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         Armenian Language:     more books (111)
  1. Proto-Indo-European Language: Proto-Indo-Europeans, Linguistic Reconstruction, Indo-European Languages, Proto-Armenian Language
  2. Practical Textbook of Western Armenian (Self Teaching Armenian Language Method) by Haroutiun Kurkjian, 2007
  3. A Comparative Grammar of the Indo-Germanic Languages: A Concise Exposition of the History of Sanskrit, Old Iranian ... Old Armenian, Greek, Latin, Umbro-Samnitic, ... Lithuanian and Old Church Slavonic, Volume 1 by Karl Brugmann, William Henry Denham Rouse, et all 2010-03-09
  4. Pimsleur Eastern Armenian : Learn to Speak and Understand Armenian with Pimsleur Language Programs (Compact) (Digital Audiobook) (Audiofy Audiobook Chip Solutions) by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, 2005
  5. Assimil Language Courses :L'Armenien sans Peine : Armenian for French Speakers - 4 Audio Compact Discs and Book (Armenian and French Edition)
  6. A Brief Study of the Armenian Language. by MARY CATHERINE. BATESON, 1961-01-01
  7. Armenian and Iranian Studies (Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies) by James R. Russell, 2005-03-01
  8. Colors and Words (Armenian Language Edition) by Haroutune K. Armenian, 2002-10-05
  9. Armenisch - Turkisch. Etymologische Betrachtungen ausgehend von Materialien aus dem Hem_ingebiet. (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature 4) ... in Armenian Language and Literature ;) by Uwe Blasing, 1995-01
  10. The Phonology of Armenian (The Phonology of the World's Languages) by Bert Vaux, 1998-06-04
  11. American Sacred Songs: Translated Into The Armenian Language (1874) by Andrews Norton, W. O. B. Peabody, et all 2010-05-22

21. Armenian Language Software Informer: Armenian Font Installer Pro With Over 250 A
Armenian Language Software Informer. Featured Armenian Language free downloads and reviews. Latest updates on everything Armenian Language Software related.

Armenian language book, as well as a t-shirt.
ARMENIANKIDS.COM Thanks for visiting! offers a fun and exciting way for kids of all ages to learn the Armenian language. Our books are designed to grab your child's attention. 32 pages of colorful pictures and easy to read text will get any child speaking Armenian in no time at all. Best of all, you don't need to read or write Armenian to learn the language. Our books are written in English, phonetic Armenian for the translation, and then written using Armenian letters. To order either " My First Book of Armenian Words " or " My Second Book of Armenian Words ", please visit our partner,
Thank you so much for your support over the years, Ani Gigarjian and Linda Avedikian
Co-authors, My First Book of Armenian Words and My Second Book of Armenian Words

Based on etymological characteristics, Armenian is considered to be mainly an offshoot of the IndoHittite group of

Armenian is the language used by the 8-9 million Armenians in the Republic of Armenia and the world-wide Armenian Diaspora. Based on etymological characteristics, Armenian is considered to be mainly an offshoot of the Indo-Hittite group of languages and is classified as an independent branch within the family of Indo-European languages. With its 38 letters, the Armenian alphabet is one of the richest in the world.
It is composed of 7 vowels and 31 consonants. Two additional digraphs bring the total sounds of the language to 40. Note : Transliteration of Armenian names and the Armenian language texts follows Western Armenian pronunciation and orthographic rules.

24. Armenian Language Overview
Learn Armenian vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with free online lessons and great software from Transparent Language. Study Armenian language games, quizzes, blogs.
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Overview of the Armenian Language
Armenian is the official language of Armenia, and is also spoken in parts of Iran, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other countries. The Armenians' own name for their language is Hayeren The Armenian language is generally believed to represent its own unique branch of the Indo-European language family. Its closest linguistic relative was Phrygian, a now-extinct language from Asia Minor. Armenian also shows similarities to Greek. There are two major dialects of Armenian: Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. The Armenian Alphabet and Armenian Pronunciation The Armenian alphabet was developed early in the fifth century AD by Mesrop Mashtots, a cleric at the Armenian royal court. The letters bear some resemblance to cursive Greek writing. Armenian is written from left to right, just like English. It also has both capital and lowercase letters. The Armenian alphabet is shown below: Capital Letters:
Lowercase Letters:

The Eastern and Western dialects of Armenian both use the same alphabet, but some Armenian letters have different names and pronunciations in the different dialects. The Eastern Armenian pronunciation for each letter tends to be distinct, while Western Armenian uses the same sound for several different letters.

