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         Careers Performing Arts:     more books (100)
  1. Career Opportunities in Theater and the Performing Arts (Career Opportunities (Paperback)) by Shelly Field, 1993-03
  2. Opportunities in Performing Arts Careers by Bonnie Bekken, 2000-09-01
  3. Resumes for Performing Arts Careers (Professional Resumes Series) by Editors of VGM Career Books, 2004-03-18
  4. Great Careers for People Interested in the Performing Arts (Career Connections) by Gillian Bartlett, 1994-08
  5. Performing Arts (Ferguson Career Launcher) by Celia Watson Seupel, 2010-07
  6. Managing Your Career in Theater and the Performing Arts (Ferguson Career Coach) by Shelly Field, 2008-03-31
  7. Performing Arts Uncovered (Careers Uncovered)
  8. Opportunities in Performing Arts Careers (Opportunities Inseries) by Bonnie Bjorguine Bekken, 1991-01
  9. Beyond Talent by Andrea Uselman, 2009-02-26
  10. Opportunities in Performing Arts Careers by Bonnie Bjorguine Bekken, 2008-06-26
  11. Performing Arts Career Directory: A Practical, One-Stop Guide to Getting a Job in Performing Arts (Career Advisor Series) by Bradley J. Morgan, 1994-03
  12. Performing Arts (Ferguson's Careers in Focus)
  13. UK Guide to Performing Arts 2007: For Training and Careers in the Performing Arts
  14. Performing Arts (Discovering Careers for Your Future)

Webography Performing Arts P ERFORMING ARTS G ENERAL I NFORMATION Artsnet at Carnegie Mellon Career services, information, arts management resources, web sites ArtsEdge http

2. Performing Arts Career Guides And Web Resources
Musicians and Related Careers Musicians and Singers Performers Performing Arts Administrator Performing Arts Careers Performing Arts Career Profiles
INFORMATION CENTER Performing Arts Career Guide Explore careers in the Performing Arts with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required. To learn more about Performing Arts, follow the related links below the career descriptions section. Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Performing Arts Career Descriptions Actor
Actors and Actresses

Actors and Dancers

Actors, Directors, and Producers
Wardrobe Specialists

Performing Arts Related Sites Performing Arts Resources
Directory Resources

Arts and Entertainment - ThinkQuest Library

Guide to Performing Arts

Learning Resources Online Liverpool Institute Performing Arts
New York Public Library for the Performing Arts ... The New Creative Economy Report - PDF History Resources for Performing Arts Ancient Playwrights Ballet Years - History 1924- present Composer Timeline Historic American Sheet Music ... Additional History Links Dance Resources Ballet American Ballet Theatre - Ballet Dictionary Art of Dance - Russian Ballet Soloists Ballet Basic Steps Ballet Encyclopedia ... The - ThinkQuest Dance American Dance Therapy Association Curricular Resources in Dance Dance - Artsites Search Dance and Ballet International Resources - Artlynx ... Types of Dance Styles - Wikipedia Drama, Acting, and Theater Resources

3. Professional Comedian Career Information : Professional Comedian's Hardest Day (
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4. Canadian College Of Performing Arts (CCPA)
Offers training in a variety of skills which will prepare students for careers in the performance arts. Provides details of its programs and faculty, events, admission and audition information.
2010-2011 Season Launch Announcements CCPA is proud to begin its partnership with Culture Vulture Victoria . They will work with us to support burgeoning young Canadian artists! Check out their feature on Duncan Stewart, CCPA Grad and Casting Director for Chicago and La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway. Blood Brothers Coming Soon The Canadian College of Performing Arts A centre of excellence in performing arts training The Canadian College of Performing Arts offers quality training in a broad spectrum of skills which will prepare the students for careers in the performance arts locally, nationally or internationally. The College provides a stimulating, positive and constructive environment where students are encouraged to develop high standards of work ethics and conduct which will serve them in any field of endeavour in the future. Le Canadian College of Performing Arts Multidisciplinary training
Therefore at CCPA:
  • The actor acquires physical agility through dance, as well as vocal versatility through singing and speech The singer learns movement and acting skills to expand their range of roles and their ability to command the stage The dancer develops acting and vocal skills to add versatility and longevity to their career.

