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         Html Style Guides:     more books (100)
  1. 10 Minute Guide to Html Style Sheets (Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes) by Craig Zacker, 1997-01
  2. HTML Style Sheets Design Guide: The Web Professional's Guide to Building and Using Style Sheets by Natanya Pitts, Ed Tittel, et all 1997-11-12
  3. Web Design HTML Foldouts (Tags, Style Sheets Reference Guide) by Bob Stein, 2001-09-14
  4. Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, and Web Graphics by Jennifer Niederst Robbins, 2007-06-15
  5. Cascading Style Sheets: ABeginner's Guide
  6. Read Me First! A Style Guide for the Computer Industry (2nd Edition) by Sun Technical Publications, 2003-05-16
  7. Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by Eric A. Meyer, 2004-01-01
  8. Cascading Style Sheets Laminated Reference Guide (Quickstudy: Computer)
  9. Creating the corporate style guide: process and product. (Practicalities): An article from: Technical Communication by Carol Barnum, 1993-08-01
  10. Establishing a corporate style guide: a bibliographic essay. (technical writing): An article from: Technical Communication by Peter D. Mckay, 1997-08-01
  11. Singing in Style: A Guide to Vocal Performance Practices.(Book review): An article from: American Music Teacher by Cheryl Coker, 2008-12-01
  12. Lessons on cross-cultural communication.(The Elements of International English Style: A Guide to Writing Correspondence, Reports, Technical Documents and ... An article from: Communication World by Norm Leaper, 2005-07-01
  13. Creating, implementing, and maintaining corporate style guides in an age of technology.(APPLIED RESEARCH): An article from: Technical Communication by Mark R. Bright, 2005-02-01
  14. Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites.: An article from: Technical Communication by Bill Sullivan, 2001-02-01

1. Web / HTML / Style Guides -
HTML Style Guides and Tutorials Learning HTML isn't that hard, but if you want to be an expert you have to watch your style.

Sitemap Experts Tools ... style / htmlstyle Developer News Eclipse Helios Update Brings New PHP Tools Internet Explorer 9 Ups Standards Support JBoss Portal 5 Release Easier to Use Learning HTML isn't that hard, but if you want to be an expert you have to watch your style. Having good style now can help you avoid headaches later over tiny coding mistakes.
HTML Style Guidelines
HTML with Style
The HTML with Style Tutorials will teach you HTML and CSS, from scratch, the Right Way. New column every month. By Stephanos Piperoglou.
Introduction to HTML
An excellent and thorough introduction to HTML by Ian Graham a PhD at the University of Toronto and author of the HTML Sourcebook.
WDVL's Style Guide
Alan Richmond explains the rules of HTML style that he uses when writing for his site, the Web Developer's Virtual Library.
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
A good style manual and a winner. Describes the design principles used to create the pages within the Center for Advanced Instructional Media's (C/AIM) World Wide Web site, by Patrick Lynch.
A Basic HTML Style Guide
Covers the basics, and uses a similar navigation button system to my own and the Yale guide. By Alan Richmond

2. Teachers.Net Website Authoring Resources
For a comprehensive list of HTML elements see http// STYLE GUIDES. NOTE These links were shamelessly lifted from the NCSA Server's Style
Website Authoring Resources
Welcome to the Teachers.Net Website Authoring Resources. We've listed a few of our favorite HTML, CGI, and website management resources. Some of the resources are specifially targeted to the novice programmer, others are exhaustive treatises on advanced programming topics. We hope that you'll find all of them useful, as we try to move you quickly from novice to expert web page programmer!
Just a note - if you are looking for an affordable place to serve your web pages from, Teachers.Net has the website for you! Teachers.Net offers a whole series of packages designed to fit every budget, from the affordable $10 per month Basic Teacher Website, to our performance-packed Dedicated Web Server Packages. For more information on our affordable high-performance websites, visit our Website Showcase
Don't see it here? Tell us about it - submit that link!
At Teachers.Net we have reviewed a lot of web authoring resources. Some were good, others were indispensable. We consider the following resources essential for new web programmers.

3. Aurora Help - HTML Style Guides
Help with creating a WWW site HTML Style Guides. Style Guide for Online Hypertext Published by the Word Wide Web Consortium, this is an exhaustive treatment of the subject.