25. Service To Christian Armenia
Online library of Christian literature in Armenian language.

26. Welcome To
Windows TrueType font collection for Eastern and Western Armenian languages. Offering samples, prices, and ordering information.
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27. Hayaser
Offers history, information about religion, a language section with lessons in Armenian language.

28. Armenian Language
THE ARMENIAN LANGUAGE The Armenian language is an independent member of the IndoEuropean language that belongs to the western branch of the European-Aryan
The Armenian language is an independent member of the Indo-European language that belongs to the western branch of the European-Aryan family and traces its roots back to the time of Armeno-Phrygians, Hayes, and Urartians. There is also kinships with the ancient Hittites, Mitanni, Hurrian, and some Old Persian. Modern linguists claim that the Armenian language has retained its nationality from ancient times to the present, and that it possesses great vitality despite many persecutions Since the Armenians did not have their own alphabet, a native of the Province of Taron, Mesrop Mashtots , undertook the task to remedy the situation at the beginning of the fifth century A.D. With the religious Patriarch Sahag , the scholar Mesrob Mahtots developed a new alphabet containing 36 letters, which was used to write the Armenian language. In the language as then written were composed translations of the Bible and other pious works as well as original compositions by Bishop Eznik . This language is still preserved as the ritual language of the Armenian Church, and up to the 19

29. Armenian Language | Define Armenian Language At
armenian language noun the IndoEuropean language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan syn Armenian language?qsrc=2446

30. ..:: HaySoft ::..
Features a list of computer software translated into Armenian language.
Hay So ft
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31. HyeEtch - The Armenians - Language & Alphabet P3
HyeEtch (Armenian page) is a compilation of recourse's and material relating Armenians and Armenia, presented in a visually attractive and easy to read layout. Its main aim is to
Chronology Language Literature Prominent ... Traditions The Armenian Alphabet he Armenian alphabet was created in 405 A.D. by a monk named Mesrob Mashtots. It consists of 38 characters (the original alphabet had 36 characters, the last two characters "o" and were added later). There are two standardized vernacular dialects, which are used today; Eastern Armenian (Arevelian Hayeren) and Westerns Armenian (Arevmdian Hayeren) , whose names reflect their geographic origins. The following chart displays the Armenian alphabet in uppercase and lowercase; their character names (both in Armenian and English); their character sound and pronunciation (both in Eastern and Western Armenian).
There are no words in English that contain the sounds "gh" and "kh" . Other languages like German, have words that contain these sounds. NOTE: A more comprehensive character chart can be found in the " Learn Armenian " section of 'Hye Etch'. Updated 27 December, 2002
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32. Haybook. Armenian Ebooks
HayBook is devoted to Armenian language and literature. You will find here electronic books in Armenian or in translation about Armenian culture. On HayBook, you will be able to read digitized novels, short stories or poetry in Armenian.
Haybook. Armenian ebooks
A digital library on Armenian literature, language and history
Jul Leave a Comment by haybook in Uncategorized Welcome to HayBook. From HayBook, you will be able to read a large selection of digitized novels, short stories, history books and poetry in Armenian or in translation, all available for free on the Internet. Just click on a link (underlined titles) to read a book online free. ՀայԳիրքի (HayBook) վրայ պիտի կարենաք կարդալ թուայնացած վէպեր, պատմուածքներ եւ բանաստեղծութիւններ, հայերէն լեզուով կամ թարգմանաբար։
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33. ARMENIAN LANGUAGE RESOURCES - Origins Of Armenian Language
Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people came from and where they are going.

Language is the roadmap of a culture.
It tells you where its people came from and where they are going.
Rita Mae Brown
For linguists, very often, beginnings are problematical and sometimes exploratory approaches, since even a beginning must have a historya past that prepared its way. Occasionally, scientific approaches to determine the origins or the beginnings of ancient languages are highly speculative.
Determining the origins of a language requires a paradigm and framework. The paradigm in the case of the Armenian language is the assumption that it belongs to a family of over 100 languages, collectively described as Indo-European
Initially, several other suppositions were postulated. European scholars of previous centuries have tried to study and classify this language. Mathurin de la Croze was one of the earliest scholars in the modern era in Europe to seriously study Armenian language but his primary interest was religion. While he qualified the Armenian language version of the Bible as the “

