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         Hedgehogs Pet Care:     more detail
  1. The Hedgehog Primer : Everything You Need to Know about the Basic Care of Pet African Hedgehogs by Antigone M. Means-Burleson, 2003
  2. Care for a Pet Hedgehog (A Robbie Reader) (Robbie Readers) by Tammy Gagne, 2009-12-17
  3. Hedgehogs: How to Take Care of Them and Understand Them (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Matthew M. Vriends, 1995-02
  4. Guide to Owning an African Pygmy Hedgehog: Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Exhibition, Health Care (Re Series) by Dennis Kelsey-Wood, 1997-12
  5. How To Care for Hedgehogs by Quick Easy Guides, 2008-07-31

1. The Ringworm Story – Introduction | Hedgehogs As Pets
Disease Ridden Hedgehogs? Pet Care 11/05/2009 at 1106 pm Hazardous Hedgehogs Pet Tips 14/05/2009 at 140 am Hedgehogs can be Hazardous to your Health
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      Posted on by Spike
      Posted in The Ringworm Story Tagged hedgehog hedgehogs and ringworm ringworm
      Once upon a time
      I Please use the links at the bottom of each page to follow the story in chronological order. I was also prompted to write this article by the knowledge that the main protagonist of the story, Heavenlyhogs, is still trying to sell hedgehogs and other exotic pets to an unsuspecting  public. I sincerely hope that people who are thinking about buying any exotic from Heavenlyhogs, Pre-historic Pets or Michelle Fountain aka Viljoen under whatever name she may call her company, read this article before they make any purchases from her. I have reconstructed the story from several threads on 3 well known hedgehog and exotic pet forums. Some of these threads are very long and a full list can be found at the bottom of the page at the following link: The main characters in this story are:
      • HeavenlyHogs /Michelle Fountain aka Viljoen from Essex in the UK, an exotic pet dealer/breeder (she also has another business called Pre-historic pets). She is also referred to as Shell in some of the posts

2. - Free Gothic Auctions
Goth, Cyber, Punk, and Vintage Fashions. Specializing in One of a Kind Transformed AFRICAN PYGMY HEDGEHOGS Pet Care Book

3. Basic Hedgehog Care And Maintenance Information
Basic hedgehog care and maintenance information. Hedgehogs as a species are shown by fossil records to have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, which is longer than most
Hedgehog Care and Maintenance Information
Basic Care Introduction
When trying to decide how to best to care for your hedgehog, you need to consider what their lives are like in the wild. Foragers and hunters by nature, hedgehogs spend a great deal of thought and energy each day finding food. As a small animal, they also spend this time trying to avoid becoming someone else's food. (Most notably large birds.) A hedgehog left to sit in a tiny cage all day with nothing to do will soon become fat, bored, and not a very good pet. Likewise, a hedgehog kept in an area where it constantly feels threatened (extremely high levels of noise and/or activity) will become defensive and skittish thinking it needs to protect itself.
Another thing to consider is the basic needs of all living creatures. Every living creature needs six basic things, whether a fish, a bird, a horse, a human, or a hedgehog. These things are: Space, Air, Shelter, Water, Food, and Stimulus. In the next few paragraphs I'll cover each one briefly as it relates to your pet hedgehog.

4. Hedgehogs
Information on the hedgehog including description, buying a pet hedgehog and caring for the animal. Breeder listings and general hedgehog links.
Hedgehogs Pictures
Thousands of Pet Pictures, Classifieds, Ecards.
Pets for Sale, Pet of the Month, Pet Products. Advertise here
Hedgehogs - Distribution
Picture source:
Hedgehog Central
Bryan H. Smith Hedgehogs (insectivorous mammals of the family Erinaceidae) are found in many places of the Old World, except SE Asia, where gymnures, or hairy Hedgehogs live. There are no New World Hedgehogs; the American porcupine is sometimes erroneously called a Hedgehog. European species of Hedgehogs are found in practically all of the European countries, in China, Manchuria, and Korea. African species inhabit mostly Central and Northern Africa. Long-Eared species live in Israel, Pakistan, India, China, and Mongolia. Desert species are found in Southern Africa, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Spiny Hedgehogs inhabit deserts, forests, and suburbs. The name Hedgehogs describes their tendency to make the burrows in the hedgerows that surround fields in England. Today Hedgehogs are introduced to New Zealand and many islands.
Hedgehogs - Description
Picture source:
Egels-online There exist 4 genera and 14 species of Hedgehogs: European, Long-Eared, Desert Hedgehogs, and, also Moon Rat. The variations within the Hedgehog family are great and very distinct. The common pet species is the African Pygmy Hedgehog, the descendant of the White-bellied and the Algerian Hedgehogs, both native to Africa.