4. Why Does My Web Page Look Different When I Use Different Computers And Web Brows
It is essential to look at your pages with several browsers, including textbased ones such as Lynx. Numerous HTML style guides are available that will help you optimize your page
@import url("iukb/kblayout.css"); @import url("iukb/kbprint.css"); /* Style for specific inline images */ /* Style for specific ordered lists */ /* Style for specific table cells */ Skip to content Search: Knowledge Base IU
Include archived documents Search results per page Login Login is for authorized groups (e.g., UITS, OVPIT, and TCC) that need access to specialized Knowledge Base documents. Otherwise, simply use the Knowledge Base without logging in. Username: Password: Close Text size:
Why does my web page look different when I use different computers and web browsers?
Because HTML was designed for an environment common to different platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac OS X, the X Window System) and configurations unique to each user, a web page will not look the same on all computers. When designing your pages, keep in mind that users will have set different browser window sizes and may even have configured their browsers to have different font, text, link, and background characteristics. If your page looks correct only with a certain window width and particular font, reconsider its layout. Remember that browsers can interpret HTML differently. There are tags that some browsers will read but that other browsers won't understand, e.g., Java, floating images, frames, or I-frames. For more, see

5. HTML Style Guides - Education Resource - StudySphere
Education Portal, Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education, business school, driver education

6. Guest Book Registration
BDM Engineering Services Co. 9055 guilford Drive, Suite C Columbia, MD 210461879 voice 410.290.6180 fax 410.290.6029 email Looking for the HTML style guides

7. Characterization And Assessment Of HTML Style Guides
Characterization and Assessment of HTML Style Guides. Julie Ratner, Eric M. Grose Chris Forsythe. Statistics and Human Factors Sandia National Laboratories
Characterization and Assessment of HTML Style Guides
Statistics and Human Factors Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, NM USA E-mail:
HTML, World Wide Web, Style Guides, Human Computer Interface
The intent of this study was to assess the collective knowledge regarding HCI style components and not to evaluate individual style guides. Thus, HTML style guides were combined to form a single, comprehensive set of HCI style recommendations. Recommendations from established HCI style guides were grouped in the same manner. To obtain the HTML style recommendations, 21 WWW sites offering recommendations regarding HCI components of HTML were identified in the fall of 1995. From these reviews, a set of 357 unique style recommendations were obtained. Recommendations from established HCI style guides were collected from five printed sources, with all recommendations not applicable to HTML discarded. For this sample, style guides were excluded if specific to a given platform or operating system. This review resulted in a collection of 270 unique style recommendations.
The comparison of HTML and established HCI style guides began with a consideration of the development process. Ten authors of HCI style guides, 5 HTML and 5 established, were surveyed. Surveys revealed distinct differences. All HTML style guide authors were from educational environments and described the development process as informal with an average of 3.26 weeks spent writing the style guide, with revisions prompted by feedback from users or impending conference submissions. In contrast, none of the established style guide authors were from educational domains, but from military, government and corporate organizations. Three of five specified that a formal process was employed to develop the style guide, with an average of 54.2 weeks for the initial version, with subsequent versions following annual reviews and structured working groups.

8. Research (Topic At Usable Web)
Characterization and Assessment of HTML Style Guides http// Web guidelines compared with established HCI guidelines.
Usable Web
786 links about web usability Indexes: Topics Destinations Authors Site Index ...
Research (35 links)
More General Topic(s) Profession Related Destination HCI Bibliography Results of other people's web usability work. Links Added/Updated Exploring Users' Experiences of the Web

Qualitative in-depth interview study of how users browse the Web. Problems identified:
  • Hierarchical favorites
  • Combining information across different Web sites
  • Security and privacy
Authors: Brown, Barry Sellen, Abigail
Find more like this

September 16, 2001 Web Site Usability, Usefulness, and Visit Frequency

Abstract of usability survey report. Find more like this
July 20, 2000 Information Seeking on the Web

An Integrated Model of Browsing and Searching. Study that presents findings in terms of 4 ways to seek information:
  • undirected viewing
  • conditioned viewing
  • informal search
  • formal search
and 6 activities:
  • starting
  • chaining
  • browsing
  • differentiating
  • monitoring
  • extracting
By Chun Wei Choo, Brian Detlor and Don Turnbull. From First Monday, February 7, 2000.

9. Browsing Resources - The HTML Writers Guild
(Top) HTML Resources (Top) Useful URLs Information on HTML Tags and How to Use Them

Join! eClasses Resources ... Resources html
Browsing Resources
HTML Resources
Useful URLs
Information on HTML Tags and How to Use Them
This page is maintained by website contacts Last updated on 23 June 2005
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10. 6 Principles Of Web Page Design - Grunwald, Web Design
A page of links to other HTML style guides. (http// WELS Web Help An excellent online guide to help build an effective web site.
Six Basic Principles of Web Page Design
Table of Contents
Well organized and structured web pages are easier for others to use. Listed below are six main principles for effective web page design which can help add structure to your site.
  • Include essential elements on each page. Use appropriate navigational aids. Keep page lengths short. Use appropriate text fonts and styles. Use color appropriately. Keep graphics small.
  • For additional information concerning these six principles, please read below and check out some of the Web sites listed at the end of this page.
    Six Basic Principles of Web Page Design
    1. Include essential elements on each page.
    Any Web page may be accessed directly from another Web site, therefore each Web page needs to contain essential information which allows it to act as an independent document. This essential information is usually placed into one of three main parts of the Web page; the header , the body, or the footer (Lynch, 1997). The header is used to bring continuity to the various pages of the Web site, as well as indicate the main topic of the particular Web page. Therefore, the header usually contains a banner graphic which ties the various Web pages of the site together, the title of the document, and navigational aids which link to other pages within the Web site.

