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         Herb Gardening:     more books (100)
  1. Herb Gardening For Dummies (For Dummies (Home & Garden)) by Karan Davis Cutler, Kathleen Fisher, et all 2010-11-23
  2. Your Backyard Herb Garden: A Gardener's Guide to Growing Over 50 Herbs Plus How to Use Them in Cooking, Crafts, Companion Planting and More by Miranda Smith, 1999-01-15
  3. Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening: The Total Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Other Edible Plants the Natural Way by J. Howard Garrett, 1998-07-25
  4. The Herb Gardener: A Guide for All Seasons by Susan McClure, 1997-01-02
  5. The Kitchen Garden Grower's Guide: A practical vegetable and herb garden encyclopedia by Stephen Albert, 2008-11-17
  6. The Beginner's Guide to Edible Herbs: 26 Herbs Everyone Should Grow and Enjoy by Charles W. G. Smith, 2010-04-17
  7. The Herb Garden Cookbook: The Complete Gardening and Gourmet Guide, Second Edition by Lucinda Hutson, 2003-10-01
  8. Herbs (Handbooks) by Lesley Bremness, 2000-11-16
  9. The Complete Herb Book by Jekka McVicar, 2008-02-15
  10. Growing 101 Herbs that Heal: Gardening Techniques, Recipes, and Remedies by Tammi Hartung, 2000-02-15
  11. The Cook's Herb Garden by DK Publishing, 2010-02-15
  12. Sol Meltzer's Herb Gardening in Texas by Sol Meltzer, 2006-09-01
  13. RHS Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses by Deni Bown, 2003-03-27
  14. Burpee : The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener : A Guide to Growing Your Garden Organically by Karan Davis Cutler, Cavagnarok David, et all 1997-11-10

1. Herb Gardening - Associated Content -
If you are looking to use herbs for cooking, treating an illness, and such, then you can grow your own herb garden. To help you get started, here are some herb gardening ideas.
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    Adjust font-size: Published September 28, 2010 by: Tammy S View Profile Follow Add to Favorites ... Easy Gardening
    Herb Gardening Ideas
    Herbs have been around for many years and serve various purposes, from adding flavor to your cooking to treating an illness. Now and days, you may be able to find herbs in various stores. But you can also try growing them in an herb gardening. This can help you to save money, grow what you would like, and even give you a new hobby. Here are a few herb gardening ideas, so you can start growing and using your own herbs!
    Herb Gardening Idea #1: Planning Your Garden.
    Of course before actually growing your herbs, you need to plan out your garden. There are a few types of herbs to choose from, such as annuals, biennials and perennials.
    Another factor to consider is how much space you will need to use. Once you pick out the type of herbs you want to grow, try to look them up on the internet or in books to see how much space you will need to grow them. You should look this up in advance, so that you can make sure there will be enough room in your yard to grow the specific herb (or herbs) of your choice. After you figure out which herbs you want to plant and how much space it will take, you can always list or sketch out the garden on a piece of paper, just to get a feel of how it will look.

    2. Growing Herbs In The Home Garden
    Indoor Herb Gardening. Herbs can also be grown indoors for yearround enjoyment. Growing herbs indoors is no more difficult than growing them in the garden.
    Growing Herbs in the Home Garden
    Adapted from Pub. NE 208 published by the Cooperative Extension Services of the Northeast States History of Herbs Definition, Number, and Types of Herbs Available Herbs for Beginning Gardeners Outdoor Herb Culture Tips ... Woodruff History of Herbs Herbs have played an important part in man's life for countless years in his politics, romance, love, religion, health, and superstition. Celery was used by the Abyssinians for stuffing pillows. Ancient Greeks and Romans crowned their heroes with dill and laurel. Dill also was used by the Romans to purify the air in their banquet halls. Some herbs were given magical properties, probably because of their medicinal uses. The early Chinese considered artemisia to have special charms. In France during the Middle Ages, babies were rubbed with artemisia juices to protect them from the cold. Ancient Greeks used sweet marjoram as a valuable tonic, and parsley as a cure for stomach ailments. Rosemary was eaten in the Middle Ages for its tranquilizing effects and as a cure-all for headaches. Chives, still a common herb often found growing wild, had economic importance throughout Asia and many Mediterranean countries. Odd as it seems now, the early Dutch settlers in this country intentionally planted chives in the meadows so cows would give chive-flavored milk.

