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         Canadian Socialized Medicine:     more detail
  1. Supply and migration of Canadian physicians, 1970-1995: why we should learn to love an immigrant doctor.: An article from: Canadian Journal of Regional Science by Hugh Grant, Ronald Oertel, 1997-03-22
  2. French health-care reform: 30,000 uninsured: France's experience offers a caution to Canadians seeking similar health-care reform.(WORLD): An article from: Catholic New Times by Tom Sandborn, 2006-05-21
  3. Senate Committee study on Canada's health care system.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Jeffrey J. MacLeod, Howard Chodos, 2003-03-22
  4. Pay attention to values.(Canadian health care system)(Editorial): An article from: Catholic New Times
  5. Caring for profit: how corporations are taking over Canada's health care system.: An article from: Labour/Le Travail
  6. Etude du systeme de sante canadien par le Comite senatorial.: An article from: Revue parlementaire canadienne by Jeffrey J. MacLeod, Howard Chodos, 2003-03-22

1. Canadian Socialized Medicine Killed My Mom By Jeff Kuhner
Canadian Socialized Medicine Killed My Mom By Jeff Kuhner from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment

2. Socialized Medicine - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Socialized medicine is a term used primarily in the United States to refer to publiclyfunded health care The term is used most frequently in the U.S. political debate concerning
Socialized medicine
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Socialized medicine is a term used primarily in the United States to refer to publicly-funded health care The term is used most frequently in the U.S. political debate concerning health care The term was first widely used in the United States by advocates of the American Medical Association in opposition to President Harry S. Truman 's 1947 health-care initiative.
edit Background
Jonathan Oberlander, a professor of health policy at the University of North Carolina, maintains that the term does not mean anything at all. Exact definitions vary, but the term can refer to any system of medical care that is publicly financed, government administered, or both. The original meaning was confined to systems in which the government operates health care facilities and employs health care professionals. This narrower usage would apply to the British National Health Service hospital trusts and health systems that operate in other countries as diverse as Finland, Spain, Israel, and Cuba. The United States' Veterans Health Administration , and the medical departments of the US Army Navy , and Air Force would also fall under this narrow definition. When used in this way, the narrow definition permits a clear distinction from

3. The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Quebec's Not So Urgent Care
AmSpecBlog Quebec's Not So Urgent Care. By Philip Klein on 4.10.09 @ 1113AM. Some more details on whether or not Canadian socialized medicine contributed to Natasha Richardson's death

4. Health Care In Canada - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Health care in Canada is delivered through a publiclyfunded health care system, which is mostly free at the point of use and has most services provided by private entities. It is
Health care in Canada
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article has been nominated to be checked for its neutrality . Discussion of this nomination can be found on the talk page (November 2010) Tommy Douglas' (centre left) number one concern was the creation of Medicare . In the summer of 1962, Saskatchewan became the centre of a hard-fought struggle between the provincial government, the North American medical establishment, and the province's physicians, who brought things to a halt with a doctors' strike. Health care in Canada is delivered through a publicly-funded health care system, which is mostly free at the point of use and has most services provided by private entities. It is guided by the provisions of the Canada Health Act A health card is issued by the Provincial Ministry of Health to each individual who enrolls for the program and everyone receives the same level of care. There is no need for a variety of plans because virtually all essential basic care is covered, including maternity and infertility problems. Depending on the province, dental and vision care may not be covered but are often insured by employers through private companies. In some provinces, private supplemental plans are available for those who desire private rooms if they are hospitalized. Cosmetic surgery and some forms of elective surgery are not considered essential care and are generally not covered. These can be paid out-of-pocket or through private insurers. Health coverage is not affected by loss or change of jobs, as long as premiums are up to date, and there are no lifetime limits or exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

5. (4981863) "While You Are Under Anesthesia, A Group Of Medical Students
a) Bad dream b) Porn plot c) Canadian socialized medicine ( 292 More Asinine, operating rooms, anesthesia, medical schools, teaching hospitals, medical students

6. The Problems With Socialized Health Care
Libertarian/freemarket page listing facts, studies, articles, logic and history exposing the destruction and suffering caused by so-called 'socialized healthcare'.
Home Issues
The Problems with
Socialized Health Care
(i.e., trusting politicians and bureaucrats with your health care)
Liberty Links Free market health care NEW Americans for Free Choice in Medicine Association of American Physicians and Surgeons British Libertarian Alliance "Dead Meat"
On The Fence's short film about Canada's socialized healthcare system Free Market Medicine Jane M. Orient, MD Galen Institute International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF) ... Socialized Medicine
- John J. Ray, Ph.D. Spotlight on Socialized Medicine
Results of statism:
Related pages Bad Medicine Deadly Shortage Private Sector Solutions - Health Care War on Drugs ... War on Fat
Government Intervention: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) What Privacy? - Twila Brase, RN The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: More Than We Bargained For, and Less - Tom Miller HIPAA on Privacy: Its Unintended and Intended Consequences - Richard A. Epstein HIPAA and the Criminalization of American Medicine - Grace-Marie Turner A Regulatory Bypass Operation - Tom Miller Government Intervention: HMO Act of 1973 HMOs' Rise Driven by Government, Not Market

7. Madeleine M. Kunin: The Truth About Socialized Medicine
Ronald Reagan turned out to be wrong. Most of us are so happy, in our sunset years, to have access to Medicare, and yes, we are still free.

