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         Astronomy Software:     more books (101)
  1. NavPac and Compact Data 2001-2005: Astro-navigation Methods and Software for the PC by C.Y. Hohenkerk, B.D. Yallop, et all 2000-05-03
  2. Using planetarium software to teach standards-based lunar concepts.: An article from: School Science and Mathematics by Kathy Cabe Trundle, Randy L. Bell, 2003-12-01
  3. Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series)
  4. Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XIII: Conference Held 12-15 October 2003 at Strasbourg, France (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series)
  5. Astronomical Data Analysis Software And System XI: Proceedings of a Meeting Held at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 30 September-3 October 2001 (Astronomical ... Society of the Pacific Conference Series)
  6. The Sky Software IBM 5.0 by Arny, 1994-04-01
  7. Astronomical Data Analysis Software And Systems XII (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series)
  8. Science & More (Over 300 Programs for DOS & Windows)
  9. The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing (Includes AIP4WIN Software) [Book with CD-ROM] by Richard Berry, James Burnell, 2000-11-15
  10. It's a Small Solar System by Allan howard, 2009-07-28
  11. Deep Space Division Fission: A Mathematical Twist On The Card Game "War"! (Ready, Set.... Flashcards!) by Rainbow Books, 2004-04
  12. Architecture of the Software for the Indiana CCD Automated Telescope by R. Kent and Turner, George W. Honeycutt, 1991
  13. Amazing Universe III (Version 3.01)
  14. Astronavpc and Compact Data 2001-2005: Astro-Navigation Methods and Software for the PC

81. Liftoff Space Shuttle Simulator :: ETI Entertainment Technologies
commercial - Windows Hands-on presentations and simulations about being an astronaut and commanding the space shuttle.
Fly the Space Shuttle with ETI's new educational software. This space similation bring the spaceshuttle to life, its similar to the experience of space camp. ETI's years of experience developing educational software brings the space shuttle to life. Count down to your liftoff
Ride with the Astronauts
Train in the Simulator
Tour the Space Shuttle Discover Space History
SPACE DAY May 1 is Space Day!! Activities from ETI's award winning program "Liftoff" are featured on the "SD Interactive" link on Canada's page and through "Space Day Activities" link on Shaw Cable's start page. For Space Day in the US, ETI has donated copies of Liftoff for Space Day Contest Winners. BECOME PART OF THE EXPERIENCE! Liftoff is the first of a new exciting series of products that will enable users to experience the joy of collaborative team play.
ETI is at the forefront in the development of exciting real-time game-based learning applications.
ETI wins Innovation in Business Excellence Award
Apr. 15 , 2003

82. VRMars - Virtual Reality Astronomy Software (3D/VR) On The Mars Exploration Rove
VRMars Virtual Reality Astronomy Software (3D/VR) on the Mars Rover Mission VR/3D - Science Software - Mars Rover 3D/VR Scientific Software - Mars Rover Spirit Mission
Awards... The Best Software on Mars you can find on the Web "VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D " is a great virtual reality program on a DVD for scientists and hobbyists interested in astronomy, science, planetary missions, space exploration, solar system, universe, etc. It covers the years 2004-2007 of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Spirit Mission. Take a virtual tour of the planet and get 3D views of surroundings or soil samples... Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Mission released on a DVD as huge 4GB virtual reality astronomy software Enlarge Some features: • Gives an impression of being on the surface of Mars. • Visit many places on Mars with the aid of virtual reality. • 6 quickly switchable resolutions of viewing Mars. • Watch Martian landscapes from different angles. • Zoom in or out for details or wide angle views. Play demo option to watch Mars as a movie as well. • Easy to use image viewing, including 3d images of Mars. • Locate yourself on satellite maps and use them to navigate
within the virtual reality related to the MER Spirit Mission.

