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         Art Lesson Plans:     more books (115)
  1. Holt Literature & Language Arts Lesson Plans for Language Development (second course) by Holt Rinehart & Winston, 2003-01
  2. The Donald Rogers illustrated handbook of arts and crafts lesson plans for the elementary teacher: An innovative classroom-tested approach by Donald Rogers, 1976
  3. Instant art lesson plans by Helen S Carkin, 1973
  4. Home School Language Curriculum/ Lesson Plans Arts 5 (75604006)
  5. Beka Book: Language Arts 3 Cirriculum/lesson Plans (Language Arts 3, 2000 Edition)
  6. Micros and Art: Lesson Plans, a Directory of Software for Achieving Educational Objectives and Procedures for Evaluating Software by Debra Davis, Fritz J. Erickson, et all 1986-06
  7. Lesson Plans: Art Set 4 by Graeme Kent, 1994-03
  8. The American Indian: Tradition and transition through art : a series of lesson plans to help students understand American Indians and their art by Leona M Zastrow, 1991
  9. Teachers Introduction and Planning Guide: Art of Inventing (Lesson Plans and Handouts) by Melvin L. Fuller, 1989-04
  10. Exploring Art (Reproducible Lesson Plans) by Glencoe, 2004
  11. Critical Thinking Handbook, K-3: A Guide for Remodelling Lesson Plans in Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science by A. J. Binker, Richard W. Paul, et all 1987-07
  12. Basal Art Skills: 32 Lesson Plans for Developing Color and Drawing Skills As a Prelude to a Creative Art Curriculum by Karen Henefin, Norah Pratton, 1986-09
  13. Critical Thinking Handbook, 4Th-6Th Grades: A Guide for Remodelling Lesson Plans in Language Arts, Social Studies and Science by Richard Paul, 1987-12
  14. Making Connections: Integrating Art into the Classroom : A Handbook of Lesson Plans for Kindergarten Through Grade Five by Sheri Castelnuovo, Sandy Rodgers, 1995-05

1. Art Lesson Plans And Resources
Art Lesson Plans and Resources. Check out the sites listed below for K12 art lesson plans, resources, and resources by grade and topic! . Click on a grade to jump to resources
    Art Lesson Plans and Resources
Check out the sites listed below for K-12 art lesson plans resources , and resources by grade and topic
Click on a grade to jump to resources by topic!
Visual Arts by Grade and Topic PreK K Below are lesson plans and other general resources. Art Lesson Plans
Arts Edge

An incredible index of lesson plans and activities integrating art with other subjects. You can browse the Index by alignment with standards, subject, grade level, or title. Visual Arts Lesson Plans
Formerly Ask Eric, this site offers over 30 art lesson plans for a variety of grade levels. See also Art History for 13 additional lesson plans. Education at the Getty
A list of units and lesson plans lesson plans available from the J. Paul Getty Museum.

A searchable data base of educational materials for art teachers.
ArtsNet Minnesota

A joint project of Minnesota art centers and museums, the site contains artworks, biographies, style characteristics, discussion questions, student activities, and lesson plans.

2. 3 D Arts Lesson Plans - Three Dimensional Art
Lesson plans dealing with Fine Arts courses specifically dealing with 3D (Three Dimensional) Art. Great help for Fine Arts teachers who want some ideas for teaching.
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  • Home Education Secondary Education
  • Secondary Education
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  • Curriculum and Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Fine Arts Lesson Plans
  • Lesson plans for fine arts teachers specializing in three dimensional art.
    Cave Painting" Art History
    Chalk drawings on students' own rocks make this middle school activity a motivate students to learn about prehistoric art.
    Masks and More Masks!
    Three types of masks are used as a means of studying culture, encourage creativity and develop a sense of three dimensions. zSB(3,3)
    Chinese Parade Lions or Dragons
    Make miniature, colorful paper lions and dragons.
    Meaningful Masks
    Instructions for mask making written for middle school level.
    Monster Transformation
    Students may especially enjoy this mask activity that is half their own face and with the other half resembling a monster. interesting. Adaptable to older students relating to the monster within or Phantom of the Opera.
    More than Masks
    These masks are begun with face molds.

