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         Freemasonry:     more books (100)
  1. The Symbolism of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey, 2010-03-07
  2. The Principles of Masonic Law A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages and Landmarks of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey, 2009-10-04
  3. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (Also Includes: Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians / Masonic Orders of Fraternity) by Manly P. Hall, 2006-08-17
  4. Masonic Enlightenment - The Philosophy, History and Wisdom of Freemasonry
  5. Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry by John J Robinson, 2009-09-25
  6. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry by S. Brent Morris, 2006-05-02
  7. The Masonic Myth: Unlocking the Truth About the Symbols, the Secret Rites, and the History of Freemasonry by Jay Kinney, 2009-09-01
  8. The Origins of Freemasonry: Scotland's Century, 1590 to 1710 by David Stevenson, 1990-09-28
  9. Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as Connected with the Institution by Albert G. Mackey, 1917
  10. Freemasonry: A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol (Art & Imagination) by W. Kirk MacNulty, 1991-09
  11. The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers by David Barton, 2005-10-01
  12. Freemasonry: Symbols, Secrets, Significance by W. Kirk MacNulty, 2006-10-17
  13. The Mysteries of Freemasonry by George R. Crafts, 2006-06-20
  14. Christianity and American Freemasonry by William Joseph Whalen, 1998-11

1. Freemasonry - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century. freemasonry now exists in various forms all over the world, with
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search "Freemasons" redirects here. For other uses, see Freemasons (disambiguation) "Masonic" redirects here. For the ghost town in California, see Masonic, California The Masonic Square and Compasses
Found with or without the letter G Part of a series of articles on
Freemasonry Core Articles Freemasonry Grand Lodge Masonic Lodge Masonic Lodge Officers Grand Master ... Regular Masonic jurisdictions History History of Freemasonry Liberté chérie Masonic manuscripts Masonic Bodies Masonic Masonic bodies York Rite Order of Mark Master Masons Holy Royal Arch ... Research Lodge Masonic groups for women Women and Freemasonry Order of the Amaranth Order of the Eastern Star Co-Freemasonry Masonic Youth Organizations DeMolay A.J.E.F. Job's Daughters International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Views of Masonry Anti-Masonry Anti-Masonic Party Anti-Freemason Exhibition Christianity and Freemasonry ... Taxil hoax People and Places Masonic Temple James Anderson Albert Mackey Albert Pike ... List of Masonic buildings Other related articles Great Architect of the Universe Square and Compasses Pigpen cipher Eye of Providence ... Ahiman Rezon This box: view talk edit Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century. Freemasonry now exists in various forms all over the world, with a membership estimated at around six million, including approximately 150,000 in

2. Freemasonry And The Philalethes Society, Publisher Of The Philalethes Magazine
Discover the New Philalethes. Established in 1928, the Philalethes Society is the oldest independent Masonic research society in North America, serving thousands of members



About Us

Editorial Board
Discover the New Philalethes
Established in 1928, the Philalethes Society is the oldest independent Masonic research society in North America, serving thousands of members around the world. With a new, contemporary design, the Philalethes magazine features thought-provoking, substantial articles on Masonic symbolism, philosophy, ritual, artwork, literature and history. Today's Freemasons are acutely curious about the meaning of the Craft in their lives. They want to understand more deeply the profound lessons of the ritual. Greater insight into the nature of Masonic initiation requires a search for knowledge, and Philalethes Whether you're a new Mason or a seasoned Past Master, you will find much to enjoy in every issue of Philalethes Sign up today
"Just as there is a vital spark in man that defies definition or description,
that transcends all descriptions." Charles Clyde Hunt
Fellow of the Philalethes Society
New Features Welcome to our new website. Be sure to look at our pages about the newly redesigned Journal and our hardcover bonus book

