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         Astrophotography:     more books (106)
  1. Astrophotography: capturing The Sky by Editor, 1997-01-01
  2. Digital Astrophotography: A Guide to Capturing the Cosmos -- 2007 publication by Productions, 2007
  3. ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE AMATEUR by Michael Covington, 1986-01-01
  4. Astro filters for observation and astrophotography by Raymond Francis Barbera, 1964
  5. Astrophotography by Barry Gordon, 1983-06
  6. The 100 Best Astrophotography Targets: A Monthly Guide for CCD Imaging with Amateur Telescopes (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) [Paperback] by Ruben Kier (Author), 2009
  7. Sky Gazer's Almanac: S & T's Guide to the Sun, Moon, and Planets in 1995 / Ida and Dactyl: The Double-Asteroid Debate / A New Look at the Crab Nebula / Deep-Sky Astrophotography Made Easy / The Galaxy We Call Home (Sky & Telescope, Volume 89, Number 1, January 1995)
  8. Astrophotography near city lights by Joseph A Cocozza, 1977
  9. Le poids du ciel. 32 astrophotographies de M. de Kerolyr by J. Giono, 1938
  10. Digital SLR Astrophotography [DIGITAL SLR ASTROPHOTOGRAP]
  11. Odyssey: Astrophotography: Capturing the Sky
  12. Space Art: Alan Bean, Astrophotography, Jon Lomberg, Alexey Leonov, Space Art, Astro Art, Astronomical Art, Chesley Bonestell, Rick Sternbach
  13. Astrophotography II Featuring the Techniques of the European Amateur by MartinezPatrick, 1987
  14. Astrophotography II

61. Digiscoping, Astrophotography Scopes, Camera Adapters, Cameras, Computers
Digiscoping, astrophotography Scopes, Camera Adapters, Cameras, Computers ON SALE
Shop: Brands Departments Categories ... Gifts and Other Join Our Mailing List
Digiscoping, Astrophotography
Scopes, Camera Adapters, Cameras, Computers
Store Home Digiscoping, Astrophotography - Scopes, Camera Adapters, Cameras, Computers Store Home Spotting Scopes Digiscoping, Astrophotography - Scopes, Camera Adapters, Cameras, Computers Astrophotography digiscoping - Observing the wonders of Nature with a spotting scope or telescope is fun and exciting, but taking a picture of what you see in a spotting scope or telescope allows you to enjoy it over and over again. Astrophotography with a telescope , whether reflector, refractor, Maksutov or Schmidt-Cassegrain, is often a simple matter of adding an SLR or CCD camera to the telescope with the appropriate adapters . You can even view images on a TV or camcorder by using an electronic eyepiece . For many spotting scopes , adding an SLR camera is just a matter of an adapter and the appropriate t-ring. Currently, however, the most popular form of photography with a spotting scope is digiscoping Digiscoping is simply a matter of taking a picture of the image in the eyepiece of a spotting scope with a small digital point and shoot camera. Most expensive

62. AstronomyLINKS - Astrophotography - Astronomy And Space Directory, Links, Booksm astrophotography - techniques, photos, prints, CCD The source for the best astronomy and space related links from around the world including
location: index > astrophotography astronomy and space directory search links: site map advertise add URL contact us check out our featured affiliates Starlight Images
Amateur Astronomy by Tom Campbell

Sean's Astronomy Shop

Alpha Centauri's Universe
Save Our Starry Skies!
astronomy products: Find Telescopes and Telescope Accessories at OPT Find Binoculars and Spotting Scopes at OPT Binoculars site features: astrowire news webmaster utilities recommend this page highlighted links: poll/quiz: What do you use most for your astronomical observing? ·Reflecting Telescope ·Refracting Telescope ·Binoculars ·Just My Eyes
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search utility glossary ask us astrophotography new links popular links top rated random link sub-categories:
sites for "charged coupled devices"...
great images by dedicated amateurs...
mountings, equipment specific to astrophotos...

63. Index.html
Image galleries and equipment.
Astrophotography by david messier CBA-Norwich Equipment GALLERY OF IMAGES M-42 The Orion Nebula M-42 The Orion Nebula Region M-31 The Andromeda Galaxy M-1 The Crab Nebula ... Images on this web page may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the author. All rights reserved.

