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         Avalanche Disasters:     more books (76)
  1. The White Cascade: The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest Avalanche by Gary Krist, 2008-01-22
  2. Landslides and Avalanches in Action (Natural Disasters in Action) by Louise Spilsbury, Richard Spilsbury, 2008-09
  3. Northwest Disaster: Avalanche and Fire by Ruby El Hult, 1975-06
  4. Natural Disasters - Avalanches by Nathan Aaseng, 2001-10-31
  5. Avalanche And Landslide Alert! (Disaster Alert!) by Vanessa Walker, Amanda Bishop, 2004-09
  6. Avalanches (Natural Disasters) by Michele Ingber Drohan, 1999-08
  7. Colorado Avalanche Disasters by John W. Jenkins, 2000-11-01
  8. Avalanche! (Nature's Disasters) by Howard Facklam, Margery Facklam, 1991-04
  9. 1001 Questions Answered About: Earthquakes, Avalanches, Floods and Other Natural Disasters by Barbara Tufty, 1978-06-01
  10. Avalanches (Disasters Up Close) by Michael Woods, Mary B. Woods, 2007-01
  11. Avalanches and Landslides (Natural Disasters) by Jane Walker, 2002-01-17
  12. Landslides and Avalanches (Natural Disasters) by Richard Spilsbury, Louise Spilsbury, 2010-07-08
  13. Landslides & Avalanches (Natural Disasters Series) by Terry Jennings, 1999-10
  14. Avalanches & Landslides (Graphic Natural Disasters) by Rob Shone, 2007-01

1. Disasters - Natural Disasters - Avalanche
Avalanche. An avalanche occurs when a mass of snow falls down a mountainside. That is because new snow (which is not wet) accumulates on


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... Natural Disasters
Choose a disaster Avalanche Wildfire Flood Winter Storm Thunderstorm Hail Tornado Hurricane Earthquake Volcano Tsunami Rockslide and Landslide

An avalanche occurs when a mass of snow falls down a mountainside. That is because new snow (which is not wet) accumulates on a more heavy snow layer. Since the new snow layer is not compact, it could slide down toward the base of the mountain. Avalanches could be triggered by loud noise (yells, firearm shots, etc.). Skiers, snowboarders and climbers could also cause an avalanche. There are two ways to reduce avalanche risks: by installing snowsheds or by triggering controlled avalanches. These protection fences are made of rocks, soil and other materials. They prevent avalanches to fill trails used by humans. Controlled avalanches cause the accumulated snow to fall down before it could trigger avalanches by itself. When nobody is in danger, explosives are used to produce a loud noise that causes an avalanche.

2. 67 Worst U.S Natural Disasters: The Last 103 Years | 24/7 Quote US - Online Insu
The threat of natural disasters is something many Americans live with every day. In a matter of moments homes are destroyed and lives are lost, and while there
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67 Worst U.S Natural Disasters: The Last 103 Years
The threat of natural disasters is something many Americans live with every day. In a matter of moments homes are destroyed and lives are lost, and while there is insurance to protect your life and assets against Mother Nature, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, they  still do their share of damage every year, usually to the tune of billions of dollars. We have listed 67 moments in U.S history when nothing has become more apparent that despite our best efforts to prepare, the forces of nature can be devastating. Listed by year, not size.
1. The Great San Francisco Earthquake
April 18, 1906
3,000 dead, $6.5 billion
Deliberately tweaking the title to include this 1906 natural disaster, we figured The Great San Francisco Earthquake was a must have on this list. As one of the worst earthquakes in U.S history it just had to be acknowledged.
2. The Grand Isle Hurricane

3. SAR Dogs Otago Inc.
A voluntary organization dedicated to the training and deployment of Search Dogs in a variety of search and rescue environments, including wilderness/bush, avalanche and disaster. Information included on using dogs in SAR, search reports, resources, training, members and links, plus photo album.
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4. Colorado Avalanche Disasters
Relive the sacrifices, despair and elation of the men, women, and children who faced Colorado's greatest avalanche disasters. These true tales carry the reader throughout the

