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  1. The general theory and methodology of teaching computer science. Tutorial / Osnovy obshchey teorii i metodiki obucheniya informatike. Uchebnoe posobie by Kuznetsov A.A., 2010
  2. The Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads, 1996-02-27
  3. Performance Evaluation F Computer and Communication Systems: Joint Tutorial Papers of Performance '93 and Sigmetrics '93 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) by Calif.) Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems (1993 : Santa Clara, 1993-10
  4. The Applesoft Tutorial (Appleii, II+, Iie, Iic, 64k, Book & Disk) by Apple Computer Inc, Inc Staff Apple Computer, 1985-05
  5. Microsoft Office Access 2003: Introductory Tutorial (Computer Education) by Pasewark and Pasewark, 2004-08-31
  6. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003: Introductory Tutorial (Computer Education) by Pasewark and Pasewark, 2004-08-31
  7. Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Introductory Tutorial (Computer Education) by Pasewark and Pasewark, 2004-08-31
  8. Tutorial: Computer Communications : Architectures, Protocols, and Standards/Cat No Eh02683 (Tutorial Series) by William Stallings, 1988-02
  9. Tutorial, Computer Graphics Hardware: Image Generation and Display (Tutorial Series) by Hassan K. Reghbati, Anson Y. C. Lee, 1988-06
  10. Microsoft Office Word 2003: Introductory Tutorial (Computer Education) by Pasewark and Pasewark, 2004-08-31
  11. Tutorial Computers for Artificial Intelligence Applications by Benjamin Wah, G. J. Li, 1986-06
  12. Tutorial: Computer Architecture/No Dq704 by Daniel D. Gajski, Veljko M. Milutinovic, et all 1987-08
  13. Tutorial: Computer and Network Security/Order No Dq756 (Tutorial Series) by Marshall D. Abrams, Harold J. Podell, 1986-12
  14. Tutorial: Computer Graphics, Image Synthesis (Ieee Tutorial Course) by Kenneth I. Joy, Charles W. Grant, et all 1989-01

1. Animated Stories, Computer Tutorials, General Studies, References, Others, Jadui
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2. Home - Knowledge Base
A database of thousands of articles on computer tutorials.
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3. Indian Hills Community College - Computer Tutorials
General Information Read/Print Demonstration; Perform Basic Windows Tasks Navigating Program Windows Manage Your Computer Files MS Word 2007 to 2003 Compatibility
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Computer Tutorials
These tutorials are provided to assist students in gaining the required proficiency with software used by Indian Hills Community College to teach Online Learning courses. The tutorials on this page should be worked through by all students, as part of their orientation, prior to taking any online course. Faculty: Please work through these tutorials and the Faculty Tutorials prior to teaching an online course. Required Software: You will need to download and install the latest free versions of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player in order to view these tutorials. Note: To properly view the video/demonstration tutorials, your screen resolution should be 1024 x 768 or higher. The first tutorial below demonstrates how to increase or decrease your screen resolution. If you prefer, you can change the resolution back to its previous setting after viewing the video tutorials. If you need further assistance, beyond that provided by these tutorials, please contact the IT Help Desk Before You Begin...

4. Free Desktop Wallpaper And Pictures
Free computer tutorials.

5. Newark Public Library Web Guides / Computer Tutorials
Computer Tutorials . General Email Google Docs Internet Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Word Typing Tutorials

6. Parallel Computing Tutorial
of a tutorial about converting serial programs to parallel programs.......
Parallel Computing 101
Quentin F. Stout
Christiane Jablonowski

Parallel computers are easy to build it's the software that takes work. See us at Supercomputing SC10 , in New Orleans.
Our tutorial is on Sunday, November 14.
This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of parallel computing and supercomputing, emphasizing those aspects most relevant to the user. It is suitable for new or prospective users, managers, students, and anyone seeking a general overview of parallel computing. It discusses software and hardware, with an emphasis on standards, portability, and systems that are commercially or freely available. Systems examined include clusters, tightly integrated supercomputers, and GPUs. The tutorial provides training in parallel computing concepts and terminology, and uses examples selected from large-scale engineering, scientific, and data intensive applications. These real-world examples are targeted at distributed memory systems using MPI, shared memory systems using OpenMP, and hybrid systems that combine the MPI and OpenMP programming paradigms. The tutorial shows basic parallelization approaches and discusses some of the software engineering aspects of the parallelization process, including the use of state-of-the-art tools. The tools introduced range from parallel debugging tools to performance analysis and tuning packages. We use large-scale projects as examples to help the attendees understand the issues involved in developing efficient parallel programs. Examples include: crash simulation (a complex distributed memory application parallelized for Ford Motor); climate modeling (an application highlighting distributed, shared, and vector computing ideas with examples from NCAR, NASA and ECMWF); space weather prediction (an adaptive mesh code scaling to well over 1000 processors, funded by NASA/DoD/NSF); and design of ethical clinical trials (a memory-intensive application funded by NSF). Attendees find the lessons convincing, and occasionally humourous, because we discuss mistakes as well as successes.

7. Corn Programming Language
The homepage of a language designed for modeling concurrency and advanced computation; contains a tutorial, the language specification and the source and binaries for the latest version.
CORN Programming language
This language is designed for modeling concurrency and advanced computation. It provides lazy evaluation between concurrently worked threads, with object-oriented and functional style of semantic.
This language can be also used for parallel computation.