34. Armenian Language :: Discounted
We offer the best deals on armenian literature. Armenian Language resources on http// include information about Armenian Culture, and more.
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Armenian Language
Armenian Language resources on include information about Armenian Culture , and more. We have everything from armenian music to cooking recipes.
Armenian Language : Articles
Before that, for about 16 hundred years, various forms of cuneiforms had been used in armenia. Meanwhile, spoken armenian developed independently of the written language. Cilician armenia also played an important role in the trade of the venetians and genoese with the east. The dances of greater armenia speak to my feet the way the armenian ones do, telling a story of lost land and enduring life. They were basically told to never return and they would never receive compensation. Cleopatra was also very cultured, very beautiful queen. Known as the armenian apostolic church of america, it reported a confirmed membership of 200,000 in 28 churches in 1998.
Armenian Language
info: And his son, artavazd, succeeded him. In the armenian capital of yerevan, choreographic schools and state song and dance ensembles aim to preserve folk dance traditions in a format suitable for stage presentation. Again the victorious turks inflicted severe reprisals on them. After the death of tigran ii, armenia was reduced back to its ethnic armenian territory and found itself in the middle of a long war campaign between rome and persia, with each superpower trying to have armenia as its ally, as the military assistance with armenia was crucial for gaining political superiority in asia minor.

35. Padus Araxes
Cultural association organizing intensive summer courses of Armenian language and culture at the Universit Ca Foscari in Venice, Italy. Includes an application form.

36. Armenian Language By Emma Adamyan
Armenian Language by Emma Adamyan .. You could give me a blessing, You could keep me of freezing, You could bring many things done, You could help to find the one, You could

37. Welcome To Adobe GoLive 6
Presents books related to self-teaching.
Welcome To My Homepage Here you will find what you need! ARMENIAN LANGUAGE TEXTBOOKS...IN ENGLISH... EN FRANCAIS... HIEREN... - FOR BEGINNERS - Bilingual textbooks - FOR THE ADVANCED - Textbooks and Complementary Reading PRACTICAL TEXTBOOK OF WESTERN ARMENIAN by Haroutiun Kurkjian (English adaptation: V. Pattie, R. Sethian bilingual self-teaching method for English speakers, used in many programs for the intensive teaching of Armenian, and in University curricula; 384 pages, including translation of texts, exercises with answer keys, supplement of texts adapted from Armenian literature, and a glossary of 1800 words used in the textbook. ARMENIEN OCCIDENTAL AND MORE... To learn more about these two textbooks, please keep browsing... HERE and HERE Phone-fax: Phone: Created by N.Miaoulis;

38. Armenian Language —
Encyclopedia Armenian language. Armenian language, member of the ThracoPhrygian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Indo-European).
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    Armenian language
    Armenian language, member of the Thraco-Phrygian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Indo-European ). There is evidence that in ancient times a distinct subfamily of Indo-European languages existed that is now called Thraco-Phrygian. To it belonged Phrygian (an ancient and now extinct Indo-European language of Anatolia) and Thracian (a now dead Indo-European tongue of the Balkans in antiquity). Modern Armenian may well be a direct descendant of Phrygian. Today Armenian is the mother tongue of more than 5 million people, of whom over 3 million live in Armenia; 1 million live elsewhere in the republics of the former Soviet Union; and the rest are in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the United States. Armenian is an old, rich, and vital language. Although spoken in antiquity, it was not recorded in writing until the early 5th cent. A.D.

39. Katy's Armenia Journal -- Summer 1998
Includes pictures and a journal from a 1998 trip to Armenia, links, a collection of Armenian fonts, maps and bits of information about Armenians and their language.
gag an 3 i,o .ov ;iv nny rs If the above looks like jibberish to you, get some fonts. And here is more information about Armenian langauge use on computers. Click here for This is Armenia... if you'd like to see more maps of Armenia, click here This is Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. This is my journal. June July August Simon's pictures! More stuff that could interest you The two most important Armenia-related web pages: Groong, Armenian News Network Cilicia And here's some other stuff Armenian Fonts, collected by me. Some maps of Armenia Are you a true blue Armenian? I'm not... but I still like this test. Gu q0sik aryvmidian ha3aryn Ani on learning Eastern Armenian after knowing Western Armenian ... More travel info Some familiar images! View my guestbook! Chat Info Nick Name ICQ# (optional) E-mail (optional) This Armenian Web Ring belongs to katy pearce Want to join The Armenian Web Ring? Click here Prev List Random ...
Proud Member Of HyeTopia!

40. ARS Day School & College Private Armenian College School From Nursery Kindergart
A private, coeducational school from preschool to grade 12, offering the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum with Armenian language/culture and history in every grade.

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