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  1. A monograph of lichens found in Britain: being a descriptive catalogue of the species in the herbarium of the British Museum by James Morrison Crombie, Annie Lorrain Smith, 2010-09-08
  2. Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium
  4. Catalogue of the Hanbury Herbarium, in the Museum of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain by Edward Morell Holmes, 2009-12-19
  5. New Plant Sources for Drugs and Foods from the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium by Siri von Reis, Frank J. LippJr, 1982-12-20
  6. Herbarium/Verbarium: The Discourse of Flowers (Texts and Contexts) by Claudette Sartiliot, 1993-12-01
  7. Herbarium of Souls by Vladimir Tasic, Ralph Bogart, et all 1998-06
  8. Vascular Plant Families and Genera: A Listing of the Genera of Vascular Plants of the World According to Their Families, As Recognized in the Kew Herbarium, With an Analysis of by R. K. Brummitt, 1992-12
  9. Herbarium: Webster's Timeline History, 1483 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-20
  10. EUCALYPTS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Compiled, edited and revised by T E H Aplin, Western Australian Herbarium, from articles published in The Journal of Agriculture of Western Australia, 1952-1966 by C.A. Gardner, 1979-01-01
  11. Catalogue of Pressed Flowers in the Herbarium Given to Florence Nightingale by Margaret Stovin in 1833 by Richard Mendelsohn, 2008-12-01
  12. Botanical Watercolors from the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland: Catalogue of an Exhibition 29 April Through 30 July 2004 by James J. White, Lugene B. Bruno, 2004-01
  13. Herbarium by Joan Fontcuberta, 1985
  14. Report on the diatoms of the Albatross voyages in the Pacific Ocean, 1888-1904 (Contributions from the United States National Herbarium) by Albert Mann, 1907

41. Miami University Herbarium
Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU) 79 Upham Hall Department of Botany Miami University Oxford, Ohio 45056 USA TEL 513529-2755 FAX 513-529-4243
Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU)
79 Upham Hall
Department of Botany
Miami University
Oxford Ohio USA
TEL: 513-529-2755
FAX: 513-529-4243 Miami University is the home of Ohio's largest herbarium, the Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium. The herbarium's holdings of approximately 620,000 specimens are worldwide in both geographical and taxonomic coverage. The collection consists of 330,000 vascular plant specimens, as well as 140,000 bryophytes, 100,000 fungi, 35,000 lichens, 10,000 algae, and 5,000 fossil plants. There are several thousand type specimens contained in the collection, as well as many sets of cryptogamic exsiccatae. Active exchange programs are ongoing with many herbaria worldwide to ensure the continued breadth and depth of the collection. The W.S. Turrell Herbarium Fund is an endowment which benefits the herbarium, and is restricted to support of the research activities of the staff and students in systematic botany.
For more information, contact Michael A. Vincent , Curator at

42. Herbarium RNG And Plant Identification Service
An institution in which can be found both teaching and research opportunities. The Herbarium of the University is part of the School of Plant Sciences.
welcome to Herbarium RNG and Plant Identification Service Home



Welcome to Herbarium RNG and Plant Identification Service
The Harborne Building
The University of Reading

Whiteknights Reading
United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)118 378 5090
Fax: +44 (0)118 378 8160 e-mail: The Herbarium is normally open to visitors to use the collections most weekdays, 9 a.m. 6 p.m., except during The University's closed periods. Please contact ahead to check arrangements. PLANT IDENTIFICATION SERVICE The staff of the Herbarium are happy to provide specimen identification wherever possible. Please contact the curator Dr Stephen L. Jury for further information and quotations.

43. Utah State University: Intermountain Herbarium
Housed on the campus in Logan, the herbarium holds collections of plants and fungi, with a particular emphasis on grasses. Information about holdings, projects, identification resources, and education.
USU Home Biology Intermountain Herbarium Intermountain Herbarium Mission
  • To serve as a primary source of information on the flora and fungi of the Intermountain region, both native and introduced
  • To foster increased understanding and appreciation of the floristic diversity of the Intermountain Region
Upcoming Event(s) Watch for the reopening date of the exhibit gallery of the Idaho Natural History Museum in Pocatello. Many of the exhibits will feature plants If you have suggestions, contact Mary Barkworth or Michael Piep Pictures from the celebration of our 250,000th specimen. Manual of Grasses for North America is now available Order now! Now available Grasses of the Intermountain Region. Also: Set of eight different note cards featuring Utah Grasses. Cost $8 per set plus postage and handling. Order by contacting Michael Piep Special Features
Fun Facts About Fungi
Interactive keys Fact Sheets Grass treatments for North America ... Intermountain Fern Guide (.pdf) Searching our records: NEW!

