us a picture of prehistory that is largely incorrect. BUY NOW! THE place on the internet for links to all the World's Myths, Mysteries and Ancient History. UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy and Origin of Man Theories. Ancient Civilizations and Religious/Occult connections. Select a Theme 2012 Prophecy 4th Density Bleedthrough 666 - Mark of the Beast 911 Truth AAS RA Abductions Accupressure Accupuncture ADC After Deatch Communication Alchemy Alien Alien Abduction Alien Disclosure Alien Encounters Alien Evidence Alien Observer Alien Text Files Alien Videos Aliens Aliens - Watcher Files Aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago All Destiny Alternative Construction Alternative News

    28. Scotch College Library And Information Centre - Ancient History - General Resour
    Internet Sites History Index Ancient History General Resources Ancient History - General Resources Ancient World Web
    Subject Sites A-Z Topics Reference Centre VCE Resources ... History Index Ancient History - General Resources Ancient History - General Resources
    Ancient World Web
    Collapse: Why do civilisations fall?
    A CPB/Annenberg learning site exploring the collapse of 4 ancient civilisations. Daily life in ancient civilisations
    Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, India and China Exploring Ancient World Cultures
    Eight ancient world cultures are explored : Ancient Near East ; Ancient India ; Ancient Egypt ; Ancient China ; Ancient Greece ; Ancient Rome ; Early Islamic World ; and Medieval Europe. Each profile includes a chronology, essays, images and background information Secrets of lost empires
    NOVA Online informs you of "the technology and human ingenuity of these civilizations by attempting to recreate these monuments - using only the tools available to the ancients." Medieval siege, Pharaoh's obelisk, Roman bath and China bridge. Odyssey Online
    Welcome to Odyssey Online, a journey to explore the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Africa. You can make your own discoveries through cool puzzles, games, and worksheets.

    29. History At Doubleday New Zealand
    History, Books, Americas, Ancient History General, Anthropology, Archaeology, Asia Middle East, Australia, Biography, Britain Europe 1500AD Onward, Britain Europe 400

    30. Aliens And UFOs Among Us
    Reasons why alien visitations are thought to exist, from ancient history to the present.
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    31. Ancient History Sourcebook: Cicero: On Friendship (Laelius)
    English translation of De Amicitia by W. Melmoth. Maintained by the Ancient History Sourcebook at Fordham University.
    Back to Ancient History Sourcebook
    Ancient History Sourcebook:
    On Friendship, or Laelius
    Introduction [Image: Cicero: Cicero accusing Catiline in the senate. From the fresco by Professor C. Maccari.] The most important orations of the last months of his life were the fourteen "Philippics" delivered against Antony, and the price of this enmity he paid with his life. As a philosopher, Cicero's most important function was to make his countrymen familiar with the main schools of Greek thought. Much of this writing is thus of secondary interest to us in comparison with his originals, but in the fields of religious theory and of the application of philosophy to life he made important first-hand contributions. From these works has been selected the following treatise, On Friendship, which has proved of most permanent and widespread interest to posterity, and which gives a clear impression of the way in which a high-minded Roman thought about some of the main problems of human life. Part I You have often urged me to write something on Friendship, and I quite acknowledged that the subject seemed one worth everybody's investigation, and specially suited to the close intimacy that has existed between you and me. Accordingly I was quite ready to benefit the public at your request.

    32. Perseus Digital Library
    An evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world, including archaeology, atlas, texts and translations.

    33. Ancient History - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Ancient history is the study of the written past from the beginning of recorded human history in the Old World to the Early Middle Ages in Europe. The span of recorded history is roughly
    Ancient history
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search
    "Ancient" redirects here. For other uses, see Antiquity . The times before writing belong either to protohistory or to prehistory
    Khafre's Pyramid 4th dynasty ) and Great Sphinx of Giza (c.2500 BC or perhaps earlier) Ancient history
    This box: view talk edit Prehistory ... Mississippians see also: World history Ancient maritime history Protohistory Axial Age ... Middle Ages Human history and prehistory
    This box: view talk edit before ... see also: Modernity Futurology Future Ancient history is the study of the written past from the beginning of recorded human history in the Old World to the Early Middle Ages in Europe. The span of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years, with Cuneiform script , the oldest discovered form of writing, from the protoliterate period around the 30th century BC This is the beginning of history , as opposed to prehistory , according to the definition used by most historians The term classical antiquity is often used to refer to ancient history since the beginning of recorded Greek history in 776 BC (First Olympiad ). This roughly coincides with the traditional date of the founding of Rome in 753 BC, the beginning of the history of

