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         Aruba Culture:     more detail
  1. A Strategic Profile of Aruba, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Aruba Research Group, The Aruba Research Group, 2000-04-25
  2. Aruban Culture: Culture of Aruba, Djucu, List of Aruban Films, Balashi
  3. ARUBA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by LUC ALOFS, 2001
  4. Eye on Aruba Bonaire Curacao: History, Culture and Nature of the ABC Islands by Jeannette Van Ditzhuijzen, 2003

41. Our Culture
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42. Aruba: Culture - TripAdvisor
Inside Aruba Culture Before you visit Aruba, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travellers by travellers.

43. The Official Tourism Website Of Aruba - Information For Travel, Hotels, And Rese
Official Aruba Tourism Authority website. Includes accommodations, shopping and dining guides, activities and events and other tourist travel information. Discover Aruba at aruba

44. Aruba Pictures, Aruba Images |
Aruba Culture Tours Aruba Scuba Diving Centers, Resorts, and Liveaboards Aruba Sport Tours and Vacations Aruba Unique Vacations Aruba Map Travel Attractions of Aruba
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Aruba Pictures
Pictures of Aruba. Welcome to the InfoHub Aruba pictures and images page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of Aruba as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Aruba images and photos. You can also find unique vacations and tours available for Aruba. This "pictures of Aruba" page will be updated frequently, so visit often. Search Vacations You Never Knew Existed: - Select Activity - All Vacations Sailing and Yacht Charters Culture Tours Scuba Diving Centers, Resorts, and Live-aboards Sport Tours and Vacations Unique Vacations Aruba images Aruba Photos at Aruba, travel photo gallery. Aruba pictures. Aruba pictures Aruba travel photos of numerous trips to Aruba. Photo gallery. Aruba pictures. Aruba photos Enjoy hundreds of photos of the island of Aruba and various resorts. Aruba gallery Aruba album Links to photos of Aruba including Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Natural Bridge, Arikok Park, and more. Aruba views and images Images of Aruba - island in the Caribbean sea, close to the Venezuelan coast with capital Oranjestad

45. Aruba Travel - Guides & Reviews - Travel Library
Aruba Culture. Historical Museum Located at Fort Zoutman/Willem III Tower, Oranjestad. This museum depicts a fascinating collection of artifact from the earliest settlers through the

46. Learning About Aruba Culture
In 1499 the Spanish took control of Aruba and it was quickly possessed b the Dutch. It is known that the Spanish did not inhabit the island first. Some petrography which were
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    Learning about Aruba Culture
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    In 1499 the Spanish took control of Aruba and it was quickly possessed b the Dutch. It is known that the Spanish did not inhabit the island first. Some petrography which were found on ceilings and walls of caves of the Arawak tribe led many to believe that they migrated from South America and were in fact the first inhabitants in Aruba. In 1985 Aruba became an independent state and separated from the Kingdom of Netherlands. Originally the Arawak tribe was taken to Hispaniola to work in the copper mines since Aruba itself had little use for the slaver trade. Gold was discovered in the 19th century and some of the Arawak people were brought back to Aruba. Most of the Arawak tribes were wiped out, but some of them remained until 1862. the Arawak people strongly influenced the language in Aruba. They also had an impact on some items and traditions. For example, women in Aruba sweep their yards which surround their homes. This is similar to Arawak in the ancient times clearing the area which surrounded their homes. The official language spoken in Aruba is known as Papiamento. Most Arubans have great language skills and can speak at least 4 languages including English, Spanish and Dutch. They tend to mix these languages and speak in their daily lives.

47. Aruba Travel Information And Travel Guide - Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao - Lonely P
When you see a Nathan’s hot dog vendor on the beach and groups of men going orgasmic when the New York Giants make a threeyard gain, you could be forgiven for thinking you

48. Art And Culture Of Aruba
Information on the Arts and culture of the island of Aruba.
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      Aruba's culture is unique in the Caribbean because it is defined more by geography than by history. While other islands suffered from the squabbling of European nations, Aruba remained relatively unwanted because its desert land was not good for sugar production. This lack of plantation-style farming also kept Aruba relatively free from the African slave trade and the troubles it caused in other nations. Despite other slavery issues, Aruba was extremely peaceful, and this peace is certainly evident today. The people and culture of Aruba has many different backgrounds. One can go from the Indians, to the Spanish, and more recently, the Dutch. Yet, through the years Aruba has become the home for many different people. Especially since the 20th century when industry has blossomed and people from all corners of the world call this island home. It can easily be said that Aruba is now made up of at least 40 different nationalities all living peacefully together.

49. Aruba - People
The Original Official Travel Guide Regional information about Aruba including history and culture, accommodations, activities, points of interest, transportation and travel tips
Aruba Home
History and Culture


... Geographia Home Aruba: People and Language The Original Official Homepage of the Aruba Tourism Authority People The population of Aruba is of mixed descent and can trace its ancestry back to 40 different ethnic backgrounds from around the world. The native language is a creole dialect called Papiamento which is made up of elements of Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, a number of different African languages, and Arawak Indian. Nearly everyone on the island is able to speak English and Spanish, in addition to Dutch, which is the official language of Aruba. Aruba's Language
Papiamento is a unique language which is only spoken on the Dutch Caribbean islands. It was considered a local dialect and of no significant interest until the year 1995. Three years later the Government decided to teach Papiamento officially in the schools as a new language subject. Papiamento books can be found in bookstores and the language is quite easy to learn. Below we have included a few words and sentences that are guaranteed to win hearts.

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