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         Australian Military:     more books (100)
  1. Zombie Myths of Australian Military History
  2. The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History
  3. Australian And US Military Cooperation: Fighting Common Enemies by Christopher Hubbard, 2005-07
  4. Military Stress and Performance: The Australian Defence Force Experience
  5. HMAS Bataan, 1952: An Australian Warship in the Korean War by Anthony Cooper, 2010-08-01
  6. The Commanders, The: Australian Military Leadership in the Twentieth Century
  7. The Diggers: Makers of the Australian Military Tradition
  8. A Dictionary of Australian Military History (Wisdom from simpler times) by Ian Grant, 1992-01
  9. Records of war: A guide to military history sources at the Australian War Memorial by Australian War Memorial, 1996
  10. Australian Military Personnel Killed in Action: Australian Military Personnel Killed in the Iraq War
  11. We answered the call: AWAS of Western Australia and their mates : celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of admission of women into the Australian military forces by Eileen Reilly Tucker, 1991
  12. The Once and Future Army: A History of the Citizen Military Forces 1947-1974 (The Australian Army History Series) by Dayton McCarthy, 2003-06-05
  13. Australia's Military Map-Makers: The Royal Australian Survey Corps 1915-96 (Australian Army History) by C. D. Coulthard-Clark, 2000-12-28
  14. Emergency and Confrontation: Australian Military Operations in Malaya and Borneo 1950-1966 (Official History of Australia's Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts, 1948-1975) by Peter Dennis, Jeffrey Grey, 1996-08

1. Flickr: Australian Military
Australian Military Group Pool Discussion 95 Members Map Join This Group. Group Pool 1,381 items Only members can add to the pool.
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Australian Military
Group Pool Discussion 98 Members Map ... Join This Group Guest Passes let you share your photos that aren't public. Anyone can see your public photos anytime, whether they're a Flickr member or not. But! If you want to share photos marked as friends, family or private, use a Guest Pass. If you're sharing photos from a set, you can create a Guest Pass that includes any of your photos marked as friends, family, or private. If you're sharing your entire photostream, you can create a Guest Pass that includes photos marked as friends or family (but not your private photos). Learn more about Guest Passes!

2. Australian Military Quizzes And Trivia Fun Trivia
Australian Military trivia questions and quizzes. Thousands of quizzes and quiz questions and answers about Australian Military

3. Appendix:Australian English Military Slang - Wiktionary
Members of the Australian military (known officially as the Australian Defence Force or ADF) use many unique slang terms. The ADF is made up of the Australian Army, the Royal
Appendix:Australian English military slang
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary (Redirected from Appendix:Australian military slang Jump to: navigation search Members of the Australian military (known officially as the Australian Defence Force or ADF) use many unique slang terms. The ADF is made up of the Australian Army , the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Each have their own distinct traditions but share a defence force culture. Some military slang words, such as digger , have become widely used by Australians in general. However, most slang used in the ADF is restricted to its personnel.
edit Alpha
  • Ace fuckheads - headquarters in an armoured unit. Comes from the callsigns 9A, 9C, 9E, 9F, 9H. '90s usage. Being the 2ic, Tech. O, LO, SSM and SQMS, respectively. Adgie - Refers to a RAAF airfield defence guard. After fives - Refers to the plain black spit polished dress shoe worn by soldiers either with their pollies or after dinner to give their feet a rest from their boots. Airy-fairies - Refers to Air Force personnel, usually used by the Army or Navy.

