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         Ice Storms:     more books (101)
  1. Night of the Ice Storm by David Stout, 1992-03
  2. Ice Storms and Hailstorms (Nature on the Rampage) by Duncan Scheff, 2001-09
  3. The Ice Storm by Rick Moody, 1995
  4. The Ice Storm [Full Leather signed by Author] by Rick Moody, 2006
  5. Stories from the Ice Storm by Mark Abley, 2000-09-01
  6. Ice Storms (Natural Disasters) by Anne Ylvisaker, 2000-08
  7. By fire, storm, and ice: Underwater archeological investigations in the Apostle Islands (Technical publications series / Office of the State Archeologist, ... State Historical Society of Wisconsin)
  8. Kat & Mouse: Ice Storm 3 by Alex de Campi, 2008-07
  9. Ice Storm by John Ashbery, 1987-09
  10. Ice storm (World of reading) by Jean Groce, 1991
  11. A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) (Mass Market Paperback) by George R.R. Martin (Author), 2003
  12. Doom in the Deep: An Extraordinary Storm, a Miraculous Survival by Ottar Sveinsson, 2004-11-01
  13. Blizzards and Ice Storms (Weather Channel, 5) by Maria Rosado, 1999-09-01
  14. Storm Codes (Mom's Choice Awards Recipient) by Tracy Maurer, 2007-07-04

21. Severe-wx / Ice Storms
This website was designed by the 2008 James Scholars in ATMS 120 at the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. It was made to provide interesting information about the

22. Ice Storms In The Midwest
Ice Storms in the Midwest Why Central Illinois Tops the Statistics (Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Decatur)

Ice Storms in the Midwest
Why Central Illinois Tops the Statistics
This picture was taken on December 1, 2006
by Chris Neaville of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois
Neaville, a trained cooperative weather observer, measured ice thickness of 1.5
(Picture reprinted with permission from Chris Miller, NWS Lincoln)
Freezing rain occurs when liquid rain falls through a shallow subfreezing layer of air near the ground (Lutgens and Tarbuck). Rain is cooled as it falls through the freezing layer near the surface of the earth. When supercooled liquid strikes the ground that is already below freezing, it freezes on contact.
How Freezing Rain Forms in the Atmosphere The end result is ice accumulation on just about everything: roads, yards, buildings and electricity lines. Looking back at local climatology records, freezing rain most typically occur in central Illinois between November and April. A 2004 study written by Climatologist Stanley Chagnon examined the temporal and spatial distribution of ice storms in the Midwest. His report revealed that from the years 1948 to 2000, the highest frequency of days annually with freezing rain in the Midwest (5 days a year) occurred along a west to east zone from Missouri eastward to Ohio that included central Illinois. Furthermore, central Illinois was grouped in an area that averaged the highest number of days a year (7) with sleet from the year 1901 to 2000 (Chagnon, 2004).

23. Jean-Pierre Scherrer's Photo Galleries At
Contains a photo gallery with many pictures.
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guestbook recent tree view A click on a thumbnail below will drive you into the chosen gallery. Of course, every comments and critics -constructives- are welcome !
"Ice Storm over Geneva, Switzerland"
"My own Brazil !"
"Studio work"
"Nature" "Geneva's Cityscapes" "Annecy, France" "A week-end in Venice, Italy" "Merry-go-round" "Amazing Circles" "Little Planets" "Geneva University" "Old family images" "Panoramas" "360 Spherical Panoramas" "Junk"
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24. North American Ice Storm Of 1998 - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The North American ice storm of 1998 (also known as Great Ice Storm of 1998 and Great Ice Storm '98) was a massive combination of five smaller successive ice storms which combined to
North American ice storm of 1998
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Ice Storm of 1998 An example of the damage to trees Storm type Cyclonic system - mixed ice/snow/rain Formed January 4, 1998 Dissipated January 10, 1998 Maximum
freezing rain Lowest
Unknown Damages $5-7 billion (2005 USD Fatalities 35 deaths total, 28 in Canada
945 injuries Areas affected Ice in Atlantic Canada , southern Quebec Eastern Ontario , northern New York and northern New England ; rain/flooding in the Appalachians Maximum snowfall or ice accretion The North American ice storm of 1998 (also known as Great Ice Storm of 1998 and Great Ice Storm '98 ) was a massive combination of five smaller successive ice storms which combined to strike a relatively narrow swath of land from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec to Nova Scotia in Canada , and bordering areas from northern New York to central Maine in the United States , in January 1998. It caused massive damage to trees and electrical infrastructure all over the area, leading to widespread long-term power outages. Millions were left in the dark for periods varying from days to weeks, leading to more than 30 fatalities, a shut down of activities in large cities like Montreal and Ottawa , and an unprecedented effort in reconstruction of the power grid.

