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         Art General Lesson Plans:     more books (100)
  1. Multicultural Studio Art Projects for Secondary Students: Ready-To-Use Lesson Plans, Color Prints and Worksheets for Exploring Eight World Cultures by Susan Hogan, 1997-07
  2. Of Mice and Men : A Unit Plan (Litplans on CD) by Mary B. Collins, 2000-08-01
  3. Drama Schemes: KS3-4 Lesson Plans from the Internationally-Renowned Playwright by Mark Wheeller, 2010-08-31
  4. Right-Brain Lesson Plans for a Left-Brain World: A Book of Lesson Plans for English and Speech by Susane K. Rotalo, 1982-07
  5. The Scarlet Letter : A Unit Plan (Litplans) by Mary B. Collins, 2000-08-01
  6. Lesson Plan Book from Debbie Mumm by Susan Collins, 2007-02-09
  7. Lesson Plans for Daily Life through History: 50 History DBQs by Greenwood Press, 2006-01-30
  8. The Pearl : A Unit Plan (Litplans on CD) by Mary B. Collins, 2000-08-01
  9. Drama Lesson Plans (Essential Guides for Performing Arts) by Irene Rankin, 1995-11-30
  10. Houghton Mifflin Reading: Reading Lesson Plan California Edition Theme 1 Level K
  11. ArtTalk, Reproducible Lesson Plans by McGraw-Hill, 2004-03-03
  12. Panthers Lesson Plans (Wildcats) by Ian Morrison, Erin Hanifin, 2001-01-01
  13. Lions Lesson Plans (Wildcats) by Sandra Iverson, Annie Miles, et all 2001-01-01
  14. Leopardbobcat: Teacher's Resources Lesson Plans (Wildcats)

1. Lesson Plans At | Subjects - Music, Art, Language Arts, Science
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2. Elementary Art Lesson Plans
Traditional art lesson plans, computer graphics lesson plans, technology hints, and teacher hints.
Or what to do on
Monday morning with 25 students
staring at you!
New Projects

Sandra Sue Handak

Here's a direct link

to all the new projects
I have added recently!!!!

Please do check back often,as I will be
adding more plans as fall arrives. NEW E-MAIL e-mail me at Let me know if you use any of my lesson plans and how they worked for you. It pleases me to be a resource for you.
There were many times I wanted to try something new and I'd go to workshops to get some new ideas. We don't seem to have as many workshops to go to as a resource anymore, so that's why I am offering my ideas to you to use, change, whatever. I just hope they are helpful in some way. Revised on March 1, 2005 Best viewed at 800 x 600 Link here to find more lesson plans and educational resources
This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here Sandra Sue Handak Sandy Meadors

3. The Lesson Plans Page - Language Arts Lesson Plans, Language Arts Ideas, & Langu
Teacher-made lesson plans for Pre-K through high school language classrooms.

4. Language Arts Lesson Plans
Archive includes dozens of reading, grammar, and writing lesson plans geared toward young learners.
Language Arts Lesson Plans
Language - ARTS Elementary (K-5)
lang01.txt Successful Paragraphs (4-6) lang03.txt Creative writing; multi-author story writing (1-12) lang05.txt 'School News' using writing, speaking and/or questioning skills (3-12) lang07.txt Whole language experience using "Casey at the Bat" (3-5) lang08.txt lang11.txt Descriptive/Persuasive writing 'My Pyramid - Preparing for a Journey" (4-6) lang13.txt Increasing vocabulary for primary students (1-3) lang14.txt Sounding-out CVC words, 'The Blending Slide' (K-1) lang15.txt Using popcorn to create a reading book (K-3) lang16.txt Creative Writing; turn on inventiveness with 'Potato Possibilities' (4-6) lang18.txt Color Code Writing; forming letters and numbers with colors (K-3) lang19.txt Integrated vocabulary, listening and creative writing exercise (K-12) lang20.txt Writing - a photo essay (2-4) lang22.txt Whole language story for developmental activities (K) lang24.txt Writing 'Auto-Bio' poems (4-12) lang28.txt

5. KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education: The Largest Collection Of Free Art Less
Free art lesson plans for use with young children.

6. English As A Second Language Lesson Plans & Ideas For Teachers: Eslflow Index &
eslflow s guide to English as a Second Language lessons from around the Internet.

