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         Forests Environment:     more books (100)
  1. A Forest Environment by Stephen Law, 2010-03-30
  2. Bush Base, Forest Farm: Culture, Environment, and Development (European Inter-University Development Opportunities Study Group)
  3. People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance (Politics, Science, and the Environment)
  4. Americans and their Forests: A Historical Geography (Studies in Environment and History) by Michael Williams, 1992-06-26
  5. Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Human-Environment Interactions in Forest Ecosystems
  6. Forest Environment and Biodiversity by M.P. Singh, J.K. Singh, et all 2007-07-30
  7. Incentives to Sustain Forest Ecosystem Services: A Review and Lessons for REDD by Ivan Bond, Maryanne Grieg-gran, et all 2009-06-30
  8. The Productivity and Sustainability of Southern Forest Ecosystems in a Changing Environment (Ecological Studies)
  9. At Loggerheads?: Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction, And Environment in the Tropical Forests (World Bank Policy Research Report) by Kenneth M. Chomitz, Piet Buys, et all 2006-10-20
  10. Vanishing Rain Forests (Environment Alert!) by Paula Hogan, 1991-10
  11. Public Lands Conflict and Resolution: Managing National Forest Disputes (Environment, Development and Public Policy: Environmental Policy and Planning)
  12. Forest Ecosystems and Environments: Scaling Up from Shoot Module to Watershed
  13. Research methods in the study of forest environment by Carlos G Bates, 2010-05-17
  14. Ravaged Temperate Forests (Environment Alert!) by Terry Tompkins, 1993-09

1. Forests Environment Department
The Department is the apex body in the Gujarat State for implementation of all the environment related matters. It works towards achieving sound environmental management
Government of Gujarat) Home Contact Feedback Sitemap ... Contact us AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','1003','height','162','src','images/banner','quality','high','pluginspage','','wmode','opaque','movie','images/banner' ); //end AC code Events 26th to 31st July 2010 Swarnim Gujarat Prakruti
Utsav week celebration
16th September World Ozone Day 2nd-8th October World Wildlife Day 6th October World Habitat Day More... Right to Information
What's New More... Current Schemes More...

2. Sikkim Info-Environment Policy Of Sikkim
Department of Forests, Environment and Wildlife may make arrangement to market the produce through their departmental sale depots.
Search our site ...Everything you ever wanted to know about Sikkim Last modified: ENVIRONMENT POLICY Language : English Spanish French German ... Norwegian
Government of Sikkim
RESOLUTION 1. PREAMBLE Article 48A and 55A (g) of the Constitution under Directive Principles of state policy assign duties for the state and all citizens which state that, the state shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife and to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes and rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for the living creatures. In Resolution No. 3-1/86-FP dated the 7 th 2. BASIC OBJECTIVES The basic objectives that should govern State Forest Policy of Environment, Forest and Land Use are as under:
  • Maintenance of environmental stability through preservation and where necessary, restoration of ecological balance which has been distributed due to various developmental activities, faulty land practices and degradation of forest resources.
  • Conserving the natural heritage of the state through conservation and preservation of natural forests of the state with vast variety of flora and fauna, which represents the remarkable diversity, and genetic resources of the state.

3. Appleby International
Natural forest environments. Features region information, products, services and links.

4. Publication: Global Policy Perspective On Forests, Environment & Well-Being
Publication details for Global Policy Perspective on Forests, Environment WellBeing. Session 1 presentation from Majaraju Muthoo, Workshop on 'Community Rights, Forests, and

5. Account Suspended
Provides information on research into forests and the environment, global warming, clean development, biodiversity, ecology and management.
Account Suspended
This Account Has Been Suspended

6. Darfur Forests, Environment 'suffering' - IOL | Breaking News | South Africa New
South Africa's Premier Online News Source. Discover the world of IOL, South Africa News, Sport, Business, Financial, World News, Entertainment, Technology, Motoring, Travel
IOL Newsletters Sign up now Sponsored Links: See the stylish new website Movie review See The Crazies this weekend News Business Lifestyle Sport Your Pictures All Channels Advanced Search Home ddtabmenu.definemenu("ddtabs3", 0)
Darfur forests, environment 'suffering'
December 10 2008 at 01:59pm By Andrew Heavens Khartoum - Sudan's Darfur conflict has devastated the environment in the region, stripping forests and destroying farmland, according to a UN report. People caught up in the five-year crisis have cut down large areas of woodland, partly to feed a booming war-fuelled construction industry, said a report by the UN's Environment Programme (UNEP) seen by Reuters on Wednesday. Tree cover has become so sparse in some areas that Darfuris often have to travel more than 75 km from their camps to find enough wood to sell or use for fuel, it added. "We're now seeing extreme stress on the environment around many of the camps and the major towns in Darfur," said UNEP's Sudan country director Clive Bates in a statement. "We need to plant millions of trees and introduce new technologies for construction and energy as quickly as humanly possible."