64. AstrMain
Pictures, and equipment and software details.
Giulio Pecora's Astrophotography Site
"…E infine uscimmo a riveder le stelle" (Dante, Inferno)
"…Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars"
Equipment and location Pictures Software and links If you want to contact me email to: Last revised 19 August 2008 Visitors counter

65. AstroPhotography Tonight | Capture The Nightlife!
This tutorial was written exclusively for astrophotography Tonight by freelance photographer, Martin Cohen. Martin, whose studio is based in Santa Monica, California, has
Astrophotography Tutorial: Creating Seamless Mosaics in Photoshop
Posted on 11. Sep, 2010 by Martin Cohen
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Adam Block Image Processing Workshop September 2-5, 2010
Posted on 08. Aug, 2010 by Ray Shore
Continue Reading
CGEM Pier and Observatory at DaltonSkyGazer
Posted on 05. Jul, 2010 by Ray Shore
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Hand Controller Extension Cable for CGEM
Posted on 12. Jun, 2010 by AstroPhotography Tonight
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Interview with Jay GaBany- Blackbird Observatory
Posted on 20. Apr, 2010 by Ray Shore
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66. Astrophotos
Moon and deep sky gallery.
Michael Koppelman's Astrophotography Name Designation Optics Date Size Earth's Moon Homemade 6" Newt f/8
44.11 Kbytes

210.78 Kbytes
Leo Trio
Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3
249.09 Kbytes
Milky Way
28mm Nikon
155.42 Kbytes
Crab Nebula

Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3
323.19 Kbytes M4, Antares and Rho Ophiuchi Olympus 50mm 369.00 Kbytes Lagoon Nebula Takahashi FS-102 f/8 528.45 Kbytes Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3 208.13 Kbytes Hercules Cluster Takahashi FS-102 f/8 74.09 Kbytes Eagle Nebula Takahashi FS-102 f/8 215.16 Kbytes Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3 243.83 Kbytes Omega Nebula Takahashi FS-102 f/8 174.09 Kbytes Andromeda Galaxy Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3 314.61 Kbytes The Triangulum Galaxy Takahashi Eplison 160 181.09 Kbytes Orion Nebula Takahashi FS-102 f/8 122.22 Kbytes M42 in Red Light Takahashi Eplison 160 279.59 Kbytes Orion Nebula Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3 295.59 Kbytes Pleiades Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3 293.74 Kbytes Whirlpool Galaxy Takahashi FS-102 f/8 84.35 Kbytes Whirlpool Galaxy Takahashi E-160 f/3.3 294.50 Kbytes

67. Astrophotography - Definition And More From The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Definition of word from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.

68. AstroPage
Deep sky, planetary, and piggyback images and equipment.
Astrophotography by Jeff Allen. To reach me for comments or questions: This site will be constantly changing as time and new images allow. New Images: September 2003 Click on thumbnails to see image selections. Mars Mars Southern Milkyway
Film Images:
Equipment Piggyback Photos Planetary Photos Deep Sky Photos
CCD Images: M52 and NGC 7635
Favorite Links: University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Great N.W. weathersite with sat. images and weather cam links around theU.S. Astromart This one should come with a warning 'Caution:Addictive'. Used gear, retail and AP links. Space Environment Center If you're interested in Aurorae and other solar activities. A great site for solar activity and Aurora predictions and warn
Favorite Viewing Sites: Keechelus Ridge, Eastern Cascades, Washington Hancock Field Station, Antelope, Oregon Oregon Star Party Site, Prineville, Oregon Table Mountain, Ellensburg, Washington
Other Astrophotography Links
Michael Cole the "Urban Imager"
I hope to replace and add some new images during this year's photography season. Here in the Northwest, that makes up about 5 months.
With only a couple of good weekends per month, it does'nt leave much time.

69. Astrophotography Introduction
Introduction to astrophotography astrophotography Introduction Of all the topics in astronomy, nothing seems to garner more interest than astrophotography.

70. Billions And Astro-Imaging By Warren Keller
CCD and film galleries, equipment details, articles.
Billions and Fine-Art Astrophotography by Warren Keller 'Big Bang or Big Guy?' TM © Warren Keller and Cherry Mountain Observatory Whatever our belief, we are deeply enriched by an appreciation of the heavens' wonders Music- "Evidence of Light" by Michael Allison/Darshan Ambient Browser s/b Flash Enabled and Active Content Allowed in Security Settings - Turn On Your Speakers - F11 to Maximize Home Contact Latest Galleries ... Links

71. -- Astrophotography
Learn how to capture images of the sky Even with inexpensive equipment, beginners can take satisfying photos of the night sky.

72. Sleep Is Overrated
Constellation imagery, and telescope and camera information.
Gallery by Catalog Number Constellation Equipment Telescopes CCD Observatory This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

73. Home
This site is devoted to reviewing astrophotography equipment. We hope that the equipment reviews on this site are helpful and provide you the information necessary to
Site is under construction This site is devoted to reviewing
astrophotography equipment.
We hope that the equipment reviews on this site are
helpful and provide you the information necessary to
make the right decision when your ready to purchase.
Astrophotography (Home)
For the love of Photography
Welcome to My name is Vic
Eden, This site is devoted to the Science and the art
of AstroPhotography, We will do our best to review all
the popular products and equipment that are used for imaging in astronomy.

74. Astrophotography Work In Progress
Images, equipment details, and procedures.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); Astrophotography by Tom Blahovici Equipment What I use to take these photos Procedures How I take the photos Veil Nebula Double Cluster Half Moon Southern Milky Way Horsehead Dec 25 Solar Eclipse Comet Hyakutake Click on an image! Tom Blahovici. All rights reserved. The images and contents may not be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form without written permission of the author. This site has been accessed times.

