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         Felines Wild:     more detail
  1. CLAN OF THE WILD CATS A Celebration of Felines in Word and Image by D.; Ed. Landau, 1996
  2. An introduction to responsible private captive husbandry of wild felines by Dawn L Simas, 1998
  3. Draw 50 Cats: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Domestic Breeds, Wild Cats, Cuddly Kittens, and Famous Felines by Lee J. Ames, 1986-09-01
  4. Big Cats: Discover the World's Most Fascinating Felines (Animals of the World) by Francis Hurst, Caroline Curtis, et all 2008
  5. Rosik (Feline Predators of Ganz) by Lil Gibson, 2010-03-12
  6. Wild About Cats: Living with Arabia's Endangered Felines by Marijcke Jongbloed, 1998-11
  7. Saving the Big Cats: The Exotic Feline Rescue Center (Quarry Books) by Stephen D. McCloud, 2006-02-21
  8. Bird Watching for Cats: An Entertainment Guide for Indoor Felines by Kit Harrison, George H. Harrison, 1998-09
  9. Feline Fashion and Care: The Cat Lovers Ultimate Guide to Pleasing the Stylish Cat by, 2010-03-28

1. Fierce Felines : Wild Images Pictures From Wildlife Photos On Webshots
Fierce Felines Wild Images pictures published by marc_pelissier
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2. MySpace - Scottish Wildcats - 34 - Male - Edinburgh, UK -
Scottish wildcat, wildcats, european wildcats, lynx, eurasian lynx, cats, felines, wild cats, conservation, animal welfare, habitat protection, renewable energy, green living

3. Wendy Presseisen,Folk Art,Folk Paintings,Folk Art Paintings,Folk Prints,Fine Art
Fanciful felines, wild beasties and charming country scenes.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); View Print Gallery Animal Landscape Childen ... Sitemap Wendy Presseisen .com Search Our Site Whimsical and collectible signed folk art prints and paintings, ARTIST DIRECT!
"Cat Angel" Buy the print! INSTINCTIVE STYLE Call her painting style, primitive, naive or folk art, Wendy Presseisen's art will delight you! Read more about the Artist Easter Special! Free Shipping on "SUNFLOWER BUNNY"
TOP PICKS Feb/March 2005 "Fox Hunt" "Sheep Farm" BROWSE THIS GALLERY
Wendy Abstract Site at
Is your cat in the Cat Gallery? Commission a custom Pet Portrait,Painting of your Home or Children.
from radio station Ireland MIND GAMES Boggle your brain and solve a fun Wendy Folk Art Puzzle.
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4. Presseisen, Wendy - Fanciful Felines, Wild Beasties And Charming Country Scenes.
Wendy Presseisen,Folk Art,Folk Paintings,Folk Art Paintings,Folk Prints,Fine Art,Primitive Paintings. The most marvelous folk art on the web,prints,paintings.

5. Emery Cat Review | As Seen On TV Products
effects on the cat causing them to experience a sense of euphoria. It is said that the nepatalactone chemical imitates the smell of cat pheromones which drives the felines wild, in

6. Welcome LiFeline
Organization rescuing exotic cats and providing a sanctuary for them in the foothills of the Maya Mountains (Belize). Case histories, volunteer needs, research information and ways to help.
Home Page Rescue Case histories Research ... Links a project of The Ridgeway Trust for Endangered Cats UK charity 802812.
Wild Cat Rescue and Recovery
The wild cats of Latin America are in danger - cats like the margay, jaguar and ocelot. Rainforest destruction, poaching, persecution, the pet trade - all threaten their survival. LiFeline is a new kind of conservation programme. Find out about our mission, and how you can help Home Page Rescue Case histories ... Links e-mails to the RTEC Director
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7. Texas Regulations On Wild And Exotic Felines
Texas. Texas Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines. State Website http// TexasOnline 512.936.2669 email at
Organization Home Page About Us Upcoming Events Contact Us ... Legislative Information MEMBERS LOGIN username:
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Texas Texas Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines State Website: TexasOnline 512.936.2669 email at Short Summary: In 2001 the Texas legislature passed a state law mandating that all counties either regulate or ban "dangerous" wild animlas. A list of species considered dangerous contains nearly all felines, with only a few species such as geoffroy's cats, jungle cats and asian leopard cats not listed. Each county must develop a plan to administer a registration process that requires a permit fee, caging standards, $100,000 liability insurance and veterinary care requirements as outlined in the state law. Many counties have chosen to ban possession of feliens rather then fund a county registration requirement. Contact county clerk of the court to request a copy of the county's animal ordinances. Feline Conservation Federation Site design by Eagle Web Designs

