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         Historical Maps:     more books (100)
  1. The Maryland State Archives Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland, 1608-1908 by Edward C. Papenfuse, Joseph M. Coale III, 2003-05-20
  2. The Image of the World: 20 Centuries of World Maps / Updated Edition by Peter Whitfield, 2010-07-15
  3. Ancient Britain (Historical Map) by Ordnance Survey, 2005-05-16
  4. Civil War Newspaper Maps: A Historical Atlas by Professor David Bosse, 1993-10-01
  5. Historical Atlas of California by Derek Hayes, 2007-10-30
  6. Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities by Frank Jacobs, 2009-10-29
  7. Historical Maps of World War II Europe by Michael Swift, 2000-10-30
  8. Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art by Peter Barber, Tom Harper, 2010-09-01
  9. Historical Maps of Europe by Michael Swift, 2000-06
  10. Historical Maps of World War I by Simon Forty, 2004-08-28
  11. West Cumbria (Cassini Old Series Historical Map) by Ordnance Survey, 2006-11-06
  12. Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest: Maps of Exploration and Discovery: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Yukon by Derek Hayes, 2002-01-07
  13. Roman Britain (Historical Map) by Ordnance Survey, 2001-03-08
  14. The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt (Hist Atlas) by Bill Manley, 1997-01-01

1. Historical Maps In The Best Of The Web Directory
A website offering hand rated information about Historical Maps. A world of discovery with the best information sources,Helping you research with the best internet knowledge
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Historical Maps
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This is the category which is dedicated to sites which contain or explain historic maps.
  • Alabama Maps: Historical Map Archive - Includes maps of Alabama and other places, plus special topics such as railroads, Civil War maps, and coastal navigation charts. Antique Maps of the Pacific Ocean - Provides maps of the entire Pacific Ocean, individual islands and island groups, and maps and details that illustrate the myth that California was an island. Canadian Map Archives - Collection of historical Canadian maps available for online viewing. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - Extensive collection focusing on rare 18th and 19th century North and South America maps. Genmaps - Presents old maps of counties of England, Wales, and Scotland. Gleadless - Gallery features a number of photos, historic maps, and drawings around Gleadless, Norton, and its surrounding areas.

2. Canadian Geographic: Historical Maps
The History of Canada Through Maps Email A Friend Tell a friend about the information found on this page by sending them an e-mail.

3. Japanese Historical Maps - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Japanese Historical Maps is a website that allows users to view a collection of approximately 850 early Japanese maps of both Japan and the world.
Japanese Historical Maps
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Japanese Historical Maps is a website that allows users to view a collection of approximately 850 early Japanese maps of both Japan and the world. The site is a collaborative effort between David Rumsey of Cartography Associates and the East Asian Library of the University of California, Berkeley . The maps on the website are selected from the 2,300 maps in the collection of the East Asian Library.
edit About the Collection
The collection of maps in the website is a selection from the map collection of the East Asian Library of University of California at Berkeley. The university came into possession of these maps when it purchased the Mitsui Library from the Mitsui family in . The library contained a collection of 2,298 maps assembled by Mitsui Takakata . The majority of maps in this collection date from the Edo period through the early Meiji period . The collection has several unique collections, among them approximately 697 woodblock -print maps from the Tokugawa shogunate. In the selection of maps available on the website, the earliest image is from

4. Historical Maps By History Link 101
Collection of historical and educational maps of ancient Africa, China, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, Middle Ages and Prehistoric Man.

5. Historical Maps @ MAGIC
University of Connecticut Libraries' Map And Geographic Information Center MAGIC
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University Libraries ... Map and Geographic Information Center
  • MAGIC UConn People
GIS Data
Historical Map Collection
The University of Connecticut Libraries Map and Geographic Information Center - MAGIC is digitizing historical maps of Connecticut, Northeast United States, New England, United States, and select maps from around the world to make them available to the public. This listing of historic maps will continue to grow as we digitize more maps from our collection. To view a larger version of the map or to download a copy to include in your research or project select on one of the categories listed below. View MAGIC's entire Historical Map Collection on Flickr including the ability to view maps by year and by geographic location
MAGIC Historical Map Collection Search
Search for Maps within the MAGIC Historical Maps Collection. For best results, search for a Connecticut County or Town (eg. Torrington). The complete listing of historical maps within the Map and Geographic Information Center's (MAGIC) collection is available on Flickr
MAGIC Historical Map Collection Categories
Europe United States Midwest - United States Northeast Atlantic - United States ... Connecticut Towns - United States
Historical Map Collection by Year
The following listing includes maps within the Historical Map Collection by the year the map was published.

