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         Health Environment:     more books (99)
  1. Cancer and the Environment: Gene-Environment Interactions by Research, and Medicine. Roundtable on Environment Health Sciences, 2002-08-09
  2. Within Reach?: Managing Chemical Risks in Small Enterprises (Work, Health and Environment) by David Walters, 2008-04-10
  3. Governance and Civil Society in Myanmar: Education, Health and Environment by Helen James, 2009-05-14
  4. Hog Manure Management, the Environment and Human Health by Tiffany T.Y. Guan, Richard A. Holley, 2003-10-31
  5. Inheriting the World: The Atlas of Children's Health and the Environment by B. Grodon, R. Mackay, et all 2004-06
  6. Ecological Integrity: Integrating Environment, Conservation, and Health
  7. Working Disasters: The Politics of Recognition and Response (Work, Health and Environment) (Work, Health and Environment Series, Series Editors, Charles Levenstein and John Wooding)
  8. Medical Practice in the Current Health Care Environment: A Handbook for Residents and Medical Students
  9. Nursing, Health, and the Environment by Committee on Enhancing Environmental Health Content in Nursing Practice, Institute of Medicine, 1995-10-19
  10. The Boiled Frog Syndrome: Your Health and the Built Environment by Thomas Saunders, 2002
  11. Stress, Health, and the Social Environment: A Sociobiologic Approach to Medicine (Topics in Environmental Physiology and Medicine) by J.P. Henry, P.M. Stephens, 1977-12-21
  12. Providing Hospital Services: The Changing Financial Environment (The Johns Hopkins Studies in Health Care Finance and Administration) by Professor Gerard F. Anderson, Professor Judith R. Lave, et all 1989-11-01
  13. Environment and Health (Life Guides) by Brian Ward, 1989-02
  14. Health and Environment: Social Science Perspectives (Public Health in the 21st Century)

61. Carver County - Health & Environment
Health Environment Links for site sections regarding Health and Environment are listed on the left.

62. Nuclear Waste Sites
CQS Health and Environment list
Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant
Natural Therapies - Treatments - Remedies for Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, and other Chronic Illness
Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.
Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, 400 B.C. ToxicAlert Helping people take charge of their health If you have influenza, this regimen could save your life!
If you are seeking a natural therapy - treatment - remedy - cure for cancer, heart disease, AIDS, or other chronic illness , click here.

30 Million People Are Being Harmed By Statin Drugs. Are You One Of Them? Click Here

Free for download: Natural Health Maintenance Guide, click here
... Home Page
Nuclear Generation Sites - New England
These are sites of nuclear power plants or other large scale producers of long-lived radioactive waste. Generally speaking, most or all of them have had radiation leaks, and the areas around the plants have been contaminated with strontium-90, cesium-137, and other radioactive isotopes. Before the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear accident in 1979, the federal government performed regular strontium-90 testing of milk from cows in the areas around nuclear facilities. This testing yielded a consistent pattern of increased strontium-90, when compared with milk from areas without nuclear facilities. That testing was abruptly stopped after the TMI accident, with no explanation. (Note that dairy cattle from the area around TMI supply milk to one of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers - Hershey Foods).

63. Health Environment Berkeley Institute Of The Environment
Designing Safer Chemistries Our goal is to inform the design of safer substances by identifying the highestpriority chemicals and toxicity pathways that demand the new

64. Jonathan Campbell, Natural Therapy - Treatment - Remedy For Cancer, AIDS, Heart
Health alert and toxic alert information about health, fitness, and the environment and their intimate connection. Activist group s site. Some alternative views on HIV and AIDS.
Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant
Natural Therapies - Treatments - Remedies for Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, Hepatitis, and other Chronic Illness
Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.
Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, 400 B.C. Helping people take charge of their health Introduction Order Health Guides Order Consultation Natural Therapies ... Home Page Natural Therapies That Work Welcome. You have probably come here because you are seeking solutions - for yourself or a loved one - to recover from a chronic or life-threatening illness. I invite you to learn more about the natural healing process, or you may go directly to order one of the HealthyAgain Therapy Guides for Cancer, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Statin Drug Induced Damage, Sexual Dysfunction, or Mental Disorders. The Guides describe the recovery regimens in detail. The regimens consist entirely of widely available nutritional supplements. They have no adverse side effects. They are based on the principle that the human body can heal itself, given the right natural raw materials. And they work. The regimens do not contain exotic or synthetic chemicals, products with strange names, hormones, or remedies sold by Multi-Level Marketers (MLMs).

65. ITIA: Health & Environment Data
ITIA International Tungsten Industry Association promotional, statistical and technical activities for the worldwide tungsten industry.

