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         Dolphins:     more books (99)
  1. Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell, 2010-02-08
  2. A Guide for Using Island of the Blue Dolphins in the Classroom by Philip Denny, 1992-10-01
  3. The Dolphins of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern) by Anne McCaffrey, 1995-09-27
  4. National Geographic Readers: Dolphins by Melissa Stewart, 2010-03-23
  5. Everything Dolphin: What Kids Really Want to Know about Dolphins (Kids Faqs) by Marty Crisp, 2004-04-25
  6. Dolphins and Sharks: Magic Tree House Research Guide (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, 2003-06-24
  7. Dolphin Song by Lauren St. John, 2009-02-19
  8. Dolphin Adventure:: A True Story by Wayne Grover, 2000-07-31
  9. The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse, 1998-02-01
  10. Dolphin Treasure (Harper Trophy Books) by Wayne Grover, 2001-06-01
  11. Wild About Dolphins by Nicola Davies, 2002
  12. Whales and Dolphins (Collins Wild Guide) by Mark Carwardine, 2006-03-06
  13. Dolphins! (Step into Reading, Step 3) by Sharon Bokoske, Margaret Davidson, 1993-06-15
  14. Dolphins by Sylvia M. James, 2002-05

1. Dolphin - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in seventeen genera. They vary in size from 1.2 m (4 ft
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Dolphin (disambiguation) Bottlenose Dolphin breaching in the bow wave of a boat. Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises . There are almost forty species of dolphin in seventeen genera Maui's Dolphin Orca or Killer Whale). They are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves , and are carnivores, mostly eating fish and squid . The family Delphinidae is the largest in the Cetacean order, and relatively recent: dolphins evolved about ten million years ago, during the Miocene . Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals and their often friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude have made them popular in human culture
The name is originally from Greek delphís ), "dolphin", which was related to the Greek delphus ), "womb". The animal's name can therefore be interpreted as meaning "a 'fish' with a womb". The name was transmitted via the Latin delphinus (the romanization of the later Greek δελφῖνος - delphinos ), which in

2. Warner Brothers Miami Dolphins History Of The 1 Day Buy Warner Br
dolphins are sometimes confused with porpoises (Phocoenidae), but the main difference between the two is the dolphin has a beaklike snout and a curved dorsal fin, whereas

3. The Dolphin Pod
The dolphins pod is a site for insight, news, and discussion about the dolphins.
The Dolphin Pod
  • The Dolphin Pod
    November 13, 2010
    Ravens , the Dolphins Chad Pennington is back as the Dolphins starter, even though he has not played a down since September of 2009 when a shoulder injury sidelined him. Dan Marino Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan Super Bowl Bill Parcells Jason Allen Al Harris , of Green Bay Packers At age 35, Harris will be expected to help out the younger players like Vontae Davis and Sean Smith All photos by Jenn Posted by Jenn Zambri-Dickerson at 12:00 PM in Defense Free Agents Quarterback Permalink ... Save to
    November 07, 2010
    Ravens Fly Past The Fins
    The road win streak ended for the Dolphins today as the Ravens took them down by a score of 26-10.  The only real highlight of the game was that I was there and got to take some photos.  Also, the Ravens fans were basically polite and did not throw things at me, which I very much appreciate.  As I was leaving the game, a Raven's fan said to me, "Hey hon, sorry about your loss."  I replied, "No worries, I am used to it."  He had a nice chuckle and told me to be safe going home. Chad Henne
    The perfect Dan Carpenter Sean Smith
    There were a few good plays in the game, like a

Official team site with AFC East game schedule, roster, NFL news, player statistics, ticket information, cheerleaders, plus team history.