8. Canadian Socialized Medicine: An Example Of How Not To Solve Health Care Problem
Canadian Socialized Medicine an Example of How Not to Solve Health Care Problems. Copyright 2004 by David W. Neuendorf. During this election season, we again hear a lot of demands
Canadian Socialized Medicine: an Example of How Not to Solve Health Care Problems
During this election season, we again hear a lot of demands that government do something about the high cost of health care, including insurance. There are many ideas out there, but the most persistent is that we ought to emulate Canada's national health care system. The Clinton administration proposed this as one of its top priorities; John Kerry's plan is very similar. In Canada, all medical care must be provided by public institutions. Funding for the clinics and hospitals comes mostly from the national government, but the provinces are in charge of providing health care services. Private health care providers are completely outlawed. Since doctors are employed by the state, no one in Canada has to pay for care. On the surface that does sound tempting. Americans who are self-employed or work for small companies are lucky to find health insurance coverage for $1,000 per month, even without serious pre-existing conditions. Employees of larger companies are paying ever greater shares of their health benefits as well. And of course there are many who must simply gamble that they will stay healthy because they can't afford health insurance premiums. Getting health care coverage while paying zero dollars to an insurance company sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, what sounds too good to be true usually isn't true. First, of course, the costs would be covered by someone: you and everyone else who pays taxes. I might not have to pay over $1,000 per month any longer, but my neighbors who work for big companies in Cincinnati would be forced to pay even more than they do now to cover the added cost of caring for my family. No commodity is free, least of all the services of highly trained doctors, nurses and technicians, using state of the art medical equipment. To make it worse, forcing you to pay for part of my medical bills is simply immoral.

9. Plevi1: Please Please Please Give Me The Evil Canadian 'socialized' Medicine.
HuffingtonPost's Permanent Comment Page Jim Bunning, far from being cowed by the national exposure of his recent effort to hold up unemployment benefits for millions of laidoff

10. Article | A Canadian Doctor Describes How Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work
By David Gratzer. I was once a believer in socialized medicine. As a Canadian, I had soaked up the belief that governmentrun health care was truly compassionate. What I knew about
Your browser does not support script The Mission of the Manhattan Institute is
to develop and disseminate new ideas that
foster greater economic choice and
individual responsibility.
A Canadian Doctor Describes How Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work
July 26, 2007 By David Gratzer My health care prejudices crumbled on the way to a medical school class. On a subzero Winnipeg morning in 1997, I cut across the hospital emergency room to shave a few minutes off my frigid commute. Swinging open the door, I stepped into a nightmare: the ER overflowed with elderly people on stretchers, waiting for admission. Some, it turned out, had waited five days. The air stank with sweat and urine. Right then, I began to reconsider everything that I thought I knew about Canadian health care. Government researchers now note that more than 1.5 million Ontarians (or 12% of that province's population) can't find family physicians. Health officials in one Nova Scotia community actually resorted to a lottery to determine who'd get a doctor's appointment. Eventually, Chaoulli took on the government in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Representing an elderly Montrealer who had waited almost a year for a hip replacement, Chaoulli maintained that the patient should have the right to pay for private health insurance and get treatment sooner. A majority of the court agreed that Quebec's charter did implicitly recognize such a right.

11. Socialized Medicine!
A LowBudget Video on How Canadian Socialized Medicine Really Works. Coming to a Clinic Near You! Gary North July 21, 2009 medicine.html
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S ocialized M edicine
E ve O f D estruction
Kong Sez Folks, the American public seems to be suffering from a mass delusion that Obama's "Health Care Reform Bill" will somehow make medical care free and available to all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody's gonna pay, and who will it be? You and me, of course. Dr. Gary North, economic historian, has looked into this question, and here are some of his observations about this latest boondoggle out of the Obama White House:
Highlights from the ObamaCare Bill:
A Free Report on "Free" Health Insurance.
Gary North
Aug. 1, 2009
The complete text of H.R. 3200 is here . You will not read all 1017 pages. Neither has your Congressman. Neither have your Senators. Neither has the President. This is why, on July 31, when the bill finally was voted out of committee, House Democrats were handed

