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         Fortran Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Introduction to Programming with Fortran: with coverage of Fortran 90, 95, 2003 and 77 by Jane Sleightholme, 2008-12-31
  2. Fortran 90 Programming (International Computer Science Series) by T.M.R. Ellis, Ivor R. Phillips, et all 1994-05-31
  3. Guide to Fortran 2003 Programming by Walter S. Brainerd, 2009-07-01
  4. Fortran 77: Principles of Programming by Jerrold L. Wagener, 1980-01
  5. Schaum's Outline of Programming With Fortran 77 (Schaum's Outline Series) by Willam Mayo, Martin Cwiakala, 1994-09-01
  6. Fundamentals of Engineering Programming with C and Fortran by Harley R. Myler, 1998-07-13
  7. Computing for Scientists: Principles of Programming with Fortran 90 and C++ by R. J. Barlow, A. R. Barnett, et all 1998-09-09
  8. FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists with an Introduction to FORTRAN 90 (4th Edition) by Larry Nyhoff, Sanford Leestma, 1996-01-07
  9. Introduction to FORTRAN 90 for Engineers and Scientists by Larry R. Nyhoff, Sanford Leestma, 1996-09-23
  10. Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77: The Art of Scientific Computing by William H. Press, Brian P. Flannery, et all 1992-09-25
  11. Classical Fortran: Programming for Engineering and Scientific Applications, Second Edition by Michael Kupferschmid, 2009-01-14
  12. Fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists by Larry Nyhoff, Sanford Leestma, 1992-01
  13. Fortran 90/95 Explained by Michael Metcalf, John K. Reid, 1999-08-26
  14. Object-Oriented Programming via Fortran 90/95 by Ed Akin, 2003-01-13

1. Fortran Programming Langauge
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. GENERAL INTRODUCTION A. Definition of highlevel programming language B. Basic programming language terminology's C. Advantages and Disadvantages of high

2. FORTRAN Programming
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FORTRAN programming
FORTRAN programming: a spiral approach, with WATFOR/WATFIV and standard FORTRAN
Charles B. Kreitzberg
Ben Shneiderman
Publisher: New York : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
ISBN: 0155280120 DDC: 1.6424 LCC: QA76.73
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Book Details:
Language: eng
Physical Description: x, 437 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Applied FORTRAN programming (Michael J. Merchant, in collaboration with John R. Sturgul; ISBN: 0534004970; $9.95; 100% match) Applied numerical methods for digital computation (M. L. James, G. M. Smith, J. C. Wolford; ISBN: 0060432810; 100% match) Computation, calculators, and computers (George C. Beakley, Robert E. Lovell; ISBN: 0023071508; 100% match) ...more similar books
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3. Fortran Programming
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4. Co-array Fortran - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
To address these shortcomings, Rice University is developing a cleanslate redesign of the Coarray Fortran programming model. Rice's new design for Coarray Fortran, which they call
Co-array Fortran
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Co-array Fortran programming language Jump to: navigation search Coarray Fortran Paradigm multi-paradigm parallel message passing ... object-oriented Designed by Robert Numrich and John Reid Developer PL22.3 Fortran Committee Stable release Fortran 2008 (ISO/IEC 1539-1:2010) Typing discipline strong static Major implementations Cray, gfortran Rice (CAF 2.0), Intel Influenced by Fortran OS Cross-platform Co-array Fortran (CAF), formerly known as F , is an extension of Fortran 95/2003 for parallel processing created by Robert Numrich and John Reid in 1990s. The Fortran 2008 standard (ISO/IEC 1539-1:2010) now includes coarrays (spelt without hyphen), as decided at the May 2005 meeting of the ISO Fortran Committee; the syntax in the Fortran 2008 standard is slightly different from the original CAF proposal. A coarray Fortran program is interpreted as if it were replicated a number of times and all copies were executed asynchronously. Each copy has its own set of data objects and is termed an image . The array syntax of Fortran is extended with additional trailing subscripts in square brackets to provide a concise representation of references to data that is spread across images. The Co-array Fortran extension has been available for a long time and was implemented in some Fortran compilers such as those from Cray (since release 3.1). Since the inclusion of coarrays in the Fortran 2008 standard, the number of implementation is growing. The first open-source compiler which implemented coarrays as specified in the Fortran 2008 standard for Linux architectures is