5. Avalanches And Landslides : Avalanches And Landslides News And Photos - South Fl
Information about Avalanches and Landslides RSS feeds allow Web site content to be gathered via feed reader software.
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6. Ten Climbers Killed In Avalanche At Turkish Ski Resort - Wikinews, The Free News
7 September 2010 U2 walks over the Bosphorus Bridge before concert; 30 August 2010 2010 FIBA World Championship starts; 20 July 2010 Turkish protesters march against Internet
Ten climbers killed in avalanche at Turkish ski resort
From Wikinews, the free news source you can write! Unchecked Jump to: navigation search Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Turkey Other stories from Turkey More articles here Location of Turkey To write, edit, start or view other articles on Turkey, see the Turkey Portal Ten climbers at a ski resort in Zigana, Turkey have died in an avalanche. They were part of a group of seventeen from the nearby province of Trabzon . The avalanche occurred at 11:15 local time (9:15 UTC) yesterday on Mount Zigana in the Gumushane region of Turkey near the Black Sea coast. Winter sports are increasing in popularity across Turkey, as it is mountainous. Location of Zigana in Turkey The climbers were at a height of 7,260ft (2,200m) while crossing a deep valley, when the snow hit them. As search teams and locals arrived, they managed to pull seven climbers free from the snow; at least two were taken to hospital, one of which died in hospital. They were walking in a single-file line, as it hit them. One of the survivors made a hole with their arms, so they could breathe. The block of snow dragged them 1,000 metres into a valley as the avalanche traveled down the mountain. The avalanche may have caused by rising temperatures in the area. A gun-shot was also considered as an outside possibility after some witnesses said they heard one.

7. Natural Disasters Avalanche Pictures, Wallpapers, Downloads
Natural Disasters Avalanche Pictures, Wallpapers, Downloads National Geographic

8. Geological And Logging Data Of The Deep Observation Wells
Overview of natural disasters . Atmospheric disasters; Flood, Waterlogging, Drought, Typhoon, Storm surge, Coastal erosion; Seismic and geological disasters
Avalanche Disasters in Toyama Prefecture By
Kaoru IZUMI*, Yutaka YAMADA , Takashi IKARASHI and Yoshio OHZEKI
*The Research Institute for Hazards in Snowy Areas, Niigata University, Japan Nagaoka Institute of Snow and Ice Studies, Japan ***A Former senior researcher in Tohkamachi Experiment Station,
Forestry and Forest products Research Institute, Japan Abstract Key words: Avalanche disaster, Toyama Prefecture, Statistics hЉȊwZpꗗ֖߂

9. The Wellington Avalanche
Stevens Pass, Washington March 1, 1910
The Wellington Avalanche
Stevens Pass, Washington
March 1, 1910
Created by Bob Kelly, Wellington Site Steward, USFS
The Story of the Avalanche
- Photographs
Prior to March 1910
Avalanche Destruction
After the Avalanche
Location Map ...

10. Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division - Hazards - Avalanc
One of the nation’s worst avalanche disasters occurred in 1910 when massive avalanches hit two trains stopped on the west side of Stevens Pass; 96 people were
An avalanche occurs when a layer of snow loses its grip on a slope and slides downhill. Avalanches have killed more than 190 people in the past century in Washington State, exceeding deaths from any other natural hazard. One of the nation’s worst avalanche disasters occurred in 1910 when massive avalanches hit two trains stopped on the west side of Stevens Pass; 96 people were killed. Avalanches kill one to two people, on average, every year in Washington, although many more are involved in avalanche accidents that do not result in fatalities. Since 1985, avalanches have killed 33 people. Most current avalanche victims are participating in recreational activities in the backcountry where there is no avalanche control. Only one-tenth of one percent of avalanche fatalities occurs on open runs at ski areas or on highways. Avalanches occur in four mountain ranges in the state – the Cascade Range, which divides the state east and west, the Olympic Mountains in northwest Washington, the Blue Mountains in southeast Washington, and the Selkirk Mountains in northeast Washington. The avalanche season begins in November and continues until early summer for all mountain areas of the state. In the high alpine areas of the Cascades and Olympics, the avalanche season continues year-round.