    3. Herb Gardening Guide | Information How To Grow Culinary & Medicinal Herbs
    At, you'll find a wealth of information on how to grow fresh kitchen and medicinal herbs in your backyard, on your balcony, deck or patio, even indoors!

    Growing Basil

    Growing Catnip / Catmint

    Growing Chamomile
    Superior Growers Supply, Inc.
    At, you'll find a wealth of information on how to grow fresh kitchen and medicinal herbs in your backyard, on your balcony, deck or patio, even indoors!
    Words can't describe the flavors that come only when cooking with fresh cut herbs and how they enhance your culinary adventures.
    Growing herbs is easy to do, and people continue to turn their love for gardening into successful businesses growing and selling fresh cut herbs, herb plants, and other herb related products. provides necessary information for many popular herbs such as their preferred growing pH, soil requirements, suitability for container and hydroponic cultivation, watering needs, potential pest problems, and much more.
    Plus you'll find resources to obtain the seeds, plants and supplies you need to begin what will surely be a life long hobby that not only provides enjoyment for the kitchen and palette, but provides spiritual renewal and stress relief as well. Welcome To!

    4. Herb Gardening - Free Suite101 Course
    This course will guide you in making choices regarding which herbs you might want to try; whether you will grow them in a traditional manner, in raised beds, or in pots. It will

    5. A Pinch Of Herb
    Journal of starting a small herb garden in the kitchen, including recipes and tips about herb gardening.
    Search: All Products Baby Beauty Books Classical Music Computers DVD Electronics Gourmet Food Miscellaneous Magazine Subscriptions Music Musical Instruments Software VHS Keywords:
    A Pinch of Herb
    This blog is my journal of starting a small herb garden in my kitchen. I will share recipes and tips about herb gardening.
    About Me
    Name: Brenda Location: United States
    My family has many hobbies. The boys enjoy working on cars, trucks, and other farm machinery. The old men (hubby and father-in-law) enjoy palm trees, hunting and fishing. The old men own a palm grove together. The boys also enjoy hunting and fishing. My hobbies include keeping the boys and old men in line. This is out of necessity, but I do have hobbies, which I do for fun. I love computing, and you will find me on the computer at all hours of the day and night. I also enjoy fishing, reading and canoeing. If I could lift that big old canoe by myself, I would be at the lake paddling around all by myself with a fishing line over the side. Since I can’t, I have to take the boys and men along, which means I have to spend a lot of time taking care of them and keeping them all out of trouble. I enjoy reading mystery books and collect recipe books. The most recent book I have read is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. View my complete profile

    6. Herb Gardening Guru - How To Grow Herbs
    A practical guide for all your herb gardening knowhow!
    Home Glossary Garden Articles
    Herbs In History

    Getting Started

    Garden Design

    General Care
    Container Gardening

    This site is brought to you by
    "...a handy reference for anyone interested in herb gardening!"
    Growing Herbs Cultivates Good Taste!
    We all know and love herbs. Chances are that you've already used a product today that has an herbal ingredient. The soap you showered with this morning used lavender for its scent. The organic wool sweater that you're wearing may have been dyed using herbs . The aspirin you took after lunch is derived from a plant and some experts say that more than 25 percent of drugs currently on the market contain plant extracts. Tonight, when you sit down to your roast beef dinner, your carrots will be graced by tarragon and your potatoes adorned with rosemary (see Herbs and their Uses ). Herbs make everything smell, taste and feel better.
    The information on this site includes everything you need to know to get started growing herbs. I recommend these other websites if you want to learn more about organic vegetable gardening or container gardening
    Curious how herbs heal and make us feel better? Plants, in general, produce chemical compounds as part of their normal metabolic activities. These compounds can be divided into primary metabolites such as sugars and fats and secondary metabolites, which are mainly found in herbs. These secondary metabolites protect herbs from insects and disease and tend to have medicinal properties for humans (see

