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  1. Bharata Natyam: classical Indian dance: a Hindu fractal.: An article from: International Journal of Humanities and Peace by Sofia Diaz, 2003-01-01
  2. Fractals (An Interdisciplinary Journal on the Complex Geometry of Nature, Volume 1, Number 1, March 1993) by X. Fan, and others B.J. West, 1993
  3. Measuring diesel soot with a scanning mobility particle sizer and an electrical low-pressure impactor: performance assessment with a model for fractal-like ... article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by C. Van Gulijk, J.C.M. Marijnissen, et all 2004-05-01
  4. A new approach in cryptographic systems using fractal image coding.(Report): An article from: Journal of Mathematics and Statistics by Nadia M.G. Al- Saidi, Muhammad Rushdan Md. Said, 2009-07-01
  5. Coagulation dynamics of fractal-like soot aggregates [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by M.M. Maricq, 2007-02-01
  6. Bivariate population dynamics simulation of fractal aerosol aggregate coagulation and restructuring [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by M. Kostoglou, A.G. Konstandopoulos, et all 2006-09-01
  7. Comparison of three methods of fractal analysis applied to soot [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by P. Gwaze, O. Schmid, et all 2006-07-01
  8. Fractal growth modelling of I"2O"5 nanoparticles [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by R.W. Saunders, J.M.C. Plane, 2006-12-01
  9. Fractal Cities: a Geometry of Form and Function.(Brief Article): An article from: The Geographical Journal by J.W.R. Whitehand, 1996-03-01
  10. A new digital signature scheme based on Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets.: An article from: American Journal of Applied Sciences by Mohammad Ahmad Alia, Azman Bin Samsudin, 2007-11-01
  11. Modelling the deposition of fractal-like aggregates [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by A. Podgorski, A. Balazy, et all 2004-07-01
  12. Fractal dimension of landscape silhouette outlines as a predictor of landscape preference [An article from: Journal of Environmental Psychology] by C.M. Hagerhall, T. Purcell, et all 2004-06-01
  13. Textural and fractal properties of CuO/Al"2O"3 catalyst supports [An article from: Chemical Engineering Journal] by Lj.S. Rozic, S.P. Petrovic, et all 2006-07-01
  14. The effective density and fractal dimension of soot particles from premixed flames and motor vehicle exhaust [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by M.M. Maricq, N. Xu, 2004-10-01

1. PublisFractals
Publications in Fractals . Journals 1 Irregular and fractal resonators with Neumann boundary conditions density of states and localization S. Russ, B. Sapoval and O. Haeberl
Publications in Fractals
Journals [1]"Irregular and fractal resonators with Neumann boundary conditions: density of states and localization" S. Russ, B. Sapoval and , Phys. Rev. E p. 1413 (1997) [2]"Acoustical properties of irregular and fractal cavities" B. Sapoval, and S. Russ, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. p. 2014 (1997) S.B. Santra, B. Sapoval and
In "Fractals in Engineering-From Theory to Industrial Applications" p. 350
[4]"Observation of vibrational modes of irregular or prefractal drums" et al., Appl. Phys. Lett.
"Acoustical damping in irregular and fractal cavities" and S. Russ"
Fractals in Engineering" 3rd Conference, Arcachon (France) June 25-27, 1997 OHpage

2. Altered Life: December 2007
I bought Margo Duke's embellisher book recently, which in my opinion is the best fractals, journals
altered life
Wednesday, 19 December 2007
fluffs and fancies and felt
I bought Margo Duke's embellisher book recently, which in my opinion is the best so far, or at least it suits my style best. These 2 pink things are the beginnnings of fluff and fancy pins, awaiting a bit of embroidery, a project from the book.
Today I also watched Beate's film again, and then made some felt bits of my own. I am quite pleased with them, although I don't know quite what I shall do with them. I shall just call them fragments, I think.
Fragment : small piece of work with unfinished edges; presented as precious. Sometimes a large piece that lacks charisma can be successfully recycled into several smaller fragments. These can then be presented as a series.
Series : Several works with the same theme, usually the same media, and possibly originating from the same piece. This is a good way to get additional mileage out of one bright idea.
From Creative machine embroidery, by Kirsten Dibbs
Posted by liz at 1 comments Labels: brooches embellisher
Monday, 17 December 2007