44. Oregon State University Herbarium
The OSU Herbarium is a large collection of Oregon and Pacific Northwest plants. Provides links to the specimen database, type specimen images and literature, and the Oregon Flora Project.
Oregon State University Herbarium
Skip navigation Search only the Herbarium.
About the Herbarium directions
The Oregon State University Herbarium houses approximately 405,000 vascular plant, bryophyte, algal, and fungal specimens. The collections are worldwide in scope, with a focus on the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
News Updated September, 2008. Oregon Flora Project People Herbarium Databases
Online access to over 148,000 specimen records of Oregon vascular plant and 30,000 mycological specimens. The Oregon Vascular Plant Atlas and our Type Specimen Images and Literature can also be accessed here.
Taxonomic Treatments
Descriptions, images and identification keys for the Racomitrioideae mosses of Oregon, a database of the genus Thalictrum (meadow rue), and information about the Carex Working Group.
Mycology at OSU
Current projects, Primary Investigations, and the Mycological types collection.
Questions or comments?

45. University Of Michigan Herbarium
Includes information about the herbarium s collections, searchable databases, catalog of publications, and links.

46. University Of Florida Herbarium (FLAS)
The herbarium and the associated paleobotanical collection have combined holdings of approximately 1/2 million specimens. Includes images of many herbarium specimens.
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS)
The University of Florida Herbarium is a unit of the Department of Natural History of the Florida Museum of Natural History . The herbarium is affiliated with the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Florida Cooperative Extension Service Department of Biology and the Department of Plant Pathology . The FLAS acronym is the standard international abbreviation for the University of Florida Herbarium. It is derived from the herbarium's early association with the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station. Our mission focuses in plant collections acquisition and care, research based on the collections, education and public service.
Collections / Policies
The herbarium and the associated paleobotanical collection have combined holdings of approximately 1/2 million specimens.
Research / People
Herbarium staff and students participate in diverse projects spanning traditional morphological plant systematics, floristics, plant anatomy, molecular analysis and pollination ecology. Our major focus areas include the plant families Orchidaceae, Ericaceae and Melastomataceae, Angiosperm family phylogeny, Florida floristic inventories and cultivated plant systematics.

47. Etnobotaniczne Herbarium Czarnej Pantery
Opisy kilkunastu gatunk w ro lin oraz galeria.
Etnobotaniczne Herbarium Czarnej Pantery

Acacia maidenii

Argemone mexicana (Argemon, Chicalote)

Argyreia nervosa (Powój hawajski)
... Sklepy etnobotaniczne
kontakt z autorem: Black Panther Historia: 27.III.2006
Ostatnio zabrałem się za małe poprawki w artykułach, sukcesywnie będę to robić, artykuł o akacji został trochę poprawiony. Dodałem też Bibliotekę, znajd± się tam różne ksi±żki udostępnione publice z dziedzin pokrewnych. 22.VI.2005
Mała zmiana struktury, jak widać po prawej, pojawiła się nowa rubryka zawieraj±ca różne informacje pokrewne z tematyk± strony, którymi warto się zainteresować. Będę starał się j± uaktualniać czę¶ciej, niż pozostał± czę¶ć serwisu. Poprawiłem Galerię, już wszystko działa jak powinno. Być może wkrótce nowe artykuły... 11.IV.2005
No już prawie wszystko zostało naprawione. Dziękuję za chęć pomocy. 25.IV.2005
No i niestety, siły ciemno¶ci zaatakowały herbarium... Padł serwer i znikły dane, wiec strona będzie odzyskiwana przez jaki¶ czas. Na szczę¶cie udało się odzyskać większo¶ć tekstu, ale brakuje artykułu o Salvii divinorum oraz Helichrysum foetidum. Jeżeli kto¶ może zapisał na dysku te dwa arty, bardzo bym prosił o podesłanie mi ich na email . Brakuje również grafiki i zdjęć ale to mniejszy problem, więc niewykluczone że herbarium niedługo zmieni swoj± star± szatę graficzn±.

48. MSU Herbarium
s of the over 530,000 specimens, hours, and loan/exchange policies. Located in East Lansing.......
General Information Lichenology at MSC Databases and Checklists Lichen Database ... Contact Us
The MSU Herbarium :
The MSU Herbarium was founded in 1863 with a donation of a large collection of plants from Michigan and the eastern U.S. Today, we remain focused on plant and fungal diversity from Michigan, but is also rich in plants from Mexico and southeast Asia, and lichens from the Caribbean and the subantarctic region. With over half a million specimens, the MSU Herbarium is among the 50 largest herbaria in the United States.

