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         Astrophotography:     more books (106)
  2. 10 Year Solar Eclipse Planner / The Best Color Film for Astrophotography? / Southern Sights for Winter Viewing / A "Star Map" to Freedom / Fantastic Planets: Exciting New Views of Our Planetary Neighbors (Sky & Telescope, Volume 89, Number 2, February 1995)
  3. Astrophotography II, Featuring the Techniques of the European Amateur - 1987 publication by Charls Mllr, 1987
  4. Eyes to the Stars: The Astrophotography Guide by Wolf 359, 1995
  5. Astrophotography: Reciprocity
  6. An Illustrated Catalogue of Astronomical Photographs including Lantern Slides, Transparencies, and Prints from Negatives Made at the Yerkes Observatory. Third Edition. April 1923. by [Astrophotography] Yerkes Observatory., 1923-01-01
  7. Astronomical Photographs. A Catalogue of Lantern Slides, Transparencies, and Prints from Negatives taken at the Yerkes Observatory. No. 1. [with:] Astronomical Photographs: From Negatives Taken at the Yerkes Observatory. Appendix A to Catalogue No. 1. by [Astrophotography] Yerkes Observatory., 1904-01-01
  8. Astronomical Photographs. Second Catalogue of Lantern Slides, Transparencies, and Prints from Negatives Made at the Yerkes Observatory. April 1911. Superseding Previous Catalogues and Appendices. by [Astrophotography] Yerkes Observatory., 1911-01-01
  9. Astronomical Photographs. A Catalogue of Lantern Slides, Transparencies, and Prints from Negatives taken at the Yerkes Observatory. No. 1. [with:] Astronomical Photographs: From Negatives Taken at the Yerkes Observatory... Appendix A & B to Catalogue No. 1. by [Astrophotography] Yerkes Observatory., 1908-01-01
  10. A Select List of Lick Observatory Negatives from which Lantern Slides or Prints Can Be Supplied. by [Astrophotography] University of California., 1929-01-01
  11. Practical Guide to Astrophotography (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by John Birdlebough, 2010-12
  12. Step by Step Astrophotography by Rob Johnson, 1998-06

81. Astrophotography - Education Resource - StudySphere
Education Portal, Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education, business school, driver education

82. - Stargazing Adventures
Galleries, equipment information, and resources.
The Night Sky for November 2010
Rise/Set Times for November 14, 2010 Sunrise:
Sunset: Darkness Ends:
Astro Twlight Ends:
Astro Twlight Begins:
Darkness Begins: Moonset:
Illumination: November Moon Phases Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat November Messier Objects M# Catalog Const Type S.B. Mag Size (min) Common Name NGC 224 And Gal Andromeda Galaxy NGC 221 And Gal 8 x 6 NGC 205 And Gal 17 x 10 NGC 7089 Aqr GCl NGC 6913 Cyg OCl NGC 7092 Cyg OCl NGC 7078 Peg GCl Selected November Double Stars Object Name Const RA Dec Mag A Mag B Size 1 Camelopardalis Cam 10.3" 32 Eridani Eri 6.8" 55 Eridani Eri 9.2" 65 Piscium Psc 4.4" Alpha Piscium Psc 1.7" Alpha Ursa Minoris Uma 18.4" Chi Tauri Tau 19.4" Eta Cassiopeiae Cas 12" Eta Persei Per 28.3" Gamma Andromedae And 9.8" Gamma Arietis Ari 7.8" Gamma Ceti Cet 2.8"

83. Astrophotography By Dave Kodama
Astronomical, comet, and meteor image galleries.
Home Page

Home Page

Eclipse Gallery

Transit Gallery

Comet Gallery

Meteor Gallery

Welcome to the astrophotography corner of my personal web site. Here you'll find my photos of astronomical objects ranging from nearby subjects such as meteors, the moon, planets, and the sun, to distant objects such as gas and dust clouds and star clusters inside our galaxy, to galaxies outside our own Milky Way galaxy. My special interests are wide-field photos (as opposed to highly magnified views such as from the Hubble telescope), and especially of challenging transient targets such as meteors, comets, and eclipses. For most of these photos, I prefer to continue to shoot film, though you will find some electronic images here too. I welcome any questions or comments you care to send, especially if you are also interested in astrophotography. I hope the technical info I have on the site will aid and encourage your own astrophotography efforts. 2 Oct. 2010

