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         Fractals & Music:     more detail
  1. Fractal Music, Hypercards and More Mathematical Recreations from "Scientific American" by Martin Gardner, 1991-11-30
  2. Fractals in Music: Introductory Mathematics for Musical Analysis Second Edition (Inmusic) by Charles Madden, 2007-04-23
  3. Music and Mathematics: From Pythagoras to Fractals
  4. Fractal Music, Hypercards and More. Mathematical Recreations from Scientific Ame by Martin Gardner, 1992-01-01
  5. Fractal Music, Hypercards and More : Mathematical Recreations from Scientific Am by Martin Gardner, 1991-01-01
  6. Fractal Fantasy, the Art of Mathematics by Charles Fitch, Music by Michael Angelo Strasmich, 1987
  7. Music And Mathematics: From Pythagoras To Fractals by Raymond Flood, Robin Wilson, Robin J. Wilson John Fauvel, 2003
  8. Formalised composition on the spectral and fractal trails (Skrifter fran Musikvetenskapliga institutionen, Goteborgs Universitet) by Magnus Eldenius, 1998

1. FUSION Anomaly. Crop Circles
Rapid Formations_ MP3 (vK) by Brian Eno with Bill MacCormack/Dave Mattacks off of _Music was one of two Julia Sets to appear in the summer of 1996, and was linked to fractals
Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory Cache Crop Circles
plasma vortex ? sound imprints? trans dimensional communication?
art? hoax? does it matter? This nOde last updated August 15th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...

(9 Oc (Dog) / 13 Yaxk'in (New Sun entity Crop Circles aka Pleiadians aka Etnica
Members: Max Lanfranconi, C. Paterno, M. Begotti, A. Rizzo, Francesco Damato, Filippo Scrmizzi Discography: Different Species (off of
Full Mental Jackpot KICK58
Full Mental Jackpot EP AURA001
Lunar Civilisation AURA003
sample: "Personally, I'm convinced that there must be many, many higher civilizations in this enormous and incredibly ancient universe of ours." Arthur C. Clarke quote)
Stanley Kubrick

  • Blue Room Released Crop Circles are entheogenic . If they are fake, it might be the only true art form left (and possibly the grandest ever conceived and executed). If it falls under the notion of "prank", by definition, it must remain anonymous. Those who claim the work, when demonstrating their technique, fall miserably short of the intricacies involved, especially in the dark, clandestine, and with a time limit. There are no mistakes, and they are always complete, finished within a matter of hours, and no-one being able to spot them in the

2. YouTube - Charlie Chuckles
Added to queue Girls' Generation(소녀시대)_RunDevilRun(런데빌런)_Music 9,104,813 views Featured Video sment; 909 + Added to queue BrainSync Theta Wave w/ Fractals 586,613

3. YouTube - Xelpyj's Channel
_Music Fractals The Colors Of Infinity Feynman Take the world from another point of view

4. Store: Math Books: The Math Behind The Music (Outlooks)
Music and Mathematics From Pythagoras to Fractals The first book I've found that takes on these deeper issues is Aniruddh D Patel, _Music

5. The Session: Discussions - The Fibonacci Sequence In Music
http// Posted on November 2nd 2009 by sashiko calico (I heartily recommend _Music A Mathematical Offering_, available in its entirety here
The Session Discussions The Fibonacci sequence in music Comments
The Fibonacci sequence in music
The Fibonacci sequence in music
A few weeks back there was a really interesting article in the Guardian newspaper (UK) about the Fibonacci sequence and applying it to music. The article was written by Vijay Iyer an American of Indian descent , who writes and performs on piano. After reading the article I checked out his track “Mystic River” on the Historicity album. It’s seriously good and you can hear it on Spotify if it available in your country.
- the article
- link to Historicity I realise the Fibonacci sequence might not have any application to Irish Trad. (Or does it? It seems to have come up before in previous discussion on this board.) Mathematics and music seem to have an affinity.
Posted on November 2nd 2009 by sashiko calico
Re: The Fibonacci sequence in music
I think there is no inherent linking between those, while you can see math all over the music, this article seems to force a mathematical construct on music. If this works out (i can't listen to it, i trust you on the quality), it's due to a good musician rather than the inherent beauty of the fibonacci numbers. for some actual examples of ratios close to phi you can read

6. Comments On Photoshop Brushes › JS › IsoHunt › The BitTorrent & P2P Search
Fractals.abr 1.1 MB fractals3.abr 1.5 MB Fractla_1_ABySs.abr 1 MB frame1.abr 478.1 KB JS _music.abr 468.5 KB js _ninja.abr 500.7 KB js _runes.abr 2 MB js _runesII.abr 278 KB

7. Friends Support Tags
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8. SFBKK - World Bodypainting Festival – Top 100 Links
16 Feb 2010 – The World Bodypainting Festival is the biggest annual event of the body painting culture and community. The festival is the first of its kind in the world …

9. Stupid And Contagious: Cranes - Cranes (2008)
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Monday, 13 October 2008
Cranes - Cranes (2008)
Cranes - Cranes (2008)
Mp3 @ 320 kbps
Man, I really liked this band years and years and years ago! They made some great ethereal and haunting music!
I'm shocked and happy they're still around!
Here's a brand new Cranes LP! Their ninth LP.
There are themes of fractals, the mysterious mathematical patterns and shapes that can be found throughout nature and the universe beyond. Lyrics speak of the passing of time, of how cyclical things can be and of wanting to move forward.
More here:
1. Diorama
2. Worlds
3. Feathers 4. Wires 5. Panorama 6. Wonderful Things 7. Collecting Stones 8. Invisible 9. Move Along 10. Sleepwalking 11. High and Low Here she be: Hidden: no pass Big thanks to iraklis We do not host any files here. If this post contains a link to content hosted elsewhere, this is content found by a simple search on the worldwide freedom web. However, if for some valid reason, you object to a said content, or any content here, please let us know and we will remove the content in question. Any content linked to here is only meant as a taster for the original work itself and is posted on the strict understanding that anyone who downloads the taster

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