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         Arabic Language:     more books (100)
  1. Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Learner's Guide (Blackwell Reference Grammars) by Mohammad T. Alhawary, 2011-04-12
  2. Oxford Picture Dictionary: English/Arabic by Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Norma Shapiro, 2008-08-15
  3. Mastering Arabic (Hippocrene Mastering) by Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar, 2008-12
  4. An Arabic-English dictionary of the colloquial Arabic of Egypt: Containing the vernacular idioms and expressions, slang phrases, vocables, etc., used by the native Egyptians by Socrates Spiro, 1980
  5. Business Arabic, Intermediate Level: Language, Culture and Communication by Raji M. Rammuny, 2000-06-20
  6. A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (Reference Grammars) by Karin C. Ryding, 2005-09-19
  7. Complete Arabic with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself Language) by Jack Smart, Frances Altorfer, 2010-05-14
  8. Read and Speak Arabic for Beginners with Audio CD, Second Edition (Read and Speak Languages for Beginners) by Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar, 2010-04-22
  9. Introduction to Arabic Natural Language Processing (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies) by Nizar Y. Habash, 2010-08-30
  10. The Arabic Language by Kees Versteegh, 1997-07
  11. A Dictionary of Syrian Arabic: English-Arabic (Georgetown Classics in Arabic Language and Linguistics)
  12. Milet Mini Picture Dictionary (English-Arabic) by Sedat Turhan, Sally Hagin, 2003-09-01
  13. Let's Read the Arabic Newspapers by Howard D. Rowland, 2008-08-25
  14. Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary by John Mace, 2008-09-01

61. DOWNLOADS \ Arabic Language
Welcome to FatwaOnline - The Most Comprehensive Fatwa Page, Online! Fataawa from the Major Scholars of the Muslim World
You will require WinZip to unzip the files below, and then Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat to read the documents.) "Umm Zakkee's personal study notes to Dr. V. 'Abdur-Raheem's ((Lessons in Arabic Language)) - Book 2; [as taught at the Islaamic University of Madeenah]"
- 276 pages, Adobe Acrobat document (size = 37.7mb)
- by Umm Zakkee
Despite maintaining a 24-hour routine with her husband, both caring for their two terminally ill children (Batten's disease), Zakkee - 12 and Zahraa - 10, she still found time to pursue her passion for learning the Arabic language. Her care shift would finish daily at midnight when I would visit her to teach her for up to an hour, and after I left, she would revise what I had taught her until 2am when she would go to sleep. She would be up again for the Fajr prayer and then resume her chare shift at 8am. My Sister, Umm Zakkee (rahima-hAllaah), died of breast cancer in the early hours of Saturday 16th Ramadhaan (1st December 2001) at the age of 35 years; Please remember her in your prayers.

62. Cales::Language Options
Die einzige Sprachschule im Jemen, die mit einer Universit t assoziiert ist.

63. Arabic Language
The Arabic Kingdom (United States Air Force Academy) Arabic Language (Universal Survey of Languages) Arabic Language Computing (Academic Computing Facility, New York University)
CU Home Libraries Home Search Site Index ... Help Search the Catalog: Keyword(s) Title (begins with) Author (last, first) Journal (begins with) Subject (begins with) Films / Videos Music Recordings DisplaySearchbox('CLIO'); Go To CLIO >> Find Databases: Title Keywords Title (start of title) Keywords DisplaySearchbox('Databases'); Go To Databases >> Find E-Journals: Title begins with Title equals Title contains all words ISSN equals DisplaySearchbox('EJournals'); Go To E-Journals >> Find Articles: Architecture/Planning Biology Business Columbia Library Catalogs Earth Science/Ecology Economics Education Encyclopedias/Dictionaries Engineering Film Fine Arts Gender Studies General/Multidisciplinary Health Sciences History International/Area Studies Literature Music Physical Science/Technology Political Science/Intl Affairs Psychology Religion/Philosophy Social Work Sociology/Anthropology DisplaySearchbox('Articles'); Go To Find Articles >> Search the Libraries Website: DisplaySearchbox('Website'); Go To Advanced Website Search >> About the Libraries Libraries Collections ... More...
Arabic Language

64. العربية.نت | الصفحة الرئيسية
Arabic-language news network. Breaking news and features along with videos, photo galleries and In-Focus sections on major news topics. (Arabic, English, Persian, Urdu)

65. Arabic Language From The Qur‘an: An Encyclopedia |
Arabic Language from The Qur‘an an Encyclopedia. Arabic Language summary with 10 pages of research material.