84. Main Page
Galleries, equipment details, and tips and tricks.
Main Page News Main Page Equipment Galleries ... Contact Diese Webseiten auf Deutsch
I am interested in CCD astrophotography for several years. Some of my results are presented on this website. The image galleries contain pictures of various deep sky objects as well as some images ot the Moon and the planets. I took all images with conventional amateur astronomical equipment at light-polluted places in Germany.
This website is optimised for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6, Opera 7, Mozilla 1.5. Recommended screen resoultion is 1024 x 768 or higher.
First published: 2003-01-31 Last modified: 2007-11-19

Gallery, equipment, and articles.
Main Menu

86. Astrophotography By Preston S. Justis
Astronomical image galleries, equipment details, and source techniques.
Astrophotography by Preston S. Justis "Into the Night" Welcome to my page, which is dedicated mainly to Black and White Astrophotography with a 10" f/6 Newtonian telescope. I use Hypersensitized Kodak Tech Pan film for its high contrast and resolution. This has been a fine journey that I started back in 1981 when I assembled my astrophotography system and will continue to travel for many years into the future. Come explore the many different types of celestial objects that are within the reach of my telescope. While you're here, check out my new Insect Macro Photography section for a really close look at the tiny creatures around us ! Scott Astrophotos
Insect Macro Photography

Monitor Calibration for Proper Image Viewing

My Telescope and Photographic Techniques
Links to other Astrophotography and CCD imaging pages

This website is optimized for a monitor screen area of 1024 x 768 pixels. Note: All images on this web page are property of the author. Any "for profit" use of these images is forbidden without the author's written consent. Please come back and visit again!

87. City Astrophotography
Astronomical image galleries.
By Andy MacKenzie
Welcome aboard! Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger sized image of the Deep Sky object. The images have been kept to a modest size in the hope that they will download quicker (the smaller size also serves to show up less "gaffs" in the image than would otherwise be noticeable!!). There is also a brief description of each object, its visual appearance through my telescope as seen from the city and details of the equipment used to take the photo. In my view, the images look better on the monitor when viewed in a darkened room at night (however I may just be weird!). Do feel free to sign my guestbook (see bottom of page) after viewing. Enjoy!
General Notes on my Pictures click here
iMAGES - click on thumbnail for larger view Andromeda Galaxy
Butterfly Nebula
Crab Nebula
Dumbell Nebula
Eagle Nebula
Flame Nebula
Great Globular M13
Hale Bopp
Nebulae Horsehead Nebula Orion Nebula Ring Nebula Rosette Nebula The Pleiades Swan Nebula Veil Nebula Whirlpool Galaxy Guest Astrophotographer Section!

88. Adventures In Astrophotography
Background, equipment, dark sites, and gallery.
Kolb's Adventures Boatbuilding Astrophotography Adventure This site is optimized for 1024x768 resolution. Last updated 25 September 2009 Questions or Comments? Send them to

89. ~ Amateur Astronomy And Digital Astrophotography Db
Planetary and moon gallery.
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90. StarShoot Pro Astroimages
Images and articles.
Grayscale Steps from Black to White
The image above shows 17 grayscale steps from black (value of 0) to white (value of 255) with a step value of 16. Your monitor should clearly show a difference in brightness between each step. If this is not the case you should adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor until it does. After brightness and contrast adjustment you should perform the appropriate color adjustments per your monitor manual. Proper adjustment of your monitor will allow you to see images on the web the way they were intended to be seen.
Orion StarShoot Pro Astroimages
Click here for astroimages.
Click on image above to explore the North America/Pelican Nebula Region Click on image above to explore the IC1396 Region
Diffuse Nebulas
IC1318-Butterfly Section
P/O IC1318 Horsehead Region Rosette Nebula
Diffuse Nebulas in H-Alpha
Sharpless 2-54 Sharpless 2-119
Cederblad 214 IC1795 Region P/O IC1396 Horsehead Region IC5068 in H-Alpha LBN667 in H-Alpha
M31 Central Region
NGC7626/19 Group M31 in Blue
Other Objects
Dumbbell Nebula
Ring Nebula Helix Nebula Double Cluster

91. Astrophotography By Anthony Ayiomamitis
Biography, galleries, equipment, tips, publications, FAQ, and links.
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Milky Way Orion Nebula Whirlpool Galaxy in CVn Globular Cluster in Peg Supernova Remnant Comet in Per
You are about to embark on a unique trip and majestic tour spanning countless planets, stars
and galaxies throughout our massive and stunning universe. It is my sincere wish and
aspiration that this journey of sight (and mind!) will open new dimensions to your
appreciation and awareness of our countless and timeless celestial wonders.
Live Long and Prosper!
Herbig-Haro in Cep Dark Nebula in Cyg Arp Galaxy in UMa Open Cluster in Tau Pl Nebula in Vul Wolf-Rayet in Cas