3. A Page About Freemasonry
The World's Oldest Masonic Website. Comprehensive Information about freemasonry for both members and curious nonmembers. A Guestbook, History, Links to other Masonic sites
Welcome to... Now serving number
...A page about Freemasonry
(est. October 1994 the World's Oldest Masonic Website)
"...the Network, by the intimate connection
of its several parts, denotes Unity."
You've found a place to learn about Masonry . Have a look around. What's New? Exhibit: "Freemasons in American Community" continues at the National Heritage Museum
A friend asks "What are the Masons?" What's your answer? Add your Masonic website!
Two new essays: What Do Younger Masons Want?
"They want to earn it!"
"I want my path to be challenging and enlightening." LINKS: to Masonic websites around the world.
If you're not reading the blog Freemasons for Dummies Zetland Lodge of Victoria, Australia is looking for all the other "Zetland Lodges" in the world One Day Classes: Various opinions and a Model Amendment
More letters just posted! Every Mason should Read This! Laudable Pursuit the present and future of Masonry. Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry online Masonic magazine Everything You Know About This Is Wrong!

4. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Masonry (Freemasonry)
An overview of freemasonry and description of its condemnation by the Catholic Church
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... M > Masonry (Freemasonry)
Masonry (Freemasonry)
The subject is treated under the following heads: I. Name and Definition;
II. Origin and Early History;

III. Fundamental Principles and Spirit;

IV. Propagation and Evolution;
VIII. Action of State and Church.
Name and definition
Leaving aside various fanciful derivations we may trace the word mason to the French Latin matio or machio ), "a builder of walls" or "a stone-cutter" (cf. German Steinmetz , from metzen , "to cut"; and Dutch vrijmetselaar The compound term Freemason trade guild . [3] In the former sense it is commonly derived from freestone-mason , a mason hewing or building in free (ornamental) stone in opposition to a rough (stone) mason. [4] This derivation, though harmonizing with the meaning of the term, seemed unsatisfactory to some scholars. Hence Speth proposed to interpret the word freemasons as referring to those masons claiming exemption from the control of local guilds of the towns, where they temporarily settled. [5] In accordance with this suggestion the "New English Dictionary of the Philological Society" (Oxford, 1898) favours the interpretation of freemasons as skilled artisans, emancipated according to the

5., All The Links A Freemason Needs
Best masonic links website (freemasonry) Daily Masonic news from around the world. Keep in touch
var width, height; width = 850; height = 780; resizeTo(width, height); Reference sites Masonic Arts By Countries Our News Room ... Unusual Made by Freemasons for FrEemasons Home Submit a Site Report a Bad Link Contact ... Info Updated Visit our Virtual Masonic Museum
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All Things Masonic
... Cornerstone Society More than 1001 handpicked categorized Masonic links... Please visit our sponsor FreemasonCollection
It helps us to keep this site free Reference Sites Masonic Arts By Countries The best top referral masonic websites. Do not miss... Artworks, music, collectibles, stamps but also building arts... Search by countries, from Andorra to Zimbabwe.. Our News Room By Rites Daily Masonic news from around the world. Keep in touch... A visit to the treasures of Freemasonry around the world... Search by Rites from Allied Masonic Degrees to York Rite Blogs By Keywords Personal Masonic websites. The not so ordinary life of the Brethren... Masonic press and information. Freemasonry living in the XXIth...

6. History Of Freemasonry
The Masonic Service Association of North America was formed to provide services to its member Grand Lodges that they would find difficult to provide for themselves.
History of Freemasonry Within thirty years, the fraternity had spread throughout Europe and the American Colonies. Freemasonry became very popular in colonial America. George Washington was a Mason, Benjamin Franklin served as the head of the fraternity in Pennsylvania, as did Paul Revere and Joseph Warren in Massachusetts. Other well-known Masons involved with the founding of America included John Hancock, John Sullivan, Lafayette, Baron Fredrick von Stuben, Nathanael Greene, and John Paul Jones. Another Mason, Chief Justice John Marshall, shaped the Supreme Court into its present form. Over the centuries, Freemasonry has developed into a worldwide fraternity emphasizing personal study, self-improvement, and social betterment via individual involvement and philanthropy. During the late 1700s it was one of the organizations most responsible for spreading the ideals of the Enlightenment: the dignity of man and the liberty of the individual, the right of all persons to worship as they choose, the formation of democratic governments, and the importance of public education. Masons supported the first public schools in both Europe and America. During the 1800s and early 1900s, Freemasonry grew dramatically. At that time, the government had provided no social "safety net". The Masonic tradition of founding orphanages, homes for widows, and homes for the aged provided the only security many people knew.