66. Homepage : Homepage
A global site on the issues of population, poverty, health and the environment, sponsored by IPPF,IUCN,UNFPA and WWF and published by the London-based Planet 21 charity. Search Search: GO
A gateway to the greatest issue of our time... the wellbeing of the growing human family as it presses
ever more heavily on the natural resources of our planet Support Us Find out
Traditional fishermen returning to sell their catches in a mangrove creek, Kenya. Mangroves, under threat from many sources, provide valuable economic benefits to local communities. This mother, pictured in the remote Upper East Region of Ghana, has benefited from the help of a trained Traditional Birth Attendant in giving birth safely to her baby daughter. This dolphin was killed by entanglement with fishing gear off the coast of Devon, South West England. Entanglement in fishing gear is the number one cause of death in stranded dolphins. Previous Next View all our images
Making the population-poverty connections
In this Commentary, Lester Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute, looks at the effect of the economic crisis on efforts to reduce extreme poverty. Read this Commentary
Latest News

67. The BetterWorld Trust - Health & Environment
BetterWorld supports programs that provide training, education and research in a variety of health care areas. Our organizational partners understand that prevention, treatment and

68. Green Living
Canadian publication and portal offering information about organics, health, the environment, and eco-consumer products.
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Green Living
Search this site: home feature
What’s so funny about biodiversity?
Environmental dinner has fun with a serious topic home feature
The Friendly Skies
Asian lanterns get greener home review
iQ Cleaning Products
Get Ocean Wise with your fish
In the blogs A Very Vegan Thanksgiving, Part I Feature Wild-Blueberry Shortcakes With Peaches Feature Roast of Duck with Tart Cherry Glaze
Any Space Can Be Solar
IKEA Canada Makes Renewable Energy Investment Feature Final Prices Announced for MicroFIT Solar Energy Projects Feature Public Demand, Corporate Profit Drive Ontario’s Green Economy Feature Green Jobs Coming to Northern Ontario
Tesla Takes Big Step
Feature Alternative Energy and Fuel for Cars Feature Las Vegas CityCenter Feature Paint the town green
Rona Hardware: An Eco Leader
The Canadian hardware, reno and gardening powerhouse grows its green platform — again! Feature Feature Product Review: The Double Living Wall Kit Feature Product Review: Wisdom Wands
Be Clean and Green
10 steps to an eco-conscious shower Feature A Mineral Miracle?

69. About Us - The Center For Health, Environment & Justice
About Us ; Our Mission ; Our Story ; 28 Years of Achievements; Love Canal ; Jobs and Internships ; Our Staff ; Board of Directors; Financial Information ; Testimonials
About CHEJ CHEJ was instrumental in establishing some of the first national policies critical to protecting community health like the Superfund Program, Right-to-Know and others. By pioneering the effort nationwide to protect communities from exposures to dangerous environmental chemicals, in the air, water and soil, CHEJ has become the preeminent national leader among grassroots groups reducing the burden of toxic substances on our environment. CHEJ is different from other environmental organizations. It was created out of a commitment and passion to work with communities at risk, to empower local families to take steps to protect their neighborhoods and families from unnecessary chemical threats. Through skill training, strategic analysis and scientific research, CHEJ has worked with over ten thousand groups since our founding. CHEJ is a leader in advocating responsible corporate behavior (located in communities and selling products to families) in replacing outdated chemicals with safe, affordable alternatives to build long-term, safe economic opportunities and community benefits. Our twenty years of experience in this arena extends from moving McDonalds away from Styrofoam in 1986 to moving Microsoft away from PVC plastic in 2006. CHEJ works as a convener bringing together organizations from different walks of life like teachers, doctors, nurses, blue-collar workers and faith-based leaders. Through building strategic partnerships we create a more powerful and diverse collaborative effort for advocating healthy communities everywhere.

70. Health & Environment — Groundwire
For a long time I’ve hoped we could find a more sustainable and scaleable way to help people see what we see. Now HEFN’s site gives a platform for that.
@import url(; @import url(; Search Site only in current section Skip to content. Skip to navigation Sections
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    Connect With Us
    What People Say
    "Groundwire is one of the best-kept secrets in the Northwest environmental movement. They are the behind-the-scenes technology engine that supports many of the vital groups that are working hard to protect our air, water, wildlife and wild places." Denis Hayes President and CEO, The Bullitt Foundation
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    This is often the issue area that takes the environmental movement out of the abstract and into reality. The groups we work with are made up of watchdogs, advocates, teachers and caretakers. They work tirelessly to give a voice to those in our community who can no longer bear the majority of environmental burdens such as air pollution, chemical waste disposal, and a lack of green space.

71. Alaska Whistleblowers Resource Guide
The Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility believes that whistleblowers are the first line of defense against threats to worker safety, public health and the environment in Alaska.
Alaska Whistleblowers Resource Guide
Complete copies of the Guide are available at no charge from
the Alaska Forum. Please see the contact information page.