7. Lesson Plans For Teachers - Free Lesson Plans >
This site enables teachers to easily access lesson plans developed and tested by other teachers. archives lesson plans so you can easily find the lessons you need. Thanksgiving Lessons ... Insect Lesson Plans Get Started Browse by Subject
Character Education
Dramatic Arts
Foreign Language
Holidays Language Arts Mathematics Music Physical Education Religion Science Social Studies Technology Visual Arts Browse by Grade Level All Grades Special Needs Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Browse by Month All Year Long January February March April May June July August September October November December Submit Your Lesson Plans This issue is one of the best you sent to me. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to receive more newsletters from you. Thanks a lot. Naglaa Read More Do your school administrators provide you with adequate preparation time? Yes No View Results / Comments has been online since 1997. We launched this beta version of the site based on feedback from our site visitors. K-12 Teachers, school librarians, homeschoolers, and pre-service educators can now take advantage of the wide array of lesson planning tools. The site provides a searchable directory of lesson plans, as well as the ability to browse by subject, by month and by grade level. In addition, teachers can participate in the development of the site by contributing their unique lesson plans . Please take a moment to

8. Http://
Offers French lessons whether you are a beginner, intermediate or higher level.
Click here Click here

9. Learn How To Draw And Write - Draw Your World - Draw Write Now Authors
Drawing and writing lessons to integrate into curriculum; science, history, geography, handwriting, and social studies.
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Learn to Draw Help children learn how to draw Draw Write Now drawing lessons were created by a school teacher who integrated drawing instruction into her curriculum. The lessons begin with step-by-step drawing instruction and continue with each child completing the drawing using their own creativity. Sample Lessons
Learn to Write
Drawing motivates children to want to write and strengthens the pencil skills used in writing. After drawing, the children practice writing , building on their skills at letter formation and basic sentence structure. At the same time, students who already know how to write are motivated to carefully practice handwriting. (The child's

10. Activities For Kids And Teachers
Worksheets, clip art, lesson plans and resources, tools, songs, poems, and crafts. Also has resources for students and parents.

11. The Lesson Plans Page - Language Arts Lesson Plans, Language Arts Ideas, & Langu
Cross-curricular language-rich lesson plans; includes activities for preschool through first grade.

12. Sharon's Art-Rageous Webpage
Examples of student artwork, art lesson plans, resources for art teachers, genealogical resources (including family history reports, wills, deeds and photographs), and information about contra dancing and Celtic music.
On the Web since November 1999

Free Resource Materials for Teachers
Welcome! I'm an artist, high school art teacher, animal lover, gardener, digital photography enthusiast and amateur genealogist in central Virginia. Latest updates are noted below, and the links in the center of the page lead to the major sections of this 500+ page website.
Looking for something in particular? Try entering a key word in the Search Engine
Purchases made through advertisers' links on my site help to offset my webhosting costs AND allow me to buy resource materials for my classes. Thanks for your support!
Latest updates:
November 13, 2010:
Imaginary Rooms in 1-Pt. Perspective

Agamographs (Kinetic Art)

November 5, 2010: Mystery Portrait 2010 Please visit my Avon Website! October 22: First Annual Fall Plein Air Art Event Honors Art Gallery, 2010-2011 Enter promo code ARTRAGEOUS to receive a $25 discount on a 1 year "Crazy Domain Insane" hosting plan! Click on the images to go to these sections. Art-Rageous Pets! Too many wonderfulbut unwantedanimals are dying in shelters. Rescue organizations do what they can, but there just aren't enough adopters or foster homes to deal with the number of animals who are abandoned each year. PLEASE spay or neuter your pets, make arrangements for your pets' continued care if they should survive you, and consider adopting a homeless cat or dog! Visit your local animal shelter or use the links below to find your new best "furriend"!

13. Art Lessons And Ideas For Teachers
Art lesson plans and curriculum ideas for elementary school and art education (In English and Japanese)
Art Lessons and Ideas for Teachers
Welcome to the Japan Art Education Assosiation page.
The JAEA is a meta-site for teachers, librarians, parents and students to preview selected links.
Please visit student art works;curriculum ideas;art and craft lessons ;art project ; computer graphics; art links; art galleries;integrated curriculum units for K-12.

"Leaf Design" 3rd Grade

e-Learning empowers the learner in every situation.
  • What does arts education do for the individual and for society?
Japan Art Education Association National Standards for Arts Education Art Lesson Plans
Various lessons of Arts

14. Reading Lesson Plans-Lesson Plans For Reading-Plans For Reading Lessons
Reading lesson plans have free printables, reading worksheets, literature circles reading programs, games, and crafts for book clubs with language arts activities.
Preschool and Kindergarten
Lesson Plans and Themes

Ten Core Democratic Values

Middle School Lessons
Pre-K to Gr 6

Reading Lesson Plans
Literature Circles Social Studies-History
Differentiated Learning
Core Democratic
Values Lessons
... Buy e-Booklets Literature Circles Guided Reading Lesson Plans Reading Strategy for Elementary and Middle School Reading Lesson Plans
E-booklets combine language arts reading activities, lesson plans, drama, word play games, and story elements. The guided reading lesson plans give you 30 days of step-by-step reading lesson plans for Literature Circles Book Club reading groups, a lesson plans strategy for elementary/middle school. Teach important reading skills while capitalizing on elementary and middle school students' desire to be social all the time Download the PDF files for the reading lesson plans Teacher's Guide and Student Booklets , duplicate the booklets for all of your students, and use the reading lesson plans over and over again each semester.

15. - English Teaching Resources
A free online library for English, media and drama teachers, offering quality worksheets, lesson plans, online lessons and links.

