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         Greenland Culture:     more books (42)
  1. Greenland (Cultures of the World) by David C. King, 2008-12
  2. On the Track of the Thule Culture from Bering Strait to East Greenland: Proceedings of the SILA Conference The Thule Culture - New Perspectives in Inuit ... Gullov (STUDIES IN ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY) by Bjarne Gronnow, 2010-01-01
  3. Nuussuarmiut: Hunting Families on the Big Headland; Demography, Subsistence and Material Culture in Nuussuaq, Upernavik, Northwest Greenland by Keld Hansen, 2008-09
  4. A Strategic Profile of Greenland, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Greenland Research Group, The Greenland Research Group, 2000-04-25
  5. Ethnography of the Egedesminde District: With Aspects of the General Culture of West Greenland (Communal Societies in America) by Kaj Birket-Smith, 1976-01
  6. Stone Age of Qeqertarsuup Tunua (Disko Bugt): A Regional Analysis of the Saqqaq and Dorest Cultures of Central West Greenland by Jens Fog Jensen, 2009-07-27
  7. Icelanders: Ethnic group, Iceland, Norsemen, Celts, Icelandic language, North Germanic languages, Lutheranism, History of Iceland, Demographics of Iceland, History of Greenland, Culture of Iceland
  8. The Culture of Greenland in Glimpses by Ole G. Jensen, 2007-06-10
  9. Studies on the material culture of the Eskimo in west Greenland (Arbejder fra den Danske arktiske station paa Disko) by Morten P Porsild, 1915
  10. Reindeer Hunting in Greenland: Reindeer, Survival skills, Animal welfare, Arctic Council, Culture of Greenland, Deer hunting, Trophy hunting, Hunting weapon, ... dressing (hunting), Barren- ground Caribou
  11. GREENLAND: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by KEVIN HILLSTROM, 2001
  12. Gronland : Mad og Myter / Greenland : Cookery and Culture by Gerda & Baekgaard, Pernille Janda, 1996
  13. Greenlandic Culture: Music of Greenland
  14. Perspectives on Female Sex Offending: a Culture of Denial.(Book Review): An article from: The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality by Cyril Greenland, 2003-09-22

1. - What Is Greenland Culture
Can you answer this question? Answer it or get updates discuss research share Facebook Twitter Search Related answers How was Kushite culture unlike from Egyptian culture

2. Culture And History In Greenland
An brief introduction to the culture and history of Greenland, presented by the tourist board
Greenland is blessed with a peaceable people that has never waged war with anyone, and people generally show great openness to visitors.
Travel Agencies: Topas Greenland Travel Nordic Adventure Airlines: Air Greenland
The population of Greenland is predominantly Inuit, a people bearing an affinity and solidarity with the Inuits of Canada, Alaska and Siberia. It is only 140 years since the last immigration from Canada took place. The Greenlandic people are few in number: 55,000 in an enormous country. Approx. 20 percent of the population was born outside Greenland. Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but since the introduction of Home Rule in 1979 Greenland has moved towards relative independence based on parliamentary democracy. Today fishing is the all-dominating trade and accounts for 95 percent of total exports, but in the hunter districts of the outer areas, the seal and whale catch is of great importance. It actually forms the stable existence for one fifth of the Greenlandic population. For millennia the philosophy has been to live at one with nature. The hunters live with nature and follow the natural seasons. In South Greenland ruins from the norse (viking) settlers 1,000 years ago are well preserved, including the ruins of the first Christian churches on the North America continent.