    7. Trickstar In The Herb Garden Title Of Your Page
    Includes a glossary, monographs, properties and phytochemicals, and an email newsletter.
    There's a
    Trickstar in the Herb Garden Coyote was here before the first boat people came, as were the original People of Turtle Island. And like the People, Coyote was mistreated by these newcomers who stole his land and his way of being with the Earth. But Coyote was a survivor. Even today he has not forgotten how to find the good, wild foods or the plant medicines. He has always found a way to outsmart the wealthy leaders of the newcomers, who use food and medicine to control them. But now the old ways of being are nearly forgotten, except by Coyote and his Family. He knows that many go without medicines because they have no money, even though they are surrounded by these gifts from the Earth. It is time now to remember the old medicines, to bring back the knowledge of the Ancestors. Our survival depends on it.
    Read this first Herbal Monographs Dandelion Barberry White Sage Mallow ... For Beginners Only How to make herbal preparations: infusions, decoctions, poultices,
    compresses, etc.
    List of Properties and Phytochemicals Links Questions? Go ask Alis...

    8. Herb Gardening
    Information on herb gardening. Photos and step by step processes very easy and informative.
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    Alpine Garden

    Herb Gardening Articles
    Common Herbs

    How To
    "Herb Plants for sale" Articles
    Herbs Grown By Seed

    How To Planting Herbs In A Container Planting Into Landscape Fabric Planting Mint In The Garden Common Name Herbs A B C D ... Z MANY of the plants we grow such as annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are herbs in the true sense of the word. With increased interest in recent years in continental or gourmet cooking the word "herb" is nearly always thought of by home gardeners to mean the "culinary" herb. The Herb Garden The herbs I have grown are listed below with instructions for growing them. Perhaps inexperienced gardeners as well as those who have not yet had the pleasure of growing these interesting plants will give some thought to starting a small herb garden. Some people even start an indoor herb garden in their kitchen. Even a small plot 4 by 6 feet will grow all a small family would need. If not grown for use in cooking, herbs are worth growing for pleasant aromatic foliage and some of them for the beauty of the flowers as well. Herbs can be used fresh for garnish in salads and to perk up the flavors of bland vegetables or to add flavor to meats and stews in which case one needs only to nip off a few leaves when wanted.

    9. How To Grow Your Own Herb Garden At Home
    I am especially fond of growing herbs, and I have recently put together all of my knowledge and tips on successful herb gardening into an exciting new book entitled
    How To Grow a Herb Garden
    Grow Your Own Herbs At Home Subscribe via Email RSS
    Herb Gardening
    Home Herb Garden
    Fellow Herb Enthusiast,
    I think this will make a great read if you really want to learn all about how to grow your own herbs successfully. My ebook covers every bit of information you need to know about growing herbs (from seeds), and
    how to cultivate these gorgeous herbs outside in your garden, or in containers in your kitchen.
  • How to choose the type of herb garden that want. the 5 culinary herbs you must try to grow. the top 3 medicinal herbs you can grow the use of light for your indoor garden How to harvest your own herbs how to plant and transplant seeds
  • .and so much more! Start Today!
    gardening herbs
  • Anne Petrson says: July 30, 2010 at 6:50 pm Hey there, thanks for the information. I too own a blog similar to this, and I have also provided information similar to this. I will be checking back sometime in the near future for more useful information. THanks. lawyers in Austin says: August 25, 2010 at 5:26 am
  • 10. Kitchenmage
    She tends her herb garden and creates amazing things in the kitchen.
    Main Archives About kitchenMage ... Shop Connect:
    Paula Deen's Paper Towels
    Happy Saturday from the confluence of two of my favorite things, food and comedy. Posted on November 14, 2010 in Food on Television Laugh Video pithy remarks (0) ...
    Cooks Source Statement: Slightly Corrected
    To Unknown Cooks Source Source, After waiting days for you to emerge and say something, I read your statement STATEMENT HUMBLE APOLOGY We are sorry. So sorry. We do not know how the hell that happened. I mean, we thought we hired a professional editor and we got...well, you know what we got.
    We have cancelled lost control of our Facebook page on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 6:00PM. It has since been since been hacked by unknown parties and now someone else (I think this is a known unknown, not an unknown unknown unknown to us has control of it. Their inclusion of Cooks Source issues and photos is used without our knowledge or consent. Please know that none of the statements made by attributed to either Cooks Source or Judith Griggs were made by either our staff or her.