    3. Art Lesson Plans - Canadian Elementary School Art Lesson Plans
    These art lesson plans, activities and themes may stimulate ideas for Canadian elementary school teachers.
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  • Home Canada Online
  • Canada Online
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  • Daily Life in Canada Education in Canada Canadian Teachers Lesson Plans K-8
  • These art lesson plans, activities and themes may stimulate ideas for Canadian elementary school teachers.
  • Canadian Art @ Art Galleries and Museums @
  • 10 Tips for Face Painting
    Kids love having their faces painted. Here are practical tips to help from Marion Boddy-Evans, Painting. zSB(3,3)
    Animal Drawing for Kids
    Simple step-by-step instructions to help children draw animals. From Helen South, Drawing and Sketching.
    Family Crafts Family Crafts from Sherri Osborn is a great source of inspiration for art projects for elementary school teachers.
    Bringing Art into the Classroom
    Useful suggestions to help Canadian elementary school teachers introduce art to the classroom - including where to find cheap prints and how to discuss art with students. From KinderArt.
    Meeting the Masters
    This art lesson plan for elementary school teachers helps students use graphic software to create a painting with the elements of design used by the Masters. From the Educator's Reference Desk.

    4. Elementary Art Lesson Plans
    Traditional art lesson plans, computer graphics lesson plans, technology hints, and teacher hints.
    Or what to do on
    Monday morning with 25 students
    staring at you!
    New Projects

    Sandra Sue Handak

    Here's a direct link

    to all the new projects
    I have added recently!!!!

    Please do check back often,as I will be
    adding more plans as fall arrives. NEW E-MAIL e-mail me at Let me know if you use any of my lesson plans and how they worked for you. It pleases me to be a resource for you.
    There were many times I wanted to try something new and I'd go to workshops to get some new ideas. We don't seem to have as many workshops to go to as a resource anymore, so that's why I am offering my ideas to you to use, change, whatever. I just hope they are helpful in some way. Revised on March 1, 2005 Best viewed at 800 x 600 Link here to find more lesson plans and educational resources
    This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here Sandra Sue Handak Sandy Meadors

    5. KinderArt - Art Lessons - Art Education: The Largest Collection Of Free Art Less
    Free art lesson plans for use with young children.

    6. The Lesson Plans Page - Art Lesson Plans, Art Ideas, And Art Activities, Teacher
    This section of The Lesson Plans Page contains Art lesson plans, art ideas, art lessons, art thematic units, Teacher Resources, unit, educator, education resources, printables

    7. Digital Art Lesson Plans | TechnoPhotos
    Digital Art Lesson Plans Create artwork inspired by pop art. Digitally edit photos to create a poster, silkscreen, and self-portrait in the style of Andy Warhol.

    8. Incredible Elementary Art Lessons
    The Incredible Art Department is for art teachers, art students, parents, homeschoolers and artists. IAD includes information on art jobs, art careers, art schools, art education

    9. The Lesson Plans Page - Language Arts Lesson Plans, Language Arts Ideas, & Langu
    Teacher-made lesson plans for Pre-K through high school language classrooms.

    10. Art Lessons And Lesson Plans For K-12 And Beyond
    The Incredible Art Department is for art teachers, art students, parents, homeschoolers and artists. IAD includes information on art jobs, art careers, art schools, art

    11. Elementary HomeSchool Art Lesson Plans Easy Step By Step Art Education
    Homeschool elementary art lesson plans anyone can teach designed by elementary teachers with homeschool teachers in mind.
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    Note to Parents and Teachers
    Exploring Art is dedicated to providing quality art lessons plans for children of all ages. We feel that integrating art in education expands the minds of children. (more info) Attention Schools! Exploring Art accepts purchase orders. Contact us for more information. Exploring Art offers affordable step by step elementary level art projects and art lessons plans anyone can teach. These comprehensive art lesson plans are designed by educators with students in mind. Our kits include everything you will need to create spectacular results. Every art lesson plan includes easy to follow directions, detailed fact sheets, a completed sample picture, and you have the option to purchase the supplies as well. We guarantee success and smiles for kids K thru 8th grade! Purchase a Subscription and Save!