83. Gravel - An Astronomical Simulator Based On Newton's Laws Of Gravity
freeware - Windows Models the interaction between bodies in space according to Newtonian physics.
Gravel is a simple simulation which models the behaviour of astronomical objects in space, according to Newton's Laws of Gravity. Version 2 Version 3
About Gravel
"Gravel" is short for "Gravity / Velocity Simulator". How to use Gravel You define several objects (stating their mass (kg), position (m) and velocity (m/s)) and Gravel calculates how these objects would behave in space.
You can even tell Gravel to place one or more objects in orbit around an other object and Gravel will automatically choose the right orbital speed. How Gravel works History Gravel started off as a programming experiment.
  • Version 1 was written in C on the Amiga around 1996 using the Lattice compiler.
  • Version 2 was written in C++ on Microsoft Windows in 2001 using the Borland Builder 4 compiler with the Windows Platform SDK.
  • Version 2 is now maintained in C++ on Microsoft Windows using the Microsoft Visual C++ Express compiler with the Windows Platform SDK.
  • Version 3 is being developed in C++ on Microsoft Windows using the Microsoft Visual C++ Express compiler with the Windows Platform SDK.

84. 3D Solar System Simulator: The Planets Explorer
A free Java application that shows an interactive 3D representation of the planets and satellites of the solar system.
With many more features, new navigation modes and the newly added tools, The Planets Explorer 2.0 is the perfect tool for discovering the wonders of the Solar System for the first time, or enhancing your observing pleasure and knowledge if you are already a convert to this wonderful pastime. AND NOW IS FREE!!!! The Planets Explorer shows a 3D interactive representation of our Solar System, including all Planets and most Satellites, evolving in real time. You have at your fingertips the power to manipulate your view of the Solar System in almost any way you can imagine. You can see how the Planets or their Satellites look from any point in space, from any distance, tonight, tomorrow, or far into the past or future. You can view the stars as they appear from your own backyard, from a country on the other side of the world, or from another planet. You can witness dawn from the Moon, watch the Sun set from the surface of Mars, or even ride a Satellite. You are the master of the Solar System: you control the flow of time. You can jump instantly from one Planet to another. Interested? Click

85. Astronomy Software. Download Free Software. Search Sh
astronomy software. Download Free Software. Search shareware and freeware downloads.
Download Software 4 Free!
Search shareware and freeware downloads.



Web Development

Submit your Software: Submit pad file Member area: Registration form Forgot Your Password? login: pass: Remember me: Top rated: Top Downloads: CyberSky ... learn planetarium program provides that to way yet astronomy and explore the sky visible in the ... Rate it: Keys: astronomy skymap cyber skyastronomy star charts ... constellations
Some soft:
Astronomy software, shows you the complete night sky (340,000 ... Rate it: Keys: PlanetsAstronomy Asteroids Stars Astronomy ... Planets of the Solar System Screensaver This screensaver is a series of pictures of the solar ... Rate it: Keys: astronomy system solar astronomy ... system
Some soft:
300 Science Quizzes
300 Science Quizzes: 150 Capital city quizzes, 120 Chemistry and Periodic Table quizzes, 20 Astronomy picture-quizzes and 10 questions about ...

86. Universe Sandbox
Interactive space simulator created by Dan Dixon. It includes the solar system, the nearest 1000 stars, the local group of galaxies and an unlimited number of fictional scenarios.
Interactive Astronomy Software for Everyone
  • what is it? Install Universe Sandbox 2 Requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
    Discover the Universe
    Ultimate Power
    Spawn massive stars, launch asteroids, and manipulate gravity with just a few clicks.
    Explore our universe through unlimited experimentation.
    Easy to Use
    Intuitive, game inspired controls make creation and destruction effortless.
    Real Physics
    Uses Newton's law of gravity to simulate the motions of the planets, moons, and stars. Learn more or install now Show Video Description The Universe Sandbox trailer includes clips of:
    • Saturn, its rings, and its moons Andromeda approaching the Milky Way in 2.5 billion years Our Solar System with an accurate portal of the asteroid belt All the planets, rings, and moons for size comparisons Uranus and its moons traveling around the sun Earth sized bodies (with trails) interacting Moon sized objects (different color modes) Interacting galaxies Moons orbiting and Earth sized body Small bodies colliding with Jupiter Aftermath of a galaxy collision (different color modes) Large space station exploding near an Earth-like body Saturn's rings being ripped part by a large planet Collision of moon sized bodies
    Rip Saturn's rings apart with a rogue planet.

