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         Debate Lesson Plans:     more detail
  1. Free curriculum promotes death-penalty debates: the Death Penalty Information Center offers online lesson plans designed to spark discussion and improve ... An article from: Curriculum Review
  2. Student Voices Against Poverty: The Millennium Campaign Curriculum Project: Lesson Plans and Resources Manual for Teachers

1. Education World ® Lesson Planning: It's Up For Debate!
Click here for resources related to debate rules, rubrics for measuring student participation, a list of debate topics for classroom use, additional debate lesson plans, and special

2. Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plans -
Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plans Primary Sources Lesson Plans The Lincoln Douglass Debates of 1858 Students will examine the transcripts of
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History to 1783
Native Americans

Columbus' Voyage


Salem Witch Trials
Vietnam Era


Gerald Ford

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Abraham Lincoln
Lesson Plans Primary Sources
Lesson Plans: The Lincoln Douglass Debates of 1858 - Students will examine the transcripts of the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates and create a platform for each candidate in the 1858 Senate race. ( site has plenty of Primary Sources Abraham Lincoln's Classroom - An excellent collection of Lincoln information, including photos, speeches, primary source documents, and much more. Lincoln Goes to War - This lesson plan explores the decision-making process that precipitated the Civil War, focusing on deliberations within the Lincoln administration that led to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861. Attitudes Toward Emancipation - To evaluate the provisions of the Emancipation Proclamation; to trace the stages that led to Lincoln's formulation of this policy; to explore the range of contemporary public opinion on the issue of emancipation; to document the multifaceted significance of the Emancipation Proclamation within the context of the Civil War era.

3. Education World ® Lesson Planning: More Resources For Classroom Debates
more debate lesson plans; and fun debate strategies. Debate Rules. Classroom Debate Instructions This teachercreated resource includes student guidelines and rules for holding
MORE RESOURCES FOR CLASSROOM DEBATES Updated May 2009 Back to Debate Lesson Plan Below you will find links that will take you to the best resources on the Web for
  • debate rules;
  • debate rubrics for student assessment;
  • debate topics for classroom use;
  • more debate lesson plans; and
  • fun debate strategies.
Debate Rules Debate Rubrics for Student Assessment
Use one of these rubrics to assess student performance, or adapt the rubrics to create one that meets your needs: Debate Topics for Classroom Use
  • Ideas for Debate Topics
    This teacher-created list contains more than three dozen topics, mostly about student-centered issues (

4. Lincoln/Net: Lesson Plans: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates Of 1858
Students will examine the transcripts of the 1858 LincolnDouglas debates and create a platform for each candidate in the 1858 Senate race.
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858
by Jennifer Erbach
Students will examine the transcripts of the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates and create a platform for each candidate in the 1858 Senate race. Students will utilize the candidates' arguments to explore the historical and political impact of the following:
  • popular sovereignty compromise of 1850 fugitive slave law Dred Scott case Kansas-Nebraska Act Lecompton constitution Missouri Compromise
Note: students should have at least a working knowledge of these terms prior to this lesson Introduction: Think about the elections of government officials such as senators, governors, and the president. What are some key issues that voters are concerned about today? (Ex: abortion, stem cell research, campaign finance reform, taxes, education, etc.) Very often newspapers or private groups will publish a chart of each candidate's stand on key issues, their platform, prior to a major election. (May want to show the class an example from a recent election). Part I: Imagine you are a citizen in the state of Illinois during the Senate race of 1858. (Remember: at this time, representatives to Congress were not chosen by a direct popular election the way they are today. Eligible voters elected representatives to the Illinois state legislature. The state legislature in turn, voted to elect Illinois' representatives to Congress). There are two major candidates running to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate, Republican Abraham Lincoln and Democrat Stephen A. Douglas. Based on what you have been learning about the events leading up to the Civil War, what are some of the key issues that you as an Illinois citizen in 1858 might be concerned about? As a class, create a list of these issues. Encourage students to be specific. Examples:

5. Lesson Plans 4 Teachers: Debate Lesson Directory
How to Hold a Class Debate. Lesson Plans Using Debates. DEBATE LESSON PLANS. How To Hold a Class Debate. NATURE Lesson Plans A Giraffe Debate. What is debating?

