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         France History:     more books (80)
  1. History of France by Charlotte Mary Yonge, 2010-08-02
  2. The Cambridge Illustrated History of France by Colin Jones, 1999-08-01
  3. The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography by Graham Robb, 2008-10-17
  4. France: An Illustrated History (Illustrated Histories) by Lisa Neal, 2001-07-01
  5. France (Horrible Histories Special) by Terry Deary, 2002-06-21
  6. The History of France (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) by W. Scott Haine, 2008-10-30
  7. World's Best Histories - Volume 7; France by M. Guizot, 2010-03-07
  8. A Traveller's History Of France (Traveller's Histories Series) by Robert Cole, 2005-01-31
  9. A Concise History of France (Cambridge Concise Histories) by Roger Price, 2005-08-08
  10. The Course of French History by Pierre Goubert, 1991-11-20
  11. History of Modern France, A (3rd Edition) by Jeremy D. Popkin, 2005-03-05
  12. Access to History France in Revolution by Dylan Rees, Duncan Townson, 2008-09-01
  13. France in the Middle Ages 987-1460: From Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc (History of France) by Georges Duby, 1993-12-15
  14. History of France by Charlotte Mary Yonge, 2005-12-12

1. France History - The Mitterand Era 1981-95
Home USA Europe Bahamas Caribbean South America India South Africa Contact W hen Fran ois Mitterrand won the presidential elections over Giscard in 1981, he
France History
The Mitterand Era 1981-95

Web Home USA Europe Bahamas ... Contact W hen François Mitterrand won the presidential elections over Giscard in 1981, he embodied all the hopes of a generation of Socialists who had never seven their party in power. Headed by Pierre Mauroy as prime minister and including four Communist ministers, the Socialists ' first government after 23 years in opposition started off bright, popular and optimistic. It was committed to an increase in state control over industry, high taxation for the rich, more power to local government, a public spending programme to raise the liing standards of the least well-off and support for liberation struggles around the world. For Mitterrand, European integration was of great importance - France was after all, one of the founder members of the EEC - but was a primarily political rather than economic project, to ensure peace and security and to create a counterweight to American hegemony. By 1984, however, the flight of capital, inflation and budget deficits had forced a complete olte-face. The new prime minister, Laurent Fabius , presided over a cabinet of centrist to conseratie "socialist" ministers, clinging desperately to power. Their 1986 election slogan was "Help - the Right is coming back", a bizarrely self-fulfilling message.

2. France - History
Explore the following links to lean more about the history of France.
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: France Last Updated: Dec 28th, 2009 - 18:17:58
France - History
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Nov 5, 2006, 07:53
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Explore the following links to lean more about the history of France.
French History Timeline

This timeline of French history was originally designed for a class at the University of North Carolina. It starts in Prehistory and end in 1968. Although it shows many outlinks, many of them are broken, the timeline itself is excellent.
Source: University of North Carolina, Greensboro The Cave At Lascaux This prehistoric cave is famous for its cave paintings. Source: Ministry of Culture and Communication Château de Versailles This palace, is now an amazing museum of history. Source: Château de Versailles French History : some milestones What does every 5th grade French student know that you don't, but should? Learn these and other excellent information on the country of France.

3. History Of France - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The history of France goes back to the arrival of the earliest human being in what is now France. Members of the genus Homo entered the area hundreds of thousands of years ago, while
History of France
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (February 2010) History of France
This article is part of a series Ancient history Prehistory of France Celtic Gaul ... e The history of France goes back to the arrival of the earliest human being in what is now France . Members of the genus Homo entered the area hundreds of thousands of years ago, while the first modern homo sapiens , the Cro-Magnons , arrived around 40,000 years ago. A number of important archaeological sites have been discovered in the country, testifying to continuous habitation by modern humans from the Upper Palaeolithic According to John T. Koch and others, France in the Late Bronze Age was part of a maritime trading-networked culture called the Atlantic Bronze Age that also included Ireland, Britain, Spain and Portugal where Celtic languages developed. The first historical records appear in the Iron Age , when what is now France made up the bulk of the region known as Gaul to the ancient Greeks and Romans . Greek and Roman writers noted the presence of three main ethno-linguistic groups in the area, the

