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         Animal Welfare General:     more books (106)
  1. Stress and Animal Welfare (Chapman and Hall Animal Behaviour) by D.M. Broom, K.G. Johnson, 1993-11-30
  2. The Sciences of Animal Welfare (Universities Federation for Animal Welfare) by David Mellor, Emily Patterson-Kane, et all 2009-08-31
  3. Zoo Animals: Behaviour, Management and Welfare by Geoff Hosey, Vicky Melfi, et all 2009-03-15
  4. Physiology and Behaviour of Animal Suffering (UFAW Animal Welfare) by Neville G. Gregory, 2005-03-11
  5. The Welfare of Horses (Animal Welfare)
  6. Attitudes to Animals: Views in Animal Welfare
  7. Animal Welfare (Issues on Trial)
  8. Animal Welfare by Barry O Hughes, Joy A Mench, et all 2010-01-10
  9. What Animals Want: Expertise and Advocacy in Laboratory Animal Welfare Policy by Larry Carbone, 2004-04-01
  10. Domestic Animal Behaviour and Welfare, 4th edition by D M Broom, A F Fraser, 2007-10-30
  11. Farm Animal Welfare: Social, Bioethical, and Research Issues by Bernard E. Rollin, 2003-10-17
  12. Advances in Animal Welfare Science 1985
  13. Zoos and Animal Welfare (Issues That Concern You) by Christine Van Tuyl, 2007-12-13
  14. The Welfare of Dogs (Animal Welfare) by Kevin Stafford, 2007-06-13

21. Animal Welfare Information Center
Large collection of information resources related to the improved care and use of laboratory, farm, companion, and exhibit animals.

22. Animal Concerns Community - Animal Welfare
1. Above the Law and Below the Radar; Kern County Animal Shelters Sued for Violating State Laws; Trial Soon Mojave, CA, USA is a watchdog group which informs the Welfare&topicsku=2002

23. ACRL |, Animal Welfare Advocacy
This compilation provides some good starting points for those who are interested in exploring pressing issues and key players in animal welfare. General
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  • About ACRL Working with ACRL Publications Professional Tools ... Print addthis_pub = 'robcarlson';
    Animal welfare advocacy: Web sites to educate and inspire
    February 2009
    Vol. 70, No. 2 by Laura R. Hodgins

    ASPCA was the first humane society established in North America. Its mission includes working with at-risk animals, providing resources for pet owners (including an animal poison control center) and responding to animal cruelty cases. Access:
    ARI seeks to reduce animal suffering by campaigning against cruel farming and research practices. Access:
    This extensive collection of resources provides information about animal welfare topics, including research animals; zoo, circus and marine animals; farm animals; and animal testing alternatives. Access:
    The Humane Society of the United States is probably the most well-known animal advocacy group in the country. Its many contributions include disaster relief, legal campaigns, educational programs, animal sanctuaries, and mobile veterinary clinics. Access: PETA is another large organization that fights animal cruelty, particularly in areas of commerce. It is widely known for its groundbreaking investigations, landmark prosecutions, and the funding and implementation of innovative scientific methods that do not use animals. PETA also garners celebrity support for everything from the dog and cat overpopulation problem to the cruelty of the fur trade and the health and humane advantages of a vegan diet. Access:

24. Animal Welfare Human-dependent Animals
Collection of articles concerning the care and management of horses and cats, particularly with relevance to conditions in Australia.
AnimalWelfare: human-dependent animals Author's page Email (Page updated June 2008) The following ARTICLES emphasise welfare issues important in the care and management particularly of horses, with some on cats. They endorse the FIVE FREEDOMS intrinsic to any animal welfare legislation and outlined in the proposed Universal Declaration for the Welfare of Animals
  • Freedom from hunger and thirst: by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour Freedom from discomfort: by providing an appropriate environment including shelter Freedom from pain, injury and disease: by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment and a comfortable resting area Freedom from fear and distress: by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering Freedom to express normal behaviour: by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of animals' own kind.
They also endorse the RSPCA Australia Animals Charter in particular that "Animals have an intrinsic value of their own and, accordingly, must be considered to possess the right to live in a way which enables them to have a positive life and to develop and enjoy their inherent qualities". In other words, even the most domesticated companion animals have the right to exist for themselves, in their own space and according to their natural behaviour. - Dogs in utes - Many thousands of dogs have been injured or killed as a result of travelling unrestrained in the back of utes, also they cause accidents to other road users trying to avoid them if they fall. In Queensland it is an offence under both the

25. Layer Hen Cages - Frequently Asked Questions | NSW Department Of Primary Industr
Animal Welfare General animal welfare Livestock The following information is provided by the Animal Welfare Branch of Industry
@import url(; @import url(;
  • Home Agriculture Fishing and aquaculture Forests ...
    Animal Welfare
    Layer hen cages - frequently asked questions
    23 Aug 2010 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General) Amendment (Laying Fowl) Regulation 2007
    What is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General) Amendment (Laying Fowl) Regulation 2007?
    The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General) Amendment (Laying Fowl) Regulation 2007 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (POCTA) to reinforce standards for layer hens.
    Why was the Regulation introduced?
    In 1992, Tasmania, through the Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand (ARMCANZ), proposed that the use of cages for egg production be banned. A Working Group was formed with representatives from industry, welfare groups and government. The Working Group recommended that a range of welfare standards be introduced for caged hens. These were published in 1995 in the 3rd edition of the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Domestic Poultry In 2000, ARMCANZ resolved to give legislative effect to the standards laid down in the 1995 Code and, in 2001, increased the minimum space allowance from 450 square centimetres per hen (as specified in the 1995 Code) to 550 square centimetres.

