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  1. Watching debates: a focus group analysis of voters. (Cover Feature).: An article from: Campaigns & Elections by Mark Watts, 2002-06-01
  2. Commonweal's 80th anniversary issue.(political debates between John F. Kerry and George W. Bush): An article from: Commonweal
  3. Debatable debates.(Perspective)(Brief Article): An article from: Mississippi Business Journal
  4. Debates & decisions.(political debates between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry): An article from: Commonweal
  5. Debate offered WU Student Life chance to show off- and they did.(Washington University): An article from: St. Louis Journalism Review by Joe Pollack, 2008-10-01
  6. For and Against! (English Activities to Photocopy) by Patrick Daley, Michael S. Dahlie, 2002-04-19
  7. Gifted Tongues: High School Debate and Adolescent Culture (Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology) by Gary Alan Fine, 2001-06-01
  8. House acts while Senate debates: flurry of House activity moves business legislation.(Capitol Retail Report): An article from: Do-It-Yourself Retailing
  9. Effects of presidential debate watching and ideology on attitudes and knowledge.: An article from: Argumentation and Advocacy by William L. Benoit, David J. Webber, et all 1998-03-22
  10. Policy implications of research on energy intake and activity levels with reference to the debate of the energy adequacy of existing diets in developing countries (Discussion paper) by Shlomo Reutlinger, 1983
  11. VOTE 2008 DEBATES SET FOR HOUSE, SENATE RACES.(Local News): An article from: The Santa Fe New Mexican (Santa Fe, NM) by Gale Reference Team, 2008-09-14
  12. Presidential Debates: Not a Spectator Sport.(Brief Article): An article from: Social Education
  13. DeFazio, Feldkamp clash in debate.(Politics)(While both concur that Washington needs cleaning up, the congressional candidates spell out differences on ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2006-10-10
  14. A functional analysis of the 2008 vice presidential debate: Biden versus Palin.(Report): An article from: Argumentation and Advocacy by William L. Benoit, Jayne R. Henson, 2009-06-22

1. Debate
Easier A debate is a discussion between sides with different views. Persons speak for or against something before making a
The Topic:
Debate Easier - A debate is a discussion between sides with different views. Persons speak for or against something before making a decision. Harder - Two thousand years ago, citizens of Athens held regularly scheduled public assemblies. Peoples' votes determined the policies and actions of the state. Citizens decided whether Athens went to war and how it fought. They created the laws that impacted their daily life. But the votes were always preceded by debates where citizens and leaders argued about the right choices, what was morally and legally right, the best way to achieve a desired outcome, and what was possible and prudent. Debates are a means of encouraging critical thinking, personal expression, and tolerance of others' opinions. Today, debate still remains essential to democracy. Debates are conducted in governing assemblies, held in lecture halls and public arenas, presented in schools and universities, written in newspaper and magazine columns, heard on radio, or seen on the television. Like our predecessors in ancient Greece, people argue about what is best for their societies and shape the course of law, policy, and action.

2. Section 1 Classroom Debate Classroom Debate Activities Meet The
Section 1 Classroom Debate Classroom debate activities meet the following California Language Arts Content Standards LISTENING AND SPEAKING GRADES 9/10 1.0 LISTENING AND

3. Hrvatsko Debatno Društvo
Non-governmental organization concerned with promoting debate and organizing various debating activities. Croatian/English

4. Debates, Discussion & Speaking Activity Lessons For Esl Teachers: Eslflow Webgui
Eslflow's esl guide for teaching communication with debates, discussions and speaking activities.
@import url(;
Cool Jobs - A Debate Roleplay Lesson Plan for ESL teachers

This is a debate lesson for large classes, keeping
everyone involved
Prepare for Discussion: Activities for intermediate ESL
studentsaround the themes of health, the environment etc. (includescrosswords, vocab exercises...)
Speaking skills lesson plans: Censored:students role play a discussion about censorship on a television talk show.

ESL discussion lessons for Suggestions (good/bad)

Approve / Disapprove Arguing For and Against

Separating Garbage
Lesson Plan:
Men and Women - Equal at Last?
Debate Lesson Plan-
This activity is set in the context of a meeting, in which the participants (the whole class) are discussing the proposed development of a new shopping centre where they live. Negotiation Tactics (see lesson 2) intermediate Which school do we choose from?lesson plan Moonstruck! Does The Full Moon Control Behavior? (great topic!) Multinationals - Help or Hindrance? Full debate lesson Euthanasia Good o r Bad?

