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         Indonesia Government:     more books (100)
  1. The Politics of the Periphery in Indonesia: Social and Geographical Perspectives
  2. Indonesia: Democracy and the Promise of Good Governance
  3. Land Policy in Modern Indonesia: A Study of Land Issues in the New Order Period (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) by Colin MacAndrews, 1986-08
  4. Decentralisation in Indonesia by Mark M. Turner, Owen Podger, et all 2003-07
  5. Indonesia: An Introduction to Contemporary Traditions by Ian Chalmers, 2006-01-19
  6. Spending for Development: Making the Most of Indonesia's New Opportunities: Indonesia Public Expenditure Review 2007 by World Bank, 2008-02-20
  7. Localising Power in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia: A Southeast Asia Perspective (Contemporary Issues in Asia and Pacific) by Vedi Hadiz, 2010-01-26
  8. Local Government and Community in Java: An Urban Case-study (South-East Asian Social Science Monographs) by John Sullivan, 1992-08-27
  9. Aspects of Local Government in a Sumbawan Village by Peter R. Goethals, 2009-09-01
  10. Decentralization and Adat Revivalism in Indonesia: The Politics of Becoming Indigenous (Rethinking Southeast Asia) by Adam D. Tyson, 2010-07-30
  11. Out of Business and on Budget: The Challenge of Military Financing in Indonesia by Lex Rieffel, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, 2007-06-04
  12. Pretext for Mass Murder: The September 30th Movement and Suharto's Coup d'Etat in Indonesia (New Perspectives in Se Asian Studies) by John Roosa, 2006-08-03
  13. The State of the Forest: Indonesia by Forest Watch Indonesia, World Resources Institute, et all 2002-02
  14. The Politics of Indonesia by Damien Kingsbury, 2005-06-23

21. Indonesia - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands. With a population of around 238 million people
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Republic of Indonesia Republik Indonesia Flag Coat of arms Motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ... Old Javanese
Unity in Diversity
National ideology
Pancasila Anthem Indonesia Raya ... Boediono Independence following Dutch colonial rule Declared Acknowledged Area ... Density 119.8/km
PPP Total $1,027.279 billion Per capita GDP (nominal) Total $670.421 billion Per capita Gini HDI medium Currency Rupiah IDR Time zone various UTC +7 to +9) DST UTC Drives on the Left ID Internet TLD .id Calling code Indonesia (pronounced /ˌɪndoʊˈniːziə/ or /ˌɪndəˈniːʒə/ ), officially the Republic of Indonesia Indonesian Republik Indonesia ), is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania . Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands . With a population of around 238 million people, it is the world's fourth most populous country, and has the world's largest population of Muslims . Indonesia is a republic , with an elected legislature and president. The nation's capital city is Jakarta . The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea East Timor , and Malaysia . Other neighboring countries include Singapore Philippines Australia , and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands . Indonesia is a founding member of ASEAN and a member of the G-20 major economies The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the seventh century, when

22. AsiaMedia :: INDONESIA: Government Takes Aim At Pornography, Indecency
INDONESIA Government takes aim at pornography, indecency Government asks media to support campaign by banning pictures, advertisements or programs that exploit sensuality and

23. PapuaWeb: Pemerintahan Indonesia (Rohdewohld 1995)
Full text of a 1984 book by Rainer Rohdewohld.
Pemerintah - Papua - Government Rohdewohld, Rainer Public Adminstration in Indonesia , Melbourne: Montech Pty Ltd.
Title pages: preface, table of contents, tables and figures (pp.i-x pdf 789k)
Introduction (pp.1-6 pdf 684k)
Chapter 1: The Socio-Political Environment of public administration in Indonesia (pp.7-27 pdf 2.3Mb)
Chapter 2: Public Administration in Indonesia: functions, structures and processes (pp.28-54 pdf 3.1Mb)
Chapter 3: Public Administration at the sub-national level (pp.55-92 pdf 4.6Mb)
Chapter 4: The Indonesian Civil Service (pp.93-119 pdf 3.1Mb)
Chapter 5: Budget and budgetry procedures (pp.120-129 pdf 950k)
Chapter 6: Transformation, reform, better utilisation... (pp.130-133 pdf 488k)
Annex (pp.134-147 pdf 915k)
Abbreviations and Glossary (pp.148-164 pdf 1.5Mb) Bibliography (pp.165-170 pdf 494k) Index (pp.171-179 pdf 861k)

