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         Ireland History:     more books (100)
  1. An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 by Mary Frances Cusack, 2010-07-12
  2. A Popular History of Ireland; From the Earliest Period to the Emancipation of the Catholics - by Thomas D'arcy Mcgee, 2010-09-05
  3. The Story Of Ireland by Emily Lawless, 2010-05-23
  4. Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland (paperback) by Malachy McCourt, 2008-01-29
  5. Ireland: A Short History (Oneworld Short Histories) by Joseph Coohill, 2008-08-25
  6. Ireland: A History by Thomas Bartlett, 2010-07-05
  7. Modern Ireland: 1600-1972 (Penguin history) by R. F. Foster, 1990-03-06
  8. In Search of Ancient Ireland: The Origins of the Irish from Neolithic Times to the Coming of the English by Carmel McCaffrey, Leo Eaton, 2003-06-11
  9. Ireland: A Concise History (Illustrated Natural History) by Maire MacEntee O'Brien, 1985-08
  10. Ireland (Horrible Histories Special) by Terry Deary, 2009-05-04
  11. Ireland: History, People, Culture by Paul Brewer, 2002-02-04
  12. Irish Freedom: The History of Nationalism in Ireland by Richard English, 2008-04-28
  13. A History of Ireland: From the Earliest Times to 1922 by Edmund Curtis, 2002-09-13
  14. The History and Topography of Ireland (Penguin Classics) by Gerald of Wales, 1983-03-31

1. Irish History Of Ireland From A Labour (ie Communist, Anarchist, Socialist, Left
Radical and labour history of Ireland.
Labour history
of Ireland
An index of articles on the labor history of Ireland. Covers the role of the working class in Irish history and the struggles of trade unions and other radical working class movements. This page was getting 2000 visits a month in April 2002. Loyalist myths: King Billy revisited The Orange Parades on and around the twelfth of July have long been a bone of serious contention and indeed a source of sectarian conflict in the Six Counties. Members of the Orange Order demand their unalienable right to march the Queen's highway, in commemoration of the victory of King William of Orange at the battle of the Boyne - a victory (as the Orangemen see it) for religious and civil liberty. The 1798 Rebellion In June of 1795 several Irish Protestants gathered on top of Cave Hill, overlooking Belfast. They swore " never to desist in our efforts until we had subverted the authority of England over our country and asserted our independence". Three years later 100,000 rose against Britain in the first Irish republican insurrection. Andrew Flood examines what they were fighting for and how they influenced modern Irish nationalism.

2. Ireland History - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, C
Ireland History Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population

  • Country Ranks Ireland History
    Source: US State Department
      The Irish people are mainly of Celtic origin, with the country's only significant sized minority having descended from the Anglo-Normans. English is the common language, but Irish (Gaelic) is also an official language and is taught in schools.
      Anglo-Irish writers such as Swift, Sheridan, Goldsmith, Burke, Wilde, Joyce, Yeats, Shaw, and Beckett have made a major contribution to world literature over the past 300 years.
      The earliest inhabitantspeople of a mid-Stone Age culturearrived about 6000 BC. About 4,000 years later, tribes from southern Europe arrived and established a high Neolithic culture, leaving behind gold ornaments and huge stone monuments. The Bronze Age people, who arrived during the next 1,000 years, produced elaborate gold and bronze ornaments and weapons.
      The Iron Age arrived abruptly in the fourth century BC with the invasion of the Celts, a tall, energetic people who had spread across Europe and Great Britain in the preceding centuries. The Celts, or Gaels, and their more numerous predecessors divided into five kingdoms in which, despite constant strife, a rich culture flourished.
      The coming of Christianity from across the Irish Sea brought major changes and civilizing influences. Tradition maintains that St. Patrick arrived on the island in AD 432 and, in the years that followed, worked to convert the Irish to Christianity.
  • 3. Bookfinder.US: Ireland History
    Ireland Frank Delaney 0060563486 February 2005 Hardcover From Publishers Weekly BBC reporter Delaney's fictionalized history of his native country, an Irish bestseller, is a

