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         Applied Math Lesson Plans:     more detail

21. Math Forum: Grade 3-5 Teachers: Collections Of Lessons
This list offers good places to begin looking for 3rd5th grade lesson plan collections or materials on which to base them. For more sites, see our page of individual 3rd-5th
Grade 3-5 Teachers' Place: Collections of Lesson Plans
Grade 3-5 Teachers' Place
Teachers' Place Main Page
This list offers good places to begin looking for 3rd-5th grade lesson plan collections or materials on which to base them. For more sites, see our page of individual 3rd-5th grade lesson plans, or browse or search the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library. Math Forum Lesson Plan Collections
    Exploring Data - Math Forum/USI
    Pages for finding and displaying data sets, designed to support workshops on statistics given by the Math Forum for the Urban Systemic Initiative in Philadephia and San Diego. Included are: links by level to relevant statistics Standards (NCTM, California, Philadelphia); lesson plans for collecting, analyzing, and/or displaying data; sources of data sets, general information, courses, and statistics software on the Web; and an "Oceans of Data" page with a data set (diving records) to download, instructions for making a ClarisWorks graph, suggested questions for discussion, and related 'ocean links' (NOAA, SeaWifs, tide tables, etc.).
    A Tour of Fractions - Math Forum
    The Web often seems more like a maze than an organized set of resources. To help you find what you need, the Math Forum presents a 'tour' of fractions, offering links to lessons, activities, and materials, questions and answers from Ask Dr. Math, and recommended software, grouped by level (elementary, middle school, high school). Material on fractals is included.

22. Browse: Applied Math Lesson Plans For Math Teachers -
this section of the lesson plans page is for standardsbased applied math k-12 teachers
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23. VLRC Lesson Plans Links
Ask ERIC Applied Math Lesson Plans http// Provides lesson plans dealing with Budgeting, The Game of Life Grade, Real life
Find in Page: VLRC Lesson Plans Links: A to Z Lesson Plans Health and Nutrition
Provides lesson plans dealing with Anatomy, Careers, Human Body Systems, Menu Planning, Mini Stress Test, Risk Behavior, and Street Wise Safety Tips. A to Z Lesson Plans Language Arts
American Memory Project Lesson Plans
Provides lesson plans dealing with Reconstruction, local history, Civil War, Industrial America, Progressive Era, Great Depression, World War II, Child Labor, Conservation, customs, Jim Crow, George Washington, Immigration, Primary Sources, Oral History, racism, Mathew Brady, New Deal, Japanese Americans internment, To Kill a Mockingbird, transportation, Mark Twaim, Dust Bowl, Civil War photographs, leisure, women's rights. Ancient Adventures
A series of interactive adventures to teach ancient history. Based on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" concept. ArtsEdge Curricula, Lessons and Activities

24. Blueprint For Success - Construction Math Initiative
CMI integrated career guidance and academic resources to augment the applied math lesson plans in the toolbox; and ; CMI launched a statewide professional development series for
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Transition Mathematics Project
Blueprint for Success - Construction Math Initiative
A Transition Math Project Phase II Partnership:
The Construction Math Initiative was a one-year capacity grant supporting a dynamic business-labor partnership
  • CMI integrated career guidance and academic resources to augment the applied math lesson plans in the toolbox; and CMI launched a statewide professional development series for middle and high school teachers to integrate construction math into their existing courses.

Partnership Contact:
Linda Drake
TMP Product Locator
Find these TMP products and services developed by the Construction Math Initiative Curriculum and Instructional Materials
Construction Math Toolbox Sections: Teacher Professional Development
  • Power Point Presentations
  • 25. Curriculum And Instructional Materials - Transition Mathematics Project
    TMP crosssector teams throughout Washington State have devoted their expertise and energy in developing content-rich products and methods to improve math instruction.
    Transition Mathematics Project
    Curriculum and Instructional Materials
    TMP cross-sector teams throughout Washington State have devoted their expertise and energy in developing content-rich products and methods to improve math instruction. This section is a repository of curriculum and instructional resources created by these groups for all teachers to use in their classrooms. TMP Partners Curriculum and Instructional Materials Solutions AMP-S: Applied Math Lesson Plans (Construction and Financial) CMI: Construction Math Toolbox EAC: Walk-Through Guide for Cross-Sector Classroom Observations ISD: Enhanced Woods Course Framework, Curriculum and Curricular Map NKC: Success Strategies Companion Course Materials SACC: Analysis of Student Attributes, Core CRS Objectives, Math Examples TIME: Applications in Mathematical Reasoning and various lesson plans WAMAP: Washington Mathematics and Placement Web Platform link WMP: CRS-based Lesson Plans and Peer Review forms
    The thread of contextual learning tying these products together speaks to the recognition and shared need to bring mathematics alive through real-world scenarios and applications. In many cases, students simply lack an understanding of the power that math proficiency brings to personal lifestyles and professional options. The following stories of Phase II partnerships demonstrate a fundamental mathematics principle:

    26. Ms. Norton - - Social Skills
    About The Teacher; Applied Math Lesson Plans; Social Skills - Lesson Plans; Calendar; Photos/Docs; Links
    Ms. Norton - - Social Skills
    November 2006 Wednesday Sample event - click top divider line to change December 2006 Tuesday Sample event Printable Version Last Modified: Monday, Jun. 22, 2009
    Content on this site is the responsibility of the Subscriber. Additional information is available in the