5. Notes On FORTRAN Programming
Information about Fortran, programming, tools, floating point type, external environment.
USER NOTES ON FORTRAN PROGRAMMING (UNFP) (An open cooperative practical guide) Mirroring thanks to SunSITEs: Poland, USA, Germany, Russia, ... [Home FTP site] New! Code Tuning co-guide, 1998 Lahey Fortran Users' Conference
May be redistributed provided it's kept updated,
and all rights are reserved

6. Fortran - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A Guide to FORTRAN Programming. New York Wiley. LCCN 61016618. Page, Clive G. (1988). Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran77 (7th June 2005 ed.).
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (March 2010) Fortran
The Fortran Automatic Coding System for the IBM 704 (October 15, 1956), the first Programmer's Reference Manual for Fortran Paradigm multi-paradigm imperative procedural ... generic Appeared in Designed by John Backus Developer John Backus IBM ... Stable release Fortran 2008 (ISO/IEC 1539-1:2010) (2010) Typing discipline strong static manifest ... Major implementations Absoft, Cray, GFortran IBM Intel , Lahey/Fujitsu, Open Watcom , Pathscale, PGI Silverfrost , Oracle, XL Fortran , Visual Fortran, others Influenced by Speedcoding Influenced ALGOL 58 BASIC C PL/I ... Ratfor Usual file extensions .f .for Fortran (previously FORTRAN note 1 both blends derived from IBM Mathematical Formula Translating System ) is a general-purpose note 2 procedural note 3 ... programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing . Originally developed by IBM at their campus in south San Jose, California

7. Fortran Programming Language
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Fortran Programming Language
-byteswapio read data Namelist formatting A question about "intent(out)"? ... problems with XLF/64 bit
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8. FORTRAN Programming -The Early Turning Point
Chapter Excerpt from Go To The Story of the Math Majors, Bridge Players, Engineers, Chess Wizards, Maverick Scientists, and Iconoclasts by Steve Lohr, discussing the early history of Fortran.
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    The history of FORTRAN programming language
    From Steve Lohr
    See More About:
    Go To - By Steve Lohr zSB(3,3) Chapter Excerpt from "Go To: The Story of the Math Majors, Bridge Players, Engineers, Chess Wizards, Maverick Scientists, & Iconoclasts" by Steve Lohr The impetus for the Defense Calculator came from the Korean War. The Korean conflict, begun in 1950, lent urgency to the push for new planes and weapons that would operate at higher speeds, higher temperatures, and with greater precision. Designing and producing them meant another surge in demand for engineering calculations, only five years after the end of World War II. The Pentagon and its corporate suppliers were sophisticated customers with deep pockets, but they were few. And it was not yet clear that there would be a lucrative market for the tireless calculating capacity of electronic computers outside the defense establishment. Within IBM UNIVAC computer Despite the name, the Defense Calculator was a stored-program computer, and so it was a general-purpose machine, awaiting only programming instructions to tackle all manner of problems. Indeed, by the time the machine was unveiled to the public in April 1953 it had undergone a name change, becoming the

    9. Nicole M. Bliss - Fortran Programming
    Calculates ratio of Halpha/Hbeta for spectral lines that pass 2 sig detection limits and associated errors
    Fortran Programming
    Calculates ratio of Halpha/Hbeta for

    spectral lines that pass 2 sig detection

    limits and associated errors

    Saturn from Above
    Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA
    This image of Saturn could not have been taken from Earth. No
    Earth based picture could possibly view the night side of Saturn and the
    corresponding shadow cast across Saturn's rings. Since Earth is much closer to the
    Sun than Saturn, only the day side of the planet is visible from the Earth. In fact,
    this image mosaic was taken in January by the robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn. The beautiful rings of Saturn are seen in full expanse, while cloud details are visible near the night-day terminator divide. Explanation courtesy of NASA Uses mean and mean error of tau, ebv, and Nh to calculate (Meanwall - Meanvoid) / (Error Meanvoid) for the H nuclei, seyfert, LINER, transition ... should equal 0. DD/DR - 1 The following are select astrophysics research programs I wrote while working for Dr. Hoyle at Widener University. Home Research Teaching Resume ... Contact Me