5. Q: Do Dogs Scare Away Hedgehogs? - Pet Care Experts Answer!
Q Do dogs scare away hedgehogs? I have 3 dogs and we have found 5 hed

6. Hedgehog News
Hedgehog care and general information.

7. Carver Lake Veterinary Center
Veterinary Center in Woodbury Minnesota Carver Lake Veterinary Center truly is your other family doctor. We treat all companion animals including;
Our Services: Pet Care The Canine Athlete Exotic Companion Mammal Care Animals Treated Carver Lake Veterinary Center truly is your other family doctor. We treat all companion animals including;
Dogs Cats Rabbits Guinea Pigs Ferrets Rats Chinchillas Reptiles Mice Gerbils Hamsters Hedgehogs Pet Care Services Wellness Care Surgical Care Dental Care Behavioral Guidance ... New Pet Guidance Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
Carver Lake Veterinary Center 2201 Ventura Drive Woodbury, MN 55125-4337 Fax: (651) 578-3261 Home About Our Center About Our Staff Locations ... Links
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8. Terrapin Hedgehogs
Formerly Alaskan Hedgehogs, a new Maryland-based hedgehog breeder.
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Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs! Conveniently located in Joppa, MD. We have been raising happy, healthy, well socialized hedgehogs for over a decade. We work with a select group of breeders across the country, and are founders of Hedgehog World. References are available upon request. Come on in and take a look! Stasi and Jeff
USDA Licensed Breeder
Questions? Reach us here! E-mail: Phone:
Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs
View our babies available here! ALL OF THE BABIES ARE SPOKEN FOR! I will have upcoming litters available for deposit within the next two weeks.  I HIGHLY recommend filling out the questionnaire ( I do keep it private ) and getting on the waitlist if you want one of these babies.  I am receiving numerous inquiries, and expect the hedgehogs to be in demand. These babies WILL BE READY before the upcoming holidays!
When I receive your questionnaire, I will email you back (since welcoming an iPhone into the family, this is done more efficiently.  At that time, assuming there is a waitlist, I will put you on it and alert you 48 hours before making the photos public.  Once you have been alerted, you can take a look at the babies, pick on out and let me know.  I will put a 4 business day tentative hold on the baby, leaving you with time to get the non-refundable $75 deposit to me either via Paypal or a check sent snail mail.

9. The Different Types Of Hedgehogs | Pet Care Tips, Pets Advice
When you decide to get a dog or cat as a pet, the very first thing you will attempt to identify is what reproduce you need. There are small dogs and big dogs,

Hedgehog breeders offering a variety of hedgehogs for sale and hedgehog paraphernalia. USDA-licensed breeders since 1994.
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11. Would You Recommend Hedgehogs As A Pet?
i find them absolutely adorable. although, i can’t seem to find anywhere to hedgehogs; pet care; pet stores
General Question
Would you recommend hedgehogs as a pet?
Asked by surlygirl ) February 8th, 2008 Observing members: Composing members:
Answer s
Already answered: brownlemur I used to have one.. I bought mine at in Eugene, Oregon. Look for a small pet store that is locally owned. A place like Scamps will probably not have them. They are not like a face licking cat. They are more like a hamster. johnpowell syz yes i have a hedgehog and there amazing pets if u get them tame by playing with them daily there nocturnal but anytime is ok and if u do play with them at the same time every day they will even wake up and scratch the cage trying to get out to see u at that time. if u get an untame 1 were gloves there quills are not like a comb there like needles. people that dont have holes all over there hands.people say they dont get tame with gloves cause there since of smell and cant smell u but once they get used to being handled they dont care who picks them up. hope i helped ktwizzle i dont think my mom would accept those things Fancymouse
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12. The Hedgehog Primer
A practical guide to the care of pet hedgehogs based on sound knowledge and experience.
The Basics Articles on basic care and considerations for new or prospective owners. Vet/Health Care Articles pertaining to health, nutrition, and veterinary care. Breeding and Development Articles and pictures about hedgehog breeding, growth, and development. Advanced Care Issues Articles for people who already own a hedgehog or want to know more than just the basics. Shows and Colors Learn more about hedgehog shows and hedgehog colors! Purchase a Hedgehog Wondering where on earth to buy a hedgehog? Start here! Hedgehogabilia Where to purchase hedgehog supplies and collectibles. Our Herd Meet the hedgehogs of Hedgehog Valley! Other Critters Meet the other critters that call Hedgehog Valley their home!
The Hedgehog Primer The Hedgehog Primer is a practical guide to the care of pet hedgehogs, based on sound knowledge and experience. This book is for beginning and experienced hedgehog enthusiasts alike, providing a firm foundation to keep your hedgehog happy and healthy! At 82 pages, this 8-1/2" x 11" book is full of excellent information. Inner photographs are in black and white. Publication date 3/03, ISBN 1-59196-211-0. List price $10.95. See the table of contents below the purchasing information, for more details! You can purchase quickly and easily through Paypal . Our account is under