3. About Nuuk Tourism - Tikilluarit - Nuuk Tourism
Tours and excursions in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland whale watching, tours to the ice cap, to a settlement and visits to the home rule government. Contact ud for accommodation

4. Arctic Archaeology | University Of Waterloo
Describes archeological research into Arctic cultures. Focus has largely been on Canadian Arctic research, but findings also relate to Alaska and Greenland cultures.
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The northernmost part of the North American continent has seen some of the most fascinating human adaptations anywhere, extending back thousands of years. But learning about those adaptations through archaeological research in that vast region presents a number of unique challenges, including short field seasons, immense logistical problems, and excavation into permafrost (permanently frozen ground). Using text and images, these pages provide a glimpse of archaeological research in this region and its results focusing principally on the Canadian Arctic where I've done the majority of my research.
The Arctic Environment
Finding and Excavating Sites in the Arctic The Culture History of the Arctic Archaeological Site Descriptions ... Books and other Websites These pages have just gone through a complete revision with a change of format and many new images. More new content will appear soon. If you find broken links or things that otherwise don't work, please email me:

5. Culture Of Greenland - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The culture of Greenland has much in common with Inuit tradition, as the majority of people are descended from Inuit. Many people still go icefishing and there are annual dog-sled
Culture of Greenland
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search The culture of Greenland has much in common with Inuit tradition, as the majority of people are descended from Inuit. Many people still go ice-fishing and there are annual dog-sled races in which everyone with a team participates. However, Greenland has now become somewhat of a tourist attraction. It holds contests to attract tourists such as dog racing, ice fishing, hiking, and cross country racing.

6. Greenland Travel Ideas
Spitsbergen/ Northeast Greenland Cruise This is a great cruise tour that will will View more Greenland Culture Tours
Home Greenland Travel Ideas
Travel Ideas in Greenland Greenland Travel Packages Greenland Birding Tours and Outfitters Spitsbergen/ Northeast Greenland Cruise
This is a great cruise tour that will will take you to the most exquisite places around Iceland, Norway and Greenland, showing to you sites of amazing natural beauty, glaciers, volcanic islands, etc. view details View more Greenland Birding Tours and Outfitters Greenland Sailing and Yacht Charters Scoresby Sund - East Greenland Cruise
Our cruise will take you to the region where you can witness enormous colonies of seabirds thronging the cliffs and shores and enjoy the thrilling antics of whales, dolphins, seals and Walrus. view details View more Greenland Sailing and Yacht Charters Greenland Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting Kayaking Greenland and Spitsbergen
Join us on a Greenland kayak trip - an expedition voyage of pure exploration to the largest fjords in the world! view details View more Greenland Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting Greenland Culture Tours
Experience the capital of Iceland - a modern metropol and explore the South Greenland and the Arctic nature.

7. Greenland - Culture
Greenland Culture. Eighty percent of the people that live in Greenland were born there. The people in Greenland speak Greenlandic (an Inuit language with some
Greenland Culture Eighty percent of the people that live in Greenland were born there. The people in Greenland speak Greenlandic (an Inuit language with some Danish words). They may also speak Danish. They hunt seals and other animals. They eat the meat and use the blubber for fuel. They build their own winter houses. They build their villages out of wood. Seals are still an important food to people in Greenland. They also like vegetables. Most Greenland families have around six members. Three -fourths of the people of Greenland live in towns. Greenland's capital is Holsteinsborg. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 must go to school. History Land Economy Government ... Home

8. Posts Tagged Greenland | Culture Making
Ah, the lifechanging power of the right book at the right time. The reissue of An African in Greenland moves right to the top of my travel writing to-read list.

9. Greenland Culture
Probably some descendants of the present Inuit culture settled down in Greenland and named the island as Kalaalit Nunaat meaning land of the people. Therefore Greenland Culture
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... Greenland > Culture
Greenland Culture
Probably some descendants of the present Inuit culture settled down in Greenland and named the island as Kalaalit Nunaat meaning land of the people. Therefore Greenland Culture has much in common with Inuit tradition. 75% of the populations of Greenland live in the towns. People usually hunt seal or other animals.
They built their own winter houses. Meat is one of the primary diets and blubber is used for fuel. Ice-fishing is quite common. Everyone with a team has to take part in the annual dog-sledge racing. Viking-Inuit is one of the major festivals and an integrated part of Greenland Culture
Eskimo Art continues to bear the sign of the intimate relation between form and function. The Drum Dance is among the major traditional dances of Greenland. Greenland music is a mixture of both the Inuit and Danish strands. The architecture includes both the traditional and the colonial style. The Handicraft products are very unique and utilitarian as well. Greenland Culture is a melting pot of various things of all Nordic cultures.