6. Lesson Plans: The Lorax Explorations (Middle, Reading/Writing)
Teachers.Net Lesson Plans Lesson Plans The Lorax Explorations (Middle, ading/Writing)

This debate format is a synthesis of many styles. For our school, Clinton, I wanted a format that stressed listening to what others say and competition in a friendly

8. Teachers Network: The Great Debate
Teachers Network is a major, nonprofit education organization offering online multimedia professional development and teacher education packages in order to improve student

9. Classroom Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Lesson Plan) -
Hold a LincolnDouglas style debate and learn about major political issues. This is an excellent activity to conduct during the presidential elections, when candidates are holding
var do_survey = 1; click here Free Trial Member Benefits Sign In Nov 14, 2010 Search: United States History U.S. Civil War (1860-1865) (65 resources)
FREE Lesson Plan - st of 5 Free Items
View 4 more resources at no cost, and then subscribe for full access.
Classroom Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Grade Levels:
  • Students will use their research skills.
  • Students will understand a position well enough to be able to respond to arguments against it.
  • Students will understand the Lincoln-Douglas style of debate.
  • Choose debate topic.
  • Assign teams; distribute Student handout
  • Discuss the procedures of the debate. Allow students to review the
  • 10. Joshua High School | Furtick, Angela
    Debate Lesson Plans 2010 Debate Tournament Schedule. All Students enrolled in Debate must compete in a

    11. 6584 Debate Lesson Plans Reviewed By Teachers
    Search debate lesson plans to find teacher approved lesson plans. From debate structure to death penalty debate, quickly find lesson plans that inspire student learning.

    12. Lesson Plans - Civics And Government - Themed Resources - For Teachers (Library
    A compilation of Civics and Government themed lesson plans from across the Library's Web site
    @import url(/css/loc_standard_v2.css); @import url(/teachers/css/loc_teachers_v2.css); skip navigation The Library of Congress Teachers ... Civics and Government > Lesson Plans
    Civics and Government
    Lesson Plans
    [Detail] Government mural by Elihu Vedder Themed Resources Home Primary Source Sets Lesson Plans
    Exhibitions and Presentations
    Collection Connections Search Terms For Students Use these lesson plans, created by teachers for teachers, to explore U.S. civis and government. All History is Local (Grades 9-12) Creating an archive of primary source materials constitutes the principal activity of a year-long American Studies class focusing on historiography and the use of primary sources. Students understand and articulate the interplay between national, state, local, and personal history. The Bill of Rights (Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12) Students examine a copy of twelve possible amendments to the United States Constitution from 1789, and debate and vote on which of these amendments they would ratify to produce a Bill of Rights. Conservation at a Crossroads (Grades 9-12) Two separate lessons for students to investigate and debate the controversies inherent in conservation programs. Students research federal laws related to conservation.

    13. Sample Debate Lesson Plan
    Sample Debate Lesson Plan . Long Range Objective Standard Number 5.0 Microbiology The student will investigate diversity, impact, and uses of
    Sample Debate Lesson Plan
    Long Range Objective Standard Number: 5.0 Microbiology - The student will investigate diversity, impact, and uses of microorganisms as well as diseases caused by microorganisms.
  • Tsw identify the locations of the remaining smallpox virus. Tsw list and defend three arguments for and three arguments against destruction of the smallpox virus. Tsw identify the pros and cons related to inoculating all American citizens against smallpox.
  • Set
    Using PowerPoint, present students with clues and ask them to name the killer who is described in the clues. Each clue presents the history of smallpox.
    Instructional Procedures
    Present background information on smallpox (See Set) Display debate resolution: Resolved that a nationwide inoculation plan against smallpox should be implemented immediately. Define key terms: virus, smallpox
    Set-up Procedures
  • Divide class into two groups (affirmative and negative) Provide preparation time to prepare arguments Select four main debaters, two per side
  • 14. Rain Forests - Lesson Plan Library
    The Lesson Plan Library offers high school lesson plans covering all major school subjects and special interests.
    var addthis_pub="sarafisher"; Classroom Resources Lesson Plan Library Grade level: 9-12 Subject: Plants Duration: Two class periods
    Materials Procedures Adaptations ... Credit
    Find a video description, video clip, and discussion questions.
    Spirits of the Rainforest

    Students will understand the following:
    Scientists are conducting experiments to verify the powers attached to herbs and other plants by native peoples. A reader must evaluate the accuracy and biases of all so-called scientific studies, especially those reported only on the Web. Materials
    For this lesson, you will need:
    Access to the Internet Procedures
    Make sure students understand that the bulk of prescription and over-the-counter drugs used in this country these days are synthetic compounds. There has always been interest in naturally occurring drugs—those that are made from plants. Point out to students that even with its long history, the subject of finding useful medicines among plants in the rain forest (and in other ecological systems) raises controversial responses from some quarters. While more and more Western physicians and other scientists are closely examining the benefits of some plants for some patients, other parties believe that native cures can be effective only for the companies that make the plants commercially available to the public. What is the truth about plants from the rain forest and other biospheres? Discuss with students how they would go about using the Internet to find material about new or potential uses of plants as medicines. Where would they begin? By going straight to Web sites hosted by pharmaceutical companies? By doing keyword searches?

    15. 6584 Debate Lesson Plans Reviewed By Teachers :: Lessons 11 - 20
    Search debate lesson plans to find teacher approved lesson plans. From debate structure to death penalty debate, quickly find lesson plans that inspire student learning.