    12. Language Arts Lesson Plans
    Archive includes dozens of reading, grammar, and writing lesson plans geared toward young learners.
    Language Arts Lesson Plans
    Language - ARTS Elementary (K-5)
    lang01.txt Successful Paragraphs (4-6) lang03.txt Creative writing; multi-author story writing (1-12) lang05.txt 'School News' using writing, speaking and/or questioning skills (3-12) lang07.txt Whole language experience using "Casey at the Bat" (3-5) lang08.txt lang11.txt Descriptive/Persuasive writing 'My Pyramid - Preparing for a Journey" (4-6) lang13.txt Increasing vocabulary for primary students (1-3) lang14.txt Sounding-out CVC words, 'The Blending Slide' (K-1) lang15.txt Using popcorn to create a reading book (K-3) lang16.txt Creative Writing; turn on inventiveness with 'Potato Possibilities' (4-6) lang18.txt Color Code Writing; forming letters and numbers with colors (K-3) lang19.txt Integrated vocabulary, listening and creative writing exercise (K-12) lang20.txt Writing - a photo essay (2-4) lang22.txt Whole language story for developmental activities (K) lang24.txt Writing 'Auto-Bio' poems (4-12) lang28.txt

    13. Art Lesson Plans
    These art lessons are just a fraction of what you can get from Kinder Art.They have great resources for art projects for early grades. Clicking on these lessons will take you

    Crayon Rubbing Art Project
    Grade: 1 - 2 Creating Comic Strips Grade: 4 - 6 Crown Making Grade: 1 - 3 Drawing Characters Grade: 3 - 4 Emotive Flag Grade: kindergarten - 12 Filters of Flowers Grade: 2 - 5 Flowers for the Heroine Grade: kindergarten - 4 Form and Texture in Autumn Grade: 1 - 2 Fun With Colors on the Internet Grade: kindergarten Macaroni Skeleton Art Grade: 3 - 5 Melted Crayons Grade: 2 - 12 Mixing Primary - Secondary Colors Grade: kindergarten - 6 Monochromatic Painting Grade: 5 - 12 Monster Art Grade: 5 Origami Grade: 4 Painter for Mother's Day: Mary Cassatt Grade: 4 - 5 Painting Like an Impressionist Grade: 5 - 6 Pebble Painting Grade: 2 - 3 Pictograph Stone Carving Grade: 3 - 5 Plains Indians and Pictographs Grade: 2 - 5 Relief Print-Making Project: Making a Fabric Print Grade: 4 - 9 Scenery Box Grade: 3 - 6 Spring Egg Grade: 1 - 5 Starry Night Grade: 3 - 5 Styles - Portrait Triptych Grade: 4 - 12 There's a Nightmare in My Closet Grade: 1 - 3 Three-dimensional Crown Technique Grade: 1 - 6 Tissue-Strip Window Designs Grade: 1 - 3 Valentine Vase Grade: 1 - 4 Water Color Crayon Resist Grade: 1 - 3 Watercolor Butterfly Grade: 1 - 2 Who will BEE my secret Valentine?

    14. Art Lesson Plans For High School
    Find doable art lesson plans for the home school high schooler. Focus is on art appreciation from from pre-historic time to the early twentieth century.
    Art Lesson Plans
    Raise Eyes and Hearts
    These high school art lesson plans truly delight both us homeschool parents and our students. They are a very comprehensive study of both the artists and the works from pre-historic beginnings to the early twentieth century. We were filled with joy and amazement as we discovered the brilliance and beauty of the works. Decide your goals for the course. Is art appreciation a requirement for either the state or your homeschool program? If so, this will help determine the amount of time and intensity of the class. Remember to remain flexible while still adhering to necessities. At the beginning of the year, design the scope of the art course, but only write the art lesson plans week-by-week. Then you aren't locked into a tight schedule. So some time is allowed for topics that particularly interest your child. We used mainly three sources.
    • Our main text was The Story of Art by E. H. Gombrich. It is the "seminal work" and best selling art history book of all time...and with good reason! Story is comprehensive yet understandable. The author doesn't assume that the reader is familiar with classic art so he introduces the concepts generally, then with details.

    15. Art Lesson Plans
    art lesson plans for high school teachers Art teachers can influence their students by using structured and complete art lesson plans.
    Art Lesson Plans for Art Teachers
    Art teachers can influence their students by using structured and complete art lesson plans.
    Lesson plans available here are for the public and private school classroom where culture and values are instilled for millions of children. While teachers have huge impact on students, no consistent, easily discernible traits are fixed to determine teacher quality. Teachers should have a broad range of capacities for the classroom: to understand how children learn and grow, a commitment to these processes, a depth of subject matter knowledge, the ability to deliver the subject in ways that pique students’ curiosity, to keep track of all students and make adjustments for their learning, and to keep good relations with students, parents and faculty.
    Art teachers cannot hold as a career objective the hope or expectation of making artists of all their students. Rather, art teachers should develop classrooms scenarios that will enable students to respond to their environment and interact with it through art techniques. Through studio experiences students may see art as a fundamental means of orientation and a way to view the world in which they live.
    Lessons are posted on this website to be available to teachers to copy and modify.