5. Long_goshgarian_dialogues_4|Student Resources|Casebook: The Cloning Debate|Activ
Casebook The Cloning Debate Activities Please read the following questions and type your answer in the space provided.
Home Student Resources Casebook: The Cloning Debate Activities Casebook: The Cloning Debate
Please read the following questions and type your answer in the space provided. Click "Submit for Grade" to send your responses to your professor or to email a draft to yourself if you wish to continue working on the activity. Click the highlighted links to open in a separate window the passages or sites you'll use to answer the questions. document.write(''); Human Cloning The debate over human cloning is at the forefront of bioethical issues. Many scientists concede that it is merely a matter of time until someone successfully clones a human. However, scientists also tend to agree that there are many reasons why it should not be done. , a resource for scientists and bioengineers, has prepared an extensive Web site exploring the issue of human cloning, including the cloning process, the current debate, and news items. After reviewing their site, discuss your own position on human cloning, making references to the resources.
Several of the authors in this section mention the idea of "genetic identity." What is genetic identity? Search for more information on the Internet using the phrase "right to genetic identity" or simply "genetic identity" in various search engines such as

6. National Catholic Forensic League
Dedicated to supporting high school speech and debate activities for public, private, and parochial high schools in the US and Canada. Features bylaws, manuals, competition events, and local contacts.
National Catholic Forensic League
Leadership Through Speech

7. OnlineLearn | Designing Online Debates ---> Pre-Debate Activities
Before beginning an online debate, you should understand the different types of debate. Definitions and examples of each type of debate are listed
Before beginning an online debate, you should understand the different types of debate. Definitions and examples of each type of debate are listed below.
Formal Debate
The traditional form of debate practiced by academic debate teams. In an online environment, formal debate can take place by dividing the class into teams and assigning each team a specific argument. Informal Exploratory Debate
A heightened form of discussion where students discover and investigate concepts and conflicts within a topic or issue. Devil's Advocate

We find the following things to be helpful before beginning a debate activity:
  • Assign relevant readings: i.e. books, articles, websites or other texts.
    Identify additional resources and encourage students to submit resources.
    Develop and provide guidelines for debate topics
    Select debate format
    Provide the 9 Principles of Good Debating to your students.

8. Debates - Internet Craze - Lesson Plan Debates For Esl Classes
Advanced level lesson plan for classroom debate including cue cards discussing the real impact of the Internet on today's society
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  • Home Education English as 2nd Language
  • English as 2nd Language
    By Kenneth Beare , Guide
    See More About:
    zSB(3,3) This lesson plan is based on the idea that having students support opinions that are not necessarily their own during debates can help improve students fluency. In this manner, students pragmatically focus on correct production skills in conversation rather than striving to "win" the argument. For more information on this approach please see the following feature: Teaching Conversational Skills: Tips and Strategies Of course, once students have become confident in their production skills, the can obviously argue the point they truly believe in. Aim: Improve conversational skills when supporting a point of view Activity: Debate concerning the current and future impact of the Internet on daily life Level: Upper-intermediate to advanced Outline:
    • Review language used when expressing opinions, disagreeing, making comments on other person's point of view, etc. (See work sheet)

    9. Canada, The Arctic And The Circumpolar World
    Bringing an Arctic perspective to international debates and activities with a Northern Dimension of Canada s Foreign Policy.
    Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
    Institutional Links
    • Foreign Policy
      Canada and the Circumpolar World Canada is an Arctic nation. The Arctic is a priority for the Canadian government and our Government is playing a leadership role on Arctic issues, internationally and at home.
      Minister Cannon
      Arctic Ocean Foreign Ministers' Meeting
      The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with the Foreign Ministers from the United States, the Russian Federation, Denmark and Norway at a meeting of Arctic Ocean coastal states in Chelsea, Quebec, on March 29, 2010. The Chelsea meeting examined a range of emerging issues. These included how the Arctic Ocean is beginning to experience significant change as a result of altering weather patterns and how this translates into opportunities and challenges for policy making on which Arctic Ocean coastal states will need to cooperate in the future.
      Arctic Fellowships
      For more information, or to apply, visit:

    10. Debate Activities Preserved For Posterity
    Debate activities preserved for posterity. The sights and sounds of the biggest event in the history of Washington University will have their own place in history because they have
    Debate activities preserved for posterity
    The sights and sounds of the biggest event in the history of Washington University will have their own place in history because they have been secured on video and audio tape. Everything from local press briefings to high-level planning meetings were recorded on 30 hours of audiotape by University Archivist Carole A. Prietto. In addition, the University hired producer Andy Ruhlin to record on video the day-to-day happenings leading up to the first presidential debate of 1992. Prietto was called into the project about halfway through preparations and Ruhlin began videotaping on Thursday preceding the debate. Both recorded activities throughout the weekend. Prietto, who shadowed University officials for five days with microphone in hand, will listen to the tapes and edit and prepare them for use by University administrators. She said transcribing the recordings verbatim would be too cumbersome a task. In addition, she also will compile a printed record by cataloging news clips from around the world and gather video materials that were produced by the University. Press packets, including pens, pencils, T-shirts, and all other promotional materials, also will be cataloged and stored. "This will be extremely valuable for the University record because it will help us if we ever host another major event such as this," says Prietto. "By maintaining a complete record, we will be able to learn what issues officials had to deal with at the time and how they handled the issues. This is the biggest event in the history of Washington University. We have never hosted an event of this magnitude, and we need to record it because it's too important to overlook."

    11. Argument And Debate
    Argument and Debate. Deliberation is the collaborative process of discussing contested issues by considering various perspectives in order to form opinions and guide judgment.
    University of Pittsburgh Contact
    Argument and Debate
    What are the basic components of argument and deliberation?
    Contest issues: Deliberation involves a controversy or unsolved problem in need of resolution. Exchange opinions : Deliberation is not individual monologues, but a substantial consideration of ideas by multiple group members who advance different perspectives. Reflect Synthesize: Deliberation combines and builds upon individual contributions to create intellectual activity greater than the sum of its parts. Reform opinions : Deliberation between individuals sparks deliberation within themselves, challenging and expanding their opinions on issues. Judge : Deliberation fosters conclusions on critical issues.
    What can one argue about?
    Facts : Rarely are interesting and non-trivial facts so obvious that they invite universal agreement. We do not argue over the location of the Pacific Ocean or the temperature that water boils, for a resolution to such issues is easily reached. However, not all scientific or "factual" issues are beyond dispute, such as the effects of global warming and the cause of AIDS. However, deliberation provides ways to expose the areas of contest and to compare and provide alternate views on competing facts. Values : The clash of values is a defining marker of contemporary society. Deliberation can raise questions about the tensions between and within value systems that guide decision-making. Most Americans support free speech and the freedom of religion, but when these values come into conflict (such as posting the Ten Commandments outside a courthouse), it is the deliberative process that attempts to resolve these conflicts.

    12. Georgetown University Grilling Society (GUGS): Home Page
    Devoted to promoting the ideals of the Republican Party. Grassroots support of local and national campaigns and debates. Activities, trips, events, speakers, message boards, links, and pictures.
    Georgetown University Search Site Index Site Map ... Members
    JOIN GUGS! Get on the email list by emailing from your Georgetown email address. Leave the subject line blank, and type "subscribe gugs-l Your Name" in the body portion. Email with any problems. Want GUGS to cater your event? Please email with your request...the sooner the better because we book up quickly! GUGS is a co-ed student group dedicated to bringing delicious burgers, hot dogs, and pulled pork sandwiches to the Georgetown community on Fridays every week, weather permitting. The Society also partners with other Georgetown organizations to cater both social and fundraising events.
    No announcements listed.
    Join Now!
    Georgetown University Search Site Index ... About

    13. Debate Activities For Middle School |
    Debate Activities for Middle School. Middle school debate activities benefit students in many ways. Debate doesn't teach kids to simply argue. It improves their critical
    • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
    Home Education Middle School Science Activities ... Debate Activities for Middle School
    Top 5 To Try
    Related Topics
    Debate Activities for Middle School
    By Shelley Frost eHow Contributor updated: December 22, 2009 I want to do this! What's This?
  • Middle school debate activities benefit students in many ways. Debate doesn't teach kids to simply argue. It improves their critical thinking skills, oral communication and understanding of current events. Debate activities provide middle school students with a strong academic foundation as well as confidence in themselves. Debate activities work in a number of curricular areas.
  • School Issues
  • Debating issues related to school life gives the students a topic they truly understand. The school issue debate might examine school uniforms, vending machines in the lunchroom or extras offered at the school. Students can interview staff members and other students to gather information for the debate. With students taking different sides, they construct their arguments before engaging in the debate.
  • Historical Debates
  • Debates work well in the middle school social studies classroom. Current events provide the basis for many good debates, but historical events also are effective. Events during the period of history you are studying offer good topics of debate. Examples include slavery and any war you study. By asking students to take different positions in the debate, they engage in active research on the topic. This helps them gain a better understanding of the events, making debate a useful teaching strategy.
  • 14. Los Angeles Metro Debate League
    Home of the Los Angeles Metro Debate League DON’T FORGET! Summer Camp Applications are due this Friday, June 4th. Click here for a copy of the application!