26. Making Hay: Searching For Sustenance: Specialty Vegan Food Companies Are Thrivin
Growing awareness of animal welfare, general health and environmental issues has driven Americans to incorporate more plantbased foods into their diets.
Making Hay
November 2010 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • November 2010 October 2010 September 2010 ... Main
    April 21, 2010
    Searching for Sustenance: Specialty Vegan Food Companies are Thriving
    By Gene At each meal, we have the opportunity to eat in a way that is consistent with our values and interests. Finding vegan food is getting easier and easier, and fortunately, compassionate food choices don’t have to be boring. The market for vegan and vegetarian food is expanding – from about $646 million in 1998 to $2.8 billion in 2006 and still growing. In their 2009 Vegetarian Foods Market Assessment, Research and Markets declared that “vegetarian foods have moved from being a niche sector [...] to becoming a mature and mainstream sector.” Growing awareness of animal welfare, general health and environmental issues has driven Americans to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. A 2008 poll conducted by Vegetarian Times magazine found that while 3.2% of adult Americans are vegetarians, an additional 10% identify as “vegetarian inclined.” We are in the midst of a movement toward more conscientious eating, and cruelty-free cuisine is impressing vegans and non-vegans alike. It is getting easier to find foods that are fun, delicious, environmentally sustainable, and animal-friendly. Veggie Brothers , an online vegan restaurant, is one of the many businesses working hard to make delicious vegan food readily available. Award-winning Chef Mark Rasmussen and businessman Michael Balducci are helping to ease the transition to a plant-based diet for the masses. Billed as "vegan cuisine for the mainstream,” their ready-made meals and sides focus on American classics and emphasize non-GMO and organically sourced ingredients.

27. Hounded, Cowed, & Badgered
Provides updates and legal commentary on animal welfare current events and legal developments, from an animal rights perspective.
Animal law from an animal rights perspective. Grrr...
November 03, 2010
Animal initiatives become law
The election did mean some changes in animal law though, much of it anti-animal. As noted below , voters in six states were asked to vote on animal-related ballot initiatives. The results are in and voters in Arkansas South Carolina , and Tennessee approved constitutional rights to hunt and fish. North Dakotans rejected Measure 2, which banned the canned hunting of some animals. Measure proponents say "We were out-spent." On the plus side, Prop 109, a proposed right-to-hunt amendment in Arizona was rejected by voters . Prop 109 was distinct from other right-to-hunt initiatives, since it also shifted the power over hunting and fishing from an administrative agency to the legislature. This political aspect, and the possibility that the law would limit future initiatives, allowed the opposition to paint it as a power grab. And successfully! A second bright spot is the passage, per USA Today , of Prop B, which regulates puppy mills. November 03, 2010 in

28. Animal Rights Directory - Animal Welfare > General Info
Animal Rights Directory Animal Welfare General Info Links to websites with general information on Animal Welfare. Submit Link Latest Links Top Hits
Links to websites with general information on Animal Welfare. Submit Link Latest Links Top Hits Animal Rights Web-Directory ... Animal Rights Community . A Vegan Initiative.

Western Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc Animal Welfare Act 2002; Animal Welfare (General) Regulations 2003; Australian Wildlife Health Network This sentinel network was
Useful Wildlife Links

30. Journal Of Animal Law Information
Student-run law review at Michigan State University discussing animal welfare issues in law and public policy.

31. Circus Royale Australian Animal Welfare And General Links
Circus Royale, Australia Australian Animal Welfare and General Links.
Home Link Index
Animal Lib

Australian Veterinary Association
Primary Industry and Resources, South Australia

NSW Exhibited Animals Advisory Committee
Giovanna Pawson
ph 02 6581 0783
fax 02 6581 0783
Exhibited Animals Registrar
Matthew Crane
ph 02 6391 3716 fax 02 6391 3570 Manager, Animal Welfare Unit Ross Burton ph 02 6391 3716 fax 02 6391 3570 General Manager Life Sciences Taronga Zoo William Meikle ph 02 9978 4637 fax 02 9978 4613 Dr Stephen Jackson Project Officer, Exhibited Animals Section, NSW Agriculture. ph 02 6391 3473 fax 02 6391 3474 NSW National Parks..Manager Biodiversity Management Unit Graham Wilson ph 02 9585 6542 fax 02 9585 6401 John Le Mare Circus Federation of Australia ph (07) 3378 0479 fax 07 3378 9702 Mr Michael Kennedy Director, Humane Society International ph (02) 9973 1728 fax (02) 9973 1729
Australian General Links
Circus Australia Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Lynette Gordon Laton Australian Business Directory ... Site Map Circus Royale ABN 87648527850