    10. Managing Fortran Programs
    Article by Arjen Markus about managing interactive Fortran programs via Tcl. Has Fortran 95 and Tcl code. Managing Fortran programs Updated 2007-06-14 10:23:44 by LES Arjen Markus This page is meant to elaborate the management of interactive Fortran programs via Tcl Note: Very sketchy right now - I want to get the information available Below is a simple example:
    • Tcl asks for a string and puts it to an executable program written in Fortran. This program reads the string and writes it out, until the string is "q", then it exits. At this moment, Tcl must exit too.
    The Tcl code: The Fortran code: Notes:
    • Standard output is usually unit 6, but on SGI it is unit 101
    See also: open exec Inventory of IPC methods Peter Këmpf I needed to make Tcl work together with Fortran without having a C compiler at hand, and Arjen was so kind to supply me with an object file which just needs to be linked to a Ftcl interface and the Fortran stuff. To show how it works I have put together an example: This has been compiled using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.5 on Windows, and I had no other compiler to test it with, so all the rest just refers to CVF. Normally I work with Macs as they are much more fun to program, but this had to be don on Windoze. Hated it!!! First, create a new Workspace for a Dynamic Link Library, name it as you want and specify an empty DLL application on the next page. Click Finish.

    11. The FORTRAN Programming Language
    History. One of the oldest programming languages, the FORTRAN was developed by a team of programmers at IBM led by John Backus, and was first published in 1957.
    The FORTRAN Programming Language
    Click below to go directly to a specific section:
    Significant Language Features Areas of Application Sample Programs ... Acknowledgments
    One of the oldest programming languages, the FORTRAN was developed by a team of programmers at IBM led by John Backus, and was first published in 1957. The name FORTRAN is an acronym for FORmula TRANslation, because it was designed to allow easy translation of math formulas into code. Often referred to as a scientific language , FORTRAN was the first high-level language, using the first compiler ever developed. Prior to the development of FORTRAN computer programmers were required to program in machine/assembly code, which was an extremely difficult and time consuming task, not to mention the dreadful chore of debugging the code. The objective during it's design was to create a programming language that would be: simple to learn, suitable for a wide variety of applications, machine independent , and would allow complex mathematical expressions to be stated similarly to regular algebraic notation. While still being almost as efficient in execution as assembly language. Since FORTRAN was so much easier to code, programmers were able to write programs 500% faster than before, while execution efficiency was only reduced by 20%, this allowed them to focus more on the problem solving aspects of a problem, and less on coding. FORTRAN was so innovative not only because it was the first high-level language, but also because of it's compiler, which is credited as giving rise to the branch of computer science now known as

    12. Father Of Fortran Programming Language Dies | Adventures In IT - InfoWorld
    John Backus led the development Fortran, which was the first mainstream programming language and is still heavily influential today
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    13. The Fortran Company
    Provides products, services, and training for the Fortran programming language and a collection of links, resources, and source code.

    14. Fortran Programming Language
    . FOR mula TRAN slation. FORTRAN was developed in the 1950s by a team of IBM programmers and released in 1957.......history of computing
    1957, USA
    John Backus et al at IBM
    keywords programming language, Fortran
    Description FOR mula TRAN slation. FORTRAN was developed in the 1950-s by a team of IBM programmers and released in 1957. It is a language special developed to let the computer execute number crunching operations. It was the first high level language, one in which the programmer did not have to directly deal with assembler or machine code (0's and 1's). It was the first language to be widely used and it is the oldest language still widely used today. It was designed to express scientific and mathematical formulas and it is still used in that area. A simple example of FORTRAN IV (this is one of my firsts programs, written in FORTRAN IV for an IBM1130 using 8Kb memory in 1973): // JOB
    // FOR
    DIMENSION IEMG(10,15),IEMG1(13)

    15. Father Of Fortran Programming Language Dies
    John Backus, the man who led development of the first mainstream programming language, Fortran, has died at the age of 82.