"I knew the quality control inspectors were telling the truth about problems at the Terminal. But at that time management would not listen, to me or the inspectors. Instead of correcting the problems they just kept trying to silence the messengers. I had to swallow my pride or stand-up for what was right. The credibility and integrity of myself and my staff were at stake, not to mention worker safety and the environment." -Richard Green, Former Quality Control Manager Valdez Marine Terminal, Trans-Alaska Pipeline-
TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Survival Tips for Whistleblowers

72. Ohioans For Health, Environment And Justice
How Can We Help? For decades, minority, underserved and rural communities have been living in close proximity to industrial zones, power plants, incinerators, toxic waste

73. The NewStandard
Archive for a publication which ceased April 27, 2007. Coverage of health and environment, liberty and security issues from a journalistic perspective that emphasizes the public interest.

The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.
You have reached the homepage of The NewStandard , which ceased publication on April 27, 2007. You can still access the nearly 3,000 original articles and numerous other features published by TNS via the links below. The NewStandard was a unique online newspaper founded on the belief that the dominant model and methods of profit-focused news journalism have failed the public interest. Managed by a collective of journalists and published by a reader-funded, non-hierarchical nonprofit organization, TNS was committed to bold, hard-hitting daily news coverage, providing a vetted forum for the voices and issues often ignored in the establishment news arena. Unlike its corporate counterparts, which typically prioritize profits, TNS existed solely to fulfill its public mission, to support the livelihood of media workers who share its passion, and to sustain an innovative egalitarian, participatory workplace structure. To keep its content free of outside financial or political agendas, TNS was funded entirely by readers and accepted no advertisements or foundation grants.

74. Welcome To The City Of Dallas, Texas - City Web Portal
Health Environment. Return to Main Categories. Can't find what you are looking for? Use the Services Search. Dallas City Services Information Online
Home Business Government Visitors ...
Main Categories

Can't find what
you are looking for?
Use the Services Search Indicates an informational link
Allows you to request a service. Point mouse at icon for description of the service. Abandoned Substance (abandoned drums or containers) Noise Pollution Air Pollution Complaint Ozone Information Air Pollution Information ...
Community Health Clinics
Dallas WIC Program

- Emergency / Trauma: - CALL 911
Hospital Clinics
(Parkland) Illegal Food Vending Light Glare Noise Complaints: Aviation Chronic Noise Still can't find what you want? Try looking for more selections on this page
Credits Contact Us ... City Terminology Guide

75. ATSDR - Publications
Quarterly newsletter published by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). Previous title was Hazardous Substances and Public Health.

76. Health, Environment & Healthy Lifestyles Event Calendar
Calendar of health, environment, and healthy lifestyles conferences and events. Topics include environmental health safety, toxic and hazardous materials, and health impacts of
EcoSpeakers Books

Green Stock Video ...

Event Calendar
EcoSpeakers Home Calendar The health, environment and healthy lifestyles event listings below are offered to assist site visitors, customers and members who are searching for conferences to attend, associations to join, or conference exhibition and advertising opportunities. If we can be helpful to you by suggesting possible speakers for future events, call 408-865-0888 or email The events on this page deal with health threatening exposures in homes, commercial and public facilities, and industrial, agricultural and mining facilities or abandoned sites to hazardous materials and wastes, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, contaminated soils and sediments, air and water pollution and toxics, poisons, neurotoxins, carcinogens, radioactive substances and waste, and pesticides and other food contaminants. Events may also cover the health risks associated with environmentally less sustainable lifestyle and dietary choices. Health impacts can include cancer, heart disease, lung disease, asthma, neurological impairment, kidney and liver disease or damage, asbestosis, endocrine disruption, reproductive health problems, birth defects, spread of infectious diseases, dermatological and orthopedic problems, and multiple or extreme chemical sensitivity syndrome. Preventive or corrective actions may include air and water pollution prevention, environmental health and safety programs, spill prevention, containment and cleanup, contaminated site clean up, healthy lifestyle, consumer, dietary and transportation choices, and more.

77. APSF
Provides leadership in the reduction of harm to patients in all health care environments and provides incident reporting and monitoring systems. Collects de-identified incident report data for inclusion in an aggregated database that facilitates comparative research.
Recent News
Error in Medical Imaging - Day 2 conference report
The second day of the conference focussed on interdisciplinary communication as a solution to the problems raised on Day 1. The need for appropriate
More here..
Error in Medical Imaging - Day 1 conference report
The first day of the Australasian Conference on Errror in Medical Imaging was a great success, with good numbers of multi-disciplinary participants
More here..
Australasian Conference on Error in Medical Imaging
As noted in a recent ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) news article , there
More here..
Australian Patient Safety Foundation
The Australian Patient Safety Foundation Inc. (APSF) is a non-profit independent organisation dedicated to the advancement of patient safety. The APSF has provided leadership in the reduction of harm to patients in all healthcare environments since 1988. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the APSF works with Commonwealth and State governments, researchers, professional organisations, Colleges, healthcare professionals and consumers at the national and international level to improve outcomes for patients.
Measures of patient safety in developing and emerging countries: a review of the literature Carpenter KB, Duevel MA, Lee PW, Wu AW, Bates DW, Runciman WB, Baker GR, Larizgoitia I, Weeks WB