    16. Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design - Is Evolution Science Or Religion? - The Debat
    Proponents of Intelligent Design want you their concept taught in school if evolution is taught because they claim that's fair. But creationism and intelligent design has not basis
    Prior to the mid-1990s, conservative Christians tried in vain to force the teaching of creationism, the Christian concept of how the world and the life on it began, in the public schools. They were rebuffed at every turn by the courts on constitutional grounds. So, around 1995, the fundamentalists came up with the idea of intelligent design . It's premise was that there is so much irreducible complexity in living things that there must have been an intelligence behind their creation. It couldn't have happened by chance events, they claimed. And today, the intelligent design proponents are gaining ground in many states and local school districts across the country. Their arguments sound plausible on the surface, but in fact, the whole concept of ID is based on showing the perceived weaknesses in the theory of evolution. So, by default, they claim intelligent design is the better explanation and should at least be given equal footing with evolution in the public schools. Intelligent design has no basis in science whatsoever. And its proponents do not really claim it has scientific merit. Their point is that evolution is taken on faith, too. And since it is taught in science class, so should ID.

    17. Raging Debates | Language Arts Lesson Plan
    Teachnet.Com Smart Tools for Busy Teachers Lesson Plans, Resources Links, Teacher2-Teacher Conference Boards, Free Power Tools downloads, bulletin boards, 'how to' projects

    Front page
    Lesson Plans Language Arts General Raging Debates As we near the end of the year, tempers are hot and everyone is stressed. As students complete final assignments and tests, you may be searching for a constructive classroom activity that doesn't require a high level of planning. Consider a debate! Tackle a current event or a legal battle and you're sure to start a conversation. Before you jump in though, consider these tips from some of our T2T contributors... Karen "Maybe you could just split the group and assign them roles to play. (On the topic of "Violence in Films") One group could be actors, the other a group of concerned parents. One group could be directors, the other teens who want tighter regs; one group could be industry execs, the other a group of movie critics. Or.........try any combination of the above. Once the groups have been assigned, you could just propose a resolution that you create. Then, the debate could start from there." - Wade
    "You might have them write out their thoughts from both points of view. In that way they have 1. thought of counter arguments and 2. they are ready when you randomly assign them a side to defend. I've done it with my 5th graders and it works out ok." -

    18. Public Speaking Lesson Plans
    Speaking in front of an audience is a skill and a talent that students can develop with this set of lesson plans.
    Teachnology The Online Teacher Resource
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    Ultimate Grammar Series
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    Grammar Workbook, Vol. 2
    - Plural and Proper Nouns
    - Use of Possessives and Tenses View Now...
    Public Speaking Lesson Plans
    Capitalization and Basic Punctuation Most Common Nouns Grammar Theme Most Common Verbs ...
    • A Unit On Public Speaking - This website contains five modules that you can use along with your textbook to learn about the process of public speaking and to help you prepare your speeches. Delivering a Persuasive Speech - Students need to understand that how they say something and how they physically present themselves are just as important as what they say. By understanding the dynamics involved in effective persuasive speaking, students will improve their overall confidence in communicating.
    Delivering a Persuasive Speech - Demonstrate the appropriate classroom public speaking and listening skills (e.g., body language, articulation, listening to be able to identify specific examples of the speaker's coordination of talking and action) that would be necessary to influence or change someone's mind or way of thinking about a topic.

    19. Debates - Teaching Tips And Tools
    Rules of Debate. Rules of Debate (Rutland HS) Debate Formats Fallacies . Debate Lesson Plans India/Pakistan Dispute over Kashmir A 4Day Mini-Unit with background Home Games Powerpoints ... Free Stuff
    When debating anything, it's important to keep your cool!
    Rules of Debate
    Rules of Debate (Rutland HS) Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Debate
    Debate Lesson Plans
    India/Pakistan Dispute over Kashmir

    A 4-Day Mini-Unit with background and handouts Debate on Censorship
    2-3 Day Lesson. Debate set in modern times. Lesson Ancient China Great Site for Debates Battling for Liberty - compare three speeches Debate Lesson Plans Analyze I Have a Dream speech ... Projects for reports - Great organizational tool, handout
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    Clip Art Credit: Phillip Martin
    Have a great year!

    20. Learning About Lincoln
    Find lesson plans appropriate for your grades K through 8 and for grades 9 through 12, developed by institutions like the National Archives, the Organization for American Historians
    Skip to Content Why does this site appear as text-only? Licoln's Life Licoln's Legacy ...
    Fun Stuff
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    Lesson Plans
    Find lesson plans appropriate for your grades K through 8 and for grades 9 through 12 , developed by institutions like the National Archives, the Organization for American Historians, the Abraham Lincoln Association, Indiana Humanities Council, and the White House Historical Association. The lesson plans address  poetry , art history, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, civil liberties, women, and political theology, among others. Share Your Successful Lincoln Lesson Plans You can contribute to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission’s growing online clearinghouse of lesson plans and teaching resources. Send us an  e-mail with your lesson plans attached and tell us why you found them valuable. Additional Education Links and Cirricula Listed by State: Delaware
    Florida - Miami-Dade County Public School System - Fall 2009

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