92. Untitled Document
Images, film, camera and software information.

93. Dr. Steve Mazlin's Astroimaging Gallery - Nebula And Galaxy Prints - CCD Cameras
Introduction, galleries of galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, equipment, and observatory.
Astrophotography by Steve Mazlin, MD
This video may take a few seconds to start playing. Please make sure your speakers
are on to enhance the sensory experience. All images appearing here can be viewed
at much higher resolution elsewhere on this site please select "Nebulae",
"Galaxies", or "Star clusters" from the navigation bar.
To see Dr. Mazlin's alter ego, The Great Mazlini, please click H ERE
NEW The Helix Nebula is the "Eye in the Sky"

94. Bobby Middleton's Images
Nebula, galaxy, and planet galleries.
WELCOME TO THE ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY OF BOBBY MIDDLETON The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork. Psalms 19-1. SHOWCASE IMAGES prints and commercial use click on image for full view GO TO GALAXY GALLERY GALLERY of NEBULA click on thumbnails for full view GO TO PLANET GALLERY back LINKS: The Middletons Heavenly Light Home Page THEOLOGICAL LINKS: Falling dominoes of Darwinism Bible Facts Daniel Select Biblical Prophecies ... Isaiah Falling

95. Astrophotography With An ETX 70 - Boldly Going Where Few ETX70s Have Gone Before
Images of nebulae, galaxy, globular clusters, open clusters, and other astroimages with links.
var fw_a_cats = ['16'];var fw_a_sizes = ['728x90'];var fw_a_slots = ['user_728x90']; Astrophotography with an ETX 70
boldly going where few ETX70s have gone before



Globular clusters

NEW ! (September 2006)
See my latest images, taken with the ETX and my new imager , an Orion Deep Space Imager over at
I have two collections-Messier Objects and Objects from the Caldwell List. I hope to keep adding to both collections from time to time so please check back once in a while to see what's new.
I hope you like these! In 2004, I acquired a Meade ETX 70AT , as my grab-and go scope. After some visual observing, and learning to use the GoTo features, I decided to try and use the scope for imaging. For anyone not familiar with this telescope it is a short tube achromat-70 mm aperture f/5. In June 2004, after some research, I purchased an Atik 1C , a modified -for- long exposure Phillips Tou Cam from Perseu in Portugal. The majority of images on this site were acquired using the Atik and the ETX 70 in standard-(alt/az) mode. The one modification I made to an out-of -the box ETX 70 was to throw away the Meade supplied tripod-which was far too rickety for any imaging-and replace it with a home made wooden tripod based on this design that has performed infinitely better. (pictured here)

96. Astrophotography By Jon Christensen
Galleries of galaxies, nebulae, sun and planets, moon, and comets and asteroids.
window.defaultStatus=""; IMAGE
W elcome to my Astrophotography Web Pages.
Click a thumbnail on the left to see a gallery of different types of objects.
Email Me


Non-Astronomical Photo Gallery

97. Samsastro Astrophotography By Sam Pitts
Galleries including photographic details and resources. Astrophotography By: Sam Pitts You will find information about imaging the night sky with Film, CCD and Digital Cameras Please enjoy my deep-sky images and the information within this astronomy site Photo Gallery Astronomy Astrophotography Equipment This site is best viewed at 1024 x768 Contact Information

98. Our Universe
Provides information on astrophotography, pictures of deep space objects and our solar system.

99. Deep Sky Photos - By Jim Vineyard
Astronomical images, film comparisons, and G-11 setup.
Please note: All photos on this site were digitally enhanced with Picture Window Pro 2.5 and Adobe Photoshop LE unless otherwise noted. All photographic guiding was performed with the Lumicon Giant Easy Guider and the SBIG model ST-4 autoguider as needed. Being a site devoted to the fine art of astro-photography, many of these photos are presented in a larger, higher resolution, and quality format which will result in slower download times as required to display them properly. A very special thank you to all those for without whose help and guidance this page simply would not exist! Click on any photo below to view its full size version.
The Whirlpool Galaxy
Welcome and thanks for stopping by!
Omega Centauri
The Center of Our
The Orion Nebula
The Trifid Nebula
The Moon and Saturn
The Dumbell Nebula
This site is highly optimized for your own 1024 x 768 software Display Setting with at least a 24 bit Color Setting. The Bug Nebula The Lagoon and Total Lunar Eclipse Transit of Mercury Deep Sky with Planets Film Comparison: M31 at 135mm Hale-Bopp over Palm Springs The G-11 Light: Partial Solar Eclipse Mars 2003 This page was last updated on: September 11, 2006

100. JMS Astro Pics
astrophotography by JMS. Imaging galaxies, nebulae, globular clusters and the universe.

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