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         Environmental Law:     more books (100)
  1. Emanuel Law Outlines: Environmental Law by Linda A. Malone, 2007-07-05
  2. Environmental Law: Examples & Explanations 5e by Steven Ferrey, 2009-12-16
  3. Environmental Law Examples & Explanations by Steven Ferrey, 2007-07-30
  4. International Environmental Law and Policy (University Casebook Series) by David Hunter, James Salzman, et all 2006-12-31
  5. Regulating from Nowhere: Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity by Douglas A. Kysar, 2010-06-22
  6. Environmental Law and Policy, Second Edition (Concepts and Insights Series) by James Salzman, Barton H. Thompson Jr., 2006-12-11
  7. Environmental Law and Policy, 3d (Concepts and Insights) by James Salzman, Barton H. Thompson, et all 2010-04-05
  8. Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy, Sixth Edition by Christopher H. Schroeder, Alan S. Miller, James P. Leape Robert V. Percival, 2009-08-13
  9. Environmental Law in a Nutshell, 8th (Nutshell Series) by Daniel A. Farber, 2010-06-07
  10. Understanding Environmental Law by Philip Weinberg, 2008-01-31
  11. Environmental Law Stories by Richard J. Lazarua; Oliver A. Houck, 2005-07-20
  12. Environmental Law Handbook by null null, 2007-06-10
  13. The Making of Environmental Law by Richard J. Lazarus, 2006-12-31
  14. Black Letter Outline on Environmental Law by Jeffrey M. Gaba, 2008-12-01

1. Environmental Law - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Environmental law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties, conventions, statutes, regulations, and common law that, very broadly, operate to regulate the interaction of
Environmental law
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about an area of law. For the law review Environmental Law , see Environmental Law (Law Review) Water, air and the byproducts of human activity do not respect political boundaries. Environmental law Pollution control and remediation Air
Hazardous substances



Resource conservation and management Fisheries

Historic sites
Oil and gas
Species Water Planning, land use, and infrastructure Impact review Municipal planning Land use Transportation infrastructure Energy infrastructure Environmental justice Related topics Administrative law Bankruptcy law Energy law Insurance law ... e Environmental law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties , conventions, statutes regulations , and common law that, very broadly, operate to regulate the interaction of humanity and the rest of the biophysical or natural environment , toward the purpose of reducing the impacts of human activity, both on the natural environment and on humanity itself. The topic may be divided into two major subjects: (1) pollution control and remediation ,(2) resource conservation and management. Laws dealing with pollution are often media-limited - i.e., pertain only to a single environmental medium, such as air, water (whether surface water, groundwater or oceans), soil, etc. - and control both emissions of pollutants into the medium, as well as liability for exceeding permitted emissions and responsibility for cleanup. Laws regarding resource conservation and management generally focus on a single resource - e.g.

2. Environmental Law Prof Blog
News and updates from law professor Susan L. Smith.

3. Environmental Law | Environmental Law Home
Date June 1, 2010. On June 1, 2010, I assumed the office of Chair of the Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association for the oneyear term ending

4. Environmental Law 40-3
Established 1969. Welcome to the home page for Environmental Law, the nation’s oldest law review dedicated solely to environmental issues. Environmental Law is a premier legal
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Environmental Law
Established 1969
Welcome to the home page for Environmental Law Environmental Law is a premier legal forum for environmental and natural resources scholarship. Environmental Law Online Journal Visit Environmental Law ’s companion online journal
Our Latest Issue: Vol. 40 No. 3
ARTICLES Separation of Powers and Federal Land Management: Enforcing the Direction of the President under the Antiquities Act
Kelly Y. Fanizzo Have Washington Courts Lost Essential Nexus to the Precautionary Principle? Citizens’ Alliance For Property Rights v. Sims
Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights v. Sims Dirty Dishes, Dirty Laundry, and Windy Mills: A Framework for Regulation of Clean Energy Devices
LaVonda N. Reed-Huff 2009 NINTH CIRCUIT ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW CHAPTERS Suction Dredge Mining: The United States Forest Service Hands Miners the Golden Ticket
Adrianne DelCotto Recreational suction dredge mining is a popular method of gold mining in the Pacific Northwest. In this Chapter, Ms. DelCotto examines the environmental impacts of suction dredge mining on riparian reserves and aquatic resources in the Siskiyou National Forest. Ms. DelCotto discusses the laws controlling suction dredge mining in national forests, including the broad discretion the Ninth Circuit grants to the Forest Service, and proposes new legislation and land designations to more effectively protect forest resources from the negative effects of suction dredge mining.