Dolphins-Titans Game Center Live Chat document.write(''); document.write('');

5. 40 Random Facts About Dolphins
A list of interesting dolphin facts, including their social and moral qualities and their unique physical and mental capacities.
Histories Facts About Us Commission an Article ...
Wolf Facts
40 Random Facts About . . .
  • There are 32 species of marine dolphins, four types of river dolphins, and six types of porpoises. The distinction between dolphin and porpoises is often blurred, but generally porpoises have spade-shaped teeth and blunt rounded faces. Dolphins have teeth shaped like rounded cones set in jaws that extend in a snout or beak. c delphis which is related to delphys porpais d b Killing a dolphin in ancient Greece was considered sacrilegious and was punishable by death. The Greeks called them hieros ichthys c In Rome c Famous philosophers such as Pliny, Herodotus, Aelian, and Aristotle comment on the compassion, friendly, and almost moral nature of the dolphin. d Images of dolphins have been found carved far within the desert city of Petra, Jordan. b
  • The Killer Whale is the largest species of the dolphin family
  • The killer whale is the largest dolphin (true whales c The narwhal dolphin has a large ivory tusk (like a unicorn) which is often poached. The only remaining populations are in the Greenland Sea and Baffin Bay. d Dolphin teeth are used for grasping, not chewing. They have no jaw muscles for chewing.
  • 6. Swim With Dolphins: An Unique Chance To Care For, Swim With And Feed The Friendl
    Swim with the rare Irrawaddy dolphin and pink indo-pacific humpback dolphin in Oasis Sea Park dolphin nursery and clinic in eastern Thailand.
    To swim with dolphins: for dreamers only?
    Swim with trained dolphins page meet the dolphins anatomy of a dolphin things you can and can not do when swimming with the dolphins ... Contact us Swimming with dolphins is something most people dream of doing, but somehow only a few actually pursue this dream. Most people seem to think that it's impossible to find dolphins in the wild or just don't have sufficient funds to travel around the globe, hoping to find a pod of wild dolphins and then get close enough to actually swim with those dolphins. Others might feel that they would have to share the intimacy of the dolphin encounter with hundreds of other people in a small wading pool and thus only get to spend a few seconds with these friendly sea mammals without any real contact. Although this may be true in the massive over crowded Sea World parks and aqua parks in the USA, the Bahamas, Mexico or other busy tourist locations, this "swim with dolphins" dream can easily be turned into reality in the picturesque costal town of Laem Sing in Chantaburi province, Eastern Thailand. This is where you will find the dolphin nursery and dolphin training center Oasis Sea World . The sea world label may be considered somewhat of an exaggeration, since there is a just a dolphin show besides the swim with the dolphins option and there are no other species of sea life present.

    7. Swim With The Dolphins At Dolphin Research Center Marathon FL, Dolphin And Sea L
    Great family fun, meet and swim with dolphins observe sea lions. Spend an hour or stay all day, funfilled, exciting programs demonstrating these amazing animals
    Welcome to the Dolphin Research Center! Come swim with dolphins in The Florida Keys! To make a reservation to meet or swim with the dolphins, click here . Dolphin Research Center is open 9:00 to 4:30 seven days a week.
    dolphin research
    dolphin encounter , a dolphin education experience such as DolphinLab or Dolphin Camp
    Bring your family to meet our family of dolphins and sea lions . Spend an hour or stay all day learning about these incredible marine mammals. Dolphin Research Center, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit research and educational facility, is funded by people who visit the facility to see the dolphins and sea lions, swim with dolphins , or take part in another program, as well as by those who join the DRC family when they adopt a dolphin or enroll in one of our other membership plans.

    8. Dolphins Take Successful Road Act Into Cincinnati
    Oct 29, 2010 Hey, somebody crank up the Mayflower moving vans. (Sports Network) Hey, somebody crank up the Mayflower moving vans. Though their relocation options in Florida are

    9. Miami Dolphins Vs. New York Jets - Preview - November 01, 2009 - ESPN
    NFL Football Preview Final statistics from the Miami vs. New York game played on November 01, 2009