3. Journals - Mathematics, Advanced Math, Fractals, Journals,
(Journals)StudySphere Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education, business school, driver education

4. Mathsong Fractal Art, &c.
Featuring galleries by Susan Chambless and Gilles Nadeau.


Fractal Art

Mathsong Tiki
Mathsong Daily


Traditional Media
Family Papers ... Accident. On these pages, I plan to display a few of my favorite pieces. I don't have much time for art, but I would like to share some of it with friends. My current passion is fractal art, using a program called UltraFractal Susan See Mathsinger Daily View or Sign my Guestbook MathSong Fractal Art
Mathsinger Daily
... Gardening And, proudly hosting The fractal art of Gilles Nadeau Visit
shirt ... Email me Also see my major web site at: Susan Chambless Family Papers

5. Journals - Education Resource - StudySphere
UK Nonlinear News Votes0 Department of Applied Mathematics University of Leeds, Leeds ls2 9jt, UK UK Nonlinear News Home Editors Aims and scope Subscriptions Privacy policy

6. Explore All Time Popular Fractals Art, Photography, Images And Wall Art - RedBub
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7. Publish Article On Fractal Plots Of Financial Function
Nevertheless, the method creates fractals journals that might be interested in publishing the article would be (sci.fractals) Journal Chaos, Solitons Fractals
Publish article on fractal plots of financial function
  • From : "Douglas Wm. Smith" < Date : Thu, 20 Jul 2006 18:49:25 +0100
Hi, I've written an article about a method I developed for generating
fractal plots of solutions of a certain financial function. I did it for the
challenge and am very sure it has no financial or commercial application,
and that the mathematics - although innovatively applied - are also not
innovations in themselves. Nevertheless, the method creates fractals with
very interesting features using financial data, and either financial or
fractal enthusiasts would enjoy learning about it. Any suggestions about
journals that might be interested in publishing the article would be

8. Sudipto's Publications
Publications Home. Research. Projects. Funding. Publications. Teaching. Service. Schedule. Vita. UPE. Fractals. Journals AspectOriented Refactoring of Legacy Applications An Evaluation, M. Mortensen

Home Research Projects Funding ... Fractals
  • "Aspect-Oriented Refactoring of Legacy Applications: An Evaluation," M. Mortensen, S. Ghosh, and J. M. Bieman , accepted to IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, February 2010. "An approach for testing pointcut descriptors in AspectJ ," R. Delamare, B. Baudry, S. Ghosh, S. Gupta and Y. Le Traon , accepted with minor revisions to Journal of Software Testing, Verification, and Reliability, (as of April 2010). "Barriers to Systematic Model Transformation Testing," B. Baudry, S. Ghosh, F. Fleurey, R. B. France, Y. Le Traon, and J.-M. Mottu , Communications of the ACM, 53(6), Virtual Extension, to appear in June 2010. "Bytecode Fault Injection For Java Software," S. Ghosh and J. L. Kelly , Journal of Systems and Software, 81(11):2034-2043, November 2008. "A Test Driven Approach for Aspectualizing Legacy Software Using Mock Systems," M. Mortensen, S. Ghosh and J. M. Bieman , Information and Software Technology, 50(7-8): 621-640, 2008. (available online in 2007). "Testing UML Designs,"
  • 9. Psychedelic Journal - CafePress
    Journals Fractal Art journals, fractals journals, fractal journals, Twilight journals, vampire journals, movie journals, TV journals, bright journals, stylish journals, drawing psychedelic_journal,410408463

    10. Iceprincess - Journal - CafePress
    Journals Fractal Art journals, fractals journals, fractal journals, face journals, watercolor journals, fine art journals, artist journals, drawing journals, painting journals, iceprincess_journal,459032116

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