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         Drug Education For Parents:     more books (58)
  1. Alcohol and Drug Education for Parents by Sally S. Crawford, 1992-07
  2. Kids & drugs: Prevention education for parents by Darlene Golinowski, 1981
  3. It's O.K. To Say No To Drugs: (A Parent/Child Manual for the Education of Children) (A Parent/Child Manual for the Education of Children) by Dr. Mitch Golant, Bob Crane, 1987
  4. Building blocks helping preschoolers grow up alcohol and drug free : guide for parents (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:393578) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1995
  5. Q.A. on drug education: Basic information for students, parents, schools, libraries, law enforcement & community agencies (Passbook series) by Jack Rudman, 1983
  6. Raising Drug-Free Kids: 100 Tips for Parents by Aletha Solter, 2006-08-29
  7. Understanding Drugs: A Handbook for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals (Manchester Metropolitan University Education Series) by David Emmett, Graeme Nice, 1996-11
  8. Success stories from drug-free schools : a guide for educators, parents and policymakers (SuDoc ED 1.8:D 84) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1991
  9. Developing the resilient child a prevention manual for parents, schools, communities and individuals (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:382897) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1993
  10. Success Stories from Drug-Free Schools: A Guide for Educators, Parents & Policymakers by U.S. Department of Education, 1991
  11. Preparing for the Drug (Free) Years: A Family Activity Book by J. David Hawkins, Richard F. Catalano, et all 1988
  12. Ready! : your guide to drug use prevention ideas for preschool children (SuDoc ED 1.8:HE 75/DRUG) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1993
  13. The Safety Crusaders: Safety & Protection Information For Parents And Children by Brian Cox, Rob Knight, 2008-10-22
  14. Behaviour Exchange Systems Training: A Program for Parents Stressed by Adolescent Substance Abuse by Anne Blyth, John W. Toumbourou, et all 2000-04

1. Department Of Health And Human Services Tasmania - Drug Education For Parents
Information . Iodine; Family Feud Food Video; Beating Bed Wetting; Achieving Bladder Control Helpful Hints for Parents of Children under 5; Adolescent Dental Care - Are you at risk
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Drug Education for Parents
Being a parent is one of the most delightful, frustrating, rewarding and challenging parts of our lives. If you would like to find out more about drugs, and about how to be an effective parent in this area - We can help by:
  • talking with you by phone or in person; providing you with printed information about different drugs and their effects; and arranging a parent education session for your school, community group, or even for a group of friends. Information about the Making a Difference drug education program is provided below. We can also tailor education programs to meet your needs.
What is Making a Difference Making a Difference is a drug education program developed in Tasmania by local alcohol and drug workers. The program is a joint production of the Alcohol and Drug Service and the Drug Education Network, and is run by Tasmania's drug and alcohol sector as a cooperative endeavour. What is included?

2. Government Genuine Evaluation
funded drugs education programme consisting of five components drug education in schools (for 11 and 12year-olds – this was the main emphasis), drug education for parents,

3. The Fatherhood Institute The UK's Fatherhood Think Tank
Key themes covered in drug education for parents • Introduction to the project. • Parents attitude exploration. • Parents needs analysis on their level of knowledge and

4. Facts For Parents
Caring adults parents, family members and other caregivers have the best chance of helping children grow up to be drugfree. The messages parents deliver influence
Caring adults parents, family members and other caregivers have the best chance of helping children grow up to be drug-free. The messages parents deliver influence children, not just for today, but throughout their lives. "Facts for Parents" is designed to provide you with practical advice and up-to-date information as you broach this difficult subject. Tips for talking with your child about drugs Drugs and Pregnancy Signs and symptoms of drug use Basic facts about drugs ...
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5. Drug Education - Health And Wellbeing - Western Metropolitan Region - Department
Resources on drug education for parents and schools Department of Education – Victorian School Drug Education; Australian Drug Foundation; Family Drug Help
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Western Metropolitan Region
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Drug Education
Drug education is a crucial component in improving the wellbeing and learning outcomes of students. School, parent and community involvement in drug education enhances the wellbeing and learning outcomes for all students by giving them the means of dealing with and reacting to the use of drugs in society. The philosophy underpinning drug education is a harm minimisation approach. The school assists you in this process by developing relevant and engaging drug education related curriculum, programs and resources and by ensuring that response to drug-related incidents is timely.
More information
  • For more information, contact our Regional Senior Project Officer, Karen Marsh, on 9291 6508.