    10. DOLPHINS, MARINE MAMMALS, OCEAN CONSERVATION AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT - SOLAR Conservation marine life and the marine environment.
    DOLPHINS DOLPHINS SHARKS WHALES HOME ... SPORT DOLPHIINS SYMBOLISE FREEDOM, JOY, GRACE and SERENITY the WORLD OVER. ABOUT DOLPHINS Dolphins are warm blooded mammals like man. Unlike fish, they give birth to one baby calf at a time. At birth a bottlenose dolphin calf is about 90-130cms long and will grow to approx. 4m, living up to 40 years. They are highly sociable animals, living in groups called pods, with dolphins from other pods interacting with each other occasionally. The dolphin is beautifully adapted for their life in the ocean Dolphins use their powerful tail flukes in an up and down motion to move through the water. They also use their tails when hunting, hitting a flinging fish up into the air with their tail, stunning it, then scooping the fish up when it falls back into the water. A dolphin slapping its tail on the water in the wild may be a sign of annoyance, or a warning to other dolphins of danger. Their tail muscles are extremely powerful powerful allowing them to stand upright on their tail fin and propel themselves forward - walk on water. Their pectoral flippers are used to steer them through the water, and they also use them to stroke one another, increasing the social bond between them. Dolphin "friends" may swim along face to face touching flippers. Dolphins that appear to be closely bonded may swim in synchrony, twisting, turning and swimming in perfect harmony together. Their teeth are interlocking rows of conical pegs, suitable for holding slippery fish. They eat their fish whole, head first. In the wild an open mouth is a sign of aggression, as is head nodding. A sign of greater aggression is violent jaw clapping.

    11. DOLPHINS
    dolphins. I. BIOLOGY AND NATURAL HISTORY All dolphins are toothed whales belonging to the suborder, odontocetes, of the order cetacea (see section on humpback whales for more
    All dolphins are toothed whales belonging to the sub-order, odontocetes , of the order cetacea (see section on humpback whales for more information). As a group, dolphins are often referred to as "small" cetaceans, even though some of them are quite large, attaining lengths of over 20 feet. In addition, although the terms dolphins and porpoises are often used interchangeably, they really refer to two different types of animals.
    Porpoises belong to the family Phocoenidae . They are generally smaller and more robust species. Most attain about 5-7 feet in length. Porpoises have no distinct beak, or rostrum . Their foreheads slope almost uniformly to the tip of their snout, and their teeth are spade-like in shape. The family Phocoenidae is rather small, and consists of only six members. There are no porpoises found in Hawaiian waters.
    Dolphins belong to the family Delphinidae . Dolphins possess a distinct beak. Their teeth are conical in shape. Most species of dolphins are larger than porpoises, with the males usually being larger than the females. The family Delphinidae is the largest and most diverse family of the cetacean order and includes 26 living species. Several species of dolphins are found in Hawaiian waters.
    Below is the biological classification for the common dolphin: Kingdom Anamalia Phylum Cordata (vertebrates) Class Mammalia Order Cetacea Sub-order Odontoceti Family Delphinidae Genus Delphinus Species delphis
    In addition to being found around Hawaii, dolphins of some kind occupy virtually all oceans and major seas as well as some large river systems. Their distribution, however, is not random. Each species has become specialized to fit into a particular

    12. Pink Amazonian River Dolphin
    Pink and Gray River dolphins Of the five freshwater species of dolphins in the world, the pink Amazon River dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, or bufeo colorado” as they are known in

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    P reservation of the
    T ropical R ainforest
    Pink and Gray River Dolphins
    Of the five freshwater species of dolphins in the world, the pink Amazon River dolphin, Inia geoffrensis , or "bufeo colorado as they are known in Peru and botos" as they known in in Brazil, are considered to be the most intelligent. These friendly, sensitive, mammals with a brain capacity 40% larger than that of humans, who have lived in harmony with the people of the Amazon and its tributaries for centuries, now face extinction in some tributaries. What was considered to be one of the least threatened species of dolphins 20 years ago, has now become one of the most endangered species due to the accelerated and commercialized rape of the Amazon basin and the destruction of the South American tropical rainforest. No one knows the actual number of Inia geoffrensis that live n the Amazon basin, but according to the reseach and studies that Roxanne Kremer has conducted in the Upper Basin of the Peruvian Rainforest, 150 kilometers upstream of Iquitos, Peru, the number of pink dolphins from 18 years ago has risen from eight pink dolphins on the Yarapa River to 35 to 45. Ms. Kremer counted the dolphins in July 1998. ISPTR believes that her work with the Peruvian Forest Police to protection both species of river dolphins, and empowering the local peoples of their rights and use of the law, there has been less illegal commercial fishing and logging in the area, thus saving the natural habitat of the land and aquatic life.