6. Historical Maps - Perry-Castaeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
PerryCasta eda Library Map Collection Historical Maps

7. Historical Maps Of Franklin County, Massachusetts
Historical Maps. A series of maps in the same format allows one to determine in what year a particular change occurred. Searching for minor changes in adjacent years is
Historical Maps A series of maps in the same format allows one to determine in what year a particular change occurred. Searching for minor changes in adjacent years is challenging, and fun. Bring up this page in two side-by-side windows, and then zoom in on areas of interest in each window. Small changes are hard to find. Maps which appeared to be identical in the original maps, in Franklin county, are combined here. The face of Franklin County, Massachusetts has changed greatly since the 1920's. The most striking change is the appearance of Quabbin Reservoir . Flooding of the Swift River valley began in 1939 and was completed in 1946. The towns of Dana, Greenwich, Prescott and Enfield were completely inundated. Between 1954 and 1961, State Route 2 and U.S. Route 202 were rerouted to avoid Orange and Athol. During 1955, a Route 2 bypass was constructed around Shelburne Falls. Interstate Highway I-91 runs 290 miles, from New Haven, Connecticut to the Canadian border. The Franklin County portion of I-91 was constructed during the 1960's.
not available not available
Map Legend for Rand McNally and Company
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Some related links: Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
Shelburne Falls Page
Shelburne Falls Area Business Association
Spend a Day in Shelburne Falls
by Beverly Knox
Shelburne Historical Society

Bear Haven Bed and Breakfast
, Shelburne Falls
Deane Merrill's Genealogy

8. Broer Map Library - Historic Maps Online
Thousands of online historic maps. Includes searchable index of historic maps on over 100 other online collections.
Broer Map Library
Online Historic Maps About Us Our Collection Our Services Membership ... Buy Real Maple Syrup Welcome to the Broer Map Library's online collection of historic maps. Here you will find a collection of thousands of historic maps from around the world. You will find foreign language atlases from around the world, road atlases from many eras and tools to help you find the historic maps that you are looking for.
  • Historic and current placename directory coming soon Our Historic Map Index of over 60,000 historic maps that you can view online from over 100 different collections around the globe (more coming soon) Unlike other online maps collections, no special software required! You can pan and zoom through the maps with ease.
  • Click Here to access the collection To learn more about us, use the links on the left. If you have any questions or would like to inquire as to what services we can provide your library, please contact Dave Broer at Please visit our sister service,

9. Historical Map Web Sites - Perry-Castaeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Updated 10/22/10. Featured Images of Early Maps on the Web Links arranged by world region; David Rumsey Collection Thousands of Historical Maps and Atlases

10. Wyoming Historical Maps | Wyoming State Historical Society
Wyoming state maps depicting the emigrant trails of the late 1800s. Eleven maps prepared by L. C. Bishop available in small to large resolutions.
Search this site:
Wyoming Historical Maps
L. C. Bishop Emigrant Trail Map Series
L.C. Bishop was born at Fort Fetterman in 1885, became a county surveyor and then an engineer, finally serving as Wyoming State Engineer from 1939 until 1957. He was proud of Wyoming and served the state's needs both as a government worker and as a volunteer. He actively studied Wyoming history and was a charter member of the Wyoming State Historical Society. In 1958 he served as the Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Pony Express Centennial Board. Bishop extensively mapped many of the state's emigrant trails and stage, express, and freight roads. Wyoming State Archives is caretaker of several of Bishop's map series, including Ranch Maps, Site Maps, and Emigrant Trail Maps.
The Historical Landmark Commission of Wyoming in 1957 worked with L.C. Bishop to begin mapping the emigrant trails of Wyoming. Bishop had criticized some of the marking efforts of the Commission, and he won political support for his concerns. The Wyoming State Legislature appropriated money to map the historic trails of Wyoming and placed the responsibility for the mapping in the hands of Bishop and the Historical Landmark Commission of Wyoming. The Commission's responsibilities were transferred to the State Library, Archives, and Historical Board in 1959; along with that went the responsibility of reimbursing Bishop for his work.
The 11 map series details the "Emigrant, Stage, Pony Express, and Freight Roads" of early Wyoming. Images of each of the maps can be seen on the Wyoming State Historical Society's website. The original maps are 17½ inches wide by 23½ inches high.

11. Historic Map Works, Residential Genealogy ™
World's largest online historical map resource. Historical American maps, illustrations, charts and antique maps.
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12. Historical Maps Definition Of Historical Maps In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Historical Maps . maps that reflect historical phenomena and events and that illustrate the interdependence of social developments of the past and geographic factors. Maps

13. Index - Historic Maps
India maps during Ashoka, Gupta and British empire.

14. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection | The Collection
The David Rumsey Collection includes 18th and 19th century historical North and South American atlases, globes, school geographies, maritime charts, and separate maps including

15. David Rumsey
The LUNA Browser is the primary way to view the map collection. Users can browse the entire online collection of over 20,000 images or search by keyword for specific images.