8. Fluffy Mouse By Zanies
It's Springtime! The Fluffy Mouse with Bell is infused with catnip to drive felines wild. These colorful mice also feature a shaggy texture cats find irresistible.

9. Isis Oasis Animal Sanctuary
While in the city of Saint Francis, patron saint of all living creatures, I discovered my passion for one of the most beautiful cats on the planet The Ocelot.
Home Animal Sanctuary Felines Birds ... Vivarium
Isis Oasis Animal Sanctuary
Feline Sanctuary O.C.E.L.O.T O celot C onservation E ducation L ocal O f T errain) There are some that believe that Ocelots should stay purely in the wild to live or to die. Commonly held knowledge shows the difficulties that this amazing species faces in the wild - Poachers who hunt them for their beautiful fur, although it is an illegal practice, and the deforestation of their habitats. Therefore I believe that a population of Ocelots kept in captivity is the only way to ensure their continued survival, for in ten years there may no longer be any Ocelots left in the wild in North America. Although there is a program sponsored by our federal government to keep and maintain the last pocket of Ocelots in North America - Lower South Texas, it seems doomed to failure as the Ocelots are victims of roadkill and farmers who shoot them out of fear that they may attack their livestock. The mission of O.C.E.L.O.T (Ocelot Conservation Education Local Of Terrain) is to ensure the public knows about the plight of the Ocelot and to peak their interest through safe interactions with living Ocelots.

10. The Stitch Boss
There is no need to painfully sort through the colors. You are ready to begin when you get it! keywords white tiger, garden, flowers, humming birds, cats, felines, wild

11. Wild Cats
Wild Cats. Learn about your household felines' wild relatives around the world. Open during construction. Please pardon our appearance.

12. PetCite - Quality Pet Products At Low Prices
1 big mice measure 5 long including tail and 4 baby mice measure 4 long including feather tail. Plus, each mice is made with catnip to drive felines wild.

13. Get Catnip And Say Hello Kitty, Goodbye Mosquito - Los Angeles Times
Catnip, the stuff that drives felines wild, also appears to drive away mosquitoes, preliminary research suggests.Laboratory experiments at Iowa State University suggest that the

14. Bobcat Posters & Prints | Buy Bobcat Poster Online - CafePress
Big Cat Rescue poster, posters of felines, wild poster print, feline wall poster, wall posters of cats, cat prints, wildlife print poster, animal posters, photography poster design bobcat posters