4. Australian Military Party - ERepublik Official Wiki
The Australian Military Party is a political party in Australia started by Ben P, Arthur Cole, Devlin Cameron, zaney, Dylan of the darkness and Cozza.
Australian Military Party
From eRepublik Official Wiki
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Australian Military Party
General Information Country Australia Abbreviation AMP Founded September 30, 2009 (Day 680) Political President Members Congress Occupancy 55/40 seats, 13.16% Orientation Center Ideology Libertarian
The Australian Military Party is a political party in Australia started by Ben P Arthur Cole Devlin Cameron zaney ... Dylan of the darkness and Cozza . The Australian Military Party is a collective military organisation which represents the political aspect of the military of Australia. It focuses on economic support for, and logistical experience to the aim of expanding Australia's military potential. This party was previously known as the Australian Monarchy Party
Current Senators
Creation of the Australian Military Party
The Australian Military Party was originally created in September 2009. It was created from the former Australian Monarchy Party , which had become inactive. Its aim was to create a party that the

5. Australian Defence Force - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The importance of 'joint' warfare was made clear to the Australian Military during World War II when Australian naval, ground and air units frequently served as part of single
Australian Defence Force
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Australian Defence Force
The ADF Tri-Service Flag Founded Current form 1976 (ADF established) Service branches Royal Australian Navy
Australian Army

Royal Australian Air Force
Headquarters Part of the Australian Defence Organisation Leadership Commander-in-Chief Governor-General Quentin Bryce as Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia's representative Minister for Defence Stephen Smith Chief of the Defence Force Air Chief Marshal ... AFC Manpower 16.5 years of age for selection process, 17 years of age is actual serving age (As of 2007) Available for
military service
Fit for
military service
Reaching military
age annually 144,959 males (2009 est.
Active personnel ranked 68 Reserve personnel 25,493 (Active)
22,166 (Standby) Deployed personnel 3,300 (July 2010) Expenditures Budget A$ 26.9 billion (2010–11) Industry Domestic suppliers BAE Systems Australia Thales Australia Foreign suppliers United States Canada United Kingdom Annual exports Confidential but thought to be around A$600 million. Related articles History Military history of Australia Ranks Australian Defence Force ranks and insignia The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Australia . It consists of the Royal Australian Navy , the Australian Army , the Royal Australian Air Force and a number of 'tri-service' units.

6. Aussie Slouch Hat By Akubra, The Australian Military Hat : David Morgan
The Aussie Slouch Hat (Australian Military Hat), one side turned up against the crown, has gained worldwide recognition..

7. Welcome To ADF Serials
A listing of Australian military aircraft serial numbers and individual aircraft history.

8. Australian Army - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Australian Defence Force ranks and insignia; List of Australian military memorials; Conscription in Australia; Australian military slang; References
Australian Army
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Australian Army
Active 1 March 1901 – Present Country Australia Type Army Size 27,828 (Regular)
17,064 (Active Reserve)
12,496 (Standby Reserve) Australian Defence Force Engagements Second Boer War
World War I

World War II

Korean War
Iraq War
Commanders Chief of the Defence Force ACM Angus Houston AC, AFC Chief of Army LTGEN Ken Gillespie AO, DSC, CSM Notable
commanders FM William Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood
GEN Sir John Monash
GEN Sir Henry Chauvel FM Sir Thomas Blamey GEN Peter Cosgrove Insignia Australian Army badge Army Roundel The Australian Army is Australia's military land force. It is part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) along with the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force . While the Chief of Defence (CDF) commands the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the Army is commanded by the Chief of Army (CA). The CA is therefore subordinate to the CDF, but is also directly responsible to the Minister for Defence. Although Australian soldiers have been involved in a number of minor and major conflicts throughout its history, only in World War II has Australian territory come under direct attack.

9. RAAF Museum
Records and displays the history of the Royal Australian Air Force and Australian military aviation.

10. Australian Government, Department Of Defence Home Page
This is the main home page for the Australian Government Department of Defence. This page is a good place to start should you wish to find information relating to the Defence of