7. Forests | Environment Tasmania
Questions Answers. Environment and forest industry representatives have been talking informally to explore ways to resolve the conflict over native forests in Tasmania and
Search this site:

8. CIPEC - Center For The Study Of Institutions, Population, And Environmental Chan
Studies processes of change in forest environments as mediated by institutional arrangements, demographic factors, and other major human driving forces.


CIPEC Brochure

CIPEC Colloquium Series

Search CIPEC:
Welcome! Understanding how and why some forests are fragmented, degraded, and losing species, while other forests are in good condition and even regrowing and expanding, is a puzzle to any thoughtful observer of the environment. In a world which is experiencing unprecedented degrees of environmental change and degradation at a global scale, one sees evidence of restoration, suggesting that under certain conditions, people can self-organize and stem the steady loss of the ecological systems that sustain us. At the Center for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change (CIPEC) we are dedicated to understanding these processes and sharing this knowledge with the scientific community and the public. Last Updated: 7 October 2010
Voice: (812) 855-2230 TDD: (812) 855-7654
Fax: (812) 855-2634 Comments: cipec (at)
2010, The Trustees of Indiana University Bolivia
Guatemala ... Uganda

9. Reuters AlertNet - Darfur Conflict Ravages Forests, Environment-report
AlertNet provides news, information and analysis for everyone interested in emergency relief. AlertNet is run by Reuters Foundation.

10. Wildlife Dying Out In Dense Evergreen Forests | Environment News Service | Find
Wildlife Dying Out in Dense Evergreen Forests from Environment News Service provided by Find Articles at BNET
BNET Log In Join Search
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    Reference Publications
    Wildlife Dying Out in Dense Evergreen Forests
    Environment News Service August, 2007 by staff"
    CORVALLIS, Oregon (ENS) — > The traditional emphasis on dense, fast growing, conifer forests in the Pacific Northwest raises questions about the health of dozens of bird and animal species that depend on shrubs, herbs and broadleaf trees, suggests a new analysis by Oregon State University and the U.S. Geological Survey. Conifers are evergreen trees such as fir and cedar that dominate the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The study was just published in "Forest Ecology and Management," by Joan Hagar, an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Forest Science at Oregon State University, and a wildlife biologist with the Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey, which funded the study. At least 78 vertebrate...

11. Eesti Loodusmuuseum
Displays on geology, fresh water, marsh and forest environments. Information about current exhibitions. Estonian, English

12. Forests & Environment Department | Sitemap
Forests Environment Department. All rights reserved.
Government of Gujarat) Home Contact Feedback Sitemap ... Contact us Department Overview Profile Organisation Chart Activities ... Imp Contact Nos.
Sitemap Home Department Overview Profile ... Sitemap Visitor :

13. Forests - Environment - Government Of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan, usually thought of as a prairie province, is actually more than half forests. Most of these more than 90 per cent - are provincial Crown forests, owned by the
Choose a Ministry Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Agriculture Corrections, Public Safety and Policing Education Energy and Resources Environment Executive Council Finance First Nations and Métis Relations Government Services Health Highways and Infrastructure Information Technology Office Justice and Attorney General Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Municipal Affairs Office of the Provincial Capital Commission Office of the Provincial Secretary Public Service Commission (PSC) Social Services Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Environment Quick Search: Sunday, November 14, 2010 Directory Contact Us
Services For:
Hunters Fishers Land Sales and Leases Home ... About Environment Forests Resources About Saskatchewan About Government About Environment Licences ... Forms
Saskatchewan, usually thought of as a prairie province, is actually more than half forests. Most of these - more than 90 per cent - are provincial Crown forests, owned by the people of Saskatchewan. On their behalf, the Ministry of Environment ensures that these forests are sustainably managed. As part of its efforts to assess progress toward sustainable forest management, the Ministry of Environment has produced the

14. Laskeek Bay Conservation Society
Dedicated to conservation, education and advocacy in marine and forest environments. Photo gallery, information on making donations, and contact details.
Home Site Map Contact Laskeek Bay
Conservation Society

PO Box 867,
Queen Charlotte, B.C. Canada
Phone: 250-559-2345
Fax: 250-559-2345
Email LBCS

