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         Artists Moran Thomas:     more books (19)
  1. Thomas Moran: Artist of the Mountains by Thurman Wilkins, Caroline Lawson Hinkley, 1998-04
  2. Thomas Moran Artist of the Mountains 1ST Edition by WilkinsThurman, 1966
  3. Thomas Moran : Artist of the Mountains
  4. Thomas Moran, Artist of the Mountains by None, 2000
  5. Thomas Moran Artist of the Mountains
  6. Thomas Moran: The Field Sketches, 1856-1923 (Gilcrease-Oklahoma Series on Western Art and Artists, Vol 4) by Thomas Moran, Anne Morand, 1996-09
  7. Thomas Moran by Nancy K. Anderson, 1997-10-20
  9. Thomas Moran's West: Chromolithography, High Art, And Popular Taste by Joni L. Kinsey, Thomas Moran, 2006-01-11
  10. Marine Paintings: Edward Moran- Masterpainter (Volume 1) by Tom Thomas, 2009-03-23
  11. J.M.W. Turner "That Greatest of Landscape Painters": Watercolors from London Museums by Richard P. Townsend, J. M. W. Turner, et all 1998-03
  12. The Morans : The Artistry of a 19th-Century Family of Painter-Etchers by Nancy Siegel, 2001-03
  13. Imagining heaven and earth at Mount of the Holy Cross, Colorado.(Report): An article from: Journal of Cultural Geography by Kevin Blake, 2008-02-01
  14. The Artist's Year : Original and Selected Poems of the Months Ilustrated By A. Quarterly, J. W.Casilear, J. R. Brevoort, R. M. Shurtleff, Julia Dillon, David Johnson, J. M. Hart, H. B. Jones, Thomas Moran, R. S. Gifford, G. H. Smillie & A. F. Bellows by Margaret P. Janes, 1889

1. Moran, Thomas Oil Paintings Reproductions – Page 1
Oil Paintings Gallery Home Artists Moran, Thomas Cliffs of the Upper Colorado River 18931901

2. 75 Artists You Must Know And Where To Find Them | Dani Jones Illustration
http//; http//; Thomas Moran on; Thomas Nast; Father of the political cartoon
Dani Jones Illustration
75 Artists You Must Know and Where to Find Them
Great artists educate you, influence your style, and inspire great artwork by setting a high standard. But how familiar are you really with illustration history? I asked myself this the other day and was ashamed to realize that my knowledge was a bit fuzzy. So, I started to research some of the great artists that influence illustrators today. This list is the result. If you are a student, practitioner, or fan of illustration, I truly believe you should know all these artists by name and their work. leave a comment on this post.

3. - For The Love Of Fine Art
http//; http//; http//
Welcome M

4. Images In Geography – Great Expectations (various pages), http//, http//, http//
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5. Images In Geography – Great Expectations (various pages), http//, http//, http//–-great-expectations

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7. Thomas Moran Online
Thomas Moran Englishborn American Hudson River School Painter, 1837-1926 Guide to pictures of works by Thomas Moran in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

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9. Art Theft - World's Most Wanted Art
http// Museum / Expert URL Catalogue Raisonn Forgery Files Under Construction Stolen Art Files
Art Crime Index
"A Search for the World's Most Wanted Art"
We are seeking information about this artist. -
Art Crime Index - Main Page
Moran, Thomas
American (1837-1926)
Record Price:
Museum / Expert URL:
Forgery Files:
Under Construction Stolen Art Files: Notes: SAZ PRODUCTIONS, INC. Copying this material is prohibited. Additions, deletions, tips, questions, and comments: e-mail HOME SITE MAP