5. Exploring Careers: Performing Arts, Design, And Communications Occupations @ U.V
Format Government Document Book iv, 44 p. ill. ; 28 cm. Alternate title
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Exploring careers : performing arts, design, and communications occupations.
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Performing arts, design, and communications occupation.
Bulletin / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
[Washington, D.C.?] : U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1979 i.e. 1980.
ISBN(s) Summary
Essays, questionnaires, and games provide information which helps the reader assess his or her talents in order to make career choices.
Series statement
Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics ;

6. Career Discovery
Interviews blend with onthe-job footage for a depiction of eight careers Performing arts theater manager; Writer/Director; Stage electrician; Drafter

7. Careers, Performing Arts, University Of Otago
Performing Arts Studies is a programme for students who wish to pursue learning across a range of performancebased disciplines such as dance, drama, music, design and media.
Careers in Performing Arts
These pathways are described on the following pages. We sometimes think of Performing Arts as a decoration, something not essential. In fact they lie at the heart of human self-awareness, and individual and social identity. They stimulate imagination and innovation. They keep us in touch with our past and our traditions. No other subject area does so much. It is often said that Performing Arts won't give you a career, or a way to earn any money. But there are many ways in which Performing Arts Studies can help you build a career as well as a life. Here are some of the pathways we have identified. Perhaps one of them fits with your aspirations.
What is PA Studies?

8. Steven A. Beebe : Training And Development: Enhancing Communication And Leadersh
Steven A. Beebe Training and Development Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills?
Steven A. Beebe : Training and Development: Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills
Author: Steven A. Beebe Title: Training and Development: Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills Moochable copies: No copies available Amazon suggests: The Consultant's Craft: Improving Organizational Communicatio Transferring Learning to Behavior: Using the Four Levels to I Making Presentations (DK Essential Managers) Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher (Jossey Bass Higher Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Appr Topics: Entertainment Performing Arts Theater Published in: English Binding: Paperback Pages: Date: ISBN: Publisher: Weight: 1.5 pounds Size: 7.01 x 9.13 x 0.94 inches Edition: Amazon prices: used new Amazon URL: WISHLIST ADD >


9. Performing Arts :: WetFeet
Careers and Industries Careers Performing Arts Performing Arts Overview. JLo. Heath Ledger. Bono. 50 Cent
  • Undergrad MBA Experienced Hire Employers ... Compensation
  • Performing Arts
    J-Lo. Heath Ledger. Bono. 50 Cent. Alicia Keys. Jerry Seinfeld. Clint Black. Mikhail Baryshnikov. Jennifer Aniston. It may seem like a diverse list, but all these folks have at least one thing in common: They’re performing artists. Because of the fame and fortune accorded those who succeed in Hollywood, on TV, in theater, and in concert halls, untold millions are drawn toward careers in the performing arts. Very few succeed financially (the notion of the "starving artist" is well founded). Only those with determination, talent, discipline, and luck manage to find careers in the performing arts in which they can support themselves.
    Behind the Music and biographies of film and TV stars on cable TV, and you may think you have a pretty good idea of what being a musician, actor, or other type of performer involves. What you may not realize, though, is that much of what you see on those programs is not necessarily part of the story for most performing artists. The spiral into drug and alcohol abuse, the knock-down, drag-out arguments on the set or in the recording studio, the tragic loss of the original bass player in the tour-bus explosion—none of these things is part of the formal job description for performing artists. Rather, performers who succeed on the world stage spend years laboring to learn the nuances of their medium of expression. For actors, for instance, the work involves mastering the ability to seem to be people other than themselves, via skills such as vocal dexterity and control over their physical actions.

