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         Astrophotography:     more books (106)
  1. The 100 Best Astrophotography Targets: A Monthly Guide for CCD Imaging with Amateur Telescopes (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Ruben Kier, 2009-09-01
  2. Digital Astrophotography: A Guide to Capturing the Cosmos by Stefan Seip, 2007-12-15
  3. Digital SLR Astrophotography (Practical Amateur Astronomy) by Michael A. Covington, 2007-12-10
  4. Astrophotography for the Amateur by Michael A. Covington, 1999-06-28
  5. Capturing the Stars: Astrophotography by the Masters by Robert Gendler, 2009-06-12
  6. CCD Astrophotography: High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Adam Stuart, 2006-06-05
  7. Star Vistas: A Collection of Fine Art Astrophotography by Greg Parker, Noel Carboni, 2009-03-15
  8. Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography: Imaging the Universe With the Amazing, Affordable Webcam by Robert Reeves, 2006-04
  9. Heavenly Bodies: The Photographer's Guide to Astrophotography by Bert P. KragesEsq., 2003-11-01
  10. Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)
  11. High Resolution Astrophotography (Practical Astronomy Handbooks) by Jean Dragesco, 1995-09-29
  12. Practical Astrophotography by Jeffrey R. Charles, 2000-06-16
  13. Astrophotography: An Introduction to Film and Digital Imaging by H.J.P. Arnold, 2003-04-05
  14. Introduction To Digital Astrophotography: Imaging The Universe With A Digital Camera by Robert Reeves, 2004-12

1. Catching The Light: Astrophotography By Jerry Lodriguss
Astronomical photographs, Digital astrophotography tips and techniques, Digital enhancement of astrophotos in Photoshop
This is a web site of deep-sky astronomical photographs,
tips and techniques for digital astrophotography,
and image processing in Photoshop
Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
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Solar, lunar and planetary video astrophotography images and article review.
High Resolution Solar, Lunar, Planetary
Jim Ferreira, Livermore CA
Deep sky imaging with small aperture telescopes and CCD camera.
Primarily Hydrogen-alpha imaging from my suburban backyard.
Deep Sky CCD Astrophotography

High resolution imaging of Moon, Sun and planets with small aperture telescopes.
Crater Portratis with 9" Schimdt-Cassegrain and DMK21 camera

Recent Images with 9" Schimdt-Cassegrain and DMK21 camera

Lunar and Planetary Imaging with 9" Schmidt-Cassegrain and DMK21 camera

Lunar and Planetary Imaging with 3" and 4" Refractors and DMK21 camera
Lunar with 6" Maksutov-Cassegrain and Atik 2HS camera
Saturn and Titan - Stellarvue SV102ED refractor Hydrogen-alpha Light Solar Imaging with Lunt LS50F Filter Quiescent Solar Prominence Lunt LS50F DMK21 SV102ED Sunspots AR11057 C9 w/Baader solar film, continuum filter, DMK21 Composite Video Capture Astrophotography (earlier work) Lunar, planetary and deep sky imaging with various surveillance video cameras and frame integrating video systems with 3" to 10" telescopes. Saturn reappearing from behind the moon on September 10, 2001

3. Astrophotography |
Images from Brian Combs’ photographic explorations of the night sky.

4. Adventures In Astrophotography
astrophotography tips and techniques along with a growing collection of astronomy images.
Adventures in Astrophotography
A Photographic Journey Through The Cosmos

5. Astrophotography - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
astrophotography is a specialized type of photography that entails recording images of astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky. The first photographs of an
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search An image of Orion's Belt composited from digitized black and white photographic plates recorded through red and blue astronomical filters, with a computer synthesized green channel. The plates were taken using the Samuel Oschin Telescope between 1987 and 1991. Astrophotography is a specialized type of photography that entails recording images of astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky. The first photographs of an astronomical object (the moon) were taken in the 1840s, but it was not until the late 19th century that advances in technology allowed for detailed stellar photography. Besides being able to record the details of extended objects such as the Moon Sun , and planets , astrophotography has the ability to image objects invisible to the human eye such as dim stars nebulae , and galaxies . This is done by long time exposure since both film and digital cameras can accumulate and sum light photons over these long periods of time. In professional astronomical research photography revolutionized the field, with long time exposures recording hundreds of thousands of new stars and nebulae that were invisible to the human eye, leading to specialized and ever larger optical telescopes that were essentially big “cameras” designed to collect light to be recorded on film. Direct astrophotography had an early role in sky surveys and star classification but over time it has given way to more sophisticated equipment and techniques designed for specific fields of scientific research, with film (and later