    Europe History Ireland History Ireland
    Frank Delaney
    February 2005
    From Publishers Weekly
    BBC reporter Delaney's fictionalized history of his native country, an Irish bestseller, is a sprawling, riveting read, a book of stories melding into a novel wrapped up in an Irish history text. In 1951, when Ronan O'Mara is nine, he meets the aging itinerant Storyteller, who emerges out a "silver veil" of Irish mist, hoping to trade a yarn for a hot meal. Welcomed inside, the Storyteller lights his pipe and begins, telling of the architect of Newgrange, who built "a marvelous, immortal structure... before Stonehenge in England, before the pyramids of Egypt," and the dentally challenged King Conor of Ulster, who tried, and failed, to outsmart his wife. The stories utterly captivate the young Ronan ("This is the best thing that ever, ever happened"), and they'll draw readers in, too, with their warriors and... The Claddagh Ring
    Malachy McCourt
    Jan 2004
    From Publishers Weekly The titular bauble-a pair of hands clasping a crowned heart with the motto "Let love and friendship reign"-is a traditional Irish emblem passed from mothers to daughters and granddaughters, exchanged by betrothed couples or given to friends, and worn by Queen Victoria, Jennifer Aniston and the rock band U2. McCourt (Danny Boy) is wary of the subject's potential to evoke "dreary sentimentality, enough to make a person vomit," but he steadies himself and gives a pleasant rundown of associated lore-a classic Irish mixture of improbable legend and historical tragedy. Drawing on scholarly and literary accounts, he explores the history and eccentric folkways of the fishing village of Claddagh, whose taciturn inhabitants "had long been an enigma, even to the people of Ireland." One origin myth has the prototype ring...

    4. Ireland_history
    Tyburn Convent Shrine of the Sacred Heart. Tyburn Gallows was the place of execution where so many Martyrs died for their belief.
    Saint Benedict's Priory
    The Mount
    County Cork
    Republic of Ireland Diocese of Cloyne
    The monastic Chapel is frequented by those who wish to pray the monastic liturgy of the Hours with the community and to share in the Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration by day and by night.
    The Benedictine Oblates affiliated to the community are growing in numbers. St. Benedict's Priory community has the special Benedictine cachet of Peace. The Bible Garden is open to the public for quiet meditation and prayer. There is a Bible Garden guide available. created by Native In response to the invitation of the Bishop of Cloyne, Bishop John Magee in 1993, the Priory moved to Cobh to provide a Benedictine, contemplative presence in the Diocese. The Priory building at The Mount was originally the Admiralty Residence which had in more recent times been used as the Generalate and Novitiate of the Cloyne Sisters of Mercy. The St Benedict's community has enlarged the Priory Chapel and the guest facilities. The monastic hospitality takes the form of private retreats, an Irish Monastic Heritage Centre and a Bible Garden, and more recently - Leanbh, a memorial pool for those in grief after the loss of a child. The Monastic Heritage Centre provides a fascinating presentation of the history of Monasticism in Ireland. The Bible Garden provides an ambience for all who seek a secluded place to meditate on the Bible in the setting of biblical trees, plants and flowers.

    5. History Of Ireland - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    The first known settlement in Ireland began around 8000 BC, when huntergatherers arrived from continental Europe, probably via a land bridge Few archaeological traces remain of this
    History of Ireland
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search History of Ireland
    This article is part of a series Chronology Prehistory Peoples and polities Hiberno-Roman relations Gaelic Ireland Lordship of Ireland Kingdom of Ireland ... Northern Ireland Topics Battles Clans Kingdoms States ... e The first known settlement in Ireland began around 8000 BC, when hunter-gatherers arrived from continental Europe , probably via a land bridge Few archaeological traces remain of this group, but their descendants and later Neolithic arrivals, particularly from the Iberian Peninsula , were responsible for major Neolithic sites such as Newgrange On the arrival of Saint Patrick and other Christian missionaries in the early to mid-5th century AD Christianity began to subsume the indigenous Celtic religion , a process that was completed by the year 600. From around AD 800, more than a century of Viking invasions brought havoc upon the monastic culture and on the island's various regional dynasties, yet both of these institutions proved strong enough to survive and assimilate the invaders. The coming of Cambro-Norman mercenaries under Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke

    6. Ireland History
    Ireland History. Comprehensive information about History in Ireland. Visit GeckoGo to find out about Ireland History.

    7. Gola Homepage
    Ireland history and ferry information.
    Gola Island is situated just 1 mile off the coast of Gweedore. This sunny and deserted Island offers you the chance to get away from it all and unwind with the sound of the sea and plentiful bird life. Gola is easily walked in a few hours and offers splendid views of the surrounding Islands, reefs and mainland. Island History Sailing Times

