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         Ferrets Pet Care:     more books (23)
  1. How To Convince Your Parents You Can Care for a Pet Ferret (Robbie Readers) by Tamra Orr, 2008-05-15
  2. Ferrets (Animal Planet Pet Care Library) by Vickie Mckimmey, 2007-09
  3. My Pet Ferret by Lynn Hamilton, 2009-08
  4. Ferrets: Complete Care Guide by Karen Dale Dustman, 2002-04
  5. Ferrets (Keeping Unusual Pets) by June McNicholas, 2010-09
  6. Ferrets: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Behavior, and Breeding (Pet Care Series) by Chuck Morton, Fox Morton, 1985-12
  7. Ferrets (Great Pets) by Johannah Haney, 2009-09
  8. Furry Ferrets (Peculiar Pets) by Natalie Lunis, 2009-08
  9. The Ferret: A Guide to Selection, Housing, Care, Nutrition, Behaviour, Health, Breeding, Species and Colours (About Pets): A Guide to Selection, Housing, ... Breeding, Species and Colours (About Pets) by About Pets, 2003
  10. How To Know If a Ferret Is the Right Pet For You: Learn the Proper Care For a Ferret by Quick Easy Guides, 2008-07-31
  11. FERRETS! (Fun & Care Book) by Karen Dale Dustman, 1998-01-25
  12. Learning to Care for Small Mammals (Beginning Pet Care With American Humane) by Felicia Lowenstein Niven, 2010-09
  13. Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Mice, and Rats: How to Choose and Care for a Small Mammal (American Humane Pet Care Library) by Laura S. Jeffrey, 2004-10
  14. A Practical Guide to Ferret Care by Deborah Jeans, 1994-01

1. Ferret Care Guide
Most Ferret Rescue Programs are built around the idea of caring and sheltering neglected, abandoned, or abused ferrets from around the world. Since its popularity as house pets in
Ferret Care Guide
Care and Information for Pet Ferrets
Ferret Rescue Programs
by Ferret Fan Most Ferret Rescue Programs are built around the idea of caring and sheltering neglected, abandoned, or abused ferrets from around the world. Since its popularity as house pets in 1991, domesticated ferrets have been overlooked as one of the most mistreated exotic pets in many countries. The mistreatment may either root from the owner’s lack of information about proper ferret pet care, or just plain animal cruelty. Although Ferret Rescue Programs around the world have set up shelters and adoption centers for homeless ferrets, current owners are still encouraged to adopt out their own pets when the need arises. Valid reasons to look for new owners for your pets include moving to a smaller home, traveling to a country where ferrets are not allowed as pets, and strong, financial troubles. Arranging the adoption of your own ferrets would allow Ferret Rescue Programs to pour their energies on pets which have been completely abandoned by their owners. Besides, you will be saving your pet a lot of emotional stress by having him/her transfer to one home instead of two. Having your pet move from your home to the Ferret Rescue Programs shelter to the new family can traumatize your furry friend. If you think you have the energy and resources to find a new home for your pet, then you should do so, instead of coursing it through one of the country’s many Ferret Rescue Programs.

2. Kitten, Ferrets And A Paperbag | Pet Health | Pets Care | Dogs | Cats
Just a kitten with a paperbag and some ferrets! Pet Health Pets Care Dogs Cats. Stay informed on pet care, pets health and pet news and views.

3. Ferrets
Informational site on ferrets as pets, with related links, ferrets rescues and pictures.
Ferrets Pictures
Thousands of Pet Pictures, Classifieds, Ecards.
Pets for Sale, Pet of the Month, Pet Products. Advertise here
Picture courtesy of
Brooke's Ferret Frenzy
Brooke Lusky
Ferrets - Taxonomy
Ferrets are carnivorous, belonging to Mustelidae family, the oldest living family in the Carnivora. There exist two species of Ferrets: Black-footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes) and European Domestic Ferret (Mustela Putorius). Wild Ferrets can be found worldwide, except in Australia and some Oceanic islands.
Ferrets - Description
The European and the Black-footed Ferrets are two different breeds that are similar only in size. Black-footed Ferrets have broader heads, less pointed faces, and larger ears and eyes than their domestic cousins. Their legs, feet, tops of their heads are black or dark-brown. Domestic Ferrets have large front feet for digging, wide tails that taper off towards the tip, and may vary in the color. . Ferrets' eyes are black or red with round pupils when open, and slits, like cats, when closed in bright light. But the slits are horizontal, not vertical. There are sable, albino, silver, cinnamon, and chocolate Ferrets. Even Angora Ferrets exist with longer hair. Picture courtesy of
Ferret Central
Pamela Greene
Ferrets - Social Structure
In the wild, Ferrets are very territorial and live solitary lives. Male Ferrets exclude other males from their territory, and females exclude other females. But males' and females' territories may overlap, however their hunting styles are different. The females tend to go after smaller prey than males. Both males and females hunt rabbits, but females can also go down the burrows of rats and voles.