15. BioFortean Review | Pterodactyls Of Fresno County, California
Article on pterodactyl folklore/sightings from California in the late 1800s.
Cryptozoology, BioForteana, Zoological Oddities, Unusual Natural History BioFortean Review , (November 2006, No. 5) The Pterodactyls of Fresno County, California Chad Arment One of the strangest newspaper stories from the latter years of the nineteenth century came from California. It began in the summer of 1891. Several persons from Fresno County were reported to have seen a pair of large flying creatures that resembled pterosaurs (being featherless, with reptilian snouts and fifteen foot wingspans). The details were first published in the Selma, California, Enterprise , to which I don't currently have access, but it quickly spread to outlying newspapers. So, we can reconstruct the story from articles published by other newspapers. First, the general details from corresponding newspapers: "Dragons in California "A number of persons living in the vicinity of Reedley, Fresno county, Cal., all reputable citizens, too, according to a Chronicle correspondent, swear that they have seen and hunted two dragons with wings fifteen feet long, bodies without covering of hair or feathers, head broad, bills long and wide, eyes not less than four inches in diameter, and with feet like those of an alligator somewhat, though more circular in form. They had five toes on each foot, with a strong claw on each, and its track is eleven inches wide and nineteen inches long. These strange creatures were first seen southeast of Selma, on the night of July 11, and their peculiar cries and the rustling of their mammoth wings were heard as late as 10 o'clock, when all became still. The dragons were last heard that night crying in the direction of King's river.

16. The Durango Herald | S
Visitors aren't allowed into side caves where there are cows, ibex, wolves, bears, felines, wild oxen, rhinos and Anasazilike human hands outlined in red.
The Durango Herald
Other Editions:
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Local and Regional News
caption LINDSAY EPPICH/Herald Recycled paper is moved at the Durango Recyling Center Wednesday in the small space currently available.
Divided no more
Durango is looking at its aging recycling center as a renewable resource.

17. Selectividad: Matemáticas: Geometría: Hallar La Ecuación De Una Esfera Conociend
South American Wild Cats Find Hope in a Test Tube Ingl s Ejercicios resueltos Ingl s PALABRAS CLAVE become extinct, looms over, hugely, has been

18. Lion | Nature Desktop Wallpapers & Backgrounds
Keywords Lion, felines, wild cats, felinae, felidae, felid, whiskers. Copyright The copyright holder of this photo, Ernst Vikne, made it available under the Creative Commons

19. Jounior Observer | Sunday - Sri Lanka
Felines wild and beautiful The cougar and jaguar . Cougar (Puma concolor) The largest of the small wild cats, sometimes also classed as a big cat, the cougar holds the
Home News Bar » News: LTTE should denounce violence - EROS Gen Secy ... Political: UNP will never come to power ... Finanacial News: Extension of GSP Plus scheme an uphill task - Prof. Lakdas Fernando ... Sports: World Cup winning captain Arjuna won Observer award in 1980 and 1982 ... Sunday, 30 March 2008 observer
ONLINE News Editorial Financial Features ... OTHER LINKS Felines: wild and beautiful
The cougar and jaguar
Cougar ( Puma concolor The largest of the small wild cats, sometimes also classed as a big cat, the cougar holds the world record as the animal with the most names. It is called by over 40 names in English alone and some of the more popular names are; puma, mountain lion, panther, catamount, red tiger and Florida panther. Native to the Americas, the cougar is a large, solitary cat. It has the greatest range of any terrestrial (living on land) mammal in the Western Hemisphere. It is distributed from Yukon to Canada to the Southern Andes of South America. The second heaviest cat in the New World after the jaguar, the cougar is a reclusive animal which avoids people. Its preferred habitats are dense under-brush and rocky areas which are ideal for stalking. It is also found roaming in open areas.

20. 1000 Friends Of Fresno - Animal Welfare
As much as we would like to give you additional information, our office does not have any other information then what is on our web site.
As much as we would like to give you additional information, our office does not have any other information then what is on our web site.
The information on this page is provided to make it easier to access information about organizations that exist to promote the safety and well-being of animals in the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan area and the central San Joaquin Valley. Please contact the organizations listed below for additional information.
Fresno Bee's Community Calendar
includes information about events sponsored by many organizations whose purpose is to promote animal welfare and humane education.
If you find a lost animal, the Fresno Bee will print a Found ad at no cost. Call Classified at (559) 442-4442. Lost ads (classification 1010) and Found ads (classification 1030) are usually located on the first page of the Classified section.
Free spaying and neutering are now available for qualifying low-income Fresno County residents at SPCA. Additional

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