10. Face Of Ancient Human Drawn From Hair's DNA
Face of Ancient Human Drawn From Hair's DNA Genome paints picture of man from extinct Greenland culture

11. Greenland - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Greenland (Danish Gr nland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Greenland (disambiguation) Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat Flag Coat of arms Anthem Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit ... Greenlandic
"You Our Ancient Land!"

(and largest city)
Nuuk (Godthåb)
... Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) and Danish Ethnic groups Inuit (including Inuit- Danish mixed)

mostly Danish Demonym Greenlander , Greenlandic Government Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy Monarch Margrethe II High Commissioner Søren Hald Møller ... Kuupik Kleist Autonomous constituent country
within the Kingdom of Denmark Norwegian sovereignty [a] Contact re-established Ceded to Denmark [b] Status of amt Home rule Self rule 21 June 2009 Area Total
Population Density 0.027/km
PPP Total not ranked Per capita [d] not ranked ... HDI high n/a Currency Danish krone DKK ... UTC +0 to -4) Drives on the right GL Internet TLD .gl Calling code a. Danish monarchy reached Greenland in 1380 with the reign of Olav IV in Norway.
b. Greenland, the Faeroes and Iceland were formally Norwegian possessions until 1814 despite 400 years of Danish monarchy beforehand. c.

12. Greenland:@:Culture_and_Conduct_or_Local_Customs - Tourist Information And Trave
Free network of people around the world who offer free accommodation, advice and help when they are traveling hospitality exchange. Free membership.

13. Greenland Culture
The World’s largest island has a tiny population. The 55,000 residents of Greenland are distributed throughout 120 localities around the coast 65 of these settlements
All of this means that the East Greenlanders have their own Inuit dialect and very individual traditions and handicrafts. The primary occupations are hunting and fishing, sometimes using the traditional kayak. This is usually done on a subsistence basis - the East Coast has none of the large-scale commercial fisheries found elsewhere. Ancient practices of dividing up the catch amongst the community are still observed.
It is said that the Inuit keep one foot in the past. This is not derogatory, but reflects their awareness of their unique culture and heritage. Their ancient Drum Dance lives on and their music and storytelling is based on myths and sagas passed down by word of mouth through the generations. You will experience a warm and yet quiet hospitality in Tunu, will be touched by the Inuit family values, and moved by the sense of peace and timelessness in these communities at the edge of the World.

14. Travel In Maniisoq, Greenland - Culture, Travel To Maniitsoq, Greenland - Europe
Travel to Maniitsoq, Greenland Europe - Culture - -Information about travel to Maniitsoq,Greenland,Europe,Accommodation,Hotels,Motels,Restaurants
ADVERTISING INFORMATION Maniitsoq - Culture Midnight sun is a state of mind. Time makes no sense in this world. You can leave your watch in your suitcase. The day has no end.
The children will roller-skate down the streets in the middle of the night - with sun in their faces. Small motorboats chug out of the harbour. Groups of people sit on the rocks here and there, enjoying the never-ending sunlight. The midnight sun can be encountered north of the Polar Circle. In Ilulissat, for example, the sun never sets from May 25th to July 25th, and during that period "normal" calendar time is virtually non-operative. It is light around the clock. At what used to be night time the soft, warm light and the long shadows from the low-hanging sun bring the scenic backdrops into dreamlike and almost supernaturally beautiful relief. The northern lights are no less impressive. White, yellow, green and red they sweep across the dark sky in a state of eternal, rapid flux. Accumulate in intensity and culminate in scenery beyond imagination. Northern lights appear all year round in Greenland, but they can only be observed against a clear, dark night sky. They appear at a height of about 100 kilometres (65 miles) and have the shape of a flapping curtain or points radiating from a single dot.

