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         Australian History:     more books (100)
  1. First Australians: An Illustrated History
  2. Australian Big Cats: An Unnatural History of Panthers by Mike Williams, Rebecca Lang, 2010-03-20
  3. Australian Welfare History by Richard Kennedy, 1982-12-31
  4. Australian Bustard (Australian Natural History Series) by Mark Ziembicki, 2010-06
  5. Australian Art (Oxford History of Art) by Andrew Sayers, 2001-07-19
  6. Getting Equal: The history of Australian feminism by Marilyn Lake, 1999-01-10
  7. Bryce Courtenay Introduces The Australian History Collection
  8. Australian Crocodiles: A Natural History by Grahame Webb, Charlie Manolis, 2000-09-10
  9. History of Australian Land Settlement by S.H. Roberts, 1969-01-01
  10. A History of Australian Baseball: Time and Game (Bison Original) by Joe Clark, 2003-11-01
  11. Australian Battalion Commanders in the Second World War (Australian Army History Series) by Garth Pratten, 2009-04-27
  12. Australian Readers Remember: An Oral History of Reading, 1890-1930 by Martyn Lyons, Lucy Taksa, 1992-07-27
  13. In Her Own Name: Women in South Australian History since 1838 Including the Story of Women's Suffrage by Helen Jones, 1994-06-15
  14. The Cambridge History of Australian Literature

21. Australia: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
Learn about the history, geography and culture of Australia and find statistical and demographic information.
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22. Australian History Digital Library - Degrees & Guides
An annotated directory of Internet resources on the history of Australia. Australian Studies History Digital Library Digital Library History Australia
Australian Studies
History Digital Library Digital Library History Australia Australian Constitution Australian Newspapers on the Internet Electronic Australiana National Library of Australia Australian Journals "This is a current listing of over 1,000 Australian electronic journals, magazines, webzines, e-mail fanzines, etc. - including overseas works with Australian content, authorship and/or emphasis." National Library of Australia Aboriginal History Journal Gopher index for 1977-1990 Access: History Australian Federation Full Text Database "...contains the debates and conventions of the 1890's leading up to Federation, including Bathurst and Corowa, with a range of participants' accounts and other contextual material from the time. These include the Quick and Garran "Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia", and "Studies in Australian Constitutional Law" by Andrew Inglis Clark, as well as a large number of books, pamphlets and articles by Deakin, Barton, Griffiths and others Part of the Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS), University of Sydney Australian Humanities Review Australian Studies Bulletin Australian War Memorial - Online Exhibits
  • Dawn of the Legend "Tells the story of the Australians who landed at Gallipoli, and of the creation of the ANZAC legend. It has been chosen by the NSW Board of Studies as an English text for the HSC for 2005-2007."

23. Flinders Rangers Research
Provides information, research and publications on South Australian history.
Welcome to Flinders Ranges Research and
South Australian History with related topics of
Northern Territory History. More than 5 million visitors

24. - Australian History Questions Including "How Did Dirk Hartog Die"
Australian History Questions including What was found in Koonalda cave and Where did the Aussie bushman come from

25. Australian History
Links to timelines spanning Australia's history from before 1700 to the present time. Timelines have been organised into four sections Before 1700, 1700-1800, 1800-1900 and
Links compiled by Jackie Miers Many of the timelines below span several centuries and do not fit neatly into the framework below. Where this occurs, they have been listed more than once - in each of the centuries to which they apply. Before 1700 Picture Australia
This useful resource has been produced by the National Library of Australia. It consists of links to images of all types related to Australia. You can search for people, places and events using the Search option. An advanced search allows you to specify a date or place. For date ranges, use an asteric (eg 193* will find images from the 1930s)
Before 1700 Indigenous Australia Timeline
From pre-contact to 2000. Check the menu on the right hand side for the time period required. Significant dates in Australian history from 1486 -1945
This website from Project Gutenberg of Australia provides a list of important dates in the history of Australia and a brief caption outlining the event that occurred on that date. Documenting a democracy: timeline from 1600s to 1836 Exploration timeline - Australian land and sea exploration
Scroll one third of the way down the page for the timeline 1606-1914 Australia History - Brief timeline Pre 1700 - 2000
A brief list of dates and events Key dates in Australia's development as a culturally diverse nation
Timeline from pre 1700-2001 A parallel history of Australia and the world
Select a decade from the table and compare significant events in Australia's history with what was happening in the rest of the world at the time. There is a focus on indigenous events.

26. Australian History | Socialist Alternative
Hell broke free when the bridge came down Liz Ross 15 October 2010 Today marks 40 years since the West Gate Bridge disaster that claimed the lives of 37 workers.