87. MPL3D Solar System - An Interactive 3D Space Simulation
Interactive 3D space simulation of the close universe in real time.
MPL3D Solar System is an interactive 3D space simulation of the close universe in real time MPL3D Solar System is a visual tool to arouse interest for astronomy and to divulge science in an entertaining way MPL3D Solar System maps out the majority of the close known universe. Stretching beyond our own Solar Sytem, it reaches out to include another 120 extrasolar planets amongst over 10,000 mapped objects in this interactive simulation. Based on scientific data, every planet has been carefully reproduced as a visual representation, alongside the technical details. You can explore our own planets, exoplanets, nebulae, star clusters, several galaxies and even Sagittarius A*, the black hole that exists at the centre of our own galaxy. "As an user of MPL3D Solar System, you can expect an immersive experience." Main features:
  • Explore more than 10,000 real extrasolar objects, including:
      Dynamic representation of stars : Main types and variable stars (pulse, eruptive, rotatory, binary and cataclysmic). Full Solar System plus more than 120 known extrasolar worlds.

88. Earthsim - 3D Earth Screensaver, Mars, Jupiter, Solar System 3D Browser And 3D S
Commercial, demo available - Windows XP/Vista Online 3D solar system browser, screensaver and interactive encyclopaedia.
Home Company Schools Legal ... Forgotten your account name?
Earthsim - an Online World of Discovery
As Earthsim is an Online World, it keeps growing as we add more content to the Universe. Earthsim uses the latest graphical features of your PC to present mini-documentaries and a built-in 3D screensaver to guide you through the sights of our Solar System. The view is real-time, all the planets and stars are in the correct positions right now! Take the controls and explore each planet and moon for yourself. Installing the browser grants you access to the Earthsim Universe. The Earthsim 2 browser allows access to real-time space views of the Earth, the Solar System and even the nearest stars. We believe its the best looking space exploration program and planet screensaver around, and its free. Upgrade to a subscription to get even more content, screen saver shots and documentaries. To get the latest tec info and news on Earthsim 2 check out the Earthsim 2 Blog "...very relaxing to watch and the documentaries are first rate." - Mr. M Santer, UK

89. The Celestia Motherlode: Home
The addon repository for the 3-D space simulator Celestia. It includes tours, spacecraft, asteroids and fictional universes.
Welcome to the Motherlode! The Celestia Motherlode is a repository for various addons like textures, models or celestial objects for Celestia . Celestia is a free, interactive (real-time), 3D astronomy program. It doesn't just show you the sky as it can be seen from earth as most planetarium software does, but allows you to move to and view the universe from any point between the planets and the stars. The Celestia Motherlode hosts over 10 GB of Celestia addons by various creators, which extend or change the way Celestia renders the universe.
Please note that for historical reasons the procedure to install addons varies. If available check the readme for the addon, the add-on installation guide or the documentation section of this site.
If you want to leave a comment about the add-on or rate the add-on's quality, just click on the magnifying glass in the info column of each add-on. For more information about using the catalog see the help page
Note for IE8 users:
Press the "broken page" (UI button) located just to the right of the address bar (next to the refresh button) to set IE8 to Compatibility View in order to use the navigation properly!

