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         Canadian Socialized Medicine:     more detail
  1. Supply and migration of Canadian physicians, 1970-1995: why we should learn to love an immigrant doctor.: An article from: Canadian Journal of Regional Science by Hugh Grant, Ronald Oertel, 1997-03-22
  2. French health-care reform: 30,000 uninsured: France's experience offers a caution to Canadians seeking similar health-care reform.(WORLD): An article from: Catholic New Times by Tom Sandborn, 2006-05-21
  3. Senate Committee study on Canada's health care system.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Jeffrey J. MacLeod, Howard Chodos, 2003-03-22
  4. Pay attention to values.(Canadian health care system)(Editorial): An article from: Catholic New Times
  5. Caring for profit: how corporations are taking over Canada's health care system.: An article from: Labour/Le Travail
  6. Etude du systeme de sante canadien par le Comite senatorial.: An article from: Revue parlementaire canadienne by Jeffrey J. MacLeod, Howard Chodos, 2003-03-22

21. Democratic Underground Forums - Request Error
I saw my first Canadian socialized medicine sucks ad yesterday. I expect more. I wish that stories like yours could get the press that the big guys can afford to buy.

22. Democratic Underground Forums - Request Error
Ugh. the healthy Americans against reforming medicine are going to be all over this. A right winger posted this article elsewhere with the above subject as the title.

23. R.I.P., Canadian Socialized Medicine | a Nature Top 50 science blog from the American Journal of Bioethics

24. New Palin “scandal”: She Supports Canadian Socialized Medicine Or Something
Let’s see how well this one follows the Palin “scandal” template. Step one Some provocative yet murky detail emerges about something she said or did.

25. Five Myths Of Socialized Medicine John Goodman
I n the United States there are about 14 million people—more than a third of the uninsured—who are, in principle, eligible to get free medical care by joining either the

26. Mama Grizzly Bear Palin Likes Canadian Socialized Medicine | Middle Class Populi
Image via Wikipedia Sarah Palin is trying to steal the iconography of “potency” from Barrack Obama with her metaphor of the “Mama Grizzly”. That

27. YouTube - Canadian Socialized Medicine Killed My Mom By Jeff Kuhner
This man is the next Michael Savage. Jeff Kuhner on http//

28. Critiques Of Libertarianism: Medical Care, Insurance, And Socialized Medicine
Canadian Socialized Medicine. A sarcastic retort to a libertarian by Greg Erwin in support of the Canadian medical system. A fun read that touches on many of the oftenrecited
Medical Care, Insurance, and Socialized Medicine
Part of the "Critiques of Libertarianism" site.
Last updated 10/25/07. Libertarians, with their ideological demands of minimal government, see no role for government in medicine or medical insurance. However, the market failures are so severe, the incentives so perverted, that the mostly private US system has bottom-ranked health care outcomes. Socialized medicine; socialized medical insurance; drug, medical device, and therapy regulation; government management of epidemiology and vaccination; extension of these to dentistry: these are all anathema to libertarians and most other conservatives. Worldwide experience shows that the uniquely private (in the first world) US system gives the worst results, but at the highest price.
NEW Health Care Confidential
Brad DeLong quotes Paul Krugman's New York Times article on the success of the Veteran's Health Administration. Medical insurance and health care have such poor market incentives that our centralized bureaucracy can easily outperform markets. A strong argument for nationalized health care.
Canadian Socialized Medicine.

29. Obama Watch: Canadian Socialized Medicine "Imploding"
Excerpted from Google News, via Canadian Press SASKATOON — The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country's healthcare system is sick and doctors

30. Canada Medicine,Canada Drugs,canadian Medicine,prescription Medicine - Canada Me
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31. Canadian Socialized Medicine Killed My Mom — By Jeff Kuhner « American Libert
Canadian Socialized Medicine Killed My Mom by Jeff Kuhner My fellow Americans — This is what Obamacare’s socialized-medicine nightmare will soon be doing to YOUR mother or

32. The Conservative Canadian Socialized Medicine Killed My Mom By Jeff
Analysis on news, politics, Islam, Marxism, Russia and terrorism with a cutting edge, global point of view
@import ""; The Conservative "Anyone that is still a Democrat at this point is not a moderate or a blue dog. They are an ACCOMPLICE." - Steve Cooper
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33. Single Payer Canadian Socialized Medicine Scheme | Free New Hampshire Blog
You are browsing the archives of Single Payer Canadian Socialized Medicine Scheme.

34. Single Payer Canadian Socialized Medicine Scheme | Free State Blogs
Romney was the one that signed the forced socialist health scheme down in Taxachusetts. And now it looks like it is being considered as a “national model” for the rest of the

35. A Low-Budget Video On How Canadian Socialized Medicine Really Works. Coming To A
A LowBudget Video on How Canadian Socialized Medicine Really Works. Coming to a Clinic Near You! This video is 20 minutes. It's not Michael Moore elegant.

36. Claude Castonguay, The Father Of Quebec Medicare, The Forerunner Of Canadian Soc
Claude Castonguay, the father of Quebec medicare, the forerunner of Canadian socialized medicine, now wants to legalize private health insurance to save healthcare in Canada.

AMERICAN HEALTH CARE VS.SOCIALIZED MEDICINE MEDICINE AND HEALTH Here’s a Second Opinion By Scott W. Atlas Ten reasons why America’s health care system is in

38. YouTube - The Horrors Of Canadian Socialized Medicine
The American liberals will not be happy until the USA is like Cuba; a 3rd world cesspool

39. The Dark Side Of Canadian Socialized Medicine - Infectious Lesbians [Archive] -
Archive The dark side of Canadian socialized medicine Infectious lesbians Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)
Straight Dope Message Board Main Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS) PDA View Full Version : The dark side of Canadian socialized medicine - Infectious lesbians astro 01-28-2009, 07:41 AM It's true! (
Andrea Markowski said she and her partner of 18 years made an appointment with Dr. Kamelia Elias after they heard she was accepting new patients. She said Elias started to take the couple's medical history and asked how long the women had been together at which point, the doctor told them she's never treated lesbians before.
Markowski said she asked Elias whether treating a same-sex couple was a problem for her, and alleges Elias said yes.
Elias told the Free Press she has no experience treating lesbians and gays who sometimes have "sexual problems" and other diseases. Elias practised medicine in Egypt before spending four years in Steinbach and said she's never treated gays or lesbians in her two decades as a physician.
"They get a lot of diseases and infections," Elias said during a phone interview. "I didn't refuse to treat them, I said it's better to find someone who has experience and will take this type of patients. There (are) some doctors who can treat them."

40. Timely Medical Services – Private Health Care Options For Canadians
While recognizing that many Canadians believe that we have one of the best health care systems in the world, the founders of Timely Medical Alternatives Inc. also recognize that
Diagnostic Services
Private Medical Services with Timely Medical
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