10. THOMAS SYDNEY MORAN Fine Art Artist: Artists' Art Auction Database + Biography
Document url http//
Search your favourite fine art artist
All you need to know in fine art for appraising, buying or selling:
auction prices
works in upcoming auctions
price levels and indices, market trends,
signatures, monograms or symbols.
] / Rank: 295
MORAN THOMAS SYDNEY top price records:
Painting: "Green River, Wyoming" Drawing-Watercolour: "The Southern Arm of the Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park" More details, updated results and all prices at art auction for THOMAS SYDNEY MORAN, biography, classifieds and marketplace
last works at auction
: (updated: 01-mars-2007)
The Bathers
Norther in the Gulf of Mexico
Figure working near a Country Cottage
City Harbor on a Gray Day ...
Check all MORAN THOMAS SYDNEY art market information since 1987 Updated on a daily basis: check THOMAS SYDNEY MORAN Biography
Home Art Auction Calendar Art links
Don't forget to check among our fine art databank of 309,000 artists.
The Fine Art Directory
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11. Moran, Thomas : Artists M : Visual Artists A-Z - Mega Net
Peruse links to online resources devoted to the American painter, including http//
Login Search Mega Net: Home Entertainment Celebrities Artists ... Artists M : Moran, Thomas Moran, Thomas - Artcyclopedia Peruse links to online resources devoted to the American painter, including exhibitions and image collections. Also, order prints of his works.
About Us

12. Abstracts: The Man Who Gave Us Yellowstone. Advantage: Courage. The Man Who Gave
Article Abstract Thomas Moran could be responsible for the establishment of Works, Painters, Painters (Artists), Moran, Thomas (American novelist)
@import "/abstracts/css/default.css"; Abstracts search homepage
Abstracts index General interest
The man who gave us Yellowstone
Article Abstract: Thomas Moran could be responsible for the establishment of Yellowstone National Park. Moran's 7 x 12 foot oil painting, which is displayed in the Capitol, captured the awe-inspiring beauty of the place and helped convince Congress to declare the place a national park. author: Yudell, Cliff Publisher: Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
Publication Name: Reader's Digest
Subject: General interest
Works, Painters, Painters (Artists), Moran, Thomas (American novelist) User Contributions: Comment about this article or add new information about this topic: Comment: (50-4000 characters) Name: E-mail: Security Code: Display my email:
Advantage: courage
Article Abstract: Monica Seles' physical recovery from an insane man's attempt to murder her in 1993 was easy compared to overcoming the psychological scars. Seles' fight to overcome her fear and depression and her eventual return to professional tennis are narrated. author: Seles, Monica, Richardson, Nancy Ann

13. 000264 - Psychological Fiction
Moore, Jeffrey The Memory Artists; Moran, Thomas Anja the Liar; Moran, Thomas What Harry Saw; Morrall, Clare Astonishing Splashes of Colour; Morrall, Clare Natural Flights of the
Psychological Fiction Stories involving the infinite landscapes of the mind.
Related Genres
Contemporary Women's Psychological Suspense


Psychological Suspense
  • Abbott, Charles: Island
  • Abrahams, Peter: Oblivion
  • Abrams, Melanie: Playing
  • Abse, Dannie:
  • Allen, Charlotte Vale: Fresh Air
  • Amis, Martin: Yellow Dog
  • Arriaga, Guillermo: The Night Buffalo
  • Atwood, Margaret: Alias Grace
  • Auster, Paul: Invisible
  • Auster, Paul: Oracle Night
  • Baker, Nicholson: A Box of Matches
  • Baker, Nicholson: The Mezzanine
  • Ballard, J.G.: Cocaine Nights
  • Banville, John: Eclipse
  • Banville, John: Shroud
  • Barker, Nicola: Clear
  • Barker, Pat: Border Crossing
  • Barry, Lynda: Cruddy
  • Bartlett, Neil: Skin Lane
  • Baumbach, Jonathan: You, or The Invention of Memory
  • Bellamy, Dodie: Pink Steam
  • Bens, Jeff W.: Albert, Himself
  • Berberian, Viken: The Cyclist
  • Berg, Elizabeth: Never Change
  • Berger, Thomas: Best Friends
  • Block, Stefan Merrill: The Story of Forgetting
  • Braverman, Kate: The Incantation of Frida K.
  • Brennan, Karen: Being with Rachel
  • Brink, Elisabeth: Save Your Own
  • Burges, Dennis: Graves Gate
  • Burgin, Richard:

14. The Significance Of Mount Shasta As A Visual Resource: Index Of Artists
Moore, Frank Montague (18771967) - Watercolor and Landscape Artists Moran, Thomas (1837-1926) - Introduction, Early Illustrators Moses, Thomas G. (1856-1934) - California Plein Air
Mount Shasta as a Visual Resource
Index of Artists
Adam, William (1846-1931) -
Agate, Alfred Thomas (1812-1846) - Wilkes Expedition Artists Artists of Mount Shasta Value of Artist Biographies
Armstrong, Bradley Adan (1818-1904) -
Armstrong, George Frederick (1852-1912) -
Armstrong, William Weaver (1862-1906) -
Ayres, Thomas Almond (1816-1858) - Early Illustrators
Baumgras, Peter (1827-1903) - Artists of Mount Shasta
Barchus, Eliza Rosanna (1857-1959) - Artists of Mount Shasta Pacific Northwest Artists Women Artists
Bates, W. J. (a.1915) -
Beardzley, Carl A. -
Best, Arthur William (1859-1935) - San Francisco Art Boom Best, Harrie Cassie (1863-1936) - San Francisco Art Boom Bierstadt, Albert (1830-1902) - Introduction Artists of Mount Shasta Topographical Accuracy Clarence King ... California Plein Air Painters Bloomer, Hiram Reynolds (1845-1911) - San Francisco Art Boom Borg, Carl Oscar (1879-1947) - California Plein Air Painters Boyner, George Don (a.1929) - Brandes - Breckman, Benjamin (a.1910) -

15. Unknown Painting??? Please Help D': - ArtConversation
http// Check the various museum sites listed as those images often don't come up in Google searches.

Art Discussion General Unknown Painting? Please Help D': User Name Remember Me? Password Register FAQ Members List Search ... Mark Forums Read
Art Discussion General Other art-related topics of interest.
Unknown Painting? Please Help D':
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Search this Thread March 6th, 2009, 08:05 PM HitokiriX vbmenu_register("postmenu_6612", true); Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009 Posts: 1 Unknown Painting? Please Help D': Hello everyone. My aunt and uncle have this painting on their wall. It was baught by my aunts mother around the late 1960's at an art store of some sort, for roughly $300. I think I was able to identify the signature at the bottom right as "Thomas Moran" but other than that, I am unable to find any history, value, or any sort of information. Is this a "unique original?" Any help is appreciated Thanks ahead of time!

Also, I can get more pictures if this isn't good enough.. Thanks!

16. Teacher Page - - The Influence Of Art Yellowstone
http// (Artcyclopedia Site. Provides links to works by Moran in online
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Teacher Planning Information
Introduction Yellowstone and other national parks continue to inspire painters, photographers, and other artists. Today, like yesterday, artists record and document natural resources. In turn, their works of art contribute to the interpretation of nature and promote preservation. Join us as we visualize Yellowstone with the eyes of an artist. Simply open your mind, post your questions on the message board, and see for yourselves how art influenced the creation of Yellowstone National Park. Be sure your students view the Park Orientation Program first! Pre- and/or Post-Program Lesson Plans:
  • Choices and Documentation
  • Observational Art
  • Moran's Art Lesson Plan
  • Artists Who Portray the American Landscape
  • Related Web Sites: National Parks

    17. :: David Cook Fine Art :: Home
    ARTISTS Moran, Thomas (1837 1926) We are currently looking for works by Thomas Moran Please contact us if you

    18. Grand Canyon With Rainbow By Moran, Thomas Reproduction Oil
    Grand Canyon with Rainbow is a fine example of master artists Moran, Thomas talented artistic skills. Landscapes / Pastorals Oil Paintings are available as both commissioned

    19. American Art And Artists
    http// . Grandma Moses. http// http// art and artists.htm
    North Attleborough Public Schools Thematic Links Unit American Art and Artists A list of sites offering information and works of art created by American artists
    describing the people, places, ideas and events of our growing nation Created by Mary Wojciechowski, Art Teacher "Art draws us into history and diversity.
    Art keeps us honest about social conditions.
    Art opens our eyes to the truth about historical events".
    - Robin Chandler
    Click on first letter of the artist's last name. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O ... P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Additional Resource Links Artists whose last names begin with "A" Ansel Adams Josef Albers John James Audubon ... Artists whose last names begin with "B" Romare Bearden

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