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         Herbariums:     more books (100)
  1. An herbarium for the fair: Being a book of common herbs ; with etchings by Betty Shaw-Lawrence ; together with curious notes on their histories and uses for furtherance of loveliness and love by Thomas Fassam, 1949
  2. An Account of the Morisonian Herbarium in the Possession of the University of Oxford: Together With Biographical and Critical Sketches of Morison and the ... of the Physic Garden, 1619-1720 [ 1914 ] by Sydney Howard Vines, 2009-08-10
  3. Contributions From the United States National Herbarium, Volume 9 by United States. Dept. of Agriculture, 2010-03-28
  4. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, Volume 10
  5. Historical account of the herbarium of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society and the contributors thereto by Henry John Wilkinson, 2010-09-04
  6. Hand Book To The Herbarium: Containing Botanical And English Names Of All The British Flowering Plants, And Ferns With Their Allied Genera (1845) by George Dixon, 2010-09-10
  7. A Monograph Of Lichens Found In Britain, Part One: Being A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Species In The Herbarium Of The British Museum by James M. Crombie, 2007-09-13
  8. Mein erstes Herbarium - Bäume bestimmen und Blätter pressen by Anita van Saan, 2008
  9. Specimens Filed in the New York Botanical Garden Vascular Plant Type Herbarium Index
  10. Indices to the Types and Special Collections of Flowering Plants and Ferns of the Herbarium of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1987-10
  11. Medieval Herbal Remedies: The Old English Herbarium and Anglo-Saxon Medicine by Anne Van Arsdall, 2002-06-28
  12. The leaf-collector's hand-book and herbarium: an aid in the preservation and in the classification of specimen leaves of the trees of northeastern America by Charles Stedman Newhall, 2010-08-19
  13. Biltmore Botanical Studies (Volume 1) by Biltmore Herbarium, 2010-10-14
  14. The Contented Botanist: Letters of W.H. Harvey About Australia and the Pacific (Miegunyah Press Series) by William H. Harvey, Sophie C. Ducker, 1989-04

81. Rocky Mountain Herbarium - University Of Wyoming
Facility of the University of Wyoming in Laramie, featuring the largest collection of plant specimens native to the Rocky Mountain area. Information about visiting, collections, and floristic research.

82. Fowler Herbarium
Collection of pressed plant specimens at Queen s University in Kingston, Ontario, open to the public. Profile of collection, plus a searchable database and related publications.

83. ArtPlantae: Botany & Botanical Art Education
Resource for botanical artists, providing assistance to artists with their understanding of botany. Provides a virtual herbarium and an online bookstore for artists.
Botany and Botanical Art Education HOME ABOUT AP HERBARIUM BLOG STORE ... Subscribe to ArtPlantae Today to receive new blog posts.
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The Book of Leaves: A Leaf-by-Leaf Guide to Six Hundred of the World's Great Trees
Coombes, Allen J. 2010. University of Chicago Press.
ISBN: 9780226139739 If you have a recurring daydream about having a labeled leaf collection composed of perfect leaves that never wilt, dry, and get crunchy, stop dreaming. You can now take one step closer to making your dream a reality. Author Allen J. Coombes (Coordinator of Scientific Collections at the Herbarium and Botanic Garden of the University of Puebla, Mexico) and editor Zsolt Debreezy (Research Director of the International Dendrological Research Institute in Boston) have created a glorious collection of leaves. Each leaf is actual size . Leaves are arranged by family, genus, and then species. Coombes and Debreezy provide an overview of leaf morphology and teach readers how to look at leaves and how to arrange them systematically. Each entry is accompanied by a description of a leaf's type, shape, size, and arrangement along a stem. A summary about each tree's bark, flowers, fruit, distribution, and habitat is also included. Information about each tree's growth pattern, observable changes in leaf appearance, ethnobotanical use, and similarity to other trees is provided as well. Of interest to plant enthusiasts and botanical illustrators in particular, is the section in which the authors arrange leaves by their position along a stem, their overall shape, the type of margin they have, and the status about their evergreen or deciduous nature. Categories in this section are labeled as

84. Institute For Systematic Botany
Provides information about the herbarium, projects, distribution maps of vascular plants in Florida, and links.