Christine Pansino
Executive Director
LBCS celebrated 20 years of Citizen Science research and programming in 2009. Our Anniversary Symposium was held on October 1,2,3, where we celebrated our past accomplishments and planned for future endeavours. Agenda Symposium Presentations
Kicking off a new season!
We had some significant challenges coming out of 2009 particularly related to the recession and funding cuts to the environmental not-for-profit sector. However, we had an abundance of support through donations to the society since we launched our fundraising campaign last fall! We continue to focus our efforts on eliminating all but the most necessary of expenses to run our field season and related programs in 2010. Over the past few months we closed our office space and have just reopened at our old location #4-3207 Wharf Street, after some muchneeded renovations were completed. In Laskeek Bay raccoons continued to be a nuisance on the ground-nesting seabird colonies in 2009. To address this issue the Ministry of Environment undertook a control effort in March and managed to terminate 10 out of 13 raccoons sighted on adjacent Vertical Point.

15. Indigenous Tribes: 'We Are Fighting For Our Lives And Our Dignity' | Environment
Jun 13, 2009 Across the globe, as mining and oil firms race for dwindling resources, indigenous peoples are battling to defend their lands – often paying the ultimate price
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16. Greenspirit By Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore of Greenspirit believes Trees are the Answer. He writes about ecology, environment, sustainability, forests, forestry, environmentalism

17. Forest And Environment Group Ltd.
Consulting company providing expertise in the field of forestry, environment and bioenergy. Only private activator in Western-Europe providing maps concerning conservation and moratorium areas of North-West Russia. Based in Finland.
Forest and Environment Group Ltd
Oy FEG Ltd. is a consulting company providing expertise in the field of forestry, environment and bioenergy, its areas of operation being North-West Russia, countries in transition in Eastern Europe and Finland. News 14.12.2006 Harvester driver training in Russia seminar in Petrozavodsk
18.10.2006 New edition of the textbook "Basics of Forest Technology" in Russian
3.5.2006 Harvester driver training in Russia project started
2.11.2005 FEG organized bioenergy training for UNDP Belarus office


18. Nature Reserves (zapovedniki) In Ukraine, Forests, Environment.
Name Year organized Area, hectares Biosphere reserves 1 AskaniyaNova 1898/1985 33 308 2 Chornomors'kyi 1927/1984 98 407 3 Karpats'kyi
Nature Reserves in Ukraine
(Zapovidnyky) Text description
- Biosphere reserves;
- Nature reserves;
- National parks.
Name Year
organized Area,
Biosphere reserves: Askaniya-Nova Chornomors'kyi Karpats'kyi Dunaiski
Nature reserves: Krymskyi Kanivs'kyi Ukrainian Steppe Lugans'kyi Polis'kyi Yaltyns'kyi Mountain Cape Mart'yan Karadag Roztochchya Medobory Dniprovs'ko-Oril's'kyi Yelanets'kyi Steppe Gorgany Kazantypskyi Opukskyi Rivnenskyi Cheremskyi
National parks: Karpats'kyi Synevir Azovo-Syvas'kyi Vyzhnyts'kyi Podil's'ki Tovtry Svyati Gory Yavorivskyi Desniano-Starogutskyi Skolivs'ki Beskydy Shatsk'yi Uzhanskyi Gutsulschina
Forestry institutions in Ukraine
Forests in Ukraine
Questions? Email me at
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This website was created in 1998 and being updated constantly.

19. National Forests - Environment New York
What's New. Protecting Roadless Areas . The U.S. Forest Service is now deciding whether to open 6 million acres of the largest pristine forest in the lower 48 states—to
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Take Action Issues News ... National Forests
National Forests
What's New
Protecting Roadless Areas Colorado
Brief Summary
Our national forests protect clean water, preserve undisturbed wildlife habitat, and provide backcountry recreational opportunities for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these forests remains undisturbed by extractive industries: 16,000 miles of roads already traverse their acreage. In 2001, our staff and their allies won a remarkable victory with the enactment of the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which placed 56 million acres of pristine forest land off-limits to road-building, mining, and virtually all logging. Unfortunately, the Bush administration stripped away this vital protection in an effort to give away these pristine forests to the timber industry and other powerful special interests. Even though our forests are currently enjoying the protection of the 2001 Roadless Rule, the Forest Service announced that it would still be open to reviewing petitions on a state-by-state basis. Idaho and Colorado have both submitted petitions and their forests are at risk of being opened to extractive industries. We need to codify this rule into law and take our last wild forests off the chopping block once and for all.

20. Forest & Environment Dept, Govt. Of Meghalaya
Forest Environment Department Government of Meghalaya Best viewed in 1024 X 768 resolution

Government of Meghalaya

Best viewed in 1024 X 768 resolution

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