90. Space Simulator: Copernic - Written By A Romanian Amateur Astronomer
A freeware program that allows the user to navigate through the solar system neighbourhood at different times in past or future and see the sky in a stereographic projection.
Online telescope News and events Sitemap
Welcome to the official Copernic Space Simulator website
Marc Frincu
Why should you choose Copernic Space Simulator?
If you have ever wanted to discover what lies out there in the deep parts of space, or just around our planet in the Solar System, Copernic Space Simulator can offer you this possibility. Besides all that with this 3d space simulator you can have many options when you choose what you see, and Copernic even gives you a way to view the skies as if you saw them from planet Earth.
Ever wondered what the space and the planetary configuration looked in the past, or would look in the future? With Copernic Space Simulator you can find this out.
Don't hesitate and use this brilliant piece of software! It is still in development but it can already offer you many functionalities! Main menu
About Copernic Space Simulator
System requirements Online help Copernic images ... User comments In order to download Copernicus you have to fill the following form in 2 steps: (1) validate your email by filling only your email address. After this you will receive an email containing a password; (2) revisit the site and re-fill-in the form including the provided password. Name Email Country Comments Password * Required field - for validating the email and for downloading the software ** Required field - for downloading the software. The value is located inside the email you have received at step 1.

91. Welcome! — PyEphem Home Page
open source - multiplatform A module for performing astronomical computations using the Python scripting language.
This site is the PyEphem home page Simply scroll down to find: Installation Guide Documentation Data Sources Download PyEphem for Windows, Linux, or as source code, directly from the Python Package Index PyPI PyEphem page Python 2.6 Windows installer Python 2.5 Windows installer Python 2.4 Windows installer ... Bug Tracker BitBucket hosts our code. Code Repository import ephem mars ephem Mars mars compute print mars ra mars dec ephem constellation mars boston ephem Observer boston lat boston long mars compute boston print mars az mars alt boston mars print mars az boston mars print mars alt
PyEphem provides scientific-grade astronomical computations for the Python The numerical routines that lie behind PyEphem are those from the wonderful XEphem astronomy application, whose author, Elwood Downey, generously gave permission for us to use them as the basis for PyEphem.
Version is the most recent release of PyEphem. Consult the change log to see the new features, including an incompatible change in the way that the rising and settings functions operate! The easiest way to install PyEphem, if you have the

92. Rainman Software
commercial, demo available - Win95/98/NT Astronomical Observation Suite - Astronomical observation and logging software.
Search this site:
Rainman Software
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93. Starchart - Star Mapping Software
opensource - POSIX There is a sky. There are things in the sky. This program draws maps of things in the sky.
There is a sky. There are things in the sky.
This program draws maps of things in the sky.
What is starchart? - Philosophy
Sample output
Download source code ...
Please take the surveys!
Hosting provided by:

94. Moontool For Windows
Windows A desktop application that displays the times of the various phases of the moon and a picture of the current phase of the moon.
Moontool for Windows
by John Walker
March 16 MIM Moontool for Windows is a Microsoft Windows application which calculates the phase of the Moon at either the current time or at any user-specified time and displays a picture of the Moon at the correct phase, either as a system tray icon or in an open window.
Moontool Display
When the Moontool window is open, it displays comprehensive information about the Moon. When Moontool is minimised, it becomes an icon in the system tray which shows the current phase of the Moon; double clicking its icon restores the original display. If you'd like a permanent Moon phase display in the system tray, add a shortcut to Moontool to your StartUp folder with the Run property set to Minimized. Moontool allows the information displayed in the open window to be copied to the clipboard as a bitmap, permitting you to paste it into another document. Moontool's ability to display the Moon at any date in history lets you quickly answer questions such as that posed in the April 1992 issue of Sky and Telescope
Moontool is a 32-bit Windows application which runs on Windows 95 and above and Windows NT 4.0 and above. A

95. StarTrak
Freeware for handheld computers to help find and track objects of the night sky.

96. Deep-Sky Planner Astronomy Software - Home
Astronomical observation planning, logging, reporting, and telescope control software for imagers and visual observers.
Knightware Store Site Search About the Company Knightware Home
Software engineered
Deep-Sky Planner
Observation Planning and Logging Software
Latest News
Knightware released a hotfix for Deep-Sky Planner 5 on 27 October 2010. This is a workaround for a bug in Cartes du Ciel 3.2 that affects interoperation with Deep-Sky Planner 5.
Observer's poll
(Cast your vote to see the results of this anonymous poll.) Do you sketch observations? Never
  • Product Home Product Info