    11. Free HTML Style Guides -
    HTML Style Guides. WEB STYLE GUIDE, 2nd edition This is an eight chapter online book covering all aspects of web design. Web Design Group Style guide for hypertext. Home Search Articles Books ... Web Design
    HTML Style Guides
    WEB STYLE GUIDE, 2nd edition
    This is an eight chapter online book covering all aspects of web design. Web Design Group
    Style guide for hypertext.
    Entertaining and informative site. Style Guide for online hypertext
    A bit out of date, but still useful. Enter your search terms Submit search form Web

    12. Computers And Technology | YaleInfo
    Gallery of Yale Student Organizations; Home Pages, Personal; HTML Style Guides and Resources; Search Yale; YaleInfo; Other Computing Information. Mathematica Information
    Computers and Technology
    Information Technology Services
    Computer Help
    Computing Facilities
    Web Team
    Other Computing Information

    13. Web Style Guide
    For the design of Web pages and Web sites. Covers graphic and information design, page layout, Web graphics, site organization, navigation, and Web multimedia content.

    14. C For Java Programmers - CS415
    C Programming (http// Style Guides. C Style Guide (http//
    C for Java Programmers
    From CS415
    Section slides References Tutorials Style Guides
    • C Style Guide
    History Retrieved from " Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

    15. HTML Style Guides
    Style Guides for Writing HTML Documents
    Style Guides for Writing HTML Documents

    16. Starling - Accessible Web Page Design: General Style.
    However, it is not my intention to duplicate any of the very useful general HTML Style Guides that can be found on the Web. (There used to be a few, but now there are hundreds
      Finding your way:
      Accessible Web Page Design:
      General Design Tips.
      If you think you have something to add to this list, drop us a line at and we will see about adding it to this site for the benefit of all. However, it is not my intention to duplicate any of the very useful general HTML Style Guides that can be found on the Web. (There used to be a few, but now there are hundreds use a Web search engine to look for "HTML style guide" and you will surely find some useful information.)
      Universal Design Issues.
      Maintain a standard page layout throughout your site.
        Once you design an effective page, use it as a template for all other pages. This will make your site easier for all users to navigate. Knowing how important information is laid out and where to find buttons and menus will make your site a very friendly one. Remember, in most cases your page is not for your personal enjoyment, but for the use and benefit of others who are visiting.
      Don't use HTML constructs (tags) that are specific to (and only supported by) one Web Browser.

    17. HTML Style Guides
    everything I know about HTML and CGIhtml.html HTML Style Guides updated 200702-19. Everything I know about HTML and CGI .
    HTML Style Guides
    updated 2007-02-19. "Everything I know about HTML and CGI" Contents: See also [FIXME: since Quality Tips for Webmasters is asking people to submit tips, perhaps I should move my tips from here to there ... ] [FIXME: consider moving most of this information from here to
    how I set up my web pages
    My goal is to make stuff on my web site maximally visible. (If this isn't your goal, why bother to put anything up ?)

    18. Augsburg College - IRB
    Augsburg College Library Citation Resources Page _ http// style_guides. Zotero 2.0 This program works as a Firefox 2.0 extension which
    Institutional Review Board
    Augsburg College
    IRB Main
    History and Need
    Augsburg College

    URLs for More Information About and Assistance With APA Style
    Landmark Project's Citation Machine : Citation Machine is an interactive Web tool that assists learners in formatting citations and modeling the proper use of information property. Augsburg College Library Citation Resources Page Zotero 2.0 This program works as a Firefox 2.0 extension which helps users collect, manage, and cite research sources. As
    it functions within the browser itself, visitors can automatically capture citation information from web pages, and users can also take notes along the way as they work. The program also comes with complete documentation and is compatible with all computers running on either Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

    APA Style Resources on the Web
    APA Style: Getting Started

    19. Website Design - HWG.ORG
    The Guild is the first and largest international association of web site design and web master developers. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about or

    20. Introduction To HTML And URLs
    The home URL for this documentation is http// Please check the list of mirrors to find the location closest to you.
    Other Documentation Areas: Overview HTML CGI HTTP SGML Specs ... Index Introduction to HTML
    Last Update: 20 February 2000 On this Page: Features My Books! Mirrors Navigation? ... Other Resources
    Introduction To HTML and URLs
    Last Update: 20 February 2000
    Home Site And Mirrors
    The home URL for this documentation is:

    Please check the list of mirrors to find the location closest to you.
    1. Introduction
    This collection of pages explains how to use the different HTML document description elements, or tags and how to use these elements to write good, well designed HTML documents. This particular page describes the overall content and organization of the material presented here, reviews some related resources that may be of interest, and describes the meanings of the navigational "buttons" you use to navigate from page to page. Feedback, comments and suggestions are encouraged, and should be sent to: . I apologize if I don't have a chance to answer I get a lot of mail, and simply don't have time to answer all of it
    My Books on XHTML, HTML, CSS, HTTP and CGI

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