13. YouTube - Hedgehog Care 101
This is my Hedgehog i will be teaching you how to care for a pet hedgehog! Hedgehogs; Pet; Care

14. Hedgehog - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A hedgehog is any of the small spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae and the order Insectivora.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about the spiny mammal. For other uses, see Hedgehog (disambiguation) Hedgehogs European Hedgehog Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Erinaceomorpha
Family: Erinaceidae
Subfamily: Erinaceinae
G. Fischer
Genera A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae and the order Erinaceomorpha . There are 17 species of hedgehog in five genera , found through parts of Europe Asia Africa , and New Zealand . There are no hedgehogs native to Australia , and no living species native to North America ; those in New Zealand are introduced. Hedgehogs have changed little over the last 15 million years. Like many of the first mammals they have adapted to a nocturnal , insectivorous way of life. The name 'hedgehog' came into use around the year 1450, derived from the Middle English 'heyghoge', from 'heyg', 'hegge' = hedge, because it frequents hedgerows, and 'hoge', 'hogge' = hog, from its piglike snout. Other names include 'urchin', 'hedgepig' and 'furze-pig' .

15. Welcome To Hedgehog Valley!
Iola, Kansas-based hedgehog breeder and author of The Hedgehog Primer.
The Basics Articles on basic care and considerations for new or prospective owners. Vet/Health Care Articles pertaining to health, nutrition, and veterinary care. Breeding and Development Articles and pictures about hedgehog breeding, growth, and development. Advanced Care Issues Articles for people who already own a hedgehog or want to know more than just the basics. Shows and Colors Learn more about hedgehog shows and hedgehog colors! Purchase a Hedgehog Wondering where on earth to buy a hedgehog? Start here! Hedgehogabilia Where to purchase hedgehog supplies and collectibles. Our Herd Meet the hedgehogs of Hedgehog Valley! Other Critters Meet the other critters that call Hedgehog Valley their home!
Welcome to Hedgehog Valley! We have been raising quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs since 1995, and we hope that our site will help you learn more about these wonderfully fascinating critters! Browse around, and if you have questions, be sure to ask! My name is Antigone (Tig) Means-Burleson, and my family (kids Seph, Binni, Zury, Jiejie and Rain) and I are the humans behind Hedgehog Valley. We have participated in the hedgehog community in a variety of ways over the years, and our hedgehogs have been found in prominent sites around the country, including the Memphis Zoo, Boston Museum of Science, Red River Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Wonders of Wildlife National Wildlife Museum, Grants Farm, and the Rolling Hills Zoo.

16. Pogstar Hedgehogs - Family Raised Pet Hedgehogs, An Experienced Hedgehog Breeder
A small family-run hedgehog breeder in Wichita Kansas; also includes info and advice on hedgehog care.
Welcome To PogStar Hedgehogs We are a family run hedgehog breeder located in SouthCentral Kansas, currently in our seventh year of working to breed healthy pet hedgehogs with excellent temperaments. We would be proud for one of our family raised hedgehogs to become a part of your family.
A little bit about Us! William and I purchased our first pet hedgehog while we were still dating back in 1996 and were completely enchanted by what a wonderful and intelligent creature our Annabella was. We never even considered doing more than having hedgehogs as pets until I began to do more research on the internet in late 1998. Our son Connor, then just shy of one year, had become fascinated with watching and babbling at Annabella, who truly seemed to enjoy listening to him and would gladly come out to talk whenever she heard him. We were all rewarded by this unusual friendship when Bella became much easier to handle and one of Connors first words was BA, asking for her. The more I watched their incredible friendship grow, and the more research I did on these intriguing little animals, the more hooked I became. After a great deal of study and thought, I purchased three more hedgehogs in the late winter of 1999, and became USDA licensed as a breeder in April of 2000.
The hedgehogs remained my hobby until my pregnancy with Morgan in 2001, when William moved beyond supporting me and building our website, and became involved in the day to day care of the hedgehogs. He quickly went from simply providing me with assistance to enjoying them as much as I do, and has become an important part of not only their basic care, but in the planning and playing that make these creatures such an incredible joy for our entire family.