85. Philadelphia Botanical Club
Society presents its long history, meetings and field trips, herbarium, journal, and officers, with a membership form.
Home Meetings Field Trips Botanical Events Bartonia ... Contact Us Welcome
About the Botanical Club
The Philadelphia Botanical Club, founded in 1891, is dedicated to increasing knowledge and appreciation of the botany of the Philadelphia region and beyond. Botanical Club Activities
  • Meetings featuring talks by botanical experts. Meetings are held monthly from September through May. Field trips Workshops on botanical topics, such as fern identification and grass identification. Bartonia , a journal of botany, which we publish annually. Bartonia was named for William P. C. Barton, author of the first local flora of Philadelphia (1818). The Bayard Long Award for Botanical Research, given to students conducting research on plant species of the Philadelphia region. Supporting botanical research and care of the herbarium at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.
We encourage anyone with an interest in plants to join. Membership includes a subscription to Bartonia . To join us, visit our membership page The Academy of Natural Sciences

Organization formed to collect plants for pharmaceutical screening and research. Maintains a herbarium and issues taxonomic reports.
Vermilacinia johncassadyi
Conospermum unilaterale
PO Box 81145
Bakersfield, California
Phone: 661-587-0214
Mobile: 661-342-9563
Fax 661-589-5369 Richard Spjut, Principal Investigator

Expeditions Plants for Pharmacological Screening Samples Random Samples collected with limitation only to avoid duplication of species, sometimes referred to as “biodiversity sampling” or “biodiversity prospecting.” Systematic Samples obtained according to phytogeographic and taxonomic criteria, and by emphasis on plant parts most likely to show activity. Cost according to limitations. Folklore Collections guided by ethnobotanical data, either by working directly with local practitioners, or by reports in literature. Recollections Taxus brevifolia (Pacific yew) stem-bark Extracts and Screening Taxol in various stages of preparation Plant Procurement Data on Antitumor Active Plants from the United States (1960–1982) Baja California Plants Screened for Antitumor Activity Plants Used ... As Anthelmintics, Fish Poisons, Arrow Poisons Screened For Antitumor Activity Bryophytes Collected for Antitumor Screening Photographs and Reports of Plants from Around the World Africa Australia North America Taxonomic Reports ... Carex Key to 44 Species of Carex on the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Maryland.

87. Flora Of Europe
Photographic herbarium organized by plant family and genus, with botanical descriptions and photos. Personal project, with about 60 families represented.

88. New Page 4
Einar Vaernes has produced a photograph gallery of Norwegian plants that he has photographed near Trondheim.
Welcome to my photo herbarium
At this net site you can see a presentation of my plant and flower pictures.
The greater part of them are taken in or close to the town Trondheim , in the middle of Norway
At the end of 2009 this collection contains pictures of 764 species. I must emphasize that this is a pure amateur work, so I can not guarantee the identifications to be error free. I don't think there are many errors, however. If you can spot one - or have other comments on this net site - I will appreciate an e-mail message. The picture gallery will be updated as soon as I get pictures of new species or better pictures of old ones. I have not included English names yet, but the scientific names should make it possible to identify the species also for those of you who don't read Norwegian that well. november The pictures are free for non-commercial use, as long as they are not altered in any way, and I am cited as photographer with a link or reference to this net site.
For commercial use: contact me by e-mail. Trondheim, November 2009.

89. Herbaria@home
Web-based volunteer project to digitize and catalog museum and university herbarium collections held in the UK.
recording historical biodiversity
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  • Herbaria@home
    Welcome to Herbaria@home, a ground-breaking new approach to digitising and documenting the archives of the UK's herbaria. This site provides a web-based method for documenting herbarium sheets. We welcome participation in the project, so please read more about the project and if you would like to help then get involved We will keep participants informed with regular progress updates and statistics and all specimens docmented are immediately made available and searchable on the web. Project proposal Information for volunteers Current progress herbarium specimens have been documented so far.
    We are currently concentrating efforts on sheets from Birmingham University, Bolton Museum and Charterhouse School. We welcome new volunteers to document sheets. Please have a go and send feedback if you have any problems.
    Viola reichenbachiana Documented on November 8th by nacs12. Welcome to new members
    • merlin hamiltjh chrisrboon peterboyd
    Online now
    My sheets
    If you are already a member please log in New Users:
    We welcome new volunteers! You can

Provides a virtual herbarium with photographs and descriptions of a range of species, a catalogue of localities and information on endangered and protected plants in the Czech Republic.

91. Local Flora: Introduction
Checklist of plants, subdivided by form, with common names.
Local Flora
Vascular Plants of North Central Florida
Revised by R. Anthony Miller
University of Florida Herbarium
Florida Museum of Natural History
379 Dickinson Hall
PO Box 110575
Gainesville, FL 32611-0575

Web version of Circular 451, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Gainesville, FL
Ferns Vines Trees and Shrubs ... Herbs The following checklist represents a revision of Local Flora - Vascular Plants of North Central Florida by Dana G. Griffin, III (1978). This checklist was derived from existing lists and expanded through observations made during several University of Florida field courses and a study of records at the University of Florida Herbarium. The names of several species listed in the 1978 publication have been deleted, while those of many previously unlisted species have been added. The primary focus of this revision is the standardization of common names. I do not claim that this checklist is complete, nor do I expect it to be free from error. My intent was to list the more common or biologically interesting species found in north central Florida as a guide for those studying the plant life of the region. I am grateful to the staff of the University of Florida Herbarium for the use of their facilities during the preparation of this checklist. I also greatly appreciate the assistance I have received from many individuals, particularly, Dr. D. G. Griffin and Dr. D. B. Ward. I wish to thank Kent D. Perkins, Collection Manager at the UF Herbarium for his editorial suggestions. Comments regarding editorial matters should be addressed to him.