    27. Vocational Lesson Plans For Health, Family, Security And Cosmetology
    Applied Math Lesson Plans Be a Food Detective Lesson Plan PDF Be an Educated Consumer of Statistics - PDF Budget Development Lesson Plan Building a Baby Lesson Plan
    INFORMATION CENTER Health, Protective and Human Services Lesson Plans Lesson plans and activities for Child Care, Health, Cosmetology, Security, Investigation and Law. Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Cosmetology Cosmetology Lesson Plans
    ACTE Lesson Plan Library
    Advanced Permanent Waving Lesson Plan

    Advertising the Product Lesson Plan - PDF

    All About Hair Lesson Plan
    How pH Affects Our Lives Activity

    I ntegumentary System Lesson Plan
    Keeping Records Lesson Plan

    Knowledge Quest - Cosmetology

    Language of Fashion Lesson Module
    ... Workplace Readiness - PDF Related Cosmetology Resources Health and Nursing Health and Nursing Lesson Plans Aids - Who is at Risk Lesson Plan Aids, HIV and Other Microbe Matters Lesson Plan Advocates for Youth Lesson Plans Allergy Chronicles Lesson Plan ... Women in Medicine - Past and Future Lesson Related Health Resources Law, Security, Investigation and Risk Management Law and Security Lesson Plans A Case Of Murder - Forensic Science Unit A Time for Justice Lesson Plan Basics of the Constitution Lesson Module Bill of Rights Lesson Plans ... Who Dunnit - Online Activity Related Security Resources

    28. Math Sites, Printables, Etc. (all Grade Levels) [Archive] - Main Street Mom Disc
    Applied Math Lesson plans http// Geometry Lesson Plans http//
    Main Street Mom Discussion Forums Homeschooling Printables and Resources PDA View Full Version : Math Sites, Printables, etc. (all grade levels) kahana 03-18-2002, 03:59 PM Math worksheets (up to 8th grade level)...
    Free arithmetic worksheets...
    Math Problem Solving worksheets...
    Mathematics Computation worksheets...
    Mathwork worksheets...
    Cool Math... Natural Math... Ask Dr. Math... Math Stories word problems... Discovery School's Webmath... A+ Math... Helping Your Child Learn Math...

    29. Applied Math And Science Education Repository - Browse Resources
    Applied Math Lesson Plans. Lesson plans for real life mathematics applicationscaloric intake, recipes

    30. Home-School-Horizons | Applied Sciences
    These are the example for applied math lesson plans in probability. Applied Math define applied research what is the different between pure and applied sciencePure science
    hs.graphicsDir = ''; hs.showCredits = true; // you can set this to false if you want hs.creditsText = ''; hs.creditsHref = ''; hs.creditsTitle ='';
    A guide to homeschool resources and information Sunday Nov 14th

    31. Web Resources
    Applied Math Lesson Plans ArtsEdge Lessons Columbia Education Center Mathematics Lesson Plans Decimals and Fractions Lessons Economics Lesson Plans
    Website Directory
    This directory was designed to aid teachers, students
    and parents in technology.
    Gil Dyrlis: Web Technology and Curriculum Resources Guide
    These are the categories covered: Art/Music/Drama
    Business Ed


    Elementary School
    Other Popular Educational Resources
    Technology Lesson Plans A-Z Teacher Tips
    Tech Lessons

    Awesome Library

    Computer Lesson Plans
    ... EdHelper Business Ed Aurora Business Department BCPL Business Reference Sources Tonya Skinner Balance Sheet ... Introduction to Business URL's General David Levin's Learning Website Invest Smart Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Microsoft Education Instructional Site ... Kids Hub Integrating Technology Awesome Library Cyberbee CyberSmart!

    32. Applied Math Worksheets
    math worksheets, applied math, lesson plans, math lesson plans, math resources, math lessons, printable worksheets, applied mathematics, math problems, grade level, math teacher,

    33. Business Math
    Lesson Plans Assignments Click any of the dates below to link for the daily topics and assignments math.htm
    Applied Math Click any of the dates below to link for the daily topics and assignments Aug. 23-27 Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 Sept. 6-10 Sept. 13-17 ... May 16-20 Aug. 23-27 Topic Homework Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 Topic Homework Monday Create stock portfolio and read 8.3/8.4 Finish up stocks and reading Tuesday Review stocks and finish portfolio Pg. 398 1-15 Wednesday Stock quiz, read section 7.1 and take notes 7.1 Notes Thursday Examples and discussion of life insurance Pg. 328 1-22 Friday 7.2 Discussion of probablity and insurance Pg. 337 1-21 Sept. 6-10 Topic Homework Monday No School Tuesday 7.2 How insurance works Pg. 337 1-21 (not 1-7) Wednesday 7.2 Continued finish Pg. 337 None Thursday Read 7.3 7.3 Read Friday 7.3 Value for the Future None Sept. 13-17 Topic Homework Monday 7.3 Value for the Future Pg. 348 4-11 Tuesday Finish 7.3 Pg. 348 4-11 Wednesday Chapter 7 Review Pg. 350 1-22 Thursday Chapter 7 Review Study Friday Review Study Sept. 20-24

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