4. About is dedicated to providing people with sensible information about ferrets and how to care for them. I hope you find what you’re looking for

5. Pet Shop
Hello! Our goal is to sell top quality puppies suitable for show, hunt, service, or companion. We are franchise of small state licensed kennels …

6. Ferret Facts And Information About Pet Ferrets
Features information on the care of ferrets along with a Ferret IQ test and a list of movies in which ferrets appear.
Ferret Facts
Welcome pet ferret lovers
Welcome to ferret facts your source for pet ferret information. Come ferret out the facts. We aim bring you any and all ferret information to you, including care, cage, diet, toys, safety, health, training tips ..etc but also a place for ferret owners to share there stories, review ferret products, experiences and love of our furry friends. Learn to keep your ferret healthy and happy! Love reading about ferrets? check out these great ebooks! Ferret Care Secrets Revealed. Discover How To Stop Your Pet Ferrets From Biting And Stinking - And Train Your Ferret To Use The Litter The Right Way... And More... Find Out About Ferrets. The Complete Guide To Turning Your Fuzzy Into The Happiest, Best-Behaved, And Healthiest Pet In The World! Coming Soon - Ferret product reviews, have you had a good or bad experience with a certain ferret product? If so ferret facts wants to hear from you, send us and email describing your experiences with any ferret related products and help other ferret owners make informed purchases. Updates Ferrets in the Movies and TV - Updated Ferret FAQ Thanks for all the questions keep sending yours to

7. Pet Ferrets - Care And Health
Information about keeping ferrets as pets, the general care of pet ferrets (including cages, feeding, toys, training, good ferret care books, and more), and health resources.
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  • Pet Ferret Care and Health Information
    Information about keeping ferrets as pets, the general care of pet ferrets (including cages, feeding, toys, training, good ferret care books, and more), and health resources.
  • Ferret Health (7)
  • Super Pet Super Sleeper Sleep-E Tent
    A quick review of the Super Pet Super Sleeper Sleep-E Tent, which is a nifty and versatile sleeping tent and hammock suitable mainly for ferrets but also for pet rats, chinchillas, and more. zSB(3,3)
    Super Pet Cozy Hammock
    A review of the Super Pet Cozy Hammock. This product is a hammock that is useful for ferrets and other pets.
    Ferret Care Guide and Ferret Facts
    Beginner's guide to ferrets includes basic facts about ferrets and a compilation of all of About's ferret care articles.
    Feeding Your Ferret
    The ideal ferret diet is a somewhat controversial area, with the standard recommendation that cat food is fine being questioned and ferret specific diets becoming more widely available.
    Towards a More Natural Ferret Diet - Whole Prey and Raw Foods
    An examination of the issues involved in feeding ferrets and appropriate and healthy diet, and whether more natural diets such as whole prey or formulated or homemade raw bones and food can better meet the needs of pet ferrets.

    8. Rabbits - Essex
    We are a small family run business specialising in exotics and Tropical fish. Ferrets pet care products - cats - pet accessories

    9. Ferrets On Internet | Internet Sites | Security And Privacy | World Wide Web
    For all ferret-related sites.
    Marketing Via Rings
    Marketing Via Articles