11. Avalanche Facts, Avalanche Information, Avalanche Videos
Get Avalanche facts, photos, wallpapers, news and safety tips at National Geographic.

12. Avalanches Summary |
In response to avalanche disasters in the past, many governments in mountainous areas have set up avalanche centers to constantly evaluate avalanche conditions and alert the public

13. Landslides And Avalanches | Web Resources | Natural Hazards Center
Descriptive directory of some online resources, maintained by the University of Colorado.
This Site Natural Hazards Observer Disaster Research CU Web Site CU People This Site Natural Hazards Observer Disaster Research CU Web Site CU People This Site Natural Hazards Observer Disaster Research CU Web Site CU People This Site Natural Hazards Observer Disaster Research CU Web Site CU People
Landslides and Avalanches
Landslides Avalanches

The landslide Web pages of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Web site for the National Landslide Information Center (NLIC) offer indexes to landslide publications and information on research, advisories, and recent events. There are also links to landslide information for each state, landslide images, and education and outreach resources. The USGS's "theme page" on landslides, at the second URL above, provides more information about USGS landslide programs, as well as a link to a landslide "Fact Sheet" that lists USGS publications in this area.

14. Facts On Avalanche Natural Disasters |
Avalanche disasters kill nearly 150 people a year. In general, the victims themselves trigger 90 percent of avalanches. Expert Insight
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Facts on Avalanche Natural Disasters
By Christi Riley eHow Contributor updated: April 19, 2010 I want to do this! What's This? Avoid avalanche disasters by observing changes in snow-pack conditions. couche de glace image by Djibi from When snow starts sliding from a mountain face, the momentum can create an avalanche. Victims of this natural disaster rarely outrun the danger, as the slabs of snow can travel up to 80 miles an hour. However, understanding the mechanics of this dangerous phenomenon can save your life. For instance, the human body is three times denser than the snow that tumbles during an avalanche; if you sink into the depths of an active avalanche, secure some breathing space.
  • Major avalanche natural disasters occur when small slides of snow become one huge, sliding mass. The worst of these events result from built-up snow simultaneously breaking loose from a mountainside. Rapidly accumulating fresh snow causes the fracturing and sliding of weaker layers below. Avalanches are thus most likely to occur during or within 24 hours after a snowstorm that deposits more than 12 inches of snow.
  • 15. [New Perspectives Of Avalanche Disasters. Phase Cl... [Wien Klin Wochenschr. 199
    1. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 1992;104(6)16773. New perspectives of avalanche disasters. Phase classification using pathophysiologic considerations

    16. Killed By Avalanches And Landslides
    •Data and definitions are from the United Nations Environment Programme (2005). •*138 territories reported no estimated deaths from landslide or avalanche disasters.

    17. Avalanche Disasters Recent - Shop
    Avalanche disasters recent has 2 products like The White Cascade The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest Avalanche, Avalanche And Landslide Alert!

    18. Emergency Medicine | Faculty & Staff
    Coauthor of Avalanche Disasters Chapter in Hogan D.E, Burnstein, eds. Disaster Medicine, second edition; 2007. Author of Maritime Disasters Chapter in Hogan D.E, Burnstein, eds.

    19. Predicting To Avoid Avalanche Disasters |
    On Feb. 20, 2005, three experienced crosscountry skiers split from a larger group and ascended up Mount Anderson, near Squaw Valley. Though the pat (read more)

    20. Floods, Avalanches, And Tidal Waves —
    Floods, Avalanches, and Tidal Waves 1228 Holland 100,000 people reputedly drowned by sea flood in Friesland. 1642 China rebels destroyed Kaifeng seawall; 300,000 drowned.
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