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         At Risk Students:     more books (100)
  1. Art Therapy With Students at Risk: Introducing Art Therapy into an Alternative Learning Environment for Adolescents by Stella A. Stepney, 2001-08
  2. At-Risk Students Defy the Odds by Rosa Aronson, 2001-05-09
  3. Teaching Mainstreamed, Diverse, and At-Risk Students in the General Education Classroom by Sharon Vaughn, Candace S. Bos, et all 1996-09-23
  4. The At-Risk Student by Vito Germinario, 1994-03-28
  5. Collaborative Discipline for At-Risk Students: A Complete Step-By-Step Activities Program for Grades 7-12 by George H., Ph.D. Byers, 1994-10
  6. Toward resiliency: At-risk students who make it to college by Laura Horn, 1998-01-01
  7. Teaching Exceptional, Diverse, and At-Risk Students in the General Education Classroom, MyLabSchool Edition (3rd Edition) by Sharon R. Vaughn, Candace S. Bos, et all 2005-01-01
  8. Motivating At-Risk Students: A Professional's Guide by Mary Riordan Karlsson, Jodi McClay, 1996-09-01
  9. Teaching At-Risk Student in the K-4 Classroom: Language, Literacy, Learning (Bill Harp Professional Teachers Library)
  10. Adapting Instruction for Mainstreamed and At-Risk Students by Judy W. Wood, 1992-01
  11. Saving Our Students, Saving Our Schools: 50 Proven Strategies for Revitalizing At-Risk Students and Low-Performing Schools by Robert Dale Barr, William H. (Hays) Parrett, 2003-06-01
  12. Discipline and guidance: A thin line in the middle level school : what at-risk students say about middle level school discipline and teaching (A Middle level essentials special paper) by Sherrel Bergmann, 1989
  13. Multisensory Structured Metacognitive Instruction: An Approach to Teaching a Foreign Language to At-Risk Students by Elke Schneider, 1999-06
  14. What works and doesn't, with at-risk students by Janet M Glaes, 2002

21. UCLA School Mental Health Project
Devoted to pursuing theory, research, practice, and training related to addressing mental health and psychosocial concerns through school-based interventions. The Project produces their own research, provides technical assistance, interactive discussion and links to related sites.

22. At-Risk Educational Services
If you’re an educator, you already know what the terms “atrisk students” and “students at-risk” mean. If not, those terms refer to students who are at-risk of either
At-Risk Educational Services
Welcome to At-Risk Educational Services!
Special training is usually needed, in order to help educators provide these students with the skills needed to overcome their specific obstacles. At-Risk Educational Services provides that special training, for academic professionals and students alike. Thanks for visiting!
From Texas Governor Rick Perry
“Debbie Goforth is the sort of teacher and mentor that every school wants and every child needs in their lives. Her years of experience in bringing hope to children from hopeless situations qualify her as a bona fide expert on the transformational power of love. Time and again, her stories illustrate the age-old truth that, in the absence of love, the most intellectual words simply fall on deaf ears. She brings the human touch to teaching, sharing wisdom that will benefit anyone who would invest in the life of a child.” Rick Perry
Governor of Texas more comments

23. WBE.Net Global Internet Trade Course - At Risk Students
IDENTITY OF ATRISK TEENS HOW THEY ARE IMPROVED; Slackers/idle minds Interest in learning Drug dealers Identify legal products to sell Gang members
WBE.NET Global Internet Trade Course Site Menu Home The Mission The Problem The Solution ... Contact Us
IDENTITY OF AT-RISK TEENS HOW THEY ARE IMPROVED Slackers/idle minds Interest in learning Drug dealers Identify legal products to sell Gang members Deal makers School drop-outs Entrepreneur training Peer pressure Team Spirit Low self-esteem Success oriented
  • Good will/community relationship
  • Public/private partnership with education
  • Educated employee base to draw from

  • Sponsor receives accumulated benefits based on number of students sponsored.
  • Sponsor 30 students and receive first 3 Premiums.
  • Sponsor FULL SCHOOL, receive all Premiums.

The Problem The Solution The Plan ... Contact Us

24. Living Consciously
A simple, practical process for personal growth, balance, healing, well-being, consciousness and motivation in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of life. Audio cassette course, seminars, employee training and wellness programs, special programs for at-risk students.

25. At-Risk Students - American School Counselor Association
Home About ASCA AtRisk Students

26. Thirty Teaching Strategies Used By Teachers Of At-Risk Students.
ED347989 Thirty Teaching Strategies Used by Teachers of At-Risk Students.

27. Pine Ridge Boarding School Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Teens
Residential treatment center and boarding school for at risk students who are experiencing emotional, behavioral or academic difficulties. Located in suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah.