11. Australian Military Lifts Transgender Ban | CarnalNation
The Australian military announced on Monday that transgender people would no longer be banned from serving in the country's armed forces.
Search this site: Email Signup Lifestyle Entertainment Health ... Sex and Gender
Australian Military Lifts Transgender Ban
Clipped from: share this clip The Australian military announced on Monday that transgender people would no longer be banned from serving in the country's armed forces. Chief of the Defence Force Angus Houston issued an instruction Monday revoking the policy that effectively banned transgender service members. The ADF is believed to be the last government agency that specifically fired employees for transitioning gender. From share this quote The new policy shall take hold as of this December, 18 years after the Australian Defense Forces began allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve, and two years after they began recognizing same-sex relationships for benefits and entitlements. View the discussion thread.
CarnalNation Says Goodbye - For Now… by: Theresa by: Margaret Wade There Were No Closets In My House by: Suzanne Rachel Forbes Coming Out in 2010 by: Chris Hall Homo Apocalypto by: Simon Sheppard Latexual by: Kitty Stryker Howl: Everything Has Changed by: Greta Christina I Do Not Understand This Cuddling You Speak Of by: Suzanne Rachel Forbes No More Suicides!

12. Top Selling Books, Top Selling Books Of All Time
Jack Wong Sue s book on the Australian Military Unit, the Z Specials.
6-8 Helena Street Midland WA 6056
Phone: Office Mobile
Historically our business has always been the diving manufacturing, retail and training outlet
that Jack Sue started in 1951.
Our first store was located at number 871 Hay Street Perth for just over 19 years. We later moved
to 486 Murray Street, then 18 years later to our current location at 6 Helena Street Midland.
The oldest diving retail outlet in the southern hemisphere . . . A Family business that's 58 years old . . .
As of 1 April 2009 Our building is available for lease ! * At the entrance of the new Midland Redevelopment * Opposite Midland Railway / Bus Station * Opposite major infrastructure * Lots of passing traffic * Great location !
Soon our phone number (08) 9250 2737 will be temporarily offline. Please call us on either 08 9257 1620 or 0438 800 239. On behalf of Dad, I take this opportunity to thank all patrons for their wonderful support over 58 years. Aviation Services Today, our company L. Smith (WA) Pty Ltd has diversified to include Barry's aviation experiences.

13. U.S., Australian Military Participate In Exercise HAMEL In The ‘Land Down Unde
U.S. Air Force B52 Stratofortresses supporting U.S. Pacific Command's Continuous Bomber Presence in the Asia-Pacific region flew from Andersen AFB, Guam, to the land 'down under

14. American Chronicle | Australian Military Gang Rape Of Fallen Blossoms
We are an online magazine for national, international, state, local, entertainment, sports, and government news. We also provide opinion and feature articles.
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Australian Military Gang Rape of Fallen Blossoms
Suki (star girl) November 11, 2007 Veterans Day makes me uneasy. I wander from room to room, careful to touch each wall with my fingertips; if I do not complete this ritual, I become too jumpy to sit still. Years after I developed this strange rite, I discovered it was called an obsessive compulsive disorder. The final act of the rite is a visit to the closet, where I angle myself into the corner and place my forehead against the wall. It feels cool and soothing. In this corner, I am safe, at least for a few minutes.
Veterans Day makes me jumpy because of Phantom Rape Pain. On this holiday, I hurt between my legs from ghost thrusts. A long time ago, when I worked as a prostitute, I was sometimes raped 20 or 30 times a weekend by soldiers. Since the U.S. military is never going to give me a Prostitute Star of Honor, I have to commemorate this part of my life in my own way on this day. Last year, it was by writing an article called Flags of Our Raped Mothers. I decided that to write something every year would be my commemoration, a way to honor myself. Yesterday, I was in a used book store and my hand accidentally fell on a dusty, moth-eaten, mottled, out-of-print volume. I was going to pass it by, but some phantom force of phantom rape pulled me to it.

15. RedRoo Models
Australian military aviation model resin casting, photo-etched brass, decals and modeling profiles.
PO Box 113
Glen Waverley
Victoria 3150
Tel: +61 3 9560 0695
Fax: +61 3 9545 3542
Within Australia
Tel: 03 9560 0695
Fax: 03 9545 3542 Mob: (041) 839 0327 ABN: 68 119 669 497 Email may be sent to: PROUDLY SUPPORTING Welcome and thank you for stopping by to look at our website. Red Roo Models is a small, family owned, Australian company dedicated to providing modelers, with an interest in Australian military aviation, the best in resin casting, photo-etched brass, decals and modeling profiles (all with an Australian bias). Join Our Mailing List Sign Me Up! Remove Me.... Red Roo Models specialises in high quality modelling profiles and resin castings for serious modellers whose special interest is the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm and the Australian Army Aviation Corps. P-40N, 'Waddy's Kitties', Waddy, 80 Sqn RAAF (2 aircraft) P-40N, 'Waddy's Kitties', Waddy, 80 Sqn RAAF (2 aircraft) Back by popular demand [read more] Little Lenses - 3mm Little Lenses - 3mm [read more] Models Books Conversions ... Accessories Web Development by Xceed Site Map