6. Astrophotography By HrAstro -- Deepsky And Solar System Astronomical Photographs
Provides instruction in astrophotography, information on the necessary equipment and an image gallery.
hr A stro Astrophotography by Matija Pozojevic
About me and astrophotography
Posted: February 4th, 2007 by HrAstro Astrophotography poses challenges that are distinct from normal photography because most subjects are usually quite faint, and are often small in angular size!
I decided to take this challenge and make this site in order to present you my work in this discipline that popularises astronomy so much! ( more about me
And now I'm going to stop yapping and show you what I got. Enjoy! Latest three photos:
M45 Pleiades

NGC 891
galleries, deepsky moon planets widefield ...
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School of astrophotography
Posted: February 4th, 2007 by HrAstro You're a proud owner of a telescope, and for some strange reason you also have a camera. So, have you ever wondered whether is it possible to photograph anything? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. For such a purpose any digital camera will do. The only question that remains, is which method should be used. If you own an automatic camera, you'll be limited only to lighter objects like the Moon, or the planets, and the only method which is at your disposal is the Afocal method . If you own a professional SLR digital camera almost all the doors are opened. The only problem may represent the rest of the equipment. view full text
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Posted: February 4th, 2007 by HrAstro

7. Astrophotography Techniques
Want to learn more about DSLR astrophotography? If you like the information you have read here, I have two books that you may find of interest.
Catching the Light by Jerry Lodriguss Astrophotography Techniques
  • Fixed Tripod Shots
  • Film Astrophotography
    • Introduction
    • Cameras for Astrophotography Want to learn more about DSLR astrophotography? If you like the information you have read here, I have two books that you may find of interest. The first is aimed at beginners in astrophotography. The second is aimed at more advanced imagers. If you think there is a lot of information here on these web pages, just wait until you see how much more there is in these books! A Beginner's Guide to DSLR Astrophotography This book on CD-ROM for beginning astrophotographers explains how to take beautiful images with your digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera using simple step-by-step techniques that anyone can learn. You will see how easy it is to take great pictures with very modest equipment and basic methods that are within everyone's ability.
  • 8. Deep Sky Photography: Astrophotography By George Greaney
    Deep Sky astrophotography by George Greaney Contents. CCD Imaging Getting the Images Ash Meadows Observatory Equipment OGS RitcheyChretien 14.5 in f/7.9 Telescope CCD
    Imaging the Deep Sky Astronomical Images by George Greaney CCD Images Film Images Contents CCD Imaging: Getting the Images : Ash Meadows Observatory Equipment Image Processing Gallery of CCD Images : Astronomical CCD Images Gallery Film Imaging: Getting the Images Darkroom Techniques Enhanced Color Astrophotography Digital Image Processing Digital Image Enhancement in Astrophotography Refractor Gallery Images from the Astrophysics 6 inch f/7 EDF Refractor Celestron-14 Gallery Images from the Celestron-14 SCT Ritchey-Chretien Gallery Images from the OGS 14.5 inch f/7.65 RCT Biographical Information Astroimaging Links Adjust your Monitor! NOTE: All images and text are intended for personal use only. They may be used for commercial purposes ONLY with written permission of the author. E-mail me at

    9. Starmatt Astrophotography
    Gallery of photographs of celestial objects in deep space. These images are exposed at darksky locations, using medium format cameras and highly tuned telescopes techniques.
    Starmatt Home The Photographer Buy Print Publishers ... Site Map Gallery of astrophotographs of celestial objects in deep space.
    The colors of the photographs are real.
    New Images
    Wide Field
    Solar System
    Star Trails
    Star Clusters
    From Chile Purchase prints and posters of Starmatt images at Astrographics: English to Chinese-simp English to Chinese-trad English to Dutch English to French English to German English to Greek English to Italian English to Japanese English to Korean English to Portuguese English to Russian English to Spanish

    10. Russell Croman Astrophotography
    Images of the solar system, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and wide field, equipment information, and resources.
    Home Latest Popular Nebulae ... About
    Latest Photographs
    Spiral Galaxy M66 The Eagle Nebula
    in Mapped Color Spiral Galaxy NGC5033 Spiral Galaxy M81 Globular Cluster NGC 6366 Spiral Galaxy M77 Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 2903 Supernova Remnant IC 443 More Photographs For astrophotographers: GradientXTerminator Site and all content Russell Croman unless otherwise noted.