    Marketing Via Yellow Pages
    Ferrets on the Internet + ADD YOUR SITE (17 members) netseer_tag_id = "1118"; netseer_ad_width = "700"; netseer_ad_height = "220"; netseer_task = "ad"; netseer_tag_id = "1119"; netseer_ad_width = "715"; netseer_ad_height = "70"; netseer_task = "ad"; Ferrets on the Internet Click Member link to see site in tv Ferrets on the Internet + ADD YOUR SITE (17 members) Interesting facts about Internet sites The world with the introduction of internet has surely become a small place. Information can be exchanged, businesses can be run, classes can be attended and movies can be watched, just by a few clicks of a mouse. Internet has become the new best friend of a common man. Internet site or a web site is a mesh of interlinked web pages, videos, links, images and digital information. Addressed with an IP address or a common domain name, an internet site is a pool of information in itself. An Internet site is made up of a large number of web documents or pages developed with the help of HTML or XHTML (Hyperlink Transfer Markup Language). A page in the Internet site may incorporate various elements from other Internet sites so that they can act as suitable anchors for markup. The pages of an Internet site can be accessed and transported along the Internet Network with the help of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Provision of security is always available in the form of encryption to provide security and privacy to the user and to secure the information being displayed on the site. Any Internet site can be accessed by a web user with the help of WWW or World Wide Web. Each Internet site has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or a home page. All the pages of the site are linked to each other with the help of Hyperlinks.

    10. Ferret Care Guide And Ferret Facts
    Information about keeping ferrets as pets, including a care guide and some facts about ferrets.
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  • Home Exotic Pets
  • Exotic Pets
    What You Need to Know About Ferrets From Lianne McLeod, DVM , former Guide
    See More About:
    zSB(3,3) Introduction
    • Live 6-8 years on average (sometimes up to 11 or 12)
    • Females are called jills, and males are hobs. Baby ferrets are called kits. In North America, spayed females are sometimes called sprites and neutered males called gibs. A group of ferrets is a "business of ferrets."
    • Males tend to be larger than females in length and weight. Females are 13-14 inches long and weigh anywhere from 0.75 to 2.5 lbs, whereas males are on average 15-16 inches long and weigh 2-3.5 lbs if neutered and are even larger (4 or more lbs) if not neutered.
    • Most ferrets obtained in North America are spayed or neutered and descented at a very young age before being sold.
    • Ferrets sleep a large part of the day, commonly around 18 hours. They naturally tend to be active at dawn and dusk, but usually adapt their sleeping and active times to the fit the schedules of their owners.

    11. My Stinky Ferret - Mamapedia™
    litter box ferrets pet care puppy dog pet cat travel deal dog train fish pet family travel deals puppy train how to train dog puppy care cat treats

    12. Ferreting And Rabbeting
    Site devoted to hunting for rabbits with ferrets, includes advice on ferret handling and photo gallery.
    Welcome to Ken's Webpage Visitor No.
    My name is Ken Knowles, I have always had ferrets and dogs, when working on a farm or just walking in the fields I have always had a dog and some ferrets and a few nets with me. I have bread all sorts of ferrets, some very good ones and some not so good and some that will always be wild. I also breed African Hedgehogs and fly Radio Control Model Aircraft. Me when I was young Me now Me flying Ferreting is an art, not just a matter of laying a net over a rabbit hole, throwing a ferret down and hoping to get a rabbit out. Your nets have to be laid out so they don't get stuck on twigs and brambles and will not close when a rabbit runs into it. Your ferret need to be fit and not just taken from it's cage after an easy summer and expected to run down holes yards and yards long chasing and killing rabbits without laying up. Your ferrets must be housed in solid cages with room to climb and move around, your nets should be hung out to get the smell of summer, make different nets for different jobs, short ones for when the undergrowth is thick, long ones for two holes that are togeather and so on.

    13. Things You Should Know About Pet Ferrets - Ferret Care
    Whether you own a ferret or plan to get a pet ferret, learn how to care for your ferret. We have free tips needed to care for your ferret pet

    14. YouTube - Ferret Care : How To Make A Ferret Cage
    Pets Animals. Tags ferrets; pet care; ferret care; ferret supplies; ferret cages; ferret food; ferret behavior; adopting ferrets

    15. SoYouWanna Get A Ferret?
    A step-by-step article on the process of responsibly choosing a ferret and keeping it safe and happy.