5. Environmental Laws
Environmental and Public Works Compilations. C ompilations on this website contain the PDF version of the text of Federal environmental
Environmental and Public Works Compilations C ompilations on this website contain the PDF version of the text of Federal environmental and public works laws, as amended by subsequent Public Laws enacted through the Public Law and date indicated on the first page of each compilation. Although substantial efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the compilations, the providers of the compilations are not responsible for any errors in the compilations and will update the compilations only as time permits.
T he compilations are provided as a service to the public and do not represent official versions of any Federal statute. Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships as amended through P.L. 106-580, Dec. 29, 2000
African Elephant Conservation Act
as amended through P.L. 107-136, Jan. 24, 2002
  • Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 has been codified in title 40, U.S.C. (40 U.S.C. 14101 et seq.) and will not be maintained as a separate compilation.
  • 6. Environmental Law - JD Program - Academic Law Programs - School Of Law - Golden
    Environmental Law. Golden Gate University School of Law has an exciting and highly respected environmental law program, offering a range of academic experiences and multiple clinical

    7. Environmental Law - Information At
    Environmental law Defination, Information, Reference, and Answers This article is about an area of law. For the law review Environmental Law, see Environmental Law (Law Review).

    8. Environmental Policy Of The United States - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    The first statutory environmental law was the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, which has been largely superseded by the Clean Water Act. However, most current major environmental
    Environmental policy of the United States
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from United States environmental law Jump to: navigation search The environmental policy of the United States is federal governmental action to regulate activities that have an environmental impact in the United States. The goal of environmental policy is to protect the environment for future generations while interfering as little as possible with the efficiency of commerce or the liberty of the people and to limit inequity in who is burdened with environmental costs. This policy grew mainly out of the environmental movement in the United States in the 1960s and '70's during which several environmental laws were passed, regulating air and water pollution and forming the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Partially due to the high costs associated with these regulations, there has been a backlash from business and politically conservative interests, limiting increases to environmental regulatory budgets and slowing efforts to protect the environment. Since the 1970s, despite frequent legislative gridlock, there have been significant achievements in environmental regulation, including increases in air and water quality and to a lesser degree, control of hazardous waste . Due to increasing scientific consensus on global warming and political pressure from environmental groups, modifications to the

    9. Environmental Law - New World Encyclopedia
    Environmental law is a body of law—a system of complex and interlocking statutes, common law, treaties, conventions, regulations, and policies—that seeks to moderate or
    Environmental law
    From New World Encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search Previous (Environmental ethics) Next (Environmental science) Law Articles Jurisprudence Law and legal systems Legal profession Types of Law Administrative law Antitrust law Aviation law Blue law ... Criminal law Environmental law Family law Intellectual property law International criminal law International law Labor law Maritime law Military law Obscenity law Procedural law Property law Tax law Tort law Trust law Environmental law is a body of law—a system of complex and interlocking statutes, common law, treaties, conventions, regulations, and policies—that seeks to moderate or eliminate the actual or projected harm to the natural environment resulting from human activities. Environmental law as a distinct system arose in the 1960s in the major industrial economies as it was becoming clear that the cumulative negative environmental effects of human activities were becoming unsustainable in the long term. This new field of law has often been hampered by a lack both of institutions and of a common public will supporting enforcement of the laws. Environmental law rests on the recognition of a new relation of humans with the environment, a relation in which humans explicitly value the biosphere, no longer assuming that the environment's natural capital can be either freely consumed or freely used for the dumping of wastes. The emergence of environmental law in the twentieth century marks a fundamental shift in human consciousness toward the recognition ultimately that humanity is one family bound together on one planet and jointly responsible to use the environment without destroying it. With many people still committed to their right to freely exploit the environment to their own needs without regard for larger, cumulative effects, environmental law and the institutions supporting its enforcement are still under development.

    10. Environmental Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
    environmental law an overview. A variety of protections with the goal of protecting the environment. Environmental law is a “beltand-suspenders” collection of laws that work
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    Environmental law
    environmental law: an overview A variety of protections with the goal of protecting the environment. Environmental law is a “belt-and-suspenders” collection of laws that work together and often overlap in areas.
    Federal Law
    Federal Law: The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was passed in 1970 along with the Environmental Quality Improvement Act, the National Environmental Education Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The main objective of these federal enactments was to assure that the environment be protected against both public and private actions that failed to take account of costs or harms inflicted on the eco-system.
    The EPA is supposed to monitor and analyze the environment, conduct research, and work closely with state and local governments to devise pollution control policies. NEPA (really enacted in 1969) has been described as one of Congress's most far reaching environmental legislation ever passed. The basic purpose of NEPA is to force governmental agencies to consider the effects of their decisions on the environment.
    Major Federal Laws:
    Endangered Species Act (ESA): The goal is first to prevent extinction of endangered plants and animals, and second to recover these populations by preventing threats to their survival.

    11. Environmental Law & Climate Change Center | LexisNexis
    Read about your colleagues in the Environmental and Climate Change legal fields in People in the News.