49. A Herbarium
How to make a herbarium. LOOKING FOR PLANTS WHEN AND WHERE. Almost all natural environments are suitable for searching for plants for the herbarium, so you must not
A Herbarium By Andrea Tarozzi , February 1996
English version revised by Edward Green CONTENTS
Looking for plants: when and where Native and introduced species Tools Picking up plants ... References
LOOKING FOR PLANTS: WHEN AND WHERE Almost all natural environments are suitable for searching for plants for the herbarium, so you must not overlook places which could appear sterile and dry. Even in the cities is possible to look for plants, just do not take specimens from the parks and gardens! At first you could rely on the richness of the flowers and plants which live on grasslands and prairies, but you will soon notice how easy it is to find interesting specimens during trips to the mountains, swamps, coast, woods or wherever the climate and the temperature are not too extreme for plant survival. The most important part of every collected specimen is the flower, so the best seasons for picking up plants are spring and summer; but remember that certain species show their flowers in autumn or even winter, so do not neglect colder months for your excursions. As you can read in the books, a few plants have a very short blooming time, which you must strive to catch them at!
The most convenient specimens to pick up are those which seem quite dry, and lacking any trace of surface moisture. For that reason it is better not to look for plants during rainy days, or early in the morning. Also, the hottest hours during summer days should be avoided, as plants will not show their freshest appearance.

50. University Of Mississippi - Pullen Herbarium
Collection of specimens from the southeastern U.S. at University of Mississippi, covering vascular plants, slime molds, bryophytes, and lichens. Searchable database of holdings.
Thomas M. Pullen Herbarium HOME ABOUT US COLLECTIONS PROJECTS ... SEARCH Sunday, November 14, 2010 University of Mississippi Biology Department
The Pullen Herbarium (MISS)
The Pullen Herbarium (MISS) collection consists of over 62,000 vascular plant specimens, as well as non vascular plants, slime molds and woods. With funding from the National Science Foundation , the collection is now housed in new cabinets on a compactor system and the specimen data has been entered into a searchable database.
This page now includes specimen data from the Mississippi State University Herbarium (MISSA)
You can search on this page for:
Click here for information about our efforts to preserve GCRL specimens damaged by hurricane Katrina.
Contact the Staff of the Pullen Herbarium:
Dr. Lucile McCook
, Curator and Instructor of Biology
Pat Pace
, Webmaster
Request Information or Specimens
To learn more about the collection or to request a loan , contact the Curator Please report problems to the webmaster . Site content last updated September 2004. Database last updated January 2005. Site Map

51. Nationaal Herbarium Nederland
Information about the research themes and training undertaken at the national herbarium of the Netherlands, with links to the three contributary universities.
Our websites have changed
V isit the following websites:
Last modified 09 december 2009 by P. Hovenkamp

52. The University Of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
Collection of scientific plant specimens, and some of the history behind one of the oldest Herbaria in the New World.
Home Page Created by R.F.Barnes September 1999
Privacy Statement

Telephone: (868) 662-2002 Fax: (868) 663-9684

53. HERBARIUM Herbal And Nutritional Supplements Including Bulk Herbs And Spices, Vi
Herbals and supplements, ear candles, aromatherapy, bath and beauty, and homeopathics.
Visitors Online: 8
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To the Herbarium's NEW Website!
Kathy will be appearing on "Dining with Mino" radio program!
Saturday October 30th, 10am - 11am on WHYN AM 560 Kathy will be discussing herbal remedies and answering your questions~ For more than 30 years, the HERBARIUM has been the most trusted source for herbal information and products in Western Massachusetts. The HERBARIUM is a retail store featuring the choicest herbal and nutritional supplements available. We carry the largest selection of bulk herbs and spices in Western New England. We also formulate and manufacture natural products, ranging from Medicinal teas to Aromatherapy blends. We have researched and tested the majority of the products on our shelves, even traveling to the manufacturers' laboratories to inspect their facilities. Our quality standards are of prime importance and our reputation for quality and knowledge is unparalleled. STORE HOURS: Monday 9:30 - 5pm Tuesday 9:30 - 5pm Wednesday 9:30 - 5pm Thursday 9:30 - 6pm Friday 9:30 - 5pm Saturday 9:30 - 4pm Sunday 11:00 - 3pm 2010 CATALOG is Ready!

