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         Illinois Education Regulations:     more detail
  1. Index to Illinois special education rules and regulations by David Cooprider, 1991
  2. Medical Education, Medical Colleges and the Regulation of the Practice of Medicine in the United States and Canada.1765-1891: Medical Education and the ... of Medicine in Foreign Countries (1891 ) by Illinois State Board of Health, 2009-10-21
  3. Medical Education, Medical Colleges and the Regulation of the Practice of Medicine in the United States and Canada. 1765-1891. Medical by Illinois State Board of Health, 2010-01-02
  4. Medical education, medical colleges and the regulation of the practice of medicine in the United States and Canada. 1765-1891. Medical education and the ... practice of medicine in foreign countries by John Henry Rauch, 2010-09-04
  5. In Rob We Trust.(CourtSide)(Robert I. Sherman): An article from: Phi Delta Kappan by Perry A. Zirkel, 2010-05-01
  6. Rules and regulations for transitional bilingual education by Illinois, 1978
  7. Rules and regulations to govern the administration and operation of special education by Illinois,
  8. Index to Illinois public school recognition rules and regulations by David Cooprider, 1991
  9. An early childhood program matrix: pulling the pieces together for Illinois.: An article from: Early Childhood Research & Practice by Sallee Beneke, Gina Ruther, et all 2009-03-22
  10. Illinois College considers offering baccalaureate.: An article from: Community College Week
  11. Religious School Aid Bills Move Forward In Florida, Illinois.: An article from: Church & State
  12. Adequate Equipment and Supervision.(Brief Article): An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Thomas H. Sawyer, 2001-10-01
  13. Current Issues in Storm Water Regulation in Illinois by Susan Franzetti, P.E. Gary F. Goodheart, et all 2006
  14. Advanced Zoning And Land Use in Illinois by David Lincoln Ader, John H. Brechin, et all 2006

1. Special Education Regulations/Legislation
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2. While I’m Gone: Open Thread « The Peoria Chronicle
Due to an administrative error in scheduling approved by the Superintendent the number of student instructional and contact days to meet the Illinois education regulations will be
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