    16. Art Lesson Plans -
    Learn about Art Lesson Plans on Find info and videos including Art Lessons Plan, Polynesian Art Lesson Plan, How to Write a Lesson Plan for Art Class and much more. grade lesson plans|christmas

    17. English As A Second Language Lesson Plans & Ideas For Teachers: Eslflow Index &
    eslflow s guide to English as a Second Language lessons from around the Internet.

    18. Crayola® Lesson Plans
    Lesson Plans and art projects for both the art and elementary classroom that integrate art with all other curriculum.
    var clean_url = ""; Register for FREE! Join the Crayola community today. Find hundreds of hands-on, standards-based lesson plan ideas designed to:
    • Integrate the arts into the daily curriculum
    • Stimulate independent thinking through visual learning
    Search ideas by grade, subject, theme, and/or Crayola product.
    Keyword Search
    Category Search
    select a grade
    Any Grade Grades 1 to 3 Grades 4 to 6 Grades 7 to 12 Pre-K and Kindergarten Special Needs select a subject
    Any Subject Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Visual Arts select a theme
    Any Theme Alphabet Architecture Art Techniques Canada Careers Cultures Earth Families Foods Friends History Imaginary Creatures Math Sports Transportation Travel select a product
    Any Product Air-Dry Clay Chalk Color Explosion® Color Sticks Color Switchers Color Wonder™ Colored Pencils Construction Paper Construction Paper™ Crayons Crayola Cutter Crayola Dough Crayons Dry-Erase Markers Erasables Fabric Crayons Fabric Markers Gel Markers Glitter Glue Glue Heads 'n Tails Markers Mixed Media Model Magic Presto Dots Model Magic® Modeling Clay Neon Color Explosion™ Oil Pastels Outdoor Products Overwriters® Markers Paint Shaper Paper Sidewalk Paint Squeezables™ 3-D Paint Tempera Mixing Mediums Total Tools Twistables® Ultimate Cutter™ Washable Window Markers Watercolors
    Find creative learning experiences you can adapt to fit your group and teaching style. These curriculum ideas are designed to help you:

    19. Kindergarten To 6th Grade Art Lesson Plans
    Art Lesson Plans and Art Lessons for Kindergarten To 6th Grade
    Art Lesson Plans
    We do the research for you!
    Home Educators!
    Arts and Crafts Group Leaders!
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    Testimonials for our Art Lesson Plans
    Here's What Others Say About Our Supply of Exciting Kindergarten - 6th Grade Art Lesson Plans For those people who are artistically challenged like myself, or those who are searching for ideas in the Creative and Practical Arts field to use in their classroom, the K-6 Art Lesson Plans site comes as a godsent gift. I have managed to come away with a myriad of ideas to try in my classroom - not bad for someone who has always shied away from any form of art! Initally I was concerned that being an American site, not too many of the lesson plans would tie-in with the syllabus we have down-under (yes I am an Australian teacher), but my concerns were laid to rest and for any other non-American visitor to the site I can assure you that it is very easy to match the outcomes that are clearly stated in each lesson to your own country's syllabus. All in all this site offers all teachers a 'recipe for success' and I highly recommend it.

    20. Lesson Plans For Teachers - Free Lesson Plans >
    This site enables teachers to easily access lesson plans developed and tested by other teachers. archives lesson plans so you can easily find the lessons you need. Thanksgiving Lessons ... Insect Lesson Plans Get Started Browse by Subject
    Character Education
    Dramatic Arts
    Foreign Language
    Holidays Language Arts Mathematics Music Physical Education Religion Science Social Studies Technology Visual Arts Browse by Grade Level All Grades Special Needs Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Browse by Month All Year Long January February March April May June July August September October November December Submit Your Lesson Plans Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for a really great site. It has been a tremendous help to me and given me and the kids some great fun and great lessons. Tom L. Read More Do your school administrators provide you with adequate preparation time? Yes No View Results / Comments has been online since 1997. We launched this beta version of the site based on feedback from our site visitors. K-12 Teachers, school librarians, homeschoolers, and pre-service educators can now take advantage of the wide array of lesson planning tools. The site provides a searchable directory of lesson plans, as well as the ability to browse by subject, by month and by grade level. In addition, teachers can participate in the development of the site by

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