75. Top 50 Astrophotography Sites - Review Of The Best Astrophotography Sites
Information about astrophotography including the Top 50 astrophotography sites, products, news and blogs plus glossary of astrophotography terms.
add your site your account faq contact document.links[3].href='mail'+'to'+':'+'webmaster'+'@'+'toplisted'+'.'+'net?'+'' top listed recreation astrophotography
top listed
... astrophotography
Get all the latest Astrophotography news, advice, articles, special offers and more from ALL these sites in one newsletter! [Click for details...] see also: Amateur Astronomy
Top 50 Astrophotography Sites
Dark Atmospheres Astrophotography by Roth Ritter
A personal portfolio of digital astrophotos shot in northern New Mexico
Imaging The Heavens
Astrophotography from a suburban backyard
Deep-Sky: astrophotography and astrophysics
This site aims to provide you with information about two of my biggest hobbies: astrophotography and astrophysics. For those of you who share one or both of these areas of interest I hope it will provide usefull information and stimulate discussion.
Astroimages by Darin E. FIelds
Astrophotography is, for me, a life-long, incremental and evolving process. This site records, to some extent, that process.

76. Purcell's Driveway Astrophotography
Deep sky images.
Michael Purcell's
Driveway Astrophotography
Contact Michael Purcell

77. Astrophotography Photo Gallery By Ralph At
My latest attempts at astrophotography. The pictures on the first page are from my early begginings. The pictures on the last pages are my latest.
profile all galleries >> Astrophotography tree view slideshow
My latest attempts at astrophotography. The pictures on the first page are from my early begginings. The pictures on the last pages are my latest. previous page pages ALL next page
ETX moon 1-27-02.jpg
jupiter venus.jpg
M13 The Hercules Cluster
Home made solar filter
Solar Eclipse Animated Gif.
moon 18mm.jpg
moon stellarvue AT-1010.jpg moon 9-20-02.jpg Sun prominance previous page pages ALL next page post a comment PRITAM 05-Jan-2010 15:25 which eyepice used? Rajendra .M. Shinde 05-Jan-2010 14:53 very nice poto! shubham 05-Jan-2010 14:47 very..........!amazing photos. mirian serrano 27-Jan-2009 20:59 Ralph, I know God, but you are showing me up close what He's done for our viewing!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbara Wier 03-Dec-2008 02:51 Very nice collection. 4565 has long been one of my favorites. Thanks for the beauties. Doug F 10-Dec-2007 22:07 I came across these shots accidentally. But boy am I glad I did. Really fascinating shots. Thanks for sharing! Patricia Cannaerts 11-May-2007 20:08 Fantastic gallery i have also a coronado solarmax 60 filter its beautifull stuff !

78. AstroMatt - CCD Astrophotography By Matt Thomas
Images of galaxies, nebula, star clusters, and solar system, and equipment and software information.

Purchase prints
of my images!

Monitor Calibration Bar
You should see 16 distinct shades of gray.
If you do not, adjust your brightness and contrast for best viewing of the images on these pages.
Comments or Questions: Santa Barbara Clear Sky Clock

79. Renato Tarabella HomePage
Galleries, tips and tricks, and equipment details.
Renato Tarabella 3D A R T I S T Renato Tarabella's Houdini Tips and Trics
Anim from Meteosat

ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY Updated 12 Jan 2003
IMAGES / FOTO Gallery Updated - 19 Aug. 2004
Victor Togliani Web Site
Updated 15 May 2005
Andy's Gallery
Updated 1 August 2004 ...
Updated 6 October 2001


80. Astrophotography
Just mount your camera on a tripod you need to take one exposure with the lens cap on for every two with the lens cap off. All exposures must be taken with identical parameters
You are here: Home Astrophotography Resources Astrophotography
Posted on November 5th, 2010 by admin in Astrophotography Resources Astrophotography Tips
Just mount your camera on a tripod you need to take one exposure with the lens cap on for every two with the lens cap off. All exposures must be taken with identical parameters, iso of all exposure must be the same, shutter speed and focal length too. Its fun enjoyable and its kind of like waiting to open a Christmas present. you never know what you have until you have stacked and processed all the images. This is also a wonderful way to introduce the hobby of astronomy and photography to the children and young adults. A modest digital camera will run about 400 usd and a decent tripod about 50 usd. The camera can also be used for terrestrial photography. And if you want to delve into astronomy further you can connect the camera to a telescope and take long exposure of a hour or more. However I recommend keeping exposures with a digital camera under 30 minutes. There are three types of telescope photography. Prime focus. Where the telescope is the camera lens. Projection method where you use a eyepiece as a projector and the object you are viewing is the light source. And piggyback, you mount the camera on top of the telescope. So give it a try and enjoy.

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