    10. Careers In Song And Dance - Lesson Plan Library
    Careers Performing Arts http//; Performing Arts Career Guide http//
    var addthis_pub="sarafisher"; Classroom Resources Lesson Plan Library Grade level: 6-8 Subject: Fine Arts Duration: 3 class periods
    Student Objectives
    Materials Procedures Assessment ...
    Careers in Song and Dance

    Buy this video
    Student Objectives
    • Identify different careers in music and dance. Create a job posting for one career, including responsibilities, requirements, salary range, and career outlook. Demonstrate knowledge of the necessary education and experience required for specific careers in dance and music.
    • Careers in Performing Arts I, Song and Dance , video Computer with Internet access
  • Ask students to name the careers featured in the video, and make two lists on the board, one each for music and dance. Then ask students to brainstorm other careers involving music and dance. Here are some examples:
    • Music
        Music performer Composer Lyricist Songwriter Music teacher Music publisher Music producer (record producer) Studio manager Music engineer / sound technician Music critic Orchestra musician Music historian Conductor Music therapist Music lawyer Instrument repairperson Disc jockey (DJ) Tour manager
        Music store manager Dance
          Dancer (ballet, modern, jazz)
  • 11. Home Page
    Career Services helping you make decisions about work and training in New Zealand
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    about work and training in New Zealand
    learn more about what we do
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    Chat online Chat online Call free 0800 222 733 Call free
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    Email us Nathan Tupe Premjit Gill David Bremner Jade Boixo ... Mandy Tocher "Tena koe! Explore all the jobs that people do at a kapa haka festival with our online game Kimi Mahi." Try the Kimi Mahi game (needs Flash) Read career info for Maori
    Featured career
    Illustrators use a variety of media, such as computers and paints, to create images for books, magazines, advertisements and websites. Find out more about becoming an illustrator Read about other jobs
    Featured real-life story
    Renee Corlett, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages

    12. Bon Jour! Welcome To The Foreign Language Department!
    Nat. Honor Society Guidance Construction Trades Cougar Den Photo Album Meeting Grounds Celebrations In The Press Medical Careers Performing Arts
    Dakota's Modern Language Department Home
    First Year Language

    Fun With French! Spanish Why should you study a modern language?
    • You can score higher on the ACT and SAT.
    • You can place out of some college requirements.
    • There are many career opportunities.
    • You can learn about other cultures.
    • You can gain a better understanding for English grammar.
    • You can get ahead and get a better job.
    • It's fun and exciting!!
    The aim of the language program at Dakota High School is to prepare students to become proficient in a second language and to become a global citizen. Students will be given the opportunity to:
    • Communicate in a language other than English.
    • Develop insight into one's own language.
    • Recognize language learning as a lifelong process.
    • Make connections with other disciplines.
    • Become familiar with contributions of other cultures, and
    • Understand and value diversity.
    Dakota's Recommended Sequence*
    9th Grade
    11th Grade
    French 1 French 3 Spanish 1 Spanish 3 German 1 German 3
    10th Grade
    12th Grade
    French 2 French 4 Spanish 2 Spanish 4 German 2 German 4 *Even if a student is not going to take advantage of the four-year sequence, the sequence may be started at any grade.

    13. Dance Therapist - Creative Way
    Dance movement therapists use dance and movement to help improve people's emotional wellbeing, relieve stress and improve confidence. Their clients could include children or adults
    • Contact us Careers Profiles Courses ... Dance Therapist
      Dance Therapist
      Dance movement therapists use dance and movement to help improve people's emotional wellbeing, relieve stress and improve confidence. Their clients could include children or adults with disabilities, emotional or behavioural problems, speech and language difficulties, mental illness or recovering from addictions. They work closely with other health care professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and speech and language therapists.
      Typical activities
      Dance movement therapists do not teach dance but encourage clients to try and use their bodies to explore movement and communicate through dance, to help them: express themselves; develop insight and create ways of relating to other people; become aware of their feelings; interact with other people more confidently; and bring about positive changes in their lives. Therapy sessions could be in a group or on a one to one basis. Both therapist and clients take an active part in sessions, by moving and improvising together.
      Salary ranges
      A newly qualified dance movement therapist can earn around £23,000 a year.