16. Military History -
Includes links to an Australian military history overview, statistics and an encyclopedia featuring FAQs about Australians at war. http//
Economy, Money and Tax Education and Training ... Transport
Military History
Anzac Day - (educational resources for students and teachers)
This website is a portal for a range of information about Australia's involvement in world wars, travel to historic military sites and educational resources. These pages provide instant access to high quality materials on the web to assist teachers and students in preparing for the observance of Anzac Day.
Army History Unit
Home page for the Army History Unit (AHU) which provides resources promoting the study and understanding of Army's history and traditions within Army and protecting army heritage. Includes overviews of the various battles in which the Australian Army has been involved in its more than 100 year history and a database of images for viewing online as well as links to articles, books and conference papers.

17. Australian Intelligence Corps Museum
Australian Intelligence Corps Association and Museum The Museum of Australian Military Intelligence is a component of the Australian Army History Unit.
Home General Info Location Collections Archives ... Association
The Museum of Australian Military Intelligence is a component of the Australian Army History Unit. In 2001 it graduated from being an Australian Intelligence Corps sponsored and funded historical collection, to being one of the Australian Army Corps Museums.

The museums origins are in historical training aids used by the former School's of Military Intelligence and artefacts preserved by the various Australian Intelligence Corps units. These were brought together at the Australian Intelligence Corps Museum, which commenced part-time operations in 1988, before becoming the Museum of Australian Military Intelligence in 2001. The change of name is important as it reflects the whole of Australian Defence Organisation contribution to military intelligence and the Army History Units commitment to supporting the Defence Intelligence Community.
Whilst it houses specialised collections relating mostly to the Australian Intelligence Corps, there are items that cater for a wide range of interest. There is also a project to gather artefacts relating to RAN, RAAF and Defence Intelligence Group activities.
The primary purpose of the Museum of Australian Military Intelligence is to support training and doctrine development by being a repository or artefacts and documents and putting these into context for todays trainees and other visitors.

18. Booktopia Bookshop, Australian Bookstore With Books From Australia And The World
Supplies books on Australian Military history and on modern warfare and defense.
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19. Australian Military - Fun Facts And Information
Fun Facts about Australian Military. Interesting factoids, information and answers.

20. Australian Military Schools |
Australian Military Schools. Three major military academies are located in Australia, each with its own specialization in training. They prepare recruits to serve as officers
  • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
Home Education Military Schools ... Australian Military Schools
Top 5 To Try
Australian Military Schools
By Melissa Sherrard eHow Contributor updated: September 3, 2010 I want to do this! What's This?
  • military image by Alexey Klementiev from Australia is home to three well-respected military schools. Three major military academies are located in Australia, each with its own specialization in training. They prepare recruits to serve as officers in the country's Army, Air Force, Coast Guard or Navy. In addition to the three military schools, Australia's Officers' Training School , located at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria, produces between 200 and 300 graduates who are commissioned as officers in the Royal Australian Air Force.
  • Australian Defence Force Academy
  • Located next to Mount Pleasant in Canberra is the Australian Defence Force Academy, established in 1986 to provide military and academic training for junior officers of the Australian Defence Force. The academy provides university-level education , professional grooming and military training for up-and-coming officers of Australia's Army, Air Force and Navy. Nearly 800 undergraduate and 300 graduate students attend each year. Though most cadets are native to Australia, others attend via military exchange programs with 16 defense forces from across the globe.
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