7. Masons (Freemasonry) - Christian Or Anti-Christian?
Masons (freemasonry) Christian or AntiChristian? * freemasonry refers to the principles, institutions, and practices of the fraternal order of the Free and Accepted Masons.

8. About Freemasonry
A grassroots view of what freemasonry can do for the individual and what the individual can do for freemasonry.

9. Dieter Schwarz - Freemasonry Ideology, Organisation, And Policy
Forward To The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, And 4th Editions T he intent of the present work is to deal with the principal problems of freemasonry in a concise
Dieter Schwarz
Ideology, Organisation, And Policy
Forward To The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, And 4th Editions
T he intent of the present work is to deal with the principal problems of Freemasonry in a concise manner. It makes no claim to completeness; rather, it intends to provide documentation based on authentic materials from the archives of the Security Service of the Reich Leader Of The SS and Secret State Police, thereby educating the public to the danger posed by Freemasonry over the past several centuries. A detailed description of the irreconcilable conflict between the ideology of Freemasonry and that of National Socialism, based on the fullness of the available archive material, must be left to later works.
H eydrich
Forward To The 5th Revised Edition
I n 1942, World Freemasonry celebrated the 225th anniversary of its founding. Like the 200th anniversary, the 225th anniversary was celebrated during wartime during a war for which World Freemasonry was once again partly responsible. But how different is the situation of Freemasonry compared to 1917! Then, it stood at the height of its influence and enjoyed immeasurable political power. Today, by contrast, it is being called upon to render an account: the healthy Folks of Europe have overcome the corrupting poison of the Masonic ideology; the powerful forces of Freemasonry have suffered serious reverses, and must furthermore expect that their days are numbered in Europe.

10. Freemasonry: Definition From
n. freemasonry The institutions, precepts, and rites of the Freemasons. Spontaneous fellowship and sympathy among a number of people.

11. Freemasonry Universal | About Freemasonry
freemasonry Universal is a free on online resource for Freemasons and information on freemasonry. Site contents include information on freemasonry, Information for Freemasons
home contact sitemap
Freemasonry Universal
History Structure Principles Membership ... FAQ You are here: Home Page Freemasonry
All About Freemasonry
The following descriptive of Freemasonry is that of a Freemason who is a member under the United Grand Lodge of England, and therefore will resemble that which is printed on their official website at This is due to the authors membership in Freemasonry and is in no way intended to be detrimental to any, or superior to others. Other Freemasons are invited to supply their own personal interpretations, the same as any official spokesperson from the various forms of Freemasonry (please see Alternate for more info) is also welcome to offer their own take. Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Its members are taught its precepts by a series of ritual dramas, which follow ancient forms, and use stonemasons' customs and tools as allegorical guides. The essential qualification for admission into and continuing membership is a belief in a Supreme Being. Membership is open to men of any race or religion who can fulfil this essential qualification and who are of good repute. There are more details regarding membership here Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. Its essential qualification opens it to men of many religions and it expects them to continue to follow their own faith. It does not allow religion to be discussed at its meeting.

12. Royal Arch Masons In Germany - Der Orden Der Maurer Vom Königlichen Bogen Von De
freemasonry in Germany listed by the Grandlodges plus information about Luftbr cke and von Steuben Lodge No. 838 in Wiesbaden, their trestle board, meeting place and time.

The Supreme Grand Chapter of RAM of Germany

The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Germany

York Rite

What is the York Rite?