25. Ice Storms Devastating To Pecan Orchards | E! Science News
Ice storms and other severe weather can have devastating impacts on agricultural crops, including perennial tree crops. Major ice storms occur at least once a decade, with truly
e! Science News
Updated by artificial intelligence Sun, 14 Nov 2010, 18:10:13 EST Learn more
Ice storms devastating to pecan orchards
Published: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 - 16:24 in
Related images
(click to enlarge)
Photo by O.B. Ice storms and other severe weather can have devastating impacts on agricultural crops, including perennial tree crops. Major ice storms occur at least once a decade, with truly catastrophic "icing events" recorded once or twice a century within a broad belt extending from eastern Texas through New England. Ice storms can result in overwhelming losses to orchards and expensive cleanup for producers. Because the long limbs of pecan trees act as levers and increase the likelihood of breakage, pecan orchards and groves are particularly susceptible to damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, and ice storms. Ice damage is typically more severe in pecan orchards than other orchard crops. Oklahoma has 85,740 acres of pecans on 2,879 farms. Ice storms struck Oklahoma four times from 2000 through 2007. The crippling ice storm in December 2000, which hit the southeast quarter of Oklahoma, extended into parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. An estimated 25,000 to 30,000 acres of pecans were damaged in Oklahoma during this storm alone.

26. Ice Storms Widnau - Home
Willkommen auf der Homepage der Ice Storms Widnau
Ice Storms Widnau Willkommen auf der Homepage der Ice Storms Widnau Powered by Website Baker

27. Ice Storms Definition Of Ice Storms In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
ice storm ′īs ‚stȯrm (meteorology) A storm characterized by a fall of freezing precipitation, forming a glaze on terrestrial objects that creates many hazards. storms

28. Ice Storm 1998 Montreal
The story of the ice storm of 1998 from one individuals point of view. Includes photographs of the devastating effect ice can have on the environment.
Ice Storm 1998 Montreal
Reduce Reuse Recycle Be Responsible - Be Green No batteries to buy.... No batteries to throw away Green Technology
The Montreal Ice Storm of 1998 On the morning of January 6th. 1998, residents of Southern Quebec, Eastern Ontario and the Northern New England States awoke to find themselves in the midst of a severe ice storm, the likes of which had not been witnessed in recent memory.
At the height of the storm in excess of one million households were without electricity. Bridges and roads were closed. As Montreal and the surrounding suburbs ground or perhaps slid to a halt, Municipal, Provincial and Federal authorities scrambled to meet the challenge and ensure the well-being of those so adversely affected. Shelters were set up, the army was summoned to assist the Hydro crews to re-establish the power grid and additional crews of linesmen and lineswomen came from other parts of Canada and the United States to help. It was a time of considerable difficulty and concern for everyone. My sincerest thanks to all those people who gave a helping hand. Many articles in magazines and newspapers, as well as a huge amount of news coverage on radio and television have been devoted to tell the larger story of this storm. I will describe only a small portion from the perspective of one individual.

29. Dark Roasted Blend: Ice Storms!
QUANTUM SHOT 298 link Nature's Cold Shoulder Freezing rain sounds innocent enough, until it becomes a layer of ice, enveloping every single thing in a heavy, unwelcome embrace.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Ice Storms!
"QUANTUM SHOT" #298 link Nature's Cold Shoulder Freezing rain... sounds innocent enough, until it becomes a layer of ice, enveloping every single thing in a heavy, unwelcome embrace. (image credit: João Paglione (image courtesy: Rick Macomber (c)2007) Ice storms are able to put the life of an entire state on hold, as power distribution is disrupted and often not restored for a couple of weeks. You are left with nothing much to do, other than to admire the cold beauty of ice "kingdom" around you. You turn into a truly "captive audience". A week without any power We all remember the 1998 ice storm in Quebec.