    Deep-Sky Planner 5
    Observation Planning and Logging Software for Astronomers Deep-Sky Planner 5 astronomy observing planner software for Windows provides the powerful, accurate tools you need to make your time at the telescope more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you observe planets, comets, asteroids, carbon stars, doubles, variables or deep-sky objects, Deep-Sky Planner helps you get more from your visual and photographic observing time. Use it indoors to prepare for observing or at the telescope while observing. Use it to log and manage your observations. Enjoy open, non-proprietary access to your observing log and exceptional flexibility in reporting. Customers often report that Deep-Sky Planner has the best user interface among astronomy software products. That's no accident: it's a commitment to making your observing as productive and enjoyable as possible.

97. Planet Tracker Software
Classroom-oriented software to teach the concepts of planetary motion. Commercial, demo available - DOS
See our other software: Deep Space Cell Return to David Chandler Company Home Page New Big Price Reduction: Was $49...Now only $29! Planet Tracker By
David Chandler and Michael Zeilik (System requirements: DOS 3.0 or higher. Printouts require an HP Laserjet printer.) Planet Tracker is available for download under the name PLTVER42.ZIP from the astronomy software archive at SEDS (in their solar system subdirectory). It is shareware, but we ask that you register if you make regular use of this program. Planet Tracker (for MS DOS computers) is an innovative presentation of planetary motion. The software design is by David Chandler and the accompanying text materials are by David Chandler and astronomy textbook author Michael Zeilik, both active astronomy teachers. Planet Tracker differs from general purpose planetarium software in its ease of use by students and its specific conceptual focus. Planet Tracker is built in three modules:
  • Animations of planetary motion along the ecliptic.

98. Astro-Mania Purchase Page
Eight interactive levels covering various aspects of the universe. Commercial - Windows
Home Software Web Games Quizzes ... Links Astro-Mania Purchase registration keys - Get 10 programs for the price of one! Get the registration key to unlock the shareware version of Astro-Mania and the keys and download information for the other nine registered programs listed below.
Purchase online via credit card
Purchase CD-ROM - Get 10 programs for the price of one! Get a CD-ROM with Astro-Mania and nine other registered programs listed below.
Purchase online via credit card
Listing of the 10 programs you will receive: Algebra - One on One is an educational game for those wanting a fun way to learn and practice algebra. This program covers 21 functions. It has a practice and a game area. Whether you are a beginner or an Einstein in algebra this program is for you. Astro-Mania is an educational game covering the Universe. It has eight levels and let's you choose what subject area you want to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use makes it not only educational but also fun. Great for any age. Brain Builder - Math Edition has over 500 million puzzles presented in a fun multimedia format to ensure unlimited hours of math enjoyment. Sharpen your problem solving and critical thinking skills by tackling entertaining math puzzles.

99. The Digital Universe
Simulation package for the amateur or professional observer. Commercial
The Digital Universe An Advanced Astronomical Simulator for the 21st century re-released for the Amiga.
December 1, 2007 W. Eaves, a long time supporter of "The Digital Universe", has taken the source code of the software (with our consent :-) and produced a much-needed update for Amiga owners. "The Digital Universe" now runs natively for PPC machines under Amiga OS4, and contains numerous fixes, features, and enhancements, bringing it up to version 1.5. Full details about the new release can be found at The price of this new release of "The Digital Universe" for the Amiga is $55 Canadian for new orders, or $25 Canadian for people upgrading from a past release (23 Mb download only). People in the UK and Europe also have the option of purchasing a CD directly from Mr. Eaves If you'd like to place an order online for the downloadable version of the software, you can do so online via our secure server What happened to the Mac and Windows version of The Digital Universe? First, a quick history of "The Digital Universe":

100. Starry Night Education | Astronomy Software
Interactive astronomy curriculum to help teachers inspire and engage astronomy and space science students across all levels of knowledge and ability.

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