Last updated: Welcome at This page is under construction and will open soon! Invitation Unnecessary It is not necessary that you receive an invitation to petition for any of these Masonic degrees. In fact these bodies will be pleased at the opportunity of adding a member to their ranks. No restrictions as to religion, political belief, or nationality is imposed, except in commanderies of Knights Templar which restrict their membership to those who believe in the practice of the Christian virtues, although they do not require membership in any church. All bodies of the York Rite of Freemasonry abstain from discussion of political, religious, or controversial matters, these matters being prohibited by the parent organizations. The York Rite makes no war on church, religion, political party, class or racial group. It confines its activities to the sole purpose of making better men and Mason. It is not an "anti" organization.

13. Freemasonry & Masons
Have you ever considered becoming a mason? Information about masons and freemasonry from the Grand Lodge of Michigan.

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Have You Ever Considered Becoming a Mason? Freemasonry is the oldest, largest Fraternity in the world. It's members have included Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Statesmen, Generals, Admirals, Supreme Court Chief Justices, corporate CEOs, opera stars, movie stars, and probably, your next door neighbor. And Masonry is always ready to welcome good men into the Fraternity. It's ready to welcome YOU, if in your heart you can answer "yes" to a few questions. Do you believe that there is such a thing as honor, and that a man has a responsibility to act with honor in everything he does?
Freemasonry teaches that principle. We believe that a life not founded on honor is hollow and empty - that a man who acts without honor is less than a man. Do you believe in God?
Are you willing to allow others the same right to their own beliefs that you insist on yourself?
Masons insists on toleration - on the right of each person to think for himself in religious, social and political matters.

14. Christians Beware - Of Freemasonry
freemasonry is a blend of occult, paganism, satanism, demonology and spiritualism. It is not of God!

15. Freemasonry
Much criticism has been levelled at freemasonry.. But the central question is whether or not The Masonic Lodge or Brotherhood is compatible with Christianity
Section 10C... Questionable Organizations/ Freemasonry document.write(""); Index To Section 10C Questionable Organizations Freemasonry
The Brotherhood.. The Lodge.. The Craft Carol Brooks Introduction.. A Word To Freemasons:
In a world gone crazy even normal English words are given new meanings. A few years ago, the word tolerance had a completely different but accurate definition. Tolerance applies to how we treat people we disagree with, not how we treat ideas we think false . To argue that some views are false, incompatible with Christianity, or just plain silly does not violate any meaningful standard of tolerance and does NOT constitute an ‘attack’. To trash every one that has raised any objection against Masonry, is juvenile to say the least and certainly seems to set at naught the very ideals you say you stand for... A Mason “.. endeavours to oppose errors without arrogance” and “Every true Freemason will show tolerance and respect for the opinions of others and behave with kindness and understanding to his fellow creatures”. Your words, not mine

16. Freemasonry Universal | Welcome To Freemasonry Universal
Masonic portal.
home contact sitemap
Freemasonry Universal
You are here: Home Page
Welcome to Freemasonry Universal
Welcome to Freemasonry Universal, the number one online resource for Freemasons, and information on Freemasonry Freemasonry has over recent years become a group under great scutiny, whether it be from those looking to become Freemasons, or those simply trying to find information on Freemasonry , but the result has been a large number of websites being uploaded to try and provide what is sought. From simple opinion pages, right through to thriving online communities, some based in fact, some fiction and some a bit of both. The result, unfortunatley, more confusion. Freemasonry Universal is a consortium styled organisation, designed and developed by one person, but gathering information from many sources and contributors in attempt to provide a single source, or starting point, to bring order out of the chaos. Before delving into the pages here it is highly recommended that you first read the pages about Freemasonry Universal, to give you a greater understanding of where our information comes from, from what stand point, and more details on the aims.

17. Freemasonry - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project
The Masonic Square and Compasses. (This is found with or without the G )
From The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project
Jump to: navigation search The Masonic Square and Compasses. This is found with or without the "G" Freemasonry is a fraternal organization . Members are joined together by shared ideals of both a moral and metaphysical nature and, in most of its branches, by a constitutional declaration of belief in a Supreme Being . Organisationally, Freemasonry is governed on a geographic basis by independent, Sovereign Grand Lodges which may, or may not, be in a state of mutual recognition. Freemasonry is an esoteric society, in that certain aspects of its internal work are not generally disclosed to the public . In recent years, it has become less and less a secret society and more of a "society with secrets." In fact, most of the so-called "secrets" of Freemasonry were revealed and have been known to the public since as early as the eighteenth century. For this and other reasons, most modern freemasons regard the traditional concern over secrecy as a demonstration of their ability to keep a promise and as a surrogate for the organization's concern over the privacy of their own affairs.