16. Historical Maps Of The World For Every Year In Recorded History
Offers historical maps, showing countries of the world for every year in recorded history.
World History Maps TM a unique approach to Historical Mapping. One Historical Map for Each and Every Year in Recorded History
Interactive Historical Atlases on CD and DVD
See free maps of every year since 2000 HERE World Maps: One map for every Year The World since 500bce, $29. Sample Maps. Area Maps: One map for every Year
The Old World since 500bce, $29.
North America Since 1492, $29.
Sample Maps. Civil War Maps: One map for every Day
New! Personalized Custom Maps that show where your Civil War Ancestor was.
DVD-ROM $29.
SE + USA + States + more

Sample Maps.
... More Information
We can draw Custom Maps for you in a variety of formats, projections, and appearances. Order by Mail if you prefer not to order on-line or if Amazon does not ship to your country. You can order many of the Historical Atlases and books used as sources for these historical maps from Contact Us if you can't find what you are looking for or need any assistance. Instead of an Historical Atlas which has maps showing the world (or a region) at a few significant years, or maps that try to compress decades or even centuries of change on to one map, we offer a different approach. Our Interactive Historical Atlases on CD have Historical Maps of the World for every year in recorded history. That is to say there are thousands of historical maps, one for each and every year in History. Our historical maps show an unprecedented amount of detail in time for the whole world that cannot be found anywhere else. This is also the first historical atlas to be made using computer generated maps based on GIS technology.

17. Historic Maps
U.C. Berkeley's Map Library has scanned in hundreds of excellent historical maps from their collection. Many are of California but there are many from around the world as well.
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  • Find historic online maps of cities, countries, and the world.
    The Vinland Map
    Learn about the history and authenticity of the Vinland Map, thought to be from the 1400s or a forgery. The debate continues regarding the Vinland Map, which proves Scandinavian exploration of North America before Columbus. From the Geography GuideSite.
    U.S. Boundary History
    Track the growth of the United States across North America through the variety of treaties, purchases, wars, and Acts of Congress that made the U.S.A. what it is today. zSB(3,3)
    Ancient T-O Maps
    This map expressed the image of the world for many people during the Middle Ages.
    Concentration and Death Camp Map's 20th Century History site provides this useful map of concentration and death camps during World War II.
    1891 Grain Dealers and Shippers Gazetteer
    Scanned maps from an atlas of railroad maps from the late ninteenth century. Detailed and fascinating.
    1895 U.S. Atlas

    18. Historical Maps
    General Historical Maps; Atlas historique de l'Antiquit tardive (Denis Bellemare) Ancient World 380540 A.D. Cartographic Images (Jim Seibold) Ancient through Renaissance.

    19. Images Of Early Maps On The Web
    A list of sites with historical maps.
    WWW-Virtual Library: History Map History / History of Cartography: THE Gateway to the Subject HOME
    (main menu) INDEX complete
    What the
    site is

    Images of early maps on the web
    (The only comprehensive listing of its kind, comprising almost 2,500 annotated free links - updated monthly) See the explanatory note about this listing of map images (click here for an argument that many web images serve no useful purpose and also for examples of imaginative uses of online technology) This page was created on 4 February 2001 (as a single page) and split into twelve separate pages in January 2003 Last updates 1 November 2010 When checking a particular region, do not forget the Large General Sites . If you need to read the place-names, insist on ' high res.
    5. Africa
    The Americas:- 6. American Continent:
    7. North America:
    You can search across all the pages in the Web Images section (and, indeed, across the entire site).

    20. Historical Map Archive
    the unites states and canada
    Alabama Maps Home About Our Collection
    ALABAMA State Maps Before 1825
    After 1950
    Other Topics Counties/Cities
    State Highways

    Fire Insurance

    Coastal Ecosystems
    Dept. of Defense

    THE UNITES STATES AND CANADA States Individual States Regions Individual Regions United States Before 1750
    After 1900
    Canada Canada and Its Provinces
    THE WORLD Before 1700
    After 1900
    Oceans Atlantic Polar Regions Pacific Australia ... New Zealand WESTERN HEMISPHERE The Western Hemisphere Before 1700 After 1800 North America North America Middle America Middle America South America Continent Northern West-Central Southern ... Brazil EASTERN HEMISPHERE Africa Continent North Africa West Africa Central-South Africa Asia Continent South Asia East Asia Southeast Asia ... Japan Europe Europe SPECIAL TOPICS American Revolution Biblical and The Holy Land Civil War Coastal Navigation Charts ... U.S.D.A. Soil Survey Maps

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