66. U.S. Arabic Distance Learning Network - Overview
Distance learning and opportunities for study abroad. Program information and Arabic language resources.
About the Network Home Overview Current Members Advisory Council Join the Network Network Services Membership Fees For Members Only Academic Program Instructional Model Learning Outcomes Professor Teaching Assistants ... Contact Information Overview Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Mosque in foreground with Student Union and Library behind.
Photo: Wadia Ait Hamza The Network, a consortium of universities led by Montana State University (MSU), is committed to expanding opportunities for students to study Arabic language and Islamic culture. The Network fosters the efforts of U.S. higher education to promote better relations with the Arab world, to address U.S. national security needs, and to assist students to prepare for careers relating to the Arab world.
While many institutions would like to offer Arabic, the costs of a traditional Arabic program in today's fiscal environment often makes that impossible. The Network offers an affordable, innovative, and effective instructional alternative that was developed by MSU over the last five years. The expansion of the Network is being supported by a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) of the U.S. Department of Education.
The MSU Arabic language program was the 2002 winner of the Institute for International Education, Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education. Students learning Arabic through the Network's program have tested consistently at or above the proficiency levels of students learning Arabic in more traditional learning environments.

67. Arabic Language - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Arabic (الْعَرَبيّة alʿarabiyyah or just عَرَبيْ ʿarabī), in terms of the number of speakers, is the largest living member of the Semitic language family.

68. Arabeyes Project - Welcome
Metaproject to fully support the Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment, to be a central location to standardize Arabization. Links, downloads, projects.
HOME About News Projects ... Contact Us
About the Arabeyes Project Arabeyes is a Meta project that is aimed at fully supporting the Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment. It is designed to be a central location to standardize the Arabization process. Arabeyes relies on voluntary contributions by computer professionals and enthusiasts all over the world.
Arabeyes has the following positions available.

Nov 10, 2010 Arabic Firefox 4 is now available with the beta 7 release. Since this is the first appearance of the Arabized Firefox in version 4.0, please spread the word about it so we can get as much testing and feedback as possible. There will be another beta release coming soon.

Oct 12, 2010 Last but not least, Arabic Firefox 4 will appear, fully translated, among the Beta releases on Mozilla website. Beta 7 will be the first Arabic beta release of this version, after having fixed several RTL-related bugs.

May 05, 2010 Thunderbird 3.1 Beta 2 is available now for download and public testing. This beta release may be the last one for version 3.1, so Arabic Thunderbird users are invited to download this beta version, test it, and send feedbacks and report any bugs they may encounter.

69. Arabic Language In Islam - The Importance Of The Arabic Language In Islam
Arabic is considered by many to be a language that is central to the Islamic faith. Doesn't God speak all languages? What is the importance of the Arabic language in Islam?
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  • Home Islam
  • Islam
    Why do many Muslims strive to learn Arabic?
    By Huda , Guide
    See More About:
    zSB(3,3) Ninety percent of the world's Muslims do not speak Arabic as their native language. Yet in daily prayers, when reading the Qur'an, or even in simple conversations with each other, Arabic rolls off any Muslim's tongue readily. It may be broken or heavily accented, but most Muslims make the attempt to speak and understand at least some Arabic. Why is Arabic so important to understanding the faith of Islam? Regardless of their linguistic, cultural, and racial differences, Muslims form one community of believers. This community is based on their shared faith in One Almighty God, and the guidance He has sent down to mankind. His final revelation to mankind, the Qur'an, was sent over 1400 years ago in the Arabic language. Arabic thus serves as a common language among this diverse community of believers. The original Arabic text of the Qur'an has been preserved from the time of its revelation. Translations have been done into various languages, but they all refer back to the original Arabic. In order to fully understand the magnificent words of their Lord, Muslims make every attempt to understand the rich and poetic classical Arabic language.