18. Freemasonry By Mark Stavish
'freemasonry' by Mark Stavish a book not worth reading. Rituals, Symbols History of the Secret Society Mark Stavish Here's the review I've placed on Amazon Library Thing
Mark Stavish
Here's the review I've placed on Amazon Library Thing As the time of this writing, there have been five reviews of this book on Amazon, three of which g a v e it five stars. But look more closely: one is from the author himself, one is from the person who wrote the Foreword and the third from a self-described "Author, Priestess & Sorceress". A fourth reviewer (4 stars) claims to be a Mason and yet refers to “Free Masonary”. Pretty sad…. As stated above, the book was is about 200 pages long. This includes a summary of each of the chapter’s major points which usually consumes at least 6-7 (sometimes a dozen) numbered items, repetitious of what has already been written. So in addition to telling you how to read the book (and dream about it), the author apparently feels that the reader is incapable, even using a notebook with colored pens and pencils, to find or remember the “major points” he has made. In Item #6 of the 7 pompous instructions on how to use the book, the reader is advised, “Take what you have learned and put it to use in the world of action. Join a civic group or volunteer some time regularly to a non-political, nonreligious cause. Make cash donations as well, and see how much you are blessed by helping others and how much you have to give but had not realized it.” It seems absurd that someone would spend time reading a book about Freemasonry only to receive advice to go join ANY organization that meets the author’s recommendation. May I suggest that the money you might otherwise have spent on this book be employed in getting a blessing from a cash donation rather than enriching the author for such foolishness?

19. FREEMASONRY TODAY - The Independent Voice Of Freemasonry
Quarterly magazine for everyone with an interest in freemasonry.



Freemasonry Today has amalgamated with MQ Magazine to become the official journal of the United Grand Lodge of England and a copy of the magazine is distributed to all members living in the United Kingdom. This website carries the whole contents of 46 issues published over the last 10 years. On this Home page is a link to MQ Magazine, with a further 23 issues published over a period of 6 years.
You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.
John Bunyan
Current Issue

Special Features

Regular Features

Internet Help Centre
... ADVERTISE WITH US RELATED SITES MQ Magazine U.G.L.E. The Freemasonry Today web site is now available to all visitors FREE OF CHARGE and with no requirement to register. Grand Lodge Publications Ltd, Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ Designed and Maintained by: Cyberpoint Limited Free DHTML scripts provided by Dynamic Drive

20. Freemasonry
Founding Fathers Quotes freemasonry Church and State freemasonry in 18th Century America 2007, by Jim Peterson . A small number of fraternal societies were
Founding Fathers Quotes [ Freemasonry ] Church and State Freemasonry in 18th Century America 2007, by Jim Peterson A small number of fraternal societies were exported from Europe to America during the 18th-century. The most significant group was known as the Freemasons - established as an organization in London in 1717. Its history as a stonemasons guild apparently goes back to the Middle Ages, but there is very little documentation regarding its membership or precisely what its goals were outside of actual masonry before 1717. For more information outside of 18th century America, there are a few good books (and several bad ones) on the subject and its European heritage. There is no perfect source on Freemasonry and it's history. Several authors over the years with anti-Masonic missions have published works with alternate agendas and speculative history. There is a broad middle ground on this subject between scholarship and editorial sensationalism. Let the buyer beware. It's clear most scholarly historians of the Revolutionary period are, for many reasons, somewhat reluctant to explore Freemasonry fully in relationship to the Founding Fathers. Much of it would simply be hearsay. All we can safely say is that many of our Founding Fathers were members (membership roles have been made available to the public domain). Since this organization had members who were sworn to secrecy at one time, it's very difficult to project its impact on the Founding Fathers when there are no records of what went on during these meetings.

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