24. Indonesia Government - Flags, Maps, Economy, Government, Climate, Natural Resour
Indonesia Government Flags, Maps, Economy, Government, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System

Indonesia - Government Index
Sources: The Library of Congress Country Studies; CIA World Factbook Please put this page in your BOOKMARKS - - - - - Revised 10-Nov-04 Photius Coutsoukis

25. Indonesia: Government Wants Non-Muslims Tried By Islamic Court - Jihad Watch
Weblog about jihad theology and ideology, correcting popular misconceptions about Islam.
Jihad Watch
Indonesia: Government wants non-Muslims tried by Islamic court
This will, of course, lead to a systematic denial of equality of rights to non-Muslims if Sharia is fully implemented. "Indonesia: Government Wants Non-Muslims Tried By Acheh Islamic Court," from AKI , with thanks to Nicolei:
Banda Aceh, 26 April (AKI/Jakarta Post) - The Indonesian government has insisted that Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam district of Muslim-devout Aceh province should be tried by a planned Islamic Court. Non-Muslims accused of committing crimes such as theft and adultery, would be tried under the Sharia inspired bylaws, state secretary Yusril Ihza Mahendra told the special committee deliberating a crucial bill on Aceh's future administration. Mahendra, responding to the proposals of several legislators who wanted non-Muslims to be given the freedom to choose under which law they would be tried, said it would only create legal uncertainty. "Should such freedom be given, non-Muslims will certainly choose to be tried under the Criminal Code, because it carries more lenient punishment," Yusril told the hearing, held to discuss the authority of the planned Islamic Court, also known as Mahkamah Sharia. Yusril said that in the case of adultery, non-Muslims who committed adultery with Muslims would undoubtedly opt for trial by Indonesia's penal code, because it was more lenient than stoning or other forms of corporal punishment stipulated under Islamic Law.

26. The Unofficial Indonesian Air Force Page
Information about the Indonesian Air Force, including history, inventory and organization.
Unofficial page of the Indonesian Air Force
  • Certain materials found on this site are gathered and compiled from other sources.
  • If you found that any of these mateials belongs to you,and you do not wish these materials to be displayed on this site,please do not hestitate to contact the webmaster.
  • This is an unofficial site,and therefore any comments stated here do not represents that of the Indonesian Air Force or the government of Indonesia in any way.
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    27. IRIN Asia | INDONESIA: Government Readies For Possible Volcano Disaster | Indone
    humanitarian news and analysis a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs * *

    28. IFES Election Guide - Country Profile: Indonesia - Elections
    Includes government overview, elections, news and links.

    29. AsiaMedia :: INDONESIA: Government Unlikely To Force TV Stations To Merge
    INDONESIA Government unlikely to force TV stations to merge Although government hopes to see number of stations fall, it will not make consolidation mandatory

    30. Indonesia
    Review of the country s history, politics, leaders and international organizations and treaties. Includes map, constitution, national anthem and pictures of historical flags.
    20 Mar 1602 - 8 Mar 1942; 29 Sep 1945 - 27 Dec 1949
    8 Mar 1942 - 17 Aug 1945
    Adopted 17 Aug 1945
    Map of Indonesia Hear National Anthem
    "Indonesia Raya"
    (Great Indonesia) Text of National Anthem
    Adopted 17 Aug 1945 C onstitution
    (Aug 1945 - 5 Jul 1949;
    from 5 Jul 1959) Map of Administrative
    Historical Netherlands East Indies Map ... on 1 Dec 1948 Provisional Constitution
    (17 Aug 1950- 5 Jul 1959) Capital : Jakarta (Djakarta 17 Aug 1945 - 1971; republic- Yogyakarta Jan 1946 - Aug 1950; Batavia 1619 - 17 Aug 1945 and 1947 - Dec 1949) Currency : Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) National Holiday : 17 Aug (1945) Independence Day Population GDP : $915.9 billion (2008) Exports : $136.8 billion (2008) Imports : $128.8 billion (2008) Ethnic groups : Javanese 36.4%, Sundanese 13.7%, Malay 9.4%, Madurese 7.2%, Han Chinese 4%, Minangkabau 3.6%, other 25.7% (2000) Total Active Armed Forces Merchant marine : 971 ships (2008) Religions : Muslim 76.5%, Christian 13.1% (of which Protestant 5.7%, Roman Catholic 2.7%, independent