4. France History Time Line
France History Time Line 1990s R B Hit The first authorized inside account of one of the most daring france history time line and successful military operations in recent
France History Time Line
The Spanish Civil War

Raid On The Sun

History of Northamptonshire
- At some time in the 7th century the district which is now Northamptonshire suffered a simultaneous invasion by the West Saxons from the south and the Anglian tribes from the north, and relics discovered in the county testify to a mingling of races, at the same time showing that West Saxon influence never spread farther north than a line from Daventry to Warwick, and with the extension of the Mercian kingdom under Penda and the conversion of the midland districts ceased altogether. The abbey at Medehamstede ( ... France and England in North America France and England in North America is a multi-volume history of the European colonization of North America written by Francis Parkman, which highlights the military struggles between France and Great Britain. It was well-regarded at the time of publication, and continues to enjoy a reputation both as an excellent historical study and literary masterpiece. Border history of Romania - Romania's borders have been quite volatile through history . Here's a map based time line of the changes.

5. Parfums Jacomo Pour Hommes Et Femmes - Boutique Parfums En Ligne
Jacomo Paris official site, perfumes for men and women, news, points of sale (in France) and history of the brand.

6. France: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
Information on France — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the
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Nov 14, 2010
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7. France History To 1515 - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
In the ancient world, the area now known as France was occupied by a number of Celtic peoples known collectively as the Gauls, and Gaul was also the name given to their territory. history to 1515

8. USA TODAY Latest News
1997 Tour coverage.

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07/16/99- Updated 11:11 AM ET
1997 Tour de France Tour schedule Date Stage Begin./End Destination Distance July 5 Prelim. Rouen 8 km July 6 Stage 1 Rouen/Forges Les-Eaux 192 km July 7 Stage 2 St. Valery En-Caux/Vire 262 km July 8 Stage 3 Vire/Plumelec 217 km July 9 Stage 4 Plumelec/LePuy du Fou 225 km July 10 Stage 5 Chantonnay/La Chatre 257 km July 11 State 6 Le Blanc/Marennes 216 km July 12 Stage 7 Marennes/Bordeaux 190 km July 13 Stage 8 Sauternes/Pau 165 km July 14 Stage 9 Pau/Loud.-Vallee du Louron 178 km July 15 Stage 10 Luchon/Andorre-Arcalis 242 km July 16 Stage 11 Andorre/Perpignan 186 km July 17 Rest day Saint-Etienne July 18 Stage 12 Saint- Etienne* 55 km July 19 Stage 13 St. Etienne/L'Alpe D'Huez 204 km July 20 Stage 14 LeBourg D'oisans/Courchevel 140 km July 21 Stage 15 Courchevel/Morzine 217 km July 22 Stage 16 Morzine/Fribourg 180 km July 23 Stage 17 Fribourg/Colmar 190 km July 24 Stage 18 Colmar/Montbeliard 164 km July 25 Stage 19 Montbeliard-Dijon 172 km July 26 Stage 20 Disneyland-Paris* 62 km July 27 Stage 21 Disney-Paris/Paris-C.Elysee

9. France History
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10. Browse Subject: France -- History | The Online Books Page
France History Broader terms France; Europe History; History; Narrower terms France History 13th century; France History 15th century

11. Vins D'Alsace : Les Plus Beaux Vins Des Terroirs D'Alsace De La Cave De Ribeauvi
The oldest wine cooperative in France. History of the coop, discussion of grape varieties, appellations, and the wine making process.
Retour à l'accueil Catalogue