28. At-Risk Students Who Find Success
There is a small percentage of teenagers who dropout of high school and become selfmade millionaires. Does it not make sense that these people hold the secret to achievement
Back to At-Risk Youth
There is a small percentage of teenagers who dropout of high school and become self-made millionaires. HOW and WHY, you may ask? These achievers used self-motivated projects with interactive learning methods to develop valuable skills. Does it not make sense that these people hold the secret to achievement that other students could follow? Why does society keep pushing failed policies on failing students? Education leaders' wants society to believe that students in passive learning environments are the only ones who find success. They want everyone to believe that success personalities are based on classroom compatibility. Super achievers are interactive learners who take on projects that are in harmony with their natural talent. Their projects are based on dreams, goals and/or creative ideas. Finding a way to develop self-inspired ideas, and get it right, is a powerful motivating drive. Interactive learning is the power behind people who have above average income. The sequence is as follows:
  • The first step is to have a burning idea/ goal that motivates . This will be based on natural talent, if free of outside pressure.
  • 29. Welcome To The Franklin County Schools Website At-Risk Students
    Franklin County Schools AL- Board of Education PO Box 610 500 Coffee Avenue NE Russellville, AL 35653

    30. Successful Classroom Management :: Teacher Training Resources
    Offers seminars and other resources for working with difficult students and reaching at risk students.
    Classroom Management Seminars
    Discipline Associates, LLC has partnered with the
    Teacher Learning Center to provide Discipline, Motivation and Classroom
    Management seminars. About us
    Do you know me?


    Presented by Brian Mendler


    Presented by Dr. Allen Mendler
    Presented by Colleen Zawadzki DISCIPLINE WITH DIGNITY FOR DIFFICULT YOUTH Presented by Willeta Corbett eastern. You will have an opportunity to call Brian and ask him questions about your difficult students. Log onto to particpate. Now you can bring an expert with you to your next mentoring or professional learning community meeting. Ask about our affordable video conferencing options using Skype Meeting Students Where They Live, Motivating Urban Youth, was just reviewed by Teacher Leaders. Click here to read the book review.

    31. At Risk Students - Organizer Software To Help The Organizational Needs Of Educat
    Eagle Eye 1.0 Organizer that enables educational liaisons to track and manage their student clients. Designed for the needs of an educational liaison, Eagle Eye manages all
    Search our site:
    At Risk Students
    Eagle Eye 1.0
    Organizer that enables educational liaisons to track and manage their student clients. Designed for the needs of an educational liaison, Eagle Eye manages all student's information, correspondence, plans of action, and protocol data and eliminates the need to keep all that information in various applications.
    educational liaison
    organizer information manager at risk students ...

    32. Black Hawk Grundy Mental Health Center
    Offers outpatient, inpatient, emergency, and outreach services as well as mental health services to at-risk students, the homeless, and the elderly. Includes details of services, FAQs, and directions to locations in Waterloo and Grundy.

    33. Helping At-Risk Students Meet Standards A Synthesis Of Evidence
    Helping AtRisk Students Meet Standards A Synthesis of Evidence-Based Classroom Practices

    34. Jeffrey B. Teitler - Theatre/Video Education
    This playwright and Artistic Director of Theatre and Video at Lawrence Academy offers his professional resume and a look at his video projects for at-risk students, and institutions.
    Jeffrey B. Teitler Video Grant Proposal Professional Resume Current Productions Writing Samples WEBSITE HAS MOVED TO: WWW.JEFFT.ORG If you are not redirected in 10 seconds, please click the link IF ONLY by Jeffrey Teitler
    Yale School Jeffrey B. Teitler is the Artistic Director of Theatre and Video at Lawrence Academy . He holds a B.F.A. from Tisch School of the Arts and an M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama. His plays have been workshopped and or performed through Theatre, Yale School of Drama, etc. Links A CHORUS LINE Directed by Jeffrey B. Teitler For more info: Downloadable Films Click and stream link A CHORUS LINE This is a short film I produced which documents the production process of A CHORUS LINE at Lawrence Academy DIRECTING VIDEO This film documents a course I instructed which features clips filmed by at-risk students attending a secondary school. FRINGE VIDEO A short promotional video I produced supporting the Lawrence Academy Dancers who are attending the Fringe Festival in Scotland this summer.