12. Socialized Medicine In Canada - Associated Content -
Socialized medicine is not the utopian system that many people make it out to be. It jeopardizes the health of Canadians by increasing wait times and causing doctor shortages.
AC.base_www = '/'; AC.base_adm = ''; AC.base_img = ''; AC.base_siteimg = ''; Associated Content Home
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  • Socialized Medicine in Canada
    Adjust font-size: Published March 15, 2009 by: Brooke Lorren View Profile Follow Add to Favorites ... Angioplasty
    Free Care Leaves Doctor Shortages and Waiting Lists
    Nobody wants their neighbors to go without health care, and socialized medicine promises health care for all, regardless of financial situation. Unfortunately, socialized medicine has many problems. Previously, I have written about health care in Europe. America's neighbor to the north, Canada, also has problems with its health care system. Canada often has doctor shortages and waiting lists that cause wealthier patients to travel to the United States for care. The following are some examples of why Canada's health care system is lacking.
    Waiting Times for Treatment
    Canadians wait an average of 18.3 weeks to receive the surgery that they need, according to the CBC News. For some treatments, the wait is considerably longer. Patients needing orthopedic surgery might have to wait more than 38 weeks, and patients needing neurosurgery might have to wait 27 weeks. Many cardiac arrests in Canada could be prevented by using an implantable defibrillator, but the wait time is so long, sometimes doctors don't even bother to refer their patients to get one. Children routinely wait months to more than a year for "elective" surgeries like having their tonsils taken out, having tubes put in their ears to prevent ear infections, saving their sight by surgically realigning their eyes, or removing benign tumors from their faces.

    13. Hot Air » Blog Archive » New Palin “scandal”: She Supports Canadian Social
    Posted by jswtx 70 views 7 months ago
    Posted by jswtx
    views 8 months ago Your browser does not support iframes.

    14. Socialized Medicine In Canada
    Socialized medicine in Canada as it relates to COPD Socialized Medicine In Canada . Socialized medicine is wonderful; it ensures everyone has access to basic medical care
    Site Map Home About COPD What Is It?/Who Develops It? Should I See A Dr? (A Checklist) Talking To Your Dr Before You Go Initial Visit Q's Follow Up Visit Q's COPD Action Plan Link Ask the RRT Ask The Respiratory Therapist YOUR Question Medicines The Different "Types" Know Your Meds - A Reference Guide for Canadaians (pdf version) Drug Names/Equivalents in Different Countries ... Medical Acronyms Are You Newly Diagnosed? If Nothing Else, Read This Just Between Us - From Your Fellow COPDer's Breathing Breathing Distress Diagphagmatic Breathing Breathing Tests (Understanding) PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) Spirometry Tests Finger Pulse Oximeters Where To Get One Exercise Why It's Important FREE Exercise DVD Nutrition Why It's Important Dear family Sick Lungs Don't Show Lung Transplant Lung Transplant Ctrs in Canada Meet Melody (pre transplant ) The Waiting Follow a Couple of Tx Patients on Their Journey HOME Socialized Medicine In Canada Socialized medicine is wonderful; it ensures everyone has access to basic medical care regardless of the size of their wallets. But; there's drawbacks

    15. MP3 Skidmore - A Shrinking Violent - Download Podcasts, Audibles
    Canadian socialized medicine, Islam and the American cowboy, the vengeful spirits of Bali Hinduism, lust, longing, and the inconvenience of love take centre stage with the modern

    16. Canadian Socialized Medicine - Blogs, Pictures, And More On Blogged
    commentary. This second episode was about Reagan’s stand against socialized medicine on the ground of its inherent limitations on personal freedom
    var logged_in = ""; Submit a Blog SignUp Login Blog Directory ... Old Home Blogs about: Canadian Socialized Medicine It Doesnt Work There. Why Try It Here? Canadian Healthcare Continues Its Collapse! Current ... passage of ObamaCare, the United States has taken another fateful step down the road to fully socialized medicine , the ultimate goal of the American political class with regard to healthcare. Meanwhile, our neighbor ... Security and Medicare, it is also putting serious pressure on the Canadian universal healthcare system. In a Reuters news analysis, Claire Sibonney ... related tags: added current group health ... onelmichele Being a Canadian has it disadvantages at is one of those times. I believe in voting and ... the pot and get my US citizenship already! People ask me all the time what I think of socialized medicine because Canada had it. Well it is nice to be able to go to the doctor without the ... fair share of Americans...I hope everyone will vote tomorrow and keep their right to complain! One Canadian L related tags: busy cory pictures things ... time
    Related Tags

    17. Brockwatch Lesnar Is A Medical Miracle, Will Return This Summer
    (Nice try diverticulosis, but no dice.) Canadian socialized medicine may have tried to kill Brock Lesnar or at least end his career, but after an

    18. Dean Cook: Canadian Socialized Medicine Can Kill You
    This article suggests that the substandard Canadian medical system, which is more socialized than the American system, may have contributed to the death of a woman, who is
    Dean Cook
    Saturday, March 21, 2009
    Canadian Socialized Medicine Can Kill You
    This article suggests that the substandard Canadian medical system, which is more socialized than the American system, may have contributed to the death of a woman, who is apparently an employee of American movie studios. (I'm not sure why this particular skiing accident made national news, while numerous others don't -surely these reporters believe that all human lives are equally important.) The evidence is piling up: socialized medicine will kill people.
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    19. Brock Lesnar Is Back [Archive] - ShadowSpear Special Operations
    Brock Lesnar almost died because of Canadian Socialized medicine. Thanks alot, Canadians. That's two different title defenses we could have seen by now but noooooooooo, we had

    20. Daily Pundit Successful Canadian Socialized Medicine.
    Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model. Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, kicked off a fierce battle with drug companies and pharmacies when it said earlier

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