    12. Environmental Law - Practice Areas
    FindLaw provides Environmental Law Practice Areas for lawyers, attorneys, and corporate counsel.
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    Environmental Law
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    FindLaw Resources
    FindLaw Resources - Environmental Law Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms
    Environmental Investigators

    Environmental Law

    Environmental Law Expert Witnesses and Consultants
    Web Guide by Resource Type
    Blogs and Podcasts
    Databases and Statistics


    Government Agencies
    Westlaw Databases
    Related FindLaw Guide Pages
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    International Law
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    Latest Blog Posts
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    FindLaw Career Center
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    13. Welcome To The Environmental Law Institute
    an internationally recognized, independent research and education center that advances environmental protection by improving law, policy, and management. (U.S.based)
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    Monthly Climate Change Briefings Now Available to All ELI Members
    The MP3 files of ELI's monthly climate change briefings, previously available to institutional members only, may now be accessed by all ELI Associates...
    ELI Launches Deepwater Horizon Litigation Database: 255 Cases Filed in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas
    Are Tidal Wetlands Ready for Carbon Markets?
    While climate legislation languishes in Washington, wetland experts press ahead on developing carbon offsets for wetlands...
    NEPA Success Stories: Celebrating 40 Years of Transparency and Open Government
    The Law of Green Buildings
    The Environmental Forum
    Air Pollution Control and Climate Change Mitigation Law
    in Fisheries Management.

    14. Environmental Law Program
    The Sierra Club is the nation's leader in grassroots environmental litigation. The Club's Environmental Law Program creates and prosecutes the legal strategies for the Sierra

    15. Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum
    Contains full-text articles.
    Main Navigation Search
    Volume XX Summer 2010 Number 2
    Editor's Note
    Editor's Note Patrick M. Duggan
    Ecosystem Services and Federal Public Lands: Start-up Policy Questions and Research Needs J.B. Ruhl The State and Regional Role in Developing Ecosystem Service Markets Gail L. Achterman
    Robert Mauger Ecosystem Services and the Value of Land Adam I. Davis The Role of Federal Policy in Establishing Ecosystem Service Markets Laurie A. Wayburn
    Anton A. Chiono
    Additionality: The Next Steps for Ecosystem Service Markets Karen Bennett Duke University School of Law

    16. The Center For International Environmental Law: Defending The Right To A Healthy
    Nonprofit organization that provides environmental legal services in international and comparative environmental law. Information and case studies related to several environmental issues, laws and international treaties. Also organization activities, employment, and related topics.
    home contact

    17. Environmental Law Information Resource Center
    A website devoted to the latest issues in environmental law. Strong enphasis on liability reduction. A resource for small and medium law firms which do not have an environmental
    Environmental Topics

    18. Environmental Law Net
    Resource for U.S. corporate counsel and environmental compliance managers, maintained by a private attorney. Includes some international environmental law materials, as well as materials from some other specific countries.
    Editor's note: Environmental Law Net is under reconstruction. We are currently improving this site with new features, an advanced database, updated and expanded links libraries, and a dynamic daily news and conferences page.
    "5 Stars:" American Lawyer Media Publishing, Best Legal Sites (11/2001)
    "Most Popular Site for Environmental Law," America Online
    "Link of the Week (4/24/01)," Mass. Social Law Library
    "Legal Web Site of the Week" by the Washington Legal Times (6/21/99)
    "Best of the Web" by the JURIST , Law Professors' Network
    Environmental Law Net is a Yahoo "Cool Site."
    Reviews Law Library Resource Xchange
    Please Read this site's and Privacy Notice.
    David S. Blackmar
    Environmental Law Net, , by David Blackmar, Esq. , is a Comprehensive, Interactive Environmental Law Resource for Corporate Counsel and Environmental Compliance Managers. The content, computer code, text, images, designs, forms, and arrangement of hyperlinks contained on Environmental Law Net are the intellectual property of David S. Blackmar. No portion of Environmental Law Net, , other than linked documents which are in the public domain, may be electronically reproduced by any means, quoted, or otherwise used without the express written permission of David S. Blackmar.

    19. Texas Environmental Law - Houston Pollution Damage Settlement
    At Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto Friend, we take defending clients who have been injured due to violations of environmental laws seriously.
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    Environmental Law
    Texas Environmental Law Attorneys
    At we take representing clients who have been injured due to violations of environmental laws seriously. The state and federal government have enacted many laws to protect individuals and the environment from the devastating effects of pollution, including the Clean Water and Clean Air acts. However, enforcement is often lax and damage often occurs before agencies charged with enforcements discover violations.
    Experienced Lawyers Handling Environmental Law Matters
    Many industries in Texas such as the petrochemical industry, refineries, as well as farmers and ranchers knowingly violate environmental laws, placing the health of the environment and people at risk. These violations include illegally dumping releasing toxic byproducts into waterways, emitting toxic waste from smoke stacks, and improperly disposing of livestock waste and the byproducts of slaughter. Our Texas environmental law attorneys have extensive experience investigating the cause of illnesses that result from environmental pollution and tracing them back to their cause. Some of the common injures and illnesses associated with environmental contamination include dermatological problems, respiratory problems, and cancer. In addition, environmental pollution often causes serious property damage and contaminates local water supplies.
    Environmental Law in Texas
    Our Texas environmental law lawyers can litigate and negotiate damage settlements against a variety of industries related to violations of a host of environmental laws including:

    20. Environmental Law Review Redirect
    Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College.

    Law School Front Page
    Environmental Law Review
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