6. Engaging Parents - Drug Education - Department Of Education And Early Childhood
A significant body of research indicates that when parents participate in their children’s education, the result is an increase in student achievement and an improvement of
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Drug Education
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Engaging Parents
The resources offer opportunities for powerful learning and will assist schools to apply the Principles of Learning and Teaching. See: Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 and Parent Information and Contacts
Talking Tactics Together (for primary schools)
Talking Tactics Together (PDF - 3.5Mb) - an interactive family drug education program where parents and their primary school children participate together in a range of drug education activities. This resource provides a range of tools and resources to help the school community plan and run events in which parents and children learn about drug related issues together.
Creating Conversations (for secondary schools)
Creating Conversations (PDF - 3.6Mb)

7. College Presidents Forum On Underage Binge Drinking One
Provide alcohol and drug education for parents. CAMPUS HOUSING On campus Ensure available housing, which is free of alcohol and other drugs. Use the San Diego Police Department's CAP

8. Willard Middle School PTA Meeting
Willard Middle School PTA Meeting Topic Drug Education for Parents Guardians with Ralph Cantor , Drug, Tobacco, and Violence Prevention Educator, recently retired from Alameda

9. The Partnership At | Support And Resources For Parents Dealing With
Tips on talking to kids about drugs, as well as information on specific drugs, slang names for drugs, what they look like, and frequently asked questions.

10. Medical Leader News - Treatment Offers Hope, Compassion
Fannin believes in drug education for parents, too, because many don’t know what signs to watch for. Brad Adkins agrees. “We are losing an entire generation of Pike countians

11. Talking To Teens About Drugs: Drug Education For Parents And Teens
Talking with your teenager about the dangers of drug use can be done from either an abstinenceonly or harm reduction perspective.

12. Foundation For A Drug Free World: Substance & Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Educatio
Learn more about Drug Free World, a substance abuse, alcoholism and addiction prevention education and intervention program to end teen misuse of mindaltering narcotics. Find out
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13. Kansas Family Partnership - Get Involved Red Ribbon
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Introduction What You Can Do Family Day
Kansas Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free
... Kansas Youth Leadership Summit Red Ribbon
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Kansas Red Ribbon News Magazine
Other PDF Downloads: Resolution on Underage Drinking 2009 Search:
Get Involved - Red Ribbon Campaign Booklet History Get Involved ... Links RED RIBBON DEADLINE! Nominations for Red Ribbon Week are due by noon on Friday, Nov. 19. Nominate your favorite activities, big and small, to recognize how Red Ribbon Week impacted your community. Download the 2010 Red Ribbon Booklet and send us the nomination form from page 10.
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14. For Parents
Parent Training/Education skill-building and drug education for parents and caregivers that focus on the adult’s
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Introduction The purpose of the PRIDE organization is to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse through awareness, education, and training with the major emphasis being the parents of the community and their children. Over the past few years, PRIDE has expanded the scope of its programming to include violence prevention. Currently, composed of a variety of drug prevention and intervention activities, this broad-based approach provides a multi-faceted system which has as its goal combating the abuse of drugs and the devastating effects of violence. Significant Accomplishments
  • Media - PRIDE was involved:
      in articles and ads in The Tuscaloosa News. in public service announcements, Talent Search advertisements, and talk show interviews.
    Training /Staff Development - PRIDE coordinated and/or provided drug/violence prevention training for:
    • the PRIDE Youth Team (Attendance at the National PRIDE Conference in Kentucky and a summer training retreat hosted by Bradford Health Services at Bradford Adolescent Treatment Facility in Pelham.)
  • 15. Parenting Teens - Troubled Teen Help Information.
    Information for parents of teens, including troubled teens, parenting tips, teen education, and more.
    Parenting Teens: OR Parenting Teen Topics Teen Health Education Other Teen Issues Troubled Teens ... Teens Dealing with Secondhand Smoke
    Welcome to Parenting Teens
    When it comes to parenting teens today, you can never have too much information and that is exactly what we offer. We have organized our articles by topic: Teen Health; Education; Troubled Teens; Teen Drug Abuse; Tips For Parenting Teens; and Other Teen Issues. All of the articles featured on this site have been written by parents that have gained experience by raising teens of their own. The content contained on this site is offered to the public as information, experiences, and the perspectives of other parents. does not claim to offer any kind of medical or therapeutic advice or recommendations. We are happy to offer the perspectives and opinions of other parents but that is all. We encourage all parents to offer their opinions and experiences with any of the topics on our site. We also like to hear what parents of teens would like to see on this site. So feel free to contact us by email and let us know what you think of the site or if you would like to contribute to the site.
    For parents with troubled teens, you can contact our Site Sponsor for possible solutions.

    16. No Slide Title
    Health Symptoms Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal SkillsAdolescents-Adolescents Within Family Cultural Context Within Family Cultural Context Drug Education Drug Education-For Parents

    17. Narconon Parent Kit | Drug Education For Parents
    This drug education kit for parents, the 'Narconon Parent Kit' contains factual info and drug education aids that will help parents communicate with their children about drugs.

    18. Comparisons Genuine Evaluation
    funded drugs education programme consisting of five components drug education in schools (for 11 and 12year-olds – this was the main emphasis), drug education for parents,

    19. Sportsmanship Help For Parents,support Children Through Sportsmanship,steroid Ed
    sportsmanship help for parents,support children through sportsmanship,steroid education for parents,nutrition education for parents,drug education for parents

    20. Name County
    Walker County needs early intervention programs, drug education for parents, youth, and community leaders, professional substance abuse counseling, and a treatment center. County Community Pl
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