54. Herbarium Home Page
Collections of the University of Michigan Herbarium. Major holdings from Michigan and the Great Lakes region

55. BRIT: Botanical Research Institute Of Texas: Herbarium
What is a herbarium? A herbarium is a museum of preserved plants that are used for botanical research. Each dried plant is mounted on archival paper with a labelthis is a
About BRIT Education Herbarium Library ... EMAIL
The BRIT Herbarium
Over one million plant specimens are housed in the BRIT Herbarium, making this the largest independent herbarium in the southeastern US. The herbarium has strengths in the plants of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, the Gulf Coast, and the southeastern United States. However, the collections are worldwide in scope, and most of the Earth’s plant families are represented here. In addition, two of our current field research projects one in Papua New Guinea and one in Peru have greatly expanded the scope of our collection of tropical specimens.
What is a herbarium?
Sorting specimens in the BRIT Herbarium
A herbarium is a museum of preserved plants that are used for botanical research. Each herbarium specimen is made up of a dried plant, mounted on archival paper, and affixed with a label. The label on the specimen provides descriptive and ecological collection data, as well as the name(s) of the collector(s) and the date of collection. Herbarium specimens are stored in special cabinets and are filed by taxonomic group and then by geographic origin. Herbaria across the globe make up the permanent record of the Earth's flora biodiversity. Herbaria serve to

56. TAMU Herbarium - Entry Page
Herbarium tour, background, publications, personnel, Internet data, and teaching.
Herbarium Tour

Herbarium, Department of Biology not designed for commercial use or publication. Last updated on 3 Sep 2008

57. L'Herbarium De Saint Valery Sur Somme
L association, le jardin qui regroupe de nombreuses plantes de toutes sortes. Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.
Entrée de l'Herbarium
Rue fleurie
Aux abords de l'Herbarium Plus de 60 photos Derrière une porte à claire-voie, à travers laquelle se glisse parfois un oeil curieux, imaginez un bout de paradis où l'on ressent la nostalgie des jardins d'antan pleins de réminiscences parfumées.
Enclos ceint de vieux murs de silex et de galets dominant les remparts médiévaux de la vieille ville, c'est un peu « l'hortus conclusus » du Moyen-âge où se mélangent dans un fouillis qui n'est qu'apparence de multiples plantes anciennes.
La poésie, disent les visiteurs, est présente à chaque pas.
La grâce et l 'esprit des jardins de grand-mères, de curés, ici de « bonnes soeurs » s'y mêlent émanant d'une nature laissée libre mais où sans ostentation le travail du jardinier est immense.
Ce jardin plus botanique qu'ornemental intéresse du simple curieux au fin connaisseur.
Dans cet espace restreint de Saint Valery sur somme, 1700 m² environ, se serrent plus de mille espèces étiquetées.
Visiteurs, vous repartirez, indéniablement sereins, de ce jardin bienfaisant parce que sans contrainte, jardin vrai, original, à nul autre pareil.

58. Welcome To HLUC
Potenza Curato dall Universit della Basilicata, presenta la propria storia ed il proprio regolamento.
Notice: If you got here your browser cannot show frames. You need a more recent version. Attenzione: Attenzione:

59. BGBM: Research, Herbarium Collections
The objective of this part of the BGBM's WWW information system is the scientific documentation of the history and current content of the herbarium of the Botanical Museum Berlin
@import ""; @import ""; Freie Universität Berlin Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum, Berlin-Dahlem Collections
All words Any words
The Herbarium
Algae Fungi Lichens Bryophytes ... GBIF access The objective of this part of the BGBM's WWW information system is the scientific documentation of the history and current content of the herbarium of the Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (B). The presentation's backbone is formed by the text of the publication "The collections of the Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (B) and their history" by P. Hiepko (1987, downloadable ). It is continuously updated by the scientific staff of the BGBM and (where possible) the cited bibliographic references will be made available in electronic form. Specimen databases are in preparation (particularly types) and will be linked to the respective part of the systematic section. Comments and contributions from the phytotaxonomic community are appreciated. History: Introduction Before 1914 1943 to 1987 Systematic section (in accordance with the arrangement of the collection in the herbarium): Algae Fungi Lichens Bryophtes ... Spermatophytes Selected collections acquired before 1914 (in preparation)

60. Hendes Majestćt Dronning Ingrids Herbarium
Beskrivelse og billeder af de mange planter, der fandtes i Gr sten Slotshave sommeren 1996.

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