    70. Arabic Language - Learn Arabic Fast And Easy - Interactive Multimedia Teacher Of
    Arabic School Software 1.0 Discover Arabic with our simple, yet fully interactive Arabic language software. Designed for people who want to learn Arabic fast and easy.
    Search our site:
    Arabic Language
    Arabic School Software 1.0
    Discover Arabic with our simple, yet fully interactive Arabic language software. Designed for people who want to learn Arabic fast and easy. Suitable for beginners and ideal for children. Animated characters are used throughout the lessons. The application features quizzes and games to make it fun and easy to learn Arabic.
    learn arabic
    learning arabic arabic arabic language ...

    71. Arabic Language - SAMIRAD (Saudi Arabia Market Information Resource)
    SAMIRAD Saudi Arabia Information the Saudi Arabia Market Information Site provides comprehensive, up to date information for those conducting business in the Kingdom Saudi
    Arabic Language
    Arabic is one of the Semitic group of languages, one of the oldest groups of languages in the world. The precise origins of the Arabic language are unknown but it is certain that the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula were the first to use it in pre-Islamic times. With the expansion of Islam and Islamic culture in the 7th century AD, the Arabic language spread north, east and west.. The Arabic language is today one of the world's most widely spoken languages. There are some 200 million Arabic speakers in more than 20 countries. Arabic is the official language of many Arab nations in the Middle East and northern Africa, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia. There are two types of Arabic, written and spoken. Written (Classical) Arabic serves as the standard written language of all Arab nations. It is the language of the Holy Quran, the sacred book of the Islam , and has changed little over the centuries. Arabs use a spoken form of written Arabic for formal speech, radio and TV news broadcasts and in films, plays and poetry. This form also serves as a common spoken language for Arabs from all parts of the Arabic-speaking world who have their own dialects for every day speech. Spoken Arabic appears in a variety of dialects of which the main ones are: - Gulf dialect (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE)

    72. - The Portal To The Arabic World And The Mystics Of Bellydance - Das
    Portal with links and articles on dance, middle eastern culture, recipes, names and a rudimentary Arabic language lesson. In German and English.
    1000 und 1 Nacht im Internet The Arabian nights at the WWW Das Portal zum Orient
    Magazin fr arabische Kultur und Lebensart. Mit dem Schwerpunkt orientalischer Tanz / Bauchtanz, den nahen Osten, im besonderen gypten, die Wste Abenteuer und Reisen. The portal to the orient
    magazine for Arabic culture and custom. With the emphasis oriental dance / belly-dancing, the middle east, in the particular Egypt, the desert adventures and journeys. Was findet man hier: What can you find here: orientalischen Tanz
    Die orientalische Kultur,

    Informationen und Services
    bietet folgendes: Orientalische Namen Adressdatenbanken im Netz zum OT
    kostenfrei Ihre orientalische Veranstaltung einem interessierten Publikum.
    1000 und 1 Suchmaschine
    Suchmaschinen und mp3 Suchrobots mit direkter Suchfunktion von dieser Seite aus. Trage Deine Homepageadresse von hier aus bei 10 der bekanntesten Suchmaschinen ein.
    Auf der Newsseite findet mann Nachrichten, News und Interessantes aus Nahost, Nordafrika, der muslemischen Welt, ber den Bauchtanz und vieles mehr. All about the famous Bellydance , Pictures, articles about some dancers, events and some more.

    73. 'Control Room': Behind The Scenes At Al Jazeera : NPR
    Audio review of the documentary Control Room about the Arabic-language network Al Jazeera, by Joel Rose.