15. Culture Of Greenland - Traditional, History, People, Clothing, Women, Beliefs, F
Culture of Croatia, Culture of Cuba, Culture of Cyprus, Culture of Czech Republic, Culture of Denmark, Culture of Djibouti, Culture of Dominica, Culture of Dominican Republic
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Countries and Their Cultures
Countries and Their Cultures Ge-It
Kalaallit Nunaat (used by Inuit Greenlanders)
Identification. C.E. Location and Geography. The inhospitable interior of the island relegates the entire population of Greenland to its rugged coastlines. Most settlements are on the west and Greenland The climate in Greenland is subarctic, with short, cool summers and bitterly cold winters. Along the fjords of the southwest coast, where most Greenlanders live, temperatures average 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) during the height of summer. But the temperature falls to a mean of 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 degrees Celsius) during wintertime. Temperatures are much colder in the northern interior. Demography.

16. Greenland Vikings ‘had Celtic Blood’
The Copenhagen Post Official Danish News in English Norsemen who settled in southern Greenland carried more Celtic than Nordic blood – but they were still decidedly Scandinavian
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Sunday November 14th
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      Greenland Vikings ‘had Celtic blood’
      Friday, 19 March 2010 11:28 RC News Norsemen who settled in southern Greenland carried more Celtic than Nordic blood – but they were still decidedly Scandinavian
      An analysis of DNA from a Viking gravesite near a 1000 year-old church in southern Greenland shows that those buried there had strong Celtic bloodlines, reported science website The analysis – performed by Danish researchers on bones from skeletons found during excavations in south Greenland – revealed that the settlers’ Nordic blood was mixed with Celtic blood, probably originating from the British Isles.

17. : Greenland Culture
Information of Greenland culture, tradition, social life, group, newspaper, musium, books, novels
Country Info Home Introduction General Data
Time and Date
Greenland : Culture
Greenland is the source of many of the weather changes in the northern hemisphere, and knowledge of Greenland weather is of prime importance for the prediction of conditions in the North Atlantic Ocean and in western Europe. Weather and radio stations are of inestimable value for Atlantic air traffic. In 1944, during World War II, a German radio-weather station on the northeast coast was destroyed by the U.S. Coast Guard, and various German attempts to establish weather bases on Greenland were thwarted by Coast Guard vessels. In May 1947, Denmark requested that the United States end the 1941 agreement.By the terms of other provisions,the armed forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were authorized to use all naval, air, and military bases on the island. In the early 1950s the United States expanded its military operations in Greenland, constructing a large strategic air base at Thule, about 1,500 km from the North Pole. The United States relinquished its claim to land in northern Greenland, based on the explorations of the American explorer Robert Edwin Peary, when it purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917. In May 1921, Denmark declared the entire island of Greenland to be Danish territory, causing a dispute with Norway over hunting and fishing rights. In 1931 a strip of land on the east coast was claimed by some Norwegian hunters, whose action was later recognized by the Norwegian government. The occupation was invalidated by the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague in 1933.

18. Timeline - Title 1
360Mil BC By late Devonian time some bony fish not only undoubtedly had lungs, but also had stumpy or lobed fins, the antecedents of legs. The 2foot long ichthyostega from eastern

19. Greenland - Culture - Official Greenland Travel Guide
Gain an insight into and knowledge of Greenland’s unique nature. Read, for example, the article of the month, selected from a number of interesting themes concerning the

20. Culture And Traditions Greenland - All You Need To Have A Great Time Away
Culture and traditions Greenland with Easyvoyage, you get all of the information you need to organise your holiday, on towns, coasts, art and culture, hotels qualification indexes
Flights Hotels Cars Packages ... South America Here: Home Travel guide North America Holidays in Greenland Greenland
Greenland (Nuuk - 840000 sq.mi - 56375 hab.)
Culture and traditions
Traditions and customs
Read, see, listen
map Greenland
more information Greenland
  • Landscapes Greenland Coasts Greenland Arts and culture Greenland The fauna Greenland ... The flora Greenland
  • Practical Information
    • Weekly budget Flight budget none Flight duration Summer : +2h
      Winter : +3h Time difference No Visa No Vaccinations Danish krone Currency danish,
      Language > All information
      • The unique beauty of Antarctica. The diversity of activities (trekking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, sleigh rides, whale safari...).
      • The arctic cold. A good physical health required. The high cost of the trip.
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