32. International Animal-Law
Provides information about international initiatives and projects regarding animals, welfare, law and ethics.
Search this site: Search
China court sentences melamine milk activist to jail
Food safety is a recognised priority for consumers, prompting criticism when a Chinese court handed down a two-and-a-half year jail sentence to a man who organised a website...
Light, with an acute sense of smell and easily motivated by food rewards, giant African pouched rats have been found to be highly effective in mine detection. The rodents are trained to...
What are YOU doing in animal welfare?
Prof. Donald Broom, David Bayvel, David Mellor, Kent Deitemeyer - these are some of the people who have forwarded articles to International Animal Law. In addition to traditional outlets such...
Push to end long-haul transporting (Australia)
LIVESTOCK transporters and agents have defended the mass movement of sheep from Western Australia amid a push from an animal welfare group to end long-haul transport. In spite of allegations that...
DEFRA annouces £12.6m emissions project (United Kingdom)

33. Links | Tipp City Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Center
Animal Welfare – General. Humane Society of the United States; American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Friends of Animals Foundation

34. Working For A Peaceful World For Humans, Animals, And The Env
Includes articles on animal welfare, rights, treatment, personal stories, Biblical references to animals and commentary, plus vegetarian related issues.
Working for a Peaceful World for Humans, Animals and the Environment
A web site sponsored by:
The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Through unconditional love and compassion we can change the world.
Main Directory
Home Page
Action Alerts

Animal Issues

Animal Rights Activism
(with photos)
(without photos)
Stop Cruelty in Churches
Video Library Weekly eNewsletter
Special Sections and Directories of our Library of more than 65,000 text documents
Action Alerts updated 13 Nov 2010 Animal Stories personal stories updated 13 Nov 2010 Animal Animations Animations with a message updated 21 Apr 2010 updated 8 Nov 2010 Animal Issues updated 17 May 2010 Animal Rights Issues and Links updated 7 Oct 2010 Animal Rights Activism updated 24 Aug 2010 Animal Rights Articles updated 12 Nov 2010 Animal Rights Poetry updated 9 Oct 2010 Animals - Tradition, Philosophy, Religion Article Series updated 6 Nov 2010 Art Please Help Our Efforts more about our philosophy) We host an E-Mail discussion group for Christian and vegetarian issues. If you want to be on the list, please

35. The EnviroLink Network - Animal Welfare
Displaying 1 4 of 4 resources in Animal Welfare and General Information 1. Cetacea Hyde, United Kingdom This site provides you with complete background information on every Welfare&topicsku=20021301

36. Welcome To Farmed Animal Net
Directory of links and resources related to farmed animal welfare.

37. General Animal Welfare
Home Page Environment and planning Animal welfare General animal welfare

38. Samrakshan
Animal welfare programs, based on rural and forest area development.
Welcome To
Whats New!
Samrakshan starts
Community-based eco-tourism
in South Garo Hills!
Click on the following links to know more about the tours and how you could be a part of this initiative.
Eco-Tourism Brochure

Butterfly Eco-Tours Brochure

Butterfly Tours Itinerary

Join the butterfly tour in
November 2010!
Download Registration Form

Other nature tours in north east India
Samrakshan's team stationed in South Garo Hills in Meghalaya is working towards creating a "win-win" situation for the Asian elephant that shares its habitat with the Garo people. more... Read about significant achievements of Samrakshan's Meghalaya team. more... A salient feature of Samrakshan's work is to foster future conservation and development leaders from among the local population. Read more about the Meghalaya team. more... Find out more about recent happenings in Samrakshan led initiatives, including reports, media coverage and photographs. more... Samrakshan is a registered non-profit organisation working in India for sustainable livelihoods for forest dependent communities and ensuring a kinder world for non human animals.

39. Index To Awards, Etc.: A - Industrial Relations Commission : Lawlink NSW
Animal Welfare, General (State) Award Code 011 Order Made Made / Effective Dates Date Published Published in NSW Industrial Gazette RIRC Review by the Industrial Relations Commission
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40. Wasmoeth Wildlife
Animal welfare group working to save endangered species.
Unless we take drastic action about a quarter of the earth's species (more than a quarter of the large predators) will disappear by the year 2020. Stichting The Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation ( TWWF ) has been established to help save some of these animal species that are threatened with extinction.
We are glad you have chosen to visit our site and now invite you to click on one of the threatened species illustrated on the left. Perhaps you'd like to know more about us ( General ) or about the sort of organizations and individuals we work with ( Partners ). We are involved in all sorts of wildlife conservation programs ( Projects ), and hope you might be able to help us with money or energy. Perhaps we could help your own wildlife project along ( Grants ). If you'd like to give us your ideas or views, please send us an email ( Contact us TWWF is a new foundation (established in 2001) and needs all the assistance you can give us to help save some of the world's most splendid creatures.
Latest update
Bili Chimp project.

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