12. French History Timeline
Chronological highlights, with links and photographs for major people, topics, and events.
French History Timeline
Note: Graphic Intensive
Originally prepared for:
Primary resources: Prehistory ( -200BC) Gallery
Cro-Magnon engraving, may be lunar notation. Blanchard, France
Sculptures made by Cro-Magnon man, found in Dordogne, France Cave Paintings at Lascaux Homo Erectus , who lived around 950,000 B.C., was the first human found in France. With the end of the Ice Age, prehistoric man began to settle down in more permanent agricultural settlements (Neolithic Revolution). The Celts came from Central Europe and settled in Gaul around 2500 B.C. The Celts were iron workers and dominated Gaul until 125 B.C., when the Roman Empire began its reign in southern France.
    950,000-80,000 BC: Homo Erectus
    (400,000 B.C. Discovery of Fire)
    80,000-30,000 BC: Neanderthal
    33,000-10,000 BC: Homo Sapiens - Cro Magnon Man
    BC: Cro-Magnon notation, possibly of phases of the moon, carved onto bone, discovered at Blanchard, France
    4,000-2,500 BC:

13. Prologue: Puy-du-Fou
USA Today s list of Tour de France winners from 1903 to 1999.
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14. France History
Europe began being occupied from about 200,000 BC by the Homo sapiens, but they all died 30,000 years ago, supposedly during a period of cold weather.

15. France History, France Guide - European Rail Guide
France History, France Travel Information European Rail Guide.
France History



In 1066, William of Normandy, better known as William the Conqueror extended French rule to England following the Battle of Hastings. Following that England and Normandy were ruled as one. Tensions arose out of this and different claims on the land and the throne emerged from the French and English sides. Edward III of England and Charles Philip of France were the rivals to the throne who precipitated the start of the hundred years’ war between the two sides. This was a series of conflicts between the countries lasting a total of 116 years ending only in 1453 with the expulsion of the English from France.
1453 – 1598 was the period of the French Renaissance which saw artists such as Da Vinci move from Italy to France to continue their work. It is also the period that conflicts between Protestants and Catholics came to a head ending only when Henri IV became the first Bourbon King; converting to Catholicism and granting political and religious rights to the Huguenots.
1598 – 1715 was the period in which Louis XIV and Louis XV both reigned. Louis XIV had a reputation for extravagance both in terms of his own wealth and surroundings but also the wars he fought in order to increase France’s influence; when he ascended to the throne Louis XV granted increasing rights to the bourgeoisie.

16. MORESPORTS - Look Back: 2000 Tour De France
Tour de France 2000 news, video highlights and feature stories from cable sports network ESPN.

17. History Of France
Postings on the history of France excerpted from a very readable 1882 textbook.
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History of France
These posts are on the history of France, as excerpted from a vintage textbook from 1882. Everything here is public domain.
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Conquest of Aquitane 1450
But though Joan was gone, her work lasted. The Constable, Artur of Richmond, the Count of Dunois, and other brave leaders, continued to attack the English. After seventeen years' vengeance for his father's death, the Duke of Burgundy made his peace with Charles by a treaty at Arras, on condition of paying no more homage, in 1434. Bedford died soon after, and there were nothing but disputes among the English. Paris opened its gates to the king, and Charles, almost in spite of himself, was restored. An able merchant, named Jacques CÅ“ur, lent him money which equipped his men for the recovery of Normandy, and he himself, waking into activity, took Rouen and the other cities on the coast.
Posted by at 7:18 AM 0 comments Labels: Joan of Arc
Sunday, August 2, 2009
The Maid of Orleans (Joan of Arc)
When Henry V. died in 1422, and the unhappy Charles a few weeks later, the infant Henry VI. was proclaimed King of France as well as of England, at both Paris and London, while Charles VII. was only proclaimed at Bourges, and a few other places in the south. Charles was of a slow, sluggish nature, and the men around him were selfish and pleasure-loving intriguers, who kept aloof all the bolder spirits from him.
The Burgundians hated her even more than the English. The inquisitor was of their party, and a court was held at Rouen, which condemned her to die as a witch. Bedford consented, but left the city before the execution. Her own king made no effort to save her, though, many years later, he caused enquiries to be made, established her innocence, ennobled her family, and freed her village from taxation.