    14. Careers: Tisch School Of The Arts At NYU
    Careers Performing Arts. http// Careers Tisch Career Development . http//
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    15. Producer - Creative Way
    A theatre producer decides what the production will be, arranges the finance for it, and assembles a creative team (director, cast, technicians and administrative staff).
    • Contact us Careers Profiles Courses ... Producer
      A theatre producer decides what the production will be, arranges the finance for it, and assembles a creative team (director, cast, technicians and administrative staff). In commercial theatre, the producer aims to make enough profit to finance the run of the show, and pay the performers, production staff and themselves. In subsidised theatre, producers are known as production managers and have to work within, and control, a given budget.
      Typical activities
      During the run of the show, the role of the producer will involve: supporting the production; liaising with everyone involved in the production; finding solutions to problems that occur along the way; controlling the budget; and making sure that the company works well as a team. If the production is going on tour, the producer also books the venues in advance, and arranges transport and publicity for the show.
      Salary ranges
      Starting salaries are around £15,000 to £20,000 a year. With experience, salaries can reach £40,000 a year or more, depending on your track record and the budget available. Minimum rates for producers are set by Equity , the performers' and entertainment workers' trade union.

    16. Admissions Enquiry
    Departments and services; Campus sites; UWE News; What's on; Student life. Money matters; Accommodation; Student Services; Careers; Performing arts; Sports; Students' Union
    Contact Admissions
    Your Enquiry
    Your Name Your E-mail Address Your Enquiry Data Protection Act 1998
    I hereby give my consent for the University to process this information. The information you provide will be used solely to answer your enquiry. It will be retained by the University as an e-mail exchange.
    The University's Data Controller is the Director of Finance. All personal data is processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
    Main menu
    UWE Bristol
    Study at UWE
    About UWE
    Student life
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    17. Performing Arts - Creative Way
    The performing arts sector covers theatre, musical theatre, dance, opera, puppetry, mime, carnival, street and circus arts as well as all the support functions and roles which

    18. Performing Arts « Paciolan – Your Tickets, Your Way.
    Home Markets Performing Arts; Make Every Performance Count. If your program includes a packed house for every show, then turn to Paciolan to empower your organization from front
    Community Portal
    PSO Contact Us Careers
    Performing Arts
    Home Markets Performing Arts
    Make Every Performance Count
    If your program includes a packed house for every show, then turn to Paciolan to empower your organization from front office to back, with affordable, leading-edge technology. We'll put you back in the director's chair and in control of your ticketing, brand and patron relationships. Paciolan's comprehensive ticketing, fundraising, marketing and digital ticketing solutions are engineered to help you sell more tickets and solicit more donations, with automated efficiency. Performing arts venues across North America turn to Paciolan for optimal ease-of-use, flexibility and functionality that outperform other ticketing systems. With Paciolan, you will deliver encore performances that keep your patrons coming back for more.
    Featured Case Studies
    Theatre Under The Stars Digital Ticketing Success
    Kansas City Starlight Leverages tRes to Optimize Ticketing
    The Kansas City Starlight Theatre (KC Starlight) is an 8,000 seat outdoor theatre that presents national touring shows, and produces its own performances, for over 50,000 patrons annually.
    Access Management Arenas best practices careers ... PACMail 2.0

    19. Performing Arts (summary) - Career Services Rapuara
    People working in performing arts may perform and present events, such as plays or concerts, to entertain or inform an audience plan, direct or produce performances

    20. Higher Education Career Training: Universities Colleges Education Accredited Onl
    Pastry Chef Careers Performing Arts Schools Personal Trainer Fitness Training Certification Pet Grooming School Pharmacology Schools

    contact us trade and vocational schools community colleges ... resources
    Higher Education: Universities, College Education and Career Training Guide
    Higher education and career education programs are more important in determining success now than ever before. helps students choose the right college education and career education and training options by providing concise information. With so many different types of higher education paths and schools available, aims to help you make the right choices. Start your search by choosing from one of the following education program options: Back to Higher Education: Career Training, College Education Program Guide About Criminology Accounting Career: Accounting Degree Course Accounting Scholarships ...

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