30. Ice Storms Devastating To Pecan Orchards
Ice storms and other severe weather can have devastating impacts on pecan trees. Typical damage, cleanup, and recovery from four ice storms that hit the region from 2000 to

31. Ice Storms | Ready NH
A description of Ice Storms in New Hampshire with related links

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Ice Storms
When a mass of warm moist air collides with a mass of cold arctic air, the less dense warm air will rise and the moisture may precipitate out in the form of rain. When this rain falls through the colder, more dense air and comes in contact with cold surfaces, the latent heat of fusion is removed by convective and evaporative cooling. Ice forms on these cold surfaces and may continue to form until the ice is quite deep, as much as several inches. The buildup of radial ice may strain branches of trees, power lines and even transmission towers to the breaking point. One inch of radial ice will bring down tree limbs onto power line. Two inches or radial ice on power lines with bring the lines down because of their own weight, usually taking poles and transformers with them. Either way, ice storms cause widespread power outages. Debris from downed trees and wires makes roads impassible and makes emergency access, repair and cleanup extremely difficult. Sawyer crews have to clear the way before line crew can begin restoring power. The state's largest ice storm occurred in December 2008. The National Weather Service had been predicting a major ice storm, but actually arrived was about twice what was expected. More than half of the state's electric utility customers, which included about two-thirds of the population, were out of power. Some for as long as two weeks. All four of the state's electric utilities were overwhelmed and brought in extra sawyer and line crews from as far away was the Midwest and Canada.

32. Midwest Ice Storms 2007
The ice storms of 2007 have created massive power outages, deaths, and fear among residents in the Midwest. Presidential candidates on the campaign trail had to cancel meetings
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    Ice Storms Cause Massive Power Failures, Deaths, and Lootings
    By Rachelle Oblack , Guide
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    33. Portland, Oregon Ice Storm 2004 PDX
    Describes the storm and its effects. And has pictures of the ice on a car, and on a jet fighter. Storm 2004.html
    Portland's Paralyzing Ice Storm 2004, Worst in about seven years The Storm began to unfold with an unexpected heavy snow storm on the morning of New Years Day, which was Thursday, January 1st. This snowstorm, however, was spotty, and mostly affected outlying areas to the south of Portland city center, such as Canby and Aurora. In places like Canby, it began to snow around daybreak, and soon 4-6 inches piled up. It was the drier, lighter snow that is so enjoyable, and so unusual in the damp martime climate of the Portland area. The picture on the left was recently published in the March/April 2005 national magazine named "Weatherwise," page 32. This glossy magazine is an excellent resource for those with a serious weather interest, but in most areas you won't find it on news stands, and you will need to get it by subscription. Click here to find out more about this truly excellent magazine. Temperatures stayed a bit subnormal for the next 3-4 days, and then temperatures dived. On both the 5th and 6th highs in Portland at PDX reached only 24 degrees, and with brutal east winds screaming out of the Columbia Gorge...Both of these days broke the old records for "low maximum temperature" for the date by 4 to 5 degrees. On the 6th, all the intoxicating snow fun ended when warm air aloft began to override the cold arctic air.. Then a major FREEZING RAIN event turned the fun into danger that lasted for 3 to 4 long, long days and nights.

    34. Ice Storm: Definition From
    Carbon monoxide poisoning during ice storms A tale of two cities (4 ed.). Journal of Emergency Medicine. ^ Griefe, A.L.; Goldenhar, L.M.; Freund, E. (1997).

    35. Midwest Storm Leaves 24 Dead, Nearly 1M Powerless -
    A thick glaze of ice brought down power lines and cut electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes and business, closed schools and canceled flights Tuesday as a major storm

    36. Vermont Ice Storm Semi-Pro Football
    Semi-pro team.

    37. Ice Storm Media Xtras - Home
    Offer the Text Box Xtra, which allows the use of a standard system Text Box member in Director.

    38. Ice Storms, NA - Forest Health Protection
    Forest Health protection programs emphasize protecting the longterm health and sustainability of our forests. Our major responsibilities are to assist the States with implementing

    39. Virginia And Darrel Baker
    Darrel and Virginia s links to family pictures and the great Texarkana Ice Storm of 2000.
    God bless America
    Welcome to Baker's Place
    Here is a link to
    Mrs. M E. Baker Tribute.
    Darrel's home away from home
    Estate Sales by Mary Pankey
    News Page Link to a nightmare
    Texarkana Ice Storm

    40. NWS/Storm Prediction Center - Watch, Warning, Advisory Display
    Severe weather information from the Storm Prediction Center.

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