78. Pland - Stainless Steel - Health & Environment
Health environment. The excellent hygienic properties of stainless steel are recognised by its use for surgical instruments and medical implants, as well as in
Home Stainless Steel Durability Sheet thickness ... Grades -Select a product- Aire Alicante Amarillo Amersham Anjou Ankara Antwerp Arundel Aspen Athens Atlanta Austin Babylon Baffin Bali Barcelona Barra Barwell Bergamo Berlin Bermuda Bern Biarritz Boston Bremen Brou Bruges Burgundy Bute Cadiz Calais Calvi Cannes Cannock Chablis Champagne Chesham Chicago Chinon Clyde Corinth Cyprus Deauville Dee Denver Dudley Durban Dusseldorf Eden Enfield Evian Falkirk Fiji Forth Geneva Genoa Gibraltar Gozo Guam Hanover Harrow Hexham Ibiza Innsbruck Islay Istanbul Jamaica Java Jerez Jersey Jonzac Lafitte Island Lafitte Wall Limoges Linz Lisbon Louisville Lyon Madeira Madrid Malaga Malta Malvern Maui Mauritius Medoc Memphis Milan Monaco Mosel Muck Nantes Naples Navarra Olympia Oslo Ouse Palma Penang Penfold Piedmont Pitcairn Planet Prague Rhone Ribble Rotterdam Rousillion Saltash Salzburg Samoa Sandwell Sark Saumur Sicily 550mm Sicily 650mm Skye Sparta Spey St. Moritz Stockholm Stourbridge Syracuse Tahiti Tasmania Telford Terme Thames Tijuana Tirana Trent Trieste Tring Trinidad Troy Turin Tuvalu Tweed Vail Venice Vienna Volnay FF Volnay SR Walsall Washington Watford Wharfe Windsor Worth Zaragoza Zurich Advanced search
The excellent hygienic properties of stainless steel are recognised by its use for surgical instruments and medical implants, as well as in food and drink processing, catering and washroom installations. Its smooth, neutral surface makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere and survive, and it is also very easy to clean, so strict standards of hygiene are possible at every stage of the process.

79. West Nile Virus Home Page
From the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Press releases and information about the disease in the state.
Advanced Search Zoonosis home Program home ...
Disease Manual
For more information please call the Colorado West Nile virus Hotline or visit the following websites
Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division
West Nile Virus
West Nile virus has emerged in recent years in temperate regions of Europe and North America, presenting a threat to public, equine, and animal health. The most serious manifestation of West Nile virus infection is fatal encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in humans and horses, as well as mortality in certain domestic and wild birds. The first appearance of West Nile virus in North America occurred in 1999, with encephalitis reported in humans and horses, and the subsequent spread in the United States. As of May 2006, West Nile virus has been documented in the contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.
General Information
Statistics and Surveillance
Tables Maps Charts Tables and maps for previous years (2002-2009
Adult Mosquito Control Information

80. Trail Health & Environment Committee
Trail, B.C. – (April 29, 2010) Trail area residents are encouraged to participate in Phase 1 of a public consultation program over the next month to help revamp the Trail
2010-07-06 MINUTES Written by admin on September 24th, 2010 Meeting:  Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Trail City Hall - Meeting Room No. 2 7:00 pm Posted in Uncategorized
2010-04-07 Minutes
Written by admin on July 19th, 2010 Meeting:  Tuesday, April 7, 2010 Trail City Hall - Meeting Room No. 2 7:00 pm Posted in Minutes Comments Off
Written by admin on April 28th, 2010 Trail, B.C. Posted in Uncategorized
2010-04-07 Agenda
Written by admin on April 2nd, 2010 Meeting:  Wedesday, April 7, 2010 Trail City Hall - Meeting Room No. 2 7:00 pm
Posted in Agendas Comments Off
Written by admin on January 13th, 2010
Interior Health (Jacquie Johnson - (250) 364-6223)
  • Blood lead testing, focusing on children less than 3 years of age, living in Trail or Rivervale Counseling and services for families with children who have elevated or rising lead levels Community and early childhood education about preventing lead exposure Located at Kiro Wellness Centre, 1500 Columbia Avenue in East Trail
    Home Renovations Support Program Garden soil testing program Located at SNC Lavalin Environment office: 1319 Bay Avenue in downtown Trail
Posted in Uncategorized Comments Off
Are you planning a renovation, construction, excavation or demolition project in Trail?

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