    35. At Risk Students -
    Learn about At Risk Students on Find info and videos including How to Mentor an AtRisk Student, Motivating at Risk Students, At-Risk Student Grants and much more.
    • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
    Home At Risk Students
    At Risk Students
    At Risk Students Featured Articles
    • At-Risk Student Grants An at-risk student, defined by as "poor, urban and minority," typically needs assistance in breaking free of the cycle of poverty that leads to inadequate education, poor employment and more poverty. A number of government and private sector grants exist for the sole purpose of interrupting that vicious cycle,... Most people apply for student loans when they pursue higher education beyond high school like at a community college, vocational school, or university. Bad credit will not prevent you from obtaining a federal student loan. Because federal student loans have caps, you might need private loans to pay the difference between the cost of...
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    Videos: At Risk Students
    Motivating At-Risk Students
    Motivating Students to Read
    Reading is a habit that is useful when it is developed at an early age, so it's important for...
    Articles: At Risk Students

    36. Alee Academy:
    Provides former dropouts and at-risk students an opportunity to develop vocational skills, gain employment, and earn a high school diploma. Graduates, courses, and contact information.
    • Welcome About At Alee Academy, we strive to create a trusting environment, challenging students to fulfill their academic and personal potential. Eustis Campus Map
      1705 County Road 44
      Eustis, Florida 32736
      (352) 357-8426 (Fax)
      School Hours - 8:00 am to 8:45 pm
      Office Hours - 7:30 am to 8:45 pm Umatilla Campus Map
      P.O. Box 2481
      755 South Central Avenue
      Umatilla, Florida 32784
      (352) 669-1282 (Fax)
      School Hours - 8:00 am to 2:45 pm Office Hours - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
      School News
      Veteran's Day
      Thursday, November 11 th , 2010 is Veteran's Day. Posted Wednesday, November 03 2010 at 14:47 EDT.
      Annual NCLB School Public Accountability Reports
      The annual No Child Left Behind School Public Accountability Reports are now posted on the DOE website: Annual NCLB School Public Accountability Reports 2009 All reports availble here: Annual NCLB School Public Accountability Reports Posted Wednesday, September 15 2010 at 23:07 EDT. For more news please see the news section.

    37. Recent Research On At-risk Students
    INSIDE THE CURRENT ISSUE. Expert panel makes 5 recommendations for teaching fractions Students' common misconceptions about fractionsExecutive function plays role in reading
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    CURRENT ISSUE Expert panel makes 5 recommendations for teaching fractions
    Students' common misconceptions about fractions

    Executive function plays role in reading comprehension
    Authoritative parenting style good model for school discipline style ... Home Recent research on at-risk students Featured Article: Students participate more if they are trained in self-directed IEPs If they receive specific instruction on how to lead the meeting, students play a more active role in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and are more invested in the process. Subscriber Articles: Not a member? Join Now! RETENTION Question to ask in grade retention debate: Will student have different experience Study questions belief that retaining students in early grades does less harm than good STUDENT MOBILITY Dept. of Defense schools model for helping mobile students New intervention strategies needed to help "excessively mobile" students UNDERACHIEVERS/MOTIVATION Fear of failure key to understanding underachieving students, psychological study says

    38. Dane County Trasition Schools | Home Page
    Providing an environment that promotes the social, emotional, academic, and vocational growth and development of at-risk students. Mission statement, programs, typical student profile, participant feedback.
    Home About Us Program Features Our Kids Participant Feedback ... Contact Us The Dane County Transition School (DCTS) is an innovative charter school that serves 60 at-risk students, 14 to 20 years of age. DCTS is designed around specific program objectives that re-engage at-risk students into the learning process and help students realize that education is practical and functional to everyday living. Foundation for Dane County Transition Schools, Inc. Learn about our Workshops Launch Our
    Workshop Movie
    Home ... Contact Us

    39. Randy Murray -- "At-Risk" Students
    ATRISK STUDENTS . By R.C. Murray January 6, 2008 One-third of all public school students currently in the 9th grade will not

    Additional Titles
    The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Education



    By R.C. Murray
    January 6, 2008 One-third of all public school students currently in the 9th grade will not graduate high school on time, if at all (Youth Who Drop Out: One-third of Those Who Enter High Schools Dont Graduate ). To add to this statistic, another 10% who are pushed through The System and given [literally] a high school diploma will be functionally illiterate and unable to support themselves, even in those low wage jobs currently reserved by corporate sponsors for uninvited guest workers. Americas high school dropouts and many of her high school graduates are facing a pretty bleak future, thanks to their lack of reading, writing and math skills. Really though, were all affected by illiteracy, for weve become a nation of unthinking, government-dependent proles. About of Americas children are essentially government property, thanks to the public school system. Thats about

    40. Untitled Document
    Serves at-risk students in grades 6-12. Includes staff list and information about activities.
    Happy Valley Learning Center
    Our Goal
    School Information Faculty and Staff Curriculum and Supplementary Activities

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