17. Bearded Dragon - Exotic Pets
Care instructions and related links.
forum radio shops sweeps ...

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Autism Spectrum Disorders: 4:00 PM

Full Schedule
Exotic Pets Site Diana Geiger
BellaOnline's Exotic Pets Editor
Bearded Dragon
How Do You Love a Bristly Brush? The Hedgehog
Here is the URL to the hedgehog :)
The Bearded Dragon is one of my favorite reptiles. Why is the bearded dragon my personal favorite? Because the bearded dragon has a naturally tranquil nature, they always seem so composed. The bearded dragon forever seems to have a look on his face signifying two things, everything is right with the world, and I know a secret you dont know. I have heard that people have been able to walk up and pick up bearded dragons in their native habitat. Interesting little tykes arent they. They are fondly known as a Beardie. Beardies have captured many hearts.
Bearded Dragons are chosen as exotic pets not only for their personalities but also for many other reasons. One of the reasons is that they dont grow as big as many other reptiles. The biggest the bearded dragon will get is 16-22 inches. The iguana can grow up to four to six feet long. The female bearded dragon normally has smaller heads than the males.
Iguanas also can be quite friendly. However, for my own personal needs I prefer a reptile where a mortgage isnt required to house the reptile.

18. Welcome To The Happy Hedgehog
Breeder located in Austin, TX. Includes pictures.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); The Happy Hedgehog
Welcome to the Happy Hedgehog! We are a hobby breeder, established in 1999, located in Fort Worth Texas . The Happy Hedgehog breeds for health, show quality and temperament. All hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry and can be viewed on the premise! NOW AVAILABLE:
None at this time.
None at this time.
We have temporarily suspended our breeding program!
All babies come with a birth certificate, starter food supply and after care support.
For more information, click on the below menu. The Happy Hedgehog Main Page! The Happy Hedgehog Care Page! The Happy Hedgehog Link Page! The Happy Hedgehog Policy Page! This page is dedicated to my first hedgehog, Snarf Pricklebutt , who passed away the last weekend of February 1999 and in memory of all the other hedgehogs which have passed through the halls of The Happy Hedgehog. While their stays with us were short, their impact on our hearts will remain forever. I hope that every hedgehog that leaves my door brings as much joy to their owners as they did to me. All information and photographs used on these pages are property of The Happy Hedgehog. (c) 1999-2006.

19. We Are Pickyhedgies
USDA-licensed hedgehog breeder located in Tampa, Florida.
Colorado Springs
84-A-0178 Colorado
719-465-2584 or 719-510-7664
*********WE HAVE BABIES DUE*********
We Support Our Troops!

Years of experience owning a hedgehog and years of experience breeding hedgehogs are two very different things. Considering purchasing a hedgehog, always ask for years of experience in BREEDING! Is your potential breeder a "Hobby Breeder" or Wholesale Breeder? EXPERIENCE IS THE DIFFERENCE !!!! Need Immediate Vet Assistance: Dr. Russell Welfare (my personal vet) North Powers Animal Hospital
My Girls My Boys Pics of Former Babies Care N Diet ... The Girls I'm Your New Baby READ MESSAGE Check out our Bagdad Hedgie Ask About My Tenrecs CHECK OUT THE ZOO'S THAT LOVE US You can see our hedgehog babies at the following Zoos.

20. Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group
Dedicated to providing Michigan hedgehog owners with information for local stores, vets, and online facilities to get help for the prickly pets.
Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group
MIHOG was created in order to aid Michigan hedgehog owners with locating care, products, and general information for their pets. This web site is dedicated to the Michigan area, but also serves to help all owners provide hedgehogs with better care. Michigan owners will find listings of stores and veterinarians that are found within the State. All listings are either from my personal experience or from other owners in the state. This web site is dedicated to my first hedgehog, Little Momma, who passed away at the age of 8 years. I had many problems finding good information about local veterinarians and where to find products for these little guys, and felt that there needed to be a place where others in my area could share information. If you want to contact me or contribute to this web site, please use the link below. I love to hear from fellow Michigan owners, as well as owners from all over.
Hedgehog Information
Michigan Veterinarians : Listing of Michigan owner recommended veterinarians. Housing Ideas : Cage and accessory ideas : Tips for performing different care tasks for your hedgehog.

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