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8. Casino (new Audio Book By Nguyen Ngoc Ngan) - Hoa Viet
Việt Nam v Văn Ho Casino (new audio book by Nguyen Ngoc Ngan) Truyện Audio

9. POSIX Threads Programming
Provides an overview of threads programming and the POSIX threads API.
POSIX Threads Programming
Blaise Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory UCRL-MI-133316
Table of Contents
  • Abstract
  • Pthreads Overview
  • What is a Thread?
  • What are Pthreads? ...
  • Exercise
    In shared memory multiprocessor architectures, such as SMPs, threads can be used to implement parallelism. Historically, hardware vendors have implemented their own proprietary versions of threads, making portability a concern for software developers. For UNIX systems, a standardized C language threads programming interface has been specified by the IEEE POSIX 1003.1c standard. Implementations that adhere to this standard are referred to as POSIX threads, or Pthreads. The tutorial begins with an introduction to concepts, motivations, and design considerations for using Pthreads. Each of the three major classes of routines in the Pthreads API are then covered: Thread Management, Mutex Variables, and Condition Variables. Example codes are used throughout to demonstrate how to use most of the Pthreads routines needed by a new Pthreads programmer. The tutorial concludes with a discussion of LLNL specifics and how to mix MPI with pthreads. A lab exercise, with numerous example codes (C Language) is also included. Level/Prerequisites: Ideal for those who are new to parallel programming with threads. A basic understanding of parallel programming in C is assumed. For those who are unfamiliar with Parallel Programming in general, the material covered in
  • 10. Seniors
    Sarasota County Library System. Part of the Sarasota County Community Services Business Center. 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL, 34236 Site disclaimer and policy

    11. TechTutorials - Free Computer Tutorials :: About TechTutorials
    Free computer tutorials, whitepapers and forums for the Windows family, Macintosh, Unix, Networking, Programming and others.
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    12. Blinn College
    Computer tutorials; General interest workshops; Testing for Distance Learning courses, special accommodations, and makeup exams
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    13. Popular Science And Mathematics Book Reviews - TechBookReport
    Reviews of books on popular science and maths. Includes physics, statistics, evolutionary computation and tutorials.

    14. Indian Hills Community College - MS Office 2007 Tutorials
    MS Office 2007 Tutorials. These tutorials are provided to assist students, staff, and faculty in using some of the common functions found in Microsoft Office 2007.

    15. Gabor Hits Send
    Describes scenarios for monitoring, pipelines and parallel processing. PDF, HTML, source code.
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    Sunday, November 07, 2010
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    My iPhone 4 does this annoying thing: Despite being almost fully charged, it turns off and can't be turned on again unless I connect it to iTunes.
    It happened again yesterday while I was wondering around downtown San Francisco. I had my MacBook with me, but no cable. Thinking that an iPhone cable can't cost more than $4.95, I walked into the Apple Store on Market Street. Hello, sticker shock: iPhone cables cost
    Amazon, on the other hand, has off-label iPhone cables for . Likely not as nice as the original. Still, I can't imagine the original cables cost much more make and ship than the retail price of the cheapo cables. Somewhere along the way, Apple seems to create enough value for a whopping 1520% percent markup
    Cables, coffee, greeting cards. The holy trinity of high margins. If only I could create a retail store that sells only these three items.
    "If you try to argue Starbucks pricing by talking about costs you don't get basic economics." Chris Dixon Posted by Gabor at 11/07/2010 02:24:00 PM 0 comments Labels: apple business margins
    101S/92 Lane Choice Strategy
    Do you commute down to the Valley from SF? Do you hate waiting in traffic? Here's a strategy that works when driving southbound on 101. At the 101 southbound/highway 92 intersection, lane choice in is crucial. Here's the strategy that minimizes time:

    16. [Dickinson College] Technology Services
    Welcome to the Technology Services page of Dickinson College, a nationally recognized and highly selective liberal arts college located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
    Technology Services
    Technology Waidner-Spahr Library About LIS Home ... Dickinson Gateway
    Technology Services

    17. Pc Harmony Urmston Manchester Computer Troubleshooting Help Assistance Tutorials
    New computer sales and used computer sales. Offers troubleshooting, lessons, and computer tutorials.

    18. - Niche Contents -- Digital Photos, Programming, Audio, Video,
    Programming and computer tutorials, downloads of video and pictures, forums, articles and fiction writing.
    enter contents prior to 2006 enter contents prior to 2006

    19. Quantum Computation: A Tutorial
    By Samuel L. Braunstein, with links to tutorials on related subjects.
    Next: Computing at the atomic scale
    Quantum computation: a tutorial
    Samuel L. Braunstein
    Imagine a computer whose memory is exponentially larger than its apparent physical size; a computer that can manipulate an exponential set of inputs simultaneously; a computer that computes in the twilight zone of Hilbert space. You would be thinking of a quantum computer. Relatively few and simple concepts from quantum mechanics are needed to make quantum computers a possibility. The subtlety has been in learning to manipulate these concepts. Is such a computer an inevitability or will it be too difficult to build? In this paper we give a tutorial on how quantum mechanics can be used to improve computation. Our challenge: solving an exponentially difficult problem for a conventional computer-that of factoring a large number. As a prelude, we review the standard tools of computation, universal gates and machines. These ideas are then applied first to classical, dissipationless computers and then to quantum computers. A schematic model of a quantum computer is described as well as some of the subtleties in its programming. The Shor algorithm [ ] for efficiently factoring numbers on a quantum computer is presented in two parts: the quantum procedure within the algorithm and the classical algorithm that calls the quantum procedure. The mathematical structure in factoring which makes the Shor algorithm possible is discussed. We conclude with an outlook to the feasibility and prospects for quantum computation in the coming years.

    20. Account Suspended
    AntiForensics This should be read before other computer tutorials General Encryption Explains principles of asymmetric and symmetric encryption
    Account Suspended
    This Account Has Been Suspended

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