92. Ohio University Bryophyte Home Page
The Bartley bryophyte herbarium of Ohio University.
Welcome to the Ohio University
Bryophyte Home Page
updated May 2010 Ohio University Bartley Herbarium
Searchable Bryophyte Index
(Currently offline) Schistostegaceae Climacium Plagiomnium Sphagnum ... Tetraphis pellucida
Moss Images Atrichum Hypnum Thuidium Plagiomnium ... Ceratodon
Liverwort Images Marchantia Conocephalum Pellia Pallavicinia This site was created by Morgan Vis and Emily Miller. Use of the images by others for educational purposes is welcome, but before use please send an email to Dr. Morgan Vis ( ) in order to inform her of your plans.

93. Thalictrum Website And Database
Systematics, images, and database.
Systematics Images Database Links ... Aaron Liston Oregon State University

94. Polygonaceae
of the family.......
June 14, 2003 Contents
Distribution Importance Morphology ... Bio 3400 Home Page The Polygonaceae includes many herbs, a number of shrubs, and a few trees. It is a medium- sized family, with 30 genera and 750 species, most of which occur in the north temperate region of the world. We have 31 native species in northern Utah, most being species of Eriogonum. Many species are mentioned as ornamentals in European garden catalogs, but few are cultivated as ornamentals in this part of the world. There would seem to be an opportunity here for someone interested in developing ornamental cultivars from our native species, most of which are well-suited to arid climates, i.e., xerophytic gardening, the latest "thing" in gardening as water shortages threaten to become common (too many people drinking, taking showers, flushing toilets, etc.) There are some species of minor agricultural importance in North America, notably Fagopyrum esculentum, buckwheat, and

95. Eriobotrya Japonica - Virtual Herbarium TM
Several photographs of the plant from the Virtual Herbarium.

Herbarium Main

Quisqualis Rare Plants

Contact info

Eriobotrya japonica
Eriobotrya japonica -
Loquat, Eriobotrya japonica, dwarf variety.
Photos are currently arranged on 1 page with 3 photos.
Page 1

Plant 1

Plant 2
Graft 1 Page information supplied by the following: Bob G. Cannon II If you would like to contribute information or photographs for this species please contact the web master. Herbarium Main Quisqualis Rare Plants Contact Webmaster Page posted 07/21/2001 Updated 2007

96. Norwegian Mycological Herbarium
Collections database, images, fact sheets, red list, list of taxon names and synonyms. In Norwegian and English.

97. Fun Facts About Fungi Home
Contains fact sheets with photos and fun activities for kids.

98. Department Of Biolodgy - Southwestern Adventist University
General information, course descriptions and schedules, faculty, students, alumni, and links. Also features field trip details and an online herbarium.
Program Requirements Swau Bulletin Description
How to Become a Medical Technologist Program Requirements
Senior Clinical Year
Department of Biology - Southwestern Adventist University
100 W. Hillcrest Drive, Keene, Texas 76059, USA
Tel: (800) 433-2240, (817) 645-3921 Ext. 6677

99. For Clean Air Equipment & Entomological Equipment
Manufacturer and exporter of various products including clean air, entomological, herbarium, general lab and exhibition equipment. Ambala, India. Rescholar Equipment Committed to Execellence We are ISO 9001-2000 certified. Clean Air Equipments Entomological Equipments Herbarium Equipments General Lab Equipments ... Contact Us We Ship Through We Accept
Rescholar - "Laboratory Equipment to Exhibit Equipments"
Established in the year 1983, our company is led by Mr. D R Gupta whose extensive expertise in this sector enable us to touch the heights of success in a short span of time. Our company has also got the support of our motivated employees in every functions of the company which led us to recognized us a semi- government organization. Further, we have also the membership of DNB. Read More...

Uitgebreid digitaal herbarium met foto s en eigenschappen van wilde planten in Nederland. Alfabetisch geordend.
wegens technische problemen zijn wij enige tijd uit de lucht.
wij hopen deze problemen spoedig te hebben verholpen
het biodoen/fotoherbarium-team

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