    16. Animal Planet Ferrets Pet Care Book (Hardcover) Reviews |
    Animal Planet Ferrets Pet Care Book (Hardcover) reviews. Find Pet Care Book reviews at Buzzillions including 2 reviews of Animal Planet Ferrets Pet Care Book (Hardcover).
    Search Provided by Discovery Channel Ferrets are lively, domestic pets that can provide great entertainment and companionship. Find out how to prepare your household for adopting a ferret, as well as essential care information to ensure he is healthy and contented. Animal Planet Ferrets Pet Care Book (Hardcover) Questions Have a question about this product? Get answers from the community.
    Ask a question.
    Questions and Answers Where to Buy
    Animal Planet Ferrets Pet Care Book (Hardcover)
    from $11.95 ...More

    17. Hamsters Sale Pets | Compare Prices, Discounts On Millions Of Products At Winbuy
    Shop for hamsters sale Pets at, Compare and save online, read product reviews, find the best deal from a choice of brands Super Pet, Penn, Hagen, Habitrail, and sale/init-1/D-21102007/C-Ty

    18. NSW Ferret Welfare Society
    Official site of the New South Wales Ferret Welfare Society. Membership application, listings for stray ferrets, and links.
    Ferret Infoline: 02 9635 9212 We have 18 ferrets available. view
    Contact Us Membership ...
    Mobile Site

    Meetings and Events October Meeting: Thankyou to everyone who attended our social day on the 10th of October. Photos from the day are available in our new photo gallery by clicking here Next Meeting: Next meeting will take place on the 5th of December at Cromer. For more information click here New Photo Gallery: All of our new photos will now be posted in our new photo gallery. You can view these photos by clicking here
    2010 Photo Competition
    2nd Winston by Rhiannon
    3rd Milo by Gai You can view the photos by clicking here
    IMPORTANT NOTICE Flu season is on us as we face yet another cold winter. Did you know that your ferret can catch the flu from you? Read our f lu article to bring yourself up to speed on the ferret flu epidemic. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE FLU
    We are a volunteer, non profit, incorporated society. Our aims are:
    • To promote the welfare of ferrets To educate interested people regarding all aspects of ferret care and ownership To find homes for strays and unwanted ferrets, and

    19. Ferret Care
    Information about taking care of your pet ferret. Ferrets are fascinating creatures that have moved their way into more than 395,000 American households over the past several years

    20. Looking For Pet Care? Has It.
    Find pet care Tailored To Your Needs. Ferrets Pet Care Basic Field 1987 care.aspx
    Find pet care Tailored To Your Needs. All About Your Ferret Book pet care health animal NEW SheilaCrompton FREE US SHIP~OtherPetsAvailable~Barron's Shark V1310PT Bagless Pet Care Upright Vacuum HEPA Care for a Pet Hedgehog NEW by Tammy Gagne TropiClean Fresh Breath Pet Dental Care Water Additive Miniature Schnauzers (Animal Planet Pet Care Library), ... Parakeets (Animal Planet Pet Care Library), Nikki Moust Find pet care Tailored To Your Needs. Pets and Pet Care, Hilary Lloyd Jones, Very Good Book All Natural Oral Dental Care Gel 4 Pets dogs cats 4 oz PET LOO WEE CARE PET HABITAT CARE 3 BOTTLE VALUE PK. LG Kompressor LuV200R Pet Care Upright Vacuum Bagless ... LG LUV200R Kompressor PET CARE Bagless Upright Vacuum MSRP: $399 - Brand New in Retail Box! Free FedEx Ship Zhu Zhu pet pajama gown flannel Care Bears Super Soft! Set N Me Free Pet Care Lotion Fleas REPEL Hot Spots Pet House and Pet Dogs: Their Selection, Care and Training Find pet care Tailored To Your Needs. 3 PCS Brushes Dog Cat Pet Hygiene Teeth Care Toothbrush NEW Managed Care and Chronic Care Illness - Fox, Pet... 3 PCS Brushes Dog Cat Pet Hygiene Teeth Care Toothbrush Oster animal Care pet clippers advanced series ... LG LUV200R Kompressor PET CARE Bagless Upright Vacuum MSRP: $399 - Brand New in Retail Box! Free FedEx Ship PET DENTAL ADVANCED DENTAL CARE PET TOOTHPASTE NEW Set N Me Free Pet Care Lotion Fleas REPEL Hot Spots Pet Pet Dog Rechargeable Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper Care LOT OF POLLY POCKET CAR SCOOTER HORSE PET CARE POOL ETC Find pet care Tailored To Your Needs.

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