    15. Debate Activities - Educate '08 - Hofstra University
    Hofstra University is a voter education partner of the commission on presidential debates

    16. IDEA: International Debate Education Association - Debate Resources & Debate Too
    The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) develops, organizes and promotes debate and debaterelated activities in communities throughout the world. Established in 1999
    About IDEA About Debate Teaching Tools Publications ... View watched forums MM_preloadImages('images/ro_int_03.gif','images/ro_int_08.gif','images/ro_int_09.gif'); Search: IDEA :: Discussion Boards
    Search: Forum Topics Posts Last Post RSS Open Discussions Discuss Intercultural Dialogue
    As part of the activities of the Year of Intercultural Dialogue, IDEA is participating in Strangerfestival Project. We would like to hear your opinions about the videos and topics related to the theme of strangers in Europe. Mon Nov 8th, 2010 01:34 am
    by sportlover
    in Pets The People Speak
    The People Speak, a community of young people who are passionate about global issues. Here, you can exchange ideas and perspectives with young people from around the world and learn more about how you can make a difference. Sun Oct 31st, 2010 10:37 pm
    in do you think abortion should be allowed About Debate
    Discuss different debate formats, meet new debaters, post information on upcoming member events, etc. Sat Oct 16th, 2010 03:06 pm
    by vovazl
    in SSE Riga IV 2010 Ask the 'Experts' This is a discussion board where you can ask experienced debate coaches and trainers questions about debating. It is constantly monitored by a team of accredited IDEA international debate trainers. Sat Oct 30th, 2010 05:15 pm

    17. High School Debate Activities |
    High School Debate Activities. In today's politically charged world where we are bombarded with information from newspapers, cable news channels and the Internet, the ability to
    • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
    Home Education High School Science Activities ... High School Debate Activities
    Top 5 To Try
    Related Topics
    High School Debate Activities
    By Laura Bramble eHow Contributor updated: December 24, 2009 I want to do this! What's This?
  • In today's politically charged world where we are bombarded with information from newspapers, cable news channels and the Internet , the ability to examine and question information, think critically and look at a situation from both sides is more important than ever. Unfortunately, schools need to teach the facts that will let their students pass the standardized tests that govern funding, not critical thinking. This is where debate comes in, because it teaches and promotes the very critical thinking skills that are lacking in today's curriculums. There are high school debate activities that are suitable for students of every academic level.
  • 18. Learn About The Global Warming Debate - Teaching Kids About Global Warming For E
    Kids can learn about the global warming debate in a fun and interactive way. Great for classrooms or homeschooling.
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    Learn about the Global Warming Debate
    Easy Ideas for Kids
    By Stossel in the Classroom: 2009 Edition with introduction by Laura Young and Hope Boyarsky Image Courtesy of: Stossel in the Classroom: 2009 Edition
    In this article:
    Holiday Links
    Free Crafts Emails:
    Over the last few years many politicians, news programs, and

    19. Tuck Everlasting (debate Activity)
    Objective. Students will be able to support their position on controversial issues with researched evidence. Summary Student teams will research and present their position on one of
    Tuck Everlasting
    Debate Activity
    Objective Implementation Collaboration Material and Resources ... Home Objective Students will be able to support their position on controversial issues with researched evidence. Summary: Student teams will research and present their position on one of the following questions or a topic of their own, in a debate format: Should there be a death penalty? If death is a natural part of life, should we try to prolong life? Should everyone who breaks the law be punished? How much interference, if any, should people do to change the environment? Learning Context: This activity introduces relevant controversial issues that are brought up in the story, Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt. The pro and con positions of these issues will be researched and completed as a culminating activity at the conclusion of reading the book. Students will be allowed to debate their position as a team, and then reflect individually on how their position applies to the characters and events from the novel. Time Allotment:
    5 class periods. 1 Hr per class.


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