16. Literary Resources -- American (Lynch)
Clearinghouse for academic resources related to American Literature. Closely updated and developed by Rutgers University.
This page is part of the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch Comments and suggestions are welcome.
American Literature
See also the Ethnicities and Nationalities page.
Calls for Papers
From Penn's list. The best set of links.
ALB1876: American Libraries before 1876
Nearly ten thousand records on early American libraries. A major source of information on library history from Princeton. O si sic omnes!
American Authors (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya Univ., Japan)
Very extensive list of links to hundreds of Americanist sites.
American Literature (Daniel Anderson, Texas)
Hypertext editions of Crane, Faulkner, Gilman, Hansberry, Hawthorne, Hughes, Hurston, Irving, Jewett, Melville, Norris, and others.
American Literature on the Web (Akihito Ishikawa, Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages)
A usefully organized set of links to Americanist sites, with chronologies.
American Studies at the University of Virginia
Extensive collection of American resources, including a superb collection of annotated links, on-line exhibits from the Museum for American Studies, many hypertext editions of American works, historical maps, the Capitol Project, virtual classrooms, and an extensive site on America in the 1930s. O si sic omnes!

17. 1000 Pages Of Free Reading Vocabulary Materials And Phonics Worksheets
Free printable worksheets for improving reading and phonics skills. Also includes vocabulary lists and downloads resources for teachers and parents.
You'll find the Tamparead's ReadingKEY Program to be the easiest and fastest method for improving reading ability in any child or adult. You'll observe far more progress in far less time using our very special techniques for simultaneously building vocabulary and fluency. HOW SHOULD READING BE TAUGHT?
For a student to learn to read effectively, he/she must first learn proper phonics and word-attack skills for being able to "figure-out" (decode) unknown words. The reading program should then build upon these skills to teach students the specific words that are common for their current grade and reading level in school. Only when this is accomplished, would it then make sense to move on to comprehension question and answer exercises. Doing it the other way around, results in slower progress and is a recipe for disaster for 30-40% of school age children. TRY IT FREE
Try the first nine weeks of any grade level absolutely free . You'll then see why teachers and entire school districts are now using the Tamparead's ReadingKEY Program to improve student reading ability in ways that other reading programs could never accomplish !

18. Literacy Teaching Ideas - Reading (General)
Suggested classroom activities for students ages 5-11.
Contribute ideas and
resources by email General Reading Reading Fiction Reading Non-Fiction General Writing ... Share Your Ideas Literacy - Reading (General) Teaching Ideas on Facebook
Get the latest updates, discover educational links and receive early access to new resources.
Share your ideas!

Do you have any good ideas or resources that have proved successful in your classroom? If you've used something from Teaching Ideas, it would be great if you could share something in return! Welcome to the Literacy pages.
Feel free to browse through the general reading ideas and resources listed below,
or use the menu bar above to browse through the other Literacy areas.
  • Prediction - Activities to encourage your children to predict when reading and listening to stories. Skimming and Scanning - Fun activities encouraging children to search for specific letter groups.

19. Literature Based Reading Lessons
Phonics based reading lesson plans for lower elementary students based on chapter books including Boxcar Children, Stone Fox, Flat Stanley, and Little House in the Big Woods.
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  • Home
    Chalk Box Kid
    Flat Stanley
    Boxcar Children
    Surprise Island ...
    in the Big Woods
    Laura Ingalls Wilder Biography
    Muggie Maggie
    Finding the Titanic
    Go Fish
    Hannah ...
    Monster Mess
    The second grade teachers at Dallas Christian School developed a reading program using children's literature . We chose books that we thought would be of value to our students and would co-ordinate with our science and social studies units. We got ideas from several sources, (See links below).
    The books we taught were Chalk Box Kid, Flat Stanley, Boxcar Children, Stone Fox, Lily and Miss Liberty, Helen Keller, The Tree That Would Not Die, and Little House in the Big Woods. The other lessons have been contributed by other teachers.
    We purchased paperback books and had our moms to help us cover them with clear contact paper to make them more durable.
    Word study pages using a phonics approach were made for each lesson. Comprehension pages are included for most of the books. The lessons are free and available for your use. You can print them off and use them in any way that you see fit, but we ask that they not be published for profit.

20. Teach Spanish - Musical Spanish Teachers Guide
A lesson plan, articles and links for foreign language teachers interested in using music in the classroom.
Teach Spanish through songs!
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Email: Teacher's Guide for Using Songs in the Classroom
See students in Idaho using Musical Spanish!
Download PDF
About Musical Spanish (slide show)
I- Setting the Stage: Before Playing Song ...
IV- List of scholarly references supporting the use of music in FL teaching
I- Setting the Stage: Before Playing Song
1- It is a good idea to do a little groundwork before presenting the song. Students tend to react best when they can identify some familiar elements right from the start. 2- It is better not to have students look at the lyrics during this phase, allowing them to listen more carefully. 3- Review the song you are going to present, and create a list of target words for the lesson. It is wise to choose a focus:
  • d. culturally rich lyrics

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