    74. Arabic Language - Downloads Free Arabic Language - Download Arabic Language Soft
    Arabic Language. LCeps Personaltrainer Arabic is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge CleverTexting No multitap, no chording or mode change.
    link = "";
    Arabic Language
    L-Ceps Personaltrainer Arabic is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge...
    CleverTexting : No multitap, no chording or mode change. A new Ergonomic single keypress typing...
    Arabic Editor is a full-featured text editor allowing users to write Arabic and English...
    MB Arabic Astrology is a wonderful and interactive astrological software that tells you about...
    The Arabic Calligraphy is an art that goes back to many hundreds of years ago. Its main...
    Relevant Tags
    text book arabic language Texting Predictive ... arabic astrology
    Arabic Language in Software Title
    Personaltrainer Arabic Language Learning 1.0 Details Download Screenshot Tags: text book arabic language arabic learning ... CleverTexting Arabic 2.0 CleverTexting : A disruptive new Mobile Texting technology makes predictions based on the statistical nature of a language instead of a dictionary and performs equally well across dictionary and non dictionary words. It offers single keypress... Details Download Screenshot Tags: Texting Predictive mobile keypad ... Arabic Editor 4.6

    75. Inside 'The Control Room' At Al-Jazeera : NPR
    Interview with documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim about her film, an inside look at the controversial al-Jazeera Arab-language news agency, by Tony Cox.

    76. Arabic Language - Definition Of Arabic Language By The Free Online Dictionary, T
    Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Arabic language the Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects. Arabic language

    77. Art Of Arabic Calligraphy
    Mamoun Sakkal discusses the Arabic language, the origins and development of the script, and the Kufic and Cursive styles. Hosted by Sakkal Design.
    Part 1 of 4 articles
    The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
    The Language and The Script
    Mamoun Sakkal Arabic belongs to the group of Semitic alphabetical scripts in which mainly the consonants are represented in writing, while the markings of vowels (using diacritics) is optional. The earliest-known alphabet to mankind was the North Semitic, which developed around 1700 B.C. in Palestine and Syria. It consisted of 22 consonant letters. The Arabic, Hebrew, and Phoenician alphabets were based on this model. Then, around 1000 B.C., the Phoenician alphabet was itself used as a model by the Greeks, who added letters for vowels. Greek in turn became the model for Etruscan (c. 800 B.C.), whence came the letters of the ancient Roman alphabet, and ultimately all Western alphabets. The North Arabic script, which eventually prevailed and became the Arabic script of the Quran, relates most substantially and directly to the Nabatian script, which was derived from the Aramaic script. Old Aramaic, the language of Jesus and the Apostles, dates from the 2nd millennium B.C., and some dialects of which are still spoken by tiny groups in the Middle East. Arabic script still shares with Aramaic the names of the alphabet letters (Alef, Jeem, Dal, Zai, Sheen, etc.); similar graphic representation for phonetically similar letters (Sad and Dad, Ta and Tha, etc.); connections of letters in the same word and several forms of each letter depending on its location in the word, except for letters that cannot be connected to the letters which come after them (Alef, Dal/Dthal, Raa/Zai, Waw). The Arabic alphabet contains 18 letter shapes, by adding one, two, or three dots to letters with similar phonetic characteristics a total of 28 letters is obtained. These contain three long vowels, while diacritics can be added to indicate short vowels.

    78. Arabic Radio & TV Channels On The Internet
    Links to Arabic-language radio and TV channels, including live and streaming audio and video.
    gbvy[W NW
    Levant North Africa Europe ... Others
    Gulf Bahrain Iraq Kuwait

    79. Arabic And Middle East Studies-program For Non- Natives
    Offers Arabic language courses as well as social and cultural studies for non-natives. Includes profile and a list of courses.
    FAQs Links Free Downloads
    Useful Information
    FAQs Links Free Downloads
    Useful Information
    ... check your email

    Religious Christian Arabic language publication. Also English language Christian magazine, online and print versions.
    Welcome To The "Voice of Preaching The Gospel" Ministry
    Read Older Issues of the Magazine
    Free Arabic Bible Course Bookstore 5- " " ... New Release
    Free Magazine Download
    Download, Read or Listen to Arabic Bible Listen/Download Radio Messages Contact us ... "With the Pastors", Arab Churches & Sites
    " " " " "" ɡ . " [ ] " ( 12:4).

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