    16. Server Clinic: Fortran, At Home On Linux
    Article by Cameron Laird on porting old mainframe Fortran programs to Linux.
    Skip to main content All of dW AIX and UNIX Information Mgmt Lotus Rational Tivoli WebSphere Java technology Linux Open source SOA/Web services Web development XML dW forums University alphaWorks All of IBM
    Server clinic: Fortran, at home on Linux
    Linux is hospitable for legacy applications Cameron Laird ), Vice president, Phaseit, Inc. Cameron Laird is a full-time developer for independent consultancy Phaseit, Inc. He writes and speaks frequently on open source and other technical topics. Most of his own development work has been in systems programming and on the server side. Summary: Many Fortran-oriented developers find a happy home with Linux. Along with new development and porting, a surprising amount of this work involves legacy applications, some over thirty-five years old. Tag this! Date: 19 Mar 2003
    Level: Introductory
    Also available in: Japanese
    Activity: 5759 views
    Comments: Is your company paying onerous license and support fees for the hardware and software needed to run old Fortran programs, along with special electrical power and ventilation that vintage minicomputers often require? Start the experiment of relocating those programs to Linux servers, and see how much you can slash those expenses while improving the applications' performance or usefulness. Linux also hosts plenty of new Fortran-based work more than you probably realize. Language arguments among Linux programmers typically involve such fashionable alternatives as Java, Python, C++, or even C#. Given this, it might surprise you how much useful work is done with languages first invented at the end of the '50s: Cobol, Fortran, and Lisp.

    17. Programming In FORTRAN
    Programming in FORTRAN. FORTRAN as a Programming Language. The FORTRAN programming language was conceived in the early 1950s the name produced from the two words FORmula TRANslation.
    Programming in FORTRAN
    FORTRAN as a Programming Language The FORTRAN programming language was conceived in the early 1950s the name produced from the two words FORmula TRANslation. In 1966 the language was standardized and FORTRAN IV was born.
    Revision of the language led to FORTRAN 77, the language we use today. The standard for FORTRAN 90 is now available although not yet in widespread use. F77 is a subset of F90. FORTRAN was designed for scientists and engineers, and has dominated this field. For the past 30 years FORTRAN has been used for such projects as the design of bridges and aeroplane structures, it is used for factory automation control, for storm drainage design, analysis of scientific data and so on.
    Throughout the life of this language, groups of users have written libraries of useful standard FORTRAN programs.
    These programs can be borrowed and used by other people who wish to take advantage of the expertise and experience of the authors, in a similar way in which a book is borrowed from a library. The individual user may wish to build up their own library of routines they often use.

    18. A Self-paced Introductory Fortran Programming Course
    ABSTRACT. This paper describes a selfpaced audio-tutorial introductory Fortran programming course. The course is designed for students with no previous programming experience and

    19. Fortran Wiki
    An open venue for documenting and discussing all aspects of the Fortran programming language and scientific computing. Includes source code, tools, discussion, news, and an FAQ.
    Fortran Wiki
    Skip the Navigation Links Home Page All Pages Recently Revised Authors Feeds ... Export
    Edit this sidebar The Fortran Wiki is an open venue for discussing all aspects of the Fortran programming language and scientific computing. Feel free to use the Sandbox to experiment. The HowTo contains more information on getting started. For questions, see Fortran Wiki discussion
    Fortran Programming
    Fortran Language Reference
    Fortran Resources
    Fortran Community

    20. Introduction To FORTRAN Programming
    Objectives. To introduce the develop the skills to perform keyboard computer use and creating, naming, editing and storing computer files, to use a high level scientific programming
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