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         Aviation Biographies:     more books (100)
  1. Vulture's Row: Thirty Years in Naval Aviation by Paul T. Gillcrist, 2000-01-01
  2. The Flight of the Century: Charles Lindbergh and the Rise of American Aviation (Pivotal Moments in American History) by Thomas Kessner, 2010-07-21
  3. From Bouncing Bombs to Concorde: The Authorised Biography of Aviation Pioneer Sir George Edwards OM by Robert Gardner, 2006-07-01
  4. Architects of Aviation (Biography index reprint series) by Maurice Holland, Thomas M. Smith, 1951-06
  5. Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart (Pendulum Illustrated Biography Series : Aviation) by John Norwood Fago, Naunerle C. Farr, et all 1979-06
  6. Who's Who in Aviation History : 500 Biographies by William H. Longyard, 1999-02-01
  7. From Torpedoes to Aviation: Washington Irving Chambers & Technological Innovation in the New Navy 1876 to 1913 by Stephen K. Stein, 2007-05-21
  8. Harriet Quimby - America's First Lady of the Air: A Biography for Intermediate Readers (Aviation History Series) by Anita P. Davis, Ed Y. Hall, 1998-05
  9. Sky Full of Dreams: The Aviation Exploits, Creations, and Visions of Bruce K. Hallock (Tailless Aircraft Designer, Builder, and Pilot) by Austin Bruce Hallock, 2010-03-05
  10. The Wright Brothers: A Biography by Fred C. Kelly, 1989-07-01
  11. Calculated Risk: The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Doolittle-Aviation Pioneer and World War II Hero by Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, 2005-03-01
  12. Innovation and Consolidation in Aviation: Selected Contributions to the Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium 2000 by Graham Edkins, Peter Pfister, et all 2004-02
  13. FOKKER (Smithsonian History of Aviation and Spaceflight Series) by DIERIKX M, 1997-03-17
  14. Fliers: In Their Own Words (General Aviation Reading series) by Katie Goode, 2001-09-01

1. Women In Aviation Resource Center : Books : Biographies
A list of books on the biographies of women in aviation history.
What's New Search Contact Us About the WIARC ... Books : Biographies WIARC Recommended Reading List
  • A Dance With Death - Soviet Airwomen in World War II
    Anne Noggle, an American Woman Airforce Service Pilot in World War II, interviews the women members of the Soviet air force, the first women to fly in combat.
  • A Journal for Christa: Christa McAuliffe, Teacher in Space
    The product of family history, notes and letters, this is a very personal biography of a remarkable woman.
  • A Long White Scarf, flying with Ripley Miller
    Ripley Miller successfully balanced the tasks of raising a family, working as a pilot, promoting women in aviation, and being a leader in the International Organization of Women Pilots - the Ninety-Nines, Inc. - all while continually training herself toward greater flight accomplishments.
  • A WASP Among Eagles
    A Woman Military Test Pilot in World War II
  • Amelia Earhart's Daughters
    The Wild and Glorious Story of American Women Aviators from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age.
  • Amelia Earhart's Shoe: Is the Mystery Solved?
    The International Group for Historic Aviation Recovery (TIGHAR), an organization of aviation archaeologists, has been on the trail of the plane and its passengers for nearly two decades. Here it makes a compelling case that they have found the fateful scene of the crash-landing on the uninhabited tropical island of Nikumaroro.
  • Amelia Earhart: A Biography
    By Doris Rich
  • Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved
    In 1937, Amelia Earhart disappeared into the Pacific Ocean only days from completing her famous around-the-world flight. Her plane was never found. Now, with the recent discovery of long-lost radio messages, combined with authors Elgen M. Long and Marie K. Long's twenty-five years of research, the mystery surrounding Earhart has been solved.

2. Encyclopedia: Aviation: Biographies —
Encyclopeadia articles concerning Aviation Biographies. Places. Africa; Asia; Australia and Oceania; Britain, Ireland, France, and the Low Countries
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3. Best Aviation Sites Online
Find aviation history, pictures, and archives; buy or sell aviation memorabilia; or enjoy aviation biographies, journals, true stories, and an aviation comic strip!.

4. Aviation Biography (Aviators)
Aviation Biographies High/High+ School Level Pioneer Profiles - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aviation Inventors Gallery
Science Fair Projects Science Experiments Science Jokes Science Fair Books ... Warning!
Aviation Biography (Aviators) K-12 Level
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Alberto Santos-Dumont:
an important early pioneer of aviation
Wright Brothers:
American airplane inventors and aviation pioneers ... First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
Aviation Biographies - Elementary School Level
Women in Aviation and Space History - National Space and Air Museum

Pioneers of Aviation - Aeragon

Aviation Biographies -

Aviation Biographies - Middle/High School Level National Aviation Hall of Fame The Aviation History Online Museum Chasing the Sun - PBS 100 Years of Flight - ... History of Aviation - Spartacus Aviation Biographies - High/High+ School Level Pioneer Profiles - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aviation Inventors Gallery American Women's History: Aviation - Ken Middleton Aviation Timelines Aerofiles Famous Firsts in Aviation - Fact Monster Aviation and Aviators on Stamps and Images Aviation - Cool Stamps Zeppelin Related Subjects Aviation Wright Brothers Aviation History Aviation Biography (Aviators) ... Quick Chemistry Facts Comments and inquiries could be addressed to: webmaster@julian T

5. Haynes - Practical Manuals, Books And DVDs
Aviation Biographies - Car Manuals - Car Modifying - Car Restoration - Children's Books - Computing - Cycling - DIY - Driving - Formula 1 - Health - History - Learning to Drive