    11. Herb Gardening Guide | Information How To Grow Basil
    Information on how to grow basil indoors and outdoors from

    Growing Basil

    Growing Catnip / Catmint

    Growing Chamomile
    ... Table of Contents
    , the common name for Ocimum basilicum , is a popular sweet herb of the Mint Family esteemed for flavoring and formerly used for medicinal purposes. An annual of the tropics, it is tender and should not be attempted outdoors until the weather is warm.
    Basil grows easily from seed which may be sown in the garden or started indoors. Basil also grows well indoors under fluorescent and HID plant growing lights.
    The small flowers are white or purple, but the plant is grown for its sometimes purple tinged leaves, which are cut during the growing season and used fresh or dried in bundles.
    Growing Basil
    Plants should be transplanted or thinned to stand 6 to 10 inches apart; they prefer a quick draining, light soil in a warm location. If the soil is rich, a plant cut back will develop successive crops of foliage until fall. At that time, roots of strong plants can be lifted and potted up to be moved indoors for a winter supply. Although basil will grow best outdoors, it can be easily grown indoors in a container or hydroponic planter and, like most herbs, will do best on a south-facing windowsill (in the Northern Hemisphere). It should be kept away from any drafts, and must have plenty of sunlight, therefore a greenhouse or cold frame is ideal if available.

    12. Herb Gardening Essentials
    Find out all the essential information you need to grow and maintain a beautiful herb garden in 7 days or less

    13. The Herb Gardener
    Blog about various herbal topics growing tips and uses in cooking, remedies, decorating, and crafts.
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    The Herb Gardener
    Grow herbs and use them in your kitchen, crafts, and healing. Herbs are a great introduction to gardening, and they are a wonderful way to get children interested in plants and nature. The content of this site is anecdotal and provided for entertainment purposes. It is not intended as medical advice. If you are ill, please see your doctor.
    How to Make an Herb Wreath - Putting it All Together
    Okay, let's make an herb wreath. I've included instructions here. There is also a helpful (I hope) slide show at the bottom of this post. If you missed part one (prep) you can visit it at: How to Make an Herb Wreath - Part 1
    We're going to take a traditional approach and assume you want to make a dried herb wreath from which you will harvest herbs later. Your best bet is to use a strong base on which you can wire bunches of herbs in place. Although you can use floral tape, it's not a good idea to contaminate your herbs with the tape adhesive, so that leaves metal pins, wire or picks (small sticks with wires attached to the end).
    For our example, we're using wire cut to length. I like wire because you can buy rolls in a variety of colors and finishes, cut the wire long enough to secure the ends of your herbs, and then use the additional length of wire to attach herb bunches to the form or backing. Here's how:

    14. Herb Gardens Home Page
    Welcome to herb gardens site at You will find tips for gardening with herbs, growing indoor gardens, container gardens and ways to make money selling your herbal items.
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    Amy Jeanroy
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    Indoor Herb Gardens
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    How to create an indoor herb garden. Read more
    Step By Step
    DIY Handrubbed Sage Powder How To Dehydrate Herbs
    Herb Gardening Tip:
    When should you buy your herb pots? Read more
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    Herbal Christmas Ornaments
    Friday November 12, 2010 This year, I am going to be making many of my Christmas gifts. Well ok, I usually make most of my Christmas gifts, but this year I am going to break free of the old standby gift giving list and try something new. Here is where I get inventive with things I already own.
    Today I am making lavender bud Christmas ornaments . The idea is to make a few and place them in a fabulous bowl on your fabulous coffee table as decoration, ala Martha Stewart.