    31. Governments On The WWW: Indonesia
    Links to websites of governmental institutions and political parties in Indonesia.
    Governments on the WWW: Indonesia
    Home Table of Contents List of Countries Signs and Symbols ... Feedback
    Indonesia [ Indonesia ]
    Official language: Indonesian
    General Resources:
    National Institutions:

    32. W-Net :: PT Bhakti Wasantara Net - Home
    The official page of PT Pos Indonesia, the Indonesian Mail Service.

    33. Embassy Of Italy In Jakarta
    Embassy of Italy in Jakarta, with visa and contact information, and a welcome message from the ambassador. In English and Italian.

    34. : Indonesia Government
    Information of Indonesia Government, Political parties, democracy, Prime Minister
    Country Info Home Introduction General Data
    Time and Date
    Indonesia : Government
    Government: Unitary republic based on separation of powers into administrator, legislative, and judicial branches. Constitution of 1945 in force, and power concentrated in presidency; mandate renewed by People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), which meets every five years to elect president and vice president. Unicameral elected House of People's Representatives (DPR) shares legislative authority with MPR, which comprises members of DPR plus others appointed by central government. Supreme Court highest court of land. Politics: Emphasis on consensus, unity, and controlled political development. Political ideologies other than Pancasila illegal. Since 1973 all political groups identified with three legal political organizations: Golkar, government surrogate party; and two opposition parties, Muslim-oriented United Development Party (PPP) and secularist Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI). DPR elections every five years preceding MPR session. Golkar has held absolute majority since early 1970s. Administrative Divisions: Twenty-four provinces (propinsi), two special regions (daerah istimewa), and one special capital city region (daerah khusus ibukota). These divisions subseparated into districts (kabupaten) and municipalities (kotamadya). Lower levels comprise subdistricts (kecamatan) and villages (desa).

    35. Ambassade De France En Indonésie - Kedutaan Besar Perancis Di Indonesia - Frenc
    Embassy of France in Indonesia, with a few press releases in English, and more content in French and Indonesian.
    @import url("skelkitposte/css/color_default.css"); @import url("skelkitposte/css/kiteposte.css"); @import url("skelkitposte/css/spip_style.css"); @import url("skelkitposte/css/diapo.css"); La France en Indonésie

    36. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs - Jakarta Hompage
    Singapore Embassy in Jakarta, describing the history of formal relations between Singapore and Indonesia.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    37. Pekanbaru Homepage
    Singapore Consulate in Pekanbaru, offering consular services to Singaporeans in Sumatra.

    38. Indonesia/Government - Discussion And Encyclopedia Article. Who Is Indonesia/Gov
    Indonesia/Government. Discussion about Indonesia/Government. Ecyclopedia or dictionary article about Indonesia/Government.

    39. Embassy Of Sweden Jakarta - Homepage
    Lists the staff of the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta, as well as contact and consular details.
    • Svenska Home Contact us Sweden Abroad
    Nov 12 2010 Nov 10 2010 The ministers interviewed: Ewa Björling Nov 9 2010 Gunilla Carlsson meets Bosnia and Herzegovina´s Minister for Human Rights and Refugees
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    40. Indonesia - GOVERNMENT
    Indonesia Government and Politics Indonesia. AFTER 1965 AND THE DESTRUCTION of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI; for this and other acronyms, see table A), the military

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