27. "Chow Down...Down Under"Real Home Cooked Aussie Food
Real fairdinkum Aussie recipes, many with pictures. Also includes a page with some Australian history.
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Aussie Recipes
Hi my name is Linda,welcome to my page! I'm an Aussie currently residing in the USA. Although I like the American cuisine, I find myself missing my "Aussie tucker!" actually I returned home to Australia as of the 18/9/98 UPDATE After returning home to Australia in 1998, I took another trip to the states in April 2000,I was living in Denver Colarado for six months. I returned to Australia on the 13th October 2000. So for all my fellow compatriots, expats(aussie at heart) and anyone who would like to try some "Dinki-Di" true blue "Aussie recipes" I have listed below some of my personal favourites Most of these recipes are quick and fun to make! If you are looking for recipes from the "OUT BACK STEAK HOUSE" then you won't find them here! This is real "AUSSIE FOOD" not American food,with Aussie names! Page last updated..22/02/02.....02/22/02......
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Ok! let's get started

28. Australian History: Exploration
Australian History EUROPEAN EXPLORATION . During 12001500, world activity centered around Europe and it surrounding land mass. Europeans, at the time, didn’t know that

29. Australian History | State Library Of Victoria
This collection helps you to research people, places and events, both significant and obscure. It features a strong collection of resources about Victorian history, and works

30. Chinese Museum
This museum in Melbourne exhibits Chinese Australian history and culture. See a map of Chinatown or find out about visiting the museum.

31. Australian History - Past Exams And Exam Assessment Reports - Studies - VCE - VC
VCE Australian History past and sample exam papers, exam answers and exam assessment reports. VCAA
Search the VCAA website

32. Irvinebank Heritage Town - Tropical North Queensland, Australia
Heritage town offers a chance to explore Australian history and heritage architecture. Information available on free camping, activities, tours, accommodation, attractions and map.
WELCOME LOCATION HISTORY HERITAGE BUILDINGS ... CONTACT US nyone interested in living history and heritage architecture should definitely visit Irvinebank. Hidden deep within the wild ranges west of Herberton and less then 2 hours drive from Cairns, it is one of North Queensland's best kept Secrets.
Drive west from Herberton, notice the old mine workings to the right of the road as you come down the Watsonville range. Slow down for the tiny hamlet of Watsonville with its windmill in the middle of the road. From there you pass through the Bakerville area with its stands of Eucalyptus alba (white smooth bark and large leaves.)
Just after Bakerville is the Stannary Hills turn off take the road to the left and you come to the Jumna Creek area, which is the most accessible place to view the purple wattle - Acacia purpureapetala and Grevillea glossadenia. From the Jumna area you climb the Irvinebank range then past stands of Cycads and into Irvinebank.

33. Australian History
Australian History, australian, history, etext, etexts, text, texts, book, books, ebook, ebooks
Project Gutenberg Australia
a treasure-trove of literature
treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership Home Search Site Contact Us Site Map Our FREE ebooks Help Project Gutenberg Australia gratefully acknowledges the significant contribution of Sue Asscher in preparing many of the eBooks relating to Australian History, which are available from this page. Australian History Resources relating to Australian History available from Project Gutenberg Australia and Project Gutenberg in the U.S. General History Resources

australian history and other learning ideas 'Yarralumla' Government House. Canberra A.C.T. Australia Australia is a democracy under the Westminster system.
SANDRA'S HOME PAGE AUSTRALIAN HISTORY Governors and Governors-Generals Opposition Leaders Early Australians ... Government House Canberra A.C.T. Australia Australia is a democracy under the Westminster system. The head of state is the monarch of England. THE AUSTRALIAN COAT OF ARMS The Australian Constitution - reference to the changing of the Constitution is in chapter VIII , No. 128 Other proclaimed flags Another very informative link is here in our very own capital city of Western Australia, Australia, that being Perth. 'Gateway to Perth' has many varied and informative links itself. The Australian Tourism Commission has a very interesting page. There is also a photo gallery, which is gives an insight as to the type of scenery we have here in various parts of Australia. Another well presented page well worth visiting is Written by Graham Vowles. Compiled and Edited by Sandra and Timothy Vowles. Last updated
6th July, 2002.

35. State Library Of South Australia
Online catalogue and research inquiry service. Information on South Australian history, including timeline of women s suffrage, Mary Lee, suffragette, and women and politics in South Australia. Oral history collection in text and sound.
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State Library of South Australia
For your information...

36. SAGHS - South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc
For members and others researching South Australian history, genealogy and family history. Includes a list of contacts and services.
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Visit the congress website

Now available at SAGHS!

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What's New? Unlock The Past History and Genealogy Roadshow.
Monday November 8th, West Adelaide Fotball Club Function Centre, from 8.30 am to 9.45 pm. Key speakers from Australia and overseas. See website for details.
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Read the latest newsletter from the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations(AFFHO)
Wish to visit our Library? Click here for library times and location
  • To promote, encourage and foster the study, education, research and knowledge of genealogy, heraldry and other allied subjects. To publish appropriate material and operate a reference and lending library and research centre.
  • 37. Australian History -
    Information about Australian history can be discovered on

    38. South West Australian History
    Stories about the history of the south west of Western Australia.

    39. Australian History | Australia History & Aboriginal
    HISTORY teachers are warning that the muchanticipated new national history curriculum to be released today could be a failure even before the ink has dried, if the subject is

    40. State Library Of Victoria
    Provides online access to the library catalogue for books, journals, manuscripts, pictures and selected Australian history and biography articles. Also access to the Ask Now live online information service.

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