    15. About Herb Gardening | Herb Gardening Ideas
    Herb gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby. It can be accomplished in as much or as little space as you have available. Many herbs are hardy perrenials
    @import url( );
    About Herb Gardening
    Get Your FREE Herb Gardening Mini-Course - Limited Time Only! Herb gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby.  It can be accomplished in as much or as little space as you have available.  Many herbs are hardy perrenials that are easy to grow.  You can use your fresh herbs for cooking, tea, or medicinal purposes. I first started growing herbs for a school project.  There was something so rewarding about seeing my dad put chopped chives on his eggs that I had grown that I became hooked on growing my own herbs for the kitchen. As an herb gardening enthusiast, I put together this website to help you with herb gardening ideas for growing and enjoying the herbs in your yard. Check out even more herb gardening ideas
    • Interesting Articles
      Get your free
      Get your free mini-course on how to grow tasty, fresh and nutritious herbs right in your backyard or patio. Just enter your first name, e-mail address in the form below, and we'll email you your first lesson right now.

    16. Saso Herb Gardens
    Garden formerly used as herb nursery in Saratoga (California), now privately owned.
    The Saso Herb Gardens in Saratoga no longer exist. You can still tour the "Virtual Garden" Take the Saso Herb Garden Picture Tour...
    A sneak peak into Virginia's Workshop...

    5 more pictures...
    ... More Pictures (April 1999)
    Virginia and Louie St. Fiacre, Patron Saint of Gardens

    17. Organic Herb Gardening Tips
    HERBS HERB HISTORY Rose - Garlic GROWING HERBS - The Secret to Growing





    The information in this site will help you on your way to enjoying organic herbs in your home and garden. If you are looking for a good source of organic fertilizers organic pest control products , and top notch gardening tools , we recommend Clean Air Gardening. THE ALLURE OF HERBS Many things come to mind when we think of growing and using herbs. For example, the spicy and piney scent of rosemary growing in the garden, a steaming hot cup of mint tea, an aromatic bath with lavender, or a delicious Italian meal with lots of oregano and garlic. WHAT IS AN HERB? Herbs have so many uses and play such a vital role in our lives, but how exactly do we define what an herb is? According to one dictionary, an herb can be defined as "a seed-producing annual, biennial, or perennial that does not develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of a growing season." Furthermore, we can define an herb as "a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities." HERB HISTORY We can look to practically every culture around the world to learn something about the history of herbs. The Chinese have a long history of using herbs for medicinal purposes. Some Chinese herb books date from about 2700 B.C. and have extensive lists of medicinal plants. India is the home of Ayurvedic herbal medicine which is based on long-established Hindu traditions and is still practiced today. Indigenous cultures throughout the world have used herbs for centuries for anything from tanning leather to curing hair loss. When we think of aroma, Italy, India and Thailand may come to mind for a proud history of using herbs in the kitchen.

    18. Affiliates
    Herb Gardening Secrets Affiliate Program Earn A 75% Commission On Each Sale Of Our eBook! Greetings, All affiliate commissions are tracked through

    19. The Herb Garden
    Culinary, medicinal and household herbs from the 19th century located at historic house museum in Orange.
    Stone-Otis House Herb Garden photo by Terri Miles The herb garden, planted with a variety of culinary, medicinal and household herbs is maintained by the staff of the Stone-Otis House. Jellies, teas and special seasoning blends are packaged for sale from this 19th century selection of herbs. In addition, a booklet about the garden, compiled by the herbalists, is available in the gift shop. This herb garden recently received the Award of Excellence from the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut. Home History Stone-Otis House The Academy ... Membership Herb Garden Mr. Stone Mr. Otis Projects Credits ... email us!

    20. Herb Gardening - University Of Illinois Extension
    Main Navigation. List of Common Herbs; Preserving Herbs
    Main Navigation
    Follow us on Facebook Twitter YouTube University of Illinois Extension Urban Programs University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of ACES

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