6. Aviation Biographies From Brough's Books
Aviation Biographies Famous flyers and pioneers from Brough's Aviation Books
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Aviation Biographies
Books about Great Aviators - Pioneers, Airlines, Military Pilots, Record Breakers... Home Aviation > Aviation Biographies Aviation Aviation Index Aviation History Military Aviation Aviators Biographies Richard Bach Chichester Len Deighton ... Henry Ford Aviation Commercial Aviation Boeing Aircraft Lockheed Aircraft Aviation Favourites ... Aero Modelling Departments Aviation Magazines Aviation Posters Aviation Movies Aviation Calendars ...
Aviation Magazines

Featured Site The Aviation Ring
This site is a financial supporter of Amnesty International A-Train : Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman
Charles W. Dryden
Hardcover - 432 pages (April 1997)
Univ. of Alabama Press ; ISBN: 0817308563
Highly recommended. Ace! - A Marine Night-Fighter Pilot in World War II
R. Bruce Porter, Eric Hammel
Paperback - 278 pages (August 1998)
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0935553312 American Heroes of Exploration and Flight (Collective Biographies) Anne E. Schraff

7. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Aviation, Biographies Encyclopedia reference and encyclopedia resource provides encyclopedia articles covered under this topic.

8. People Finders
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Australian people finders
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9. Aviation Biography Section
The following are thumbnail biographies of some of the people who worked with and most influenced Nevil Shute Norway in his careers as an aviation engineer, aircraft company

10. Starduster By Norm Weis - Powell's Books
Guests October 18, 2010 Coherence between Thought and Action 1 comment By Daniel Related Aisles. Aviation. Biographies; Used Books. Aviation

11. Aviation Biographies On The 'Aviator' Web Site
Read aviation biographies on the 'Aviator' Web Site Some people make a real difference in aviation. Recognise someone you know in aviation, in this section.

12. Military Documentary - Chronicles Of War And Important Battles
Aviation Biographies Canada Intelligence Espionage Iraq War Korean War Life Institutions Napoleonic Wars Naval
Military Documentary Military Topics By Format Books Boxed Sets Books By Topic Aviation Biographies Canada Iraq War ... World War II More Movie Topics Vietnam War World War I Anti-War Films Comedy ... Widgets More Book Topics War of 1812 United States Uniforms Strategy ... Pictorials It s an entirely new way to look at warfare. From ferocious battles waged by USS Enterprise, the most decorated aircraft carrier of World War II, to death-defying dogfights involving hero pilots and lethal planes, this 14-disc set from HISTORY TM uses cutting-edge CGI to plunge you into the actual missions, reproduced with historical accuracy and startling realism. In this thought-provoking masterpiece, H.G. Wells predicts the inventions that will inadvertently lead to mass destruction, forcing the world to "start over." You will see many similarities between H.G. Wells' new world and today's world due to the recent technological revolution. This stimulating novel will leave you wondering if and when the remaining predictions will come to pass! Popular Movies For WWII: In Color contains five remarkable color documentary films selected by specialists at the National Archives. Released in 1942, The Battle of Midway by director John Ford won an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Thunderbolts by William Wyler covers the activities of the 12th Army Air Forces in Europe in 1944 and 45, and The Memphis Belle, also by Wyler, follows the final mission of the famous B-17 bomber and her crew

13. - Wright Brothers (Aviation, Biography) - Encyclopedia reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete information on Wright brothers, Aviation, Biographies. Includes related research links.
AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather November 14, 2010 Medicine People Places History ... Maps You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Aviation, Biographies ... Wright brothers
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Wright brothers, Aviation, Biographies
Related Category: Aviation, Biographies Wright brothers American airplane inventors and aviation pioneers. Orville Wright Wilbur Wright, Lilienthal On Dec. 17, 1903, they made near Kitty Hawk, N.C., the first controlled, sustained flights in a power-driven airplane . Of their four flights on that day, the first, made by Orville, lasted 12 sec, and the fourth, by Wilbur, covered 852 ft (259 m) in 59 sec. The brothers continued their experiments at Dayton and built several biplanes. Record-breaking flights in 1908 by Orville in the United States and by Wilbur in France brought them worldwide fame. In 1909 the U.S. government accepted the Wright machine for army use, and the brothers established the Wright Company. The house where Orville was born and the bicycle-shop laboratory have been restored and were moved to Greenfield Village, Mich. See their papers, ed. by M. W. McFarland (2 vol., 1953); bibliography ed. by A. G. Renstrom (1968); C. P. Graves

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15. Wind Canyon Books
Wind Canyon Books, Aviation Books, aviation books, books

16. 40 Hp Johnson Manual Terms Site Map -
Aviation; Biographies; Business and Economy; Children; Consumer Electronic; Education; Electrical and Electronics; Energy and Environment; Fiction; Food and Cooking

17. Australian Economy
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18. Zumdahl Even Question Answers Terms Site Map -
Aviation; Biographies; Business and Economy; Children; Consumer Electronic; Education; Electrical and Electronics; Energy and Environment; Fiction; Food and Cooking

19. Aviation, Biographies & Engine/Fuel Research - Stationary Engine Forum
Main Engine Section Aviation, Biographies Engine/Fuel Research Engineering Books Many of the books that we have at home are not engineering at all, and the most

20. Bluebirdauctions - Winthrop, Massachusetts - Bookstore Specializing In Airline,
Bluebirdauctions carries a varied inventory that encompasses more nonfiction books. We specialize in airline, aviation, biographies and memoirs and history......Bookseller
New To Biblio? Your Account Need Help? Sign In ... Cart items Find books by keyword or ISBN: Find books by author: Find books by title: Home Bookstores Bookstores in United States Bookstores in Massachusetts More
Bookseller specializing in Airline, Aviation, Biographies, History, Memoirs, Needle Arts
Search the inventory of bluebirdauctions
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