    34. Destination: The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
    Can you name the seven wonders? Easy and fun. From CNN interactive.
    A virtual tour of the
    Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
    May 13, 1997 (CNN) Can you name the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? Don't panic if you can't. With modern monuments, the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages, and the world's Seven Natural Wonders in the mix, very few people can sort out these astounding ancient architectural feats. What makes it even harder is that only one still exists. Inspired by mythology, religion and art, ancient civilizations undertook these seven imposing projects from about 2700 B.C. to about 270 B.C. Only one, the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza, has survived. Fires, earthquakes, conquests and the ravages of time have led to the others' demise. The ancient Greeks and Romans are said to have initiated the original "Seven Wonders" list, perhaps as an early travel guide of sorts. Over time, the inventory was added to and culled, then finally "completed" during the Middle Ages. Classical writers later disagreed on the final list, but the following seven works of art and architecture were among those most commonly included. Unfortunately, relatively few drawings or sketches exist of the wonders that vanished, so archaeologists have relied on ancient tales and literary works to get an idea of their appearance and history.

    35. Useful Links
    ANCIENT HISTORY GENERAL. Ancient World Web An extensive collection of links to sites dedicated to the study of the ancinet world.

    36. Smith College Museum Of Ancient Inventions: Acknowledgments, Disclaimer, Etc.
    A list of ancient inventions and who invented them.
    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many thanks to:
    Marjorie Senechal
    Professor of Mathematics and
    Director of the Program in the History of the Sciences
    who made it all possible by daring to do
    something no one had ever done before
    Greg Young
    Director of the Clark Science Center Machine Shop
    for his unerring advice and
    many hours of patient assistance
    and Stan Sherer whose expert photography has allowed us to present the oddest of items as works of art CREDITS Students in the Ancient Inventions course researched, constructed and explained all of the itemson display. Those who took the course in 1997 are listed below; the (much larger) 1998 class will be added to this list as soon as we have time. The Warp-Weighted Loom Elizabeth Abram, '00: Roman-Style Fresco Lori-Ann Austin, AC'00: Toys Natasha Baker, '01: Candles Anne-Sinclair Beauchamp, '01: ShipShaker Kristy Beauchesne, '97: Heron's Coin-Operated Holy Water Dispenser Niki Bennett, '00: Heron's Coin-Operated Holy Water Dispenser Mara Bishop, '00: Egyptian Tumbler Lock Laura Brandt, '01: Candles Erika Budde, '00:

    37. Oxford University Press: Ancient History
    Ancient History General; Ancient Greek History / Greek Civilization; Ancient Roman History / Roman Civilization

    38. Welcome To Mayan Kids
    Teaches about Mayan civilization through pictures, text, and games.
    Enter Enter

    39. Ancient History (General) 2 Unit (20620) - Board Of Studies NSW
    The Board of Studies NSW Australia serves teachers and a million students in both government and nongovernment schools. HSC examinations, School Certificate, state-wide curriculum
    Skip to content New South Wales Government
    Educational Resources
    Board of Studies NSW
    ask government index news ... contact us search
    • Home Australian curriculum in NSW How your HSC works HSC Exam Papers ... 1991 Higher School Certificate Ancient History (General) 2 unit (20620)
    • new selection Click here to download this data as a csv file Course Name Ancient History (General) 2 unit (20620) Cutoff Mark Candidature Number Student Name School Name Rank Rebekah Frances Gay Wingham High School Ricky Mehruddin Maung St Johns Park High School Sonia Logan St Johns Park High School Marnie Lee Stewart Wingham High School Francesca Caputo Bethlehem Col Ashfield Marianne Elizabeth McKeon Oakhill Coll Castle Hill Monica Patricia Carrasco Bethlehem Col Ashfield Beverley Jan Shedden Strathfield Girls High Keryn Louise Potts Wingham High School John Kyriakos St Johns Park High School NSW Government jobs nsw Accessibility Sitemap ... Site help 26 June 2007

    40. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
    Guide to web resources on ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome.
    Over One Hundred Million Pages Served
    Thank You for Visiting EAWC
    Why Study Ancient World Cultures?
    An Essay by Bill Hemminger The question that initiates this program is a broad one: Why study ancient cultures? You might feel that the question is moot: students do study and will study ancient cultures; such study is an expected part of a tradition of intellectual development. The response to the why of the initial question is a matter of tradition, if not fact. A study of the ROMAN EMPIRE a reading of Greek philosophy and literature, a look at the PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT these are all accepted parts of a Western education, aren't they? Probably so: even today, in the plurality of approaches to the study of history and to the study of cultures, people talk about PLATO or DANTE or Krishna or Mohammed. But there is an important proviso: How you approach ancient cultures (or any other culture, for that matter) and how you conceive of the people of such distant worlds are of paramount importance. At this point, you might ask yourself these two additional questions: Do we study these cultures because, to some extent, all cultures share certain characteristics? Does our own culture reflect aspects of these other cultures? The answer to the first of the two questions has historically been found in a discussion of universality. Consider, for a moment, the case of Arjuna in

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