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         Iowa School Media Centers:     more detail
  1. Educational opportunity and the status of resource materials in the secondary media centers of the eight school districts of Kossuth County, Iowa (Alternate ... Instructional Media and Technology) by Jacqueline E Campney, 1974
  2. Planning the school library media center budget by Betty Jo Buckingham, 1991
  3. Selection bibliography: A bibliography of selection sources for school library media centers by Betty Jo Buckingham, 1979
  4. Survey of the status of media service in Iowa public schools, 2 by Mary Lou McGrew, 1982
  5. Survey of the status of media service in Iowa public schools by Mary Lou McGrew, 1978
  6. Coexistence of school district media centers and area education agency media center in Kossuth County, Iowa (Alternate plan paper / Mankato State University. Library Media Education) by Joleen J Bergum, 1980
  7. General selection tools for school library media centers (Mini-bib) by Betty Jo Buckingham, 1984
  8. Make the connection: Quality school library media programs impact academic achievement in Iowa by Marcia J Rodney, 2002
  9. The Iowa guide: Scholarly journals in mass communication and related fields by Carolyn Stewart Dyer, 1995
  10. Library media skills (Mini-bib) by Betty Jo Buckingham, 1984

1. Library Automation Systems In Iowa School Media Centers
Iowa Library Service Areas Updated 87-03. Library Automation Systems School Media Centers in Iowa
Iowa Library Service Areas
Updated 8-7-03 Library Automation Systems
School Media Centers in Iowa District School Building System Contact in media center Belmond-Klemme K-12 Follett Pam Moeller
Carlisle Community Schools Carlisle Community Schools Athena (Sagebrush) Maleea Dudney Cedar Rapids Community Schools Cedar Rapids Community Schools Winnebago Spectrum Jo Bader

Colleen Kemps
Central Community Schools (Elkader) Central Community Schools Winnebago Spectrum Clear Lake High School Follett Lisa Pope
Clear Lake Folett Brenda Steen
Des Moines Public Schools Roosevelt High School Winnebago Spectrum 4.7/Sagebrush Dunkerton CSD Dunkerton CSD Follett 4.1 (networked between 2 schools) Judi Siler Fairfield Community Schools Fairfield Community Schools Concourse / Book Systems Dee Ann Lantz
Sue Kientz (High School)

2. School Media Centers - State-Specific, State Education Index, Iowa, School Media
(School Media Centers)StudySphere Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education, business school, driver

3. School Media Centers - Education Resource - StudySphere
StateSpecific / State Education Index / Iowa /School Media Centers

4. Links For Library Management
Automated libraries in SW Iowa; School Media CentersAutomation Systems Used; Top of Page. Awards. Iowa Children's Choice Award; Iowa High School Book Award
Iowa Library Service Areas Index to ILSA site
Updated 7-30-10
Links for Librarians
This page integrates the former "Links for Iowa Librarians" and "Links for Library Management" pages.
Administrative Functions Authors Automation Awards ... Equipment s Funding Government ILL Procedures Information Literacy ... Weeding Tool Kits:
Telling the Library Story Toolkit
Management Tools for Iowa Libraries
Accreditation and Standards

5. Growing In The Garden: Kids
Lessons for K6 educators to teach students about Iowa agriculture; this curriculum, including resource lists and a videotape, was sent to all Iowa school media centers in 1997.
HOME About the Program Description
Lesson Ideas

Calendar of Events

Special Events

Kids in the Garden Book Review
Gardening Links

Winter Activities with Plants
Children Grow in the Garden ... Curriculum Guides and Other Resources Winter Activities with Plants Back to Top Recycle and Reuse. (Random House. 1977. ISBN: 0394733088), the tops, seeds, and roots of many fresh fruits and vegetables will sprout and re-grow. This is an excellent opportunity to teach the children about plant parts and their function in the plant. Avocado. Some of your student may not be familiar with an avocado. Select a soft, ripe avocado. Peel it and spread on saltine crackers and have them sample it. Show the children the size of the seed inside the fruit. The large size may surprise them. Wash the pit to remove the brown papery skin and any flesh residue. Poke three toothpicks evenly around the middle (equator) of the pit. Use those tooth picks to support the pit on the rim of a clear glass or plastic cup with the pointed end up. Fill the water so that the bottom third of the pit is covered in water. Place the clear glass in a bright, warm location, but out of direct sun. Change the water once a week. In a few weeks, the pit will split open, the roots will grow out the bottom, and a shoot will emerge from the top. Sweet potato . Select a healthy sweet potato tuber, preferable one from a local gardener or one in which you can see some buds. Sometimes they are treated to prevent sprouting. Stick three toothpicks around the middle of the tuber and support them on the rim of a clear glass or plastic cup with the plumper or rounded side of the tuber facing up. Fill the glass with water so that the bottom of the tuber is in water. Change the water weekly and replenish what evaporates. The roots will develop on the tapering bottom end of the tuber and the stem and leaf buds develop at the top.

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