18. Air France History |
Air France History. A recognizable name in international air travel, Air France now reigns as one of the world's busiest airlines. Equipped with a rich history of experimental
  • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
Home Travel Transportation ... Air France History
Top 5 To Try
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Air France History
By Jane Gosford eHow Contributor updated: October 9, 2009 I want to do this! What's This? A recognizable name in international air travel , Air France now reigns as one of the world's busiest airlines. Equipped with a rich history of experimental aircraft and massive mergers, Air France continues to meet the needs of international travelers.
Early Development
  • Air France came about as the result of a merger between four other French airlines in 1933. By 1945 Air France began serving as the national carrier for France.
  • Aircraft
  • By 1959 Air France began utilizing Boeing 707s for faster commercial service. In 1976 they introduced the Concorde into use, an impressive aircraft capable of flying over 1,000 mph.
  • Mergers
  • In 1990 Air France bought out its domestic rival, UTA, effectively merging the two airlines. In 2003 Air France participated in its biggest merger, combining efforts with KLM, the national airline of the Netherlands.
  • 19. From CNN And Sports Illustrated
    Coverage of the 2000 Tour de France, mostly from wire service reports. Also, CNNSI cycling/Tour message boards and profiles of past events.
    World Sport Tour de France Other Cycling News ...
    Swimsuit 2000

    Fantasy Central

    Inside Game

    Multimedia Central

    Cities GROUP
    Official Goodwill Games
    Sports Illustrated Television SI for Women ... myCNN COMMERCE Sporting Goods Stuff Store AP Vindication
    Armstrong proves greatness with second Tour win
    Armstrong who came out on top holding its own celebration. Stage 21 summary and results Reactions: Cycling in the U.S. One-on-One: Lance Armstrong Dutch rider Blijlevens thrown out after assault Jeroen Blijlevens committed a "particulary serious assault" against Bobby Julich, organizers said. FULL STORY Pantani reflects on Tour, looks toward Olympics Despite dropping out after Stage 16, Marco Pantani said he was content with his performance. FULL STORY Alex Zulle was in 47th when he dropped out of the Tour, more than one hour behind Lance Armstrong. FULL STORY Driver charged in death of 12-year-old boy The driver of a car that killed a 12-year-old spectator will appear in court on a manslaughter charge, judicial sources said. FULL STORY Tour de Lance
    Photo Essay: Heavenly Ascent SI Flashback: Armstrong's 1999 Tour victory SI's Jack McCallum: A vicious cycle Will Lance Armstrong win Olympic gold in Sydney?

    20. France: History - LoveToKnow 1911
    HISTORY. The identity of the earliest inhabitants of Gaul is veiled in obscurity, though philologists, anthropologists and archaeologists are using the glimmer of traditions
    France: History
    From LoveToKnow 1911
    HISTORY The identity of the earliest inhabitants of Gaul is veiled in obscurity, though philologists, anthropologists and archaeologists are using the glimmer of traditions collected by ancient historians to shed a faint twilight upon that remote C past. The subjugation of those primitive tribes did not mean their annihilation: their blood still flows in the veins of Frenchmen; and they survive also on those megalithic monuments (see STONE MONUMENTS) with which the soil of France is dotted, in the drawings and sculptures of caves hollowed out along the sides of the valleys, and in the arms and ornaments yielded by sepulchral tumuli, while the names of the rivers and mountains of France probably perpetuate the first utterances of those nameless generations. The first peoples of whom we have actual knowledge are the Iberians and Ligurians. The Basques who now inhabit both sides of the Pyrenean range are probably the last representatives of the Iberians, who came from Spain to settle between the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay . The Ligurians, who exhibited the hard cunning characteristic of the Genoese

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