    11. Astrophotography
    Since the photographic emulsion accumulates light throughout its exposure, astrophotography is used to reveal objects which are too faint to observe with the naked eye.
    Astrophotography is a specialised type of photography that entails taking photographs of items in the night sky such as planets stars , and deep sky objects Milky Way in Sagittarius. Unguided 40 sec exposure Since the photographic emulsion accumulates light throughout its exposure, astrophotography is used to reveal objects which are too faint to observe with the naked eye. Astrophotography poses challenges which are distinct from normal photography in that the subject is usually extremely faint. Effective astrophotography requires the use of many of the following techniques:
    • Mounting the camera at the focal point of a large telescope Emulsions designed for low light sensitivity Very long exposure times (one hour or more is common) Tracking the subject to compensate for the rotation of the Earth during the exposure Gas Hypersensitizing of emulsions Use of filters to reduce background fogging due to light pollution of the night sky.
    Since the early 's, most professional observatories switched to using CCD devices for astronomical imaging. They have numerous advantages, with increased sensitivity and more linear response. The principle disadvantage is a significant reduction in the

    12. - Astrophotography
    Sky Telescope, the Essential Magazine of Astronomy. News, observing tips, howto advice, and more!

    13. Digital Astrophotography ~ Photography Of The Night Sky was created for the beginner to expert photographer that loves to photograph the night skys.

    14. Astrophotography By Donald Cowan
    Galleries, first attempts, equipment, lenses, viewing images, and the tracker design.

    15. Astrophotography - Astronomy Magazine is for anyone who wants to learn more about astronomy events, cosmology, planets, galaxies, asteroids, astrophotography, the Big Bang, black holes, comets

    16. Astrophotography - Definition Of Astrophotography By The Free Online Dictionary,
    as tro pho tog ra phy (s trf-t g r-f) n. Astronomical photography. as tro pho tog ra pher n. as tro pho to graph ic (-f t-gr f k) adj. astrophotography ˌ strəʊfəˈtɒgrəfɪ

    17. Deep Sky - Astrophotography For Amateurs
    An instructional guide for beginners.
    (Deep Sky) Astrophotography for Amateurs
    by Olivier THIZY
    I have seen several questions on astrophotography for amateurs, and I was thinking that I could share my experience here. Of course, it will not replace books that one can find on the subject. I strongly recommend "Astrophotography for the Amateur" (Michael Covington) as the book to own if you want to start in this field. Everything described here is from my own experience, and covers only the basics of astrophotography. I am still far away from Fletcher and Hallas, but I enjoy what I do. I tried to explain my own evolution, from simple picture of the sky to prime focus one. It is not the only way, but it helps to practice the basics before going to long focal deepsky astrophotography.
    Before even starting with photography with a telescope, I recommend to practice photography using a simple tripod. There are many things to do with a simple tripod: Moon and Planets at dawn or dusk: choose a nice foreground landscape (trees, mountains...). Evening just after the New Moon are very nice for that. Full Moon set above cities are very nice too. I usualy use a 100-400ASA slide film. Constellations: Using a fast film (I like the Kodak Ektar 1000) and short exposures (30"-45" for a 50mm lens), one can record a lot of details on constellations. I got some nice results on the Milky way, especialy around Sagittarius. Those pictures are also a perfect test for the photo shop: is the sky coming black from their lab?

    18. Fine Art Photography By Jeff Ball - Fine Art Landscape Photography By Jeff Ball
    Fine art astrophotography of earth and sky. Fine art prints of landscape and astronomical images for your home or office decor.

    astrophotography (literally photographing star s, but it usually includes all kinds of celestial bodies, such as nebula e and galaxies) is a great hobby, but it can be quite

    20. Astrophotography For The Amateur
    Provides table of contents, ordering information, and preview of chapter one by Michael Covington.
    Search site or Web Covington Innovations Home
    Where to buy this book

    Corrections and updates
    Click here
    to see recent astrophotos by Michael Covington New books! Click for details... Your complete guide to film astrophotography, CCD imaging, and image processing...
    Astrophotography for the Amateur
    by Michael A. Covington
    Published by Cambridge University Press , May 1999
    ISBN 0-521-64133-0 (hardback), 0-521-62740-0 (paperback)
    Available from Amazon.Com and other fine booksellers
    Full ordering information
    Corrections and updates

    Free astrophotography software

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