    8. Ireland History - Northern Irish History Belfast Dublin
    Irish History Guide Early History to Present Day Ireland

    9. Ireland History
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    Articles about - ireland history
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    ireland history
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    10. The History Of Ireland
    A series of articles on the history of Ireland Battle of Clontarf In 1014, the greatest battle of early Irish history.
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    Battle of Clontarf
    - In 1014, the greatest battle of early Irish history. one of Brian Boru's last victories.
    Saints and Scholars
    - An introduction to the history of Ireland, from the pagan Celtic age to the fifth century when St Patrick converted Ireland to Christianity.
    The Normans
    - Invasion of Normans, Welshmen and Flemings in 1169 to colonise unconquered Ireland.
    Flight of the Earls
    - Departure in 1607 of Irish Catholic aristocracy unwilling to accept sovereignty of English Queen.
    Oliver Cromwell
    - The arrival of fanatical English Protestant Cromwell in 1649.
    The Battle of the Boyne
    - William of Orange defeated King James II at the Boyne in 1690. The date is still commemorated throughout Northern Ireland today by marches, murals and graffiti.
    Grattan's Parliament
    - Irish parliament which sat in Dublin from 1782-1800 and looked after economic and political interests of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy.

    11. History Of Ireland -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    major treatment (in Ireland History) Ireland, lying to the west of Britain, has always been to some extent cut off by it from direct contact with other European countries
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    history of Ireland
    Table of Contents: history of Ireland Article Article Related Articles Related Articles External Web sites External Web sites Citations LINKS Related Articles Aspects of the topic history of Ireland are discussed in the following places at Britannica.
    Assorted References
    • major treatment in Ireland: History Ireland, lying to the west of Britain, has always been to some extent cut off by it from direct contact with other European countries, especially those from Sweden to the Rhine River. Readier access has been through France, Spain, and Portugal and even Norway and Iceland. Internally, the four ecclesiastical provinces into which Ireland was... Australia in Australia: Ethnic groups Australian society is regarded in the wider world as essentially British (or at any rate Anglo-Celtic), and until the mid-20th century that portrayal was fairly accurate. The ties to Britain and Ireland were scarcely affected by immigration from other sources until then, although local concentrations of Germans, Chinese, and other ethnic...

    12. Arguments For A Workers' Republic
    Documents relating to the Marxist movement in Ireland and its history.

    13. Ireland: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
    Information on Ireland — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the
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    Nov 14, 2010
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    14. Ireland: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
    Information on Ireland — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the

    15. Home - Bodytonic
    Collective based in Ireland. History, events, mixes, and message board.
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    16. Irish Timeline And HISTORY
    Old Ireland History THE STORY OF THE IRISH RACE List of Adventurerers with Cromwell Ireland - History in Maps Chronology of Ireland Has more Neolithic site material
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    A Timeline of Irish History
    PreHistoric Times
    c 10,000 BC Earliest settlers arrived in Ireland, in the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age period. They crossed by land bridge from Scotland. These people were mainly hunters. See what archeology is finding out about them and the Ceide Fields of Co Mayo
    c 3000 BC Colonists of the neolithic, or new stone-age period , reached Ireland. These people were farmers. Remnants of their civilization have been excavated at Lough Gur in Co. Limerick. They traded in a limited form in products, such as axe-heads. One of their monuments, a megalithic tomb at Newgrange in Co. Meath, has survived. Visit the ancient tombs in Knowth , Boyne Valley. (Six pages, one photo per page)
    cc 2000 BC Prospectors and metalworkers arrived. Metal deposits were discovered, and soon bronze and gold objects were made. Items (such as axe-heads, pottery and jewelery) made by these bronze-age people, have been found.
    1699 BC Beginning of the MILESIAN GENEALOGIES
    early ages
    The time of legends.

    17. : Ireland History
    Information of Ireland History, Civilization, independence, king, rural, war
    Country Info Home Introduction General Data
    Time and Date
    Ireland : History
    The Irish people are mainly of Celtic origin, with the nation's only remarkable sized minority having descended from the Anglo-Normans. English is the common language, but Irish also is an official language and is taught in the schools. Carlow Cavan Clare Cork ... AskBabyNames @ 2008 MapZones

    18. Third Carrickfergus Band
    Antrim, Northern Ireland History, news and events of this Boys Brigade Band.
    Welcome to Our Website!
    Formed in 1958 and situated in the historic coastal town of Carrickfergus, 10 miles north of Belfast, the Third Carrickfergus Band is a busy band which not only is in great demand throughout the year giving concerts at many venues in Northern Ireland and beyond but also competes in various annual contests and has even had the honour of playing in the European Championships in Groningen, Holland in 2005.
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    This website will give you lots of information about us and what we do. With almost 100 members including our innovative and fast growing Junior band, our work does not go unrecognised. “The band has brought honour to the Borough. The past year alone has seen them scoop several prestigious awards, not least that of Band of the Year" - Alderman Patricia McKinney, Mayor of Carrickfergus
    New On-Line Store
    The Third Carrickfergus Band has now opened it's On-Line store. This is a secure site where our New CD can be purchased using most major credit and debit cards or PayPal