    13. Curacao Dolphin Academy - Swimming With Dolphins And Educational Programs For Al
    Interaction with dolphins for all ages. Includes reservations form, maps, photographs, press releases, contact information.

    14. Facts About Dolphins
    Dolphin Facts and Information, feeding, habitat, distribution, reproduction, anatomy and more. Facts about the Bottlenose dolphins, the Amazon Pink Dolphin, the Spinner Dolphin and
    Information and Facts
    about Dolphins
    Bottlenose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Amazon Pink Dolphins.
    Dolphin Information, Anatomy, Feeding, Communication, Reproduction, Predators,
    Echolocation, Language and Conservation.
    Top Dolphin Facts
    1. Dolphins are mammals; they nurse their young from mammary glands.
    2. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean, although they are mainly shallow divers.
    Read more facts about dolphins...
    Dolphins have been interacting with humans for as long as we have known of their existence.
    During this time, their more dangerous predator and the only one that have dramatically reduced dolphin population is the human.
    Even though we all agree that Dolphins are wonderful creatures that seem to be extremely intelligent and friendly, we still are a huge threat for dolphins.
    This site is a tribute for dolphins, these great animals which everybody likes, but know so little about them.
    A deeper knowledge and further information about dolphins is definitively the first step towards better conservation and understanding of these wonderful mammals. Besides, the information is the weapon and our little contribution to fight dolphin killing and habitat damage.

    15. Dolphins
    The terms dolphin and porpoise have come to be interchangeable when referring to the sea mammal belonging to the Cetacean order and the Delphinidae subfamily.
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    Dolphins are small-toothed whales that migrate through the tropical and temperate oceans of the world; freshwater dolphins live in the rivers of South America and tropical Asia. Unable to do without food for long, they migrate year round to ensure adequate food supplies. Dolphins are born weighing 30 to 50 pounds and are 35 to 50 inches in length. They are born without teeth, not growing them for several weeks thereafter. When males mature, they leave their birth communities to form bachelor groups of their own, hunting and feeding communally. They return to female groups to mate. Dolphins of both sexes aid each other in times of trouble or infirmity, i.e., two dolphins will support a third by each extending a flipper beneath a sick or injured comrade, and bring the ailing animal to the surface frequently to allow it to breathe. Although there is some controversy regarding the relative nature and degree of dolphin intelligence, it has been noted that they respond swiftly to training, delighting aquarium visitors with antics that usually draw fish rewards. They have complicated brains which may be comparable to those of humans, and learn tricks faster than the brightest monkeys. They seem to communicate with each other by high-pitched whistles and grunts when feeding or in moments of distress or pleasure. Some scientists hope eventually to train dolphins to talk.

    16. Dolphins Plus-Swim With Dolphins! Swimming With Dolphins At Florida's Best Dolph
    Dolphin research and education facility offering swims and interaction programs with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins in Key Largo, Floria.
    var GB_ROOT_DIR = "./java/greybox/";
    Swim with dolphins!
    Swimming with Dolphins at the best Dolphin Swims in Florida!
    Dolphins Plus: 1-866-860-7946
    Dolphin Swim Reservations Dolphin Swim Programs Structured Dolphin Swims ... Marathon Wild Bird Center
    Welcome to Dolphins Plus!
    ...Key Largo's original swim with the dolphins program!
    Call us today to sign up for the dolphin experience of a lifetime!
    The Florida Keys are fully open to visitors and there are no current oil impact risks to the island chain, according to NOAA. (Read More)
    marine mammal educational experiences available to students of all ages, as well as a research program designed to promote a greater understanding of marine mammals worldwide. Dolphins Plus also works in close association with Island Dolphin Care , the Marine Mammal Conservancy , and the Southeast Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

    17. Dolphins - Interesting Dolphin Facts
    Here is a listing of all dolphin species and their scientific names. Plus a few interesting facts about dolphins.
    dolphins data card dolphins
    data card Dolphins Home DolphinEAR What You Get Where to Listen ... NEW! Wireless Hydrophones Other Uses: Education Security Dolphins FAQ Guides ... Whale Watch Directory INFO CENTRAL: Topic Browser Links Literature Newsletters ... CONTACT US! dolphins
    data card
    Facts about dolphins
    How do dolphins SLEEP? How much do dolphins eat?
    How smart are dolphins? And, lots of other interesting facts... How do dolphins sleep?
    Dolphins have to be conscious to breath. This means that they cannot go into a full deep sleep, because then they would suffocate . Dolphins have "solved" that by letting one half of their brain sleep at a time. This has been determined by doing EEG studies on dolphins. Dolphins sleep about 8 hours day in this fashion. A dolphin's behavior when sleeping /resting depends on the circumstances and possibly on individual preferences. They can either:
    swim slowly and surface every now and then for a breath
    rest at the surface with their blowhole exposed
    rest on the bottom (in shallow water) and rise to the surface every now and then to breath.

    18. DOLPHINS - The Fifth Down Blog -
    Patriots at dolphins. Monday, 830 p.m. Line Patriots by 1. This year’s Patriots have a lot in common with the 1998 Cowboys. The Cowboys finished 106 that year, and on the

    19. Top Dolphin Facts
    Top facts about dolphins and main information of these marine mammals classified taxonomically as toothed cetaceans.
    Dolphin Facts
    Top 12 Facts about Dolphins that you must know
    1. Dolphins are mammals As all mammals, dolphins nurse their young from mammary glands. 2. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean However they are mainly shallow divers as they need to reach the surface to breathe.
    3. Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes under water.
    They only do this some times as they usually stay only a few minutes diving before reaching the surface for air.
    4. Dolphins use a technique called echolocation
    This technique uses the same principles of a radar, and it is used to find food and navigate.
    5. Dolphins are social beings.
    Dolphins live in groups and cooperate among each other for activities like getting food and calf rising.
    6. Dolphins are Cetacenas.
    There are 32 species of ocean dolphins and 5 species of river dolphins.
    7. The largest dolphin is the Orca, also known as “killer whale”.
    Orcas grow up to 6.1 meters long and they are named as whales because their size, but they really belong to the toothed cetacean family just like dolphins do. 8. The most popular

    20. A To Z Kids Stuff | Dolphins
    Information and activities on dolphins. dolphins are mammals. They give birth to live young, nurse their young from mammary glands, have sharp teeth, beaklike snout, a
    Fun Educational Activities
    • Toddler Preschool School-Age Calendars ... Free Newsletter Dolphins Things to Know Dolphins are mammals. They give birth to live young, nurse their young from mammary glands, have sharp teeth, beaklike snout, a sickle-shaped dorsal fin, a four-chamebered heart, are warm-blooded and have some hair but very little. They have lungs and breath air through the blowhole located near the top of their head. Dolphins are members of the cetaceans group of mammals; which includes all whales and dolphins. The cetacean order divides into two suborders. The type of teeth is used to determine which suborder the whale is; whales with teeth and whales with baleen.
      Dolphins have sharp teeth. Whale Songs -learn more about cetaceans at a website by a teacher.
      (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) Dolphins breathe air at the surface of the water through a blowhole located near the top of the head. How often they need to breath and how long they can hold their breath depends on the species. The common Dolphin can hold their breath up 15 minutes or more, although they usually stay only a few minutes diving. The bottle nosed dolphins need to breath every 2 minutes. Dolphins live all over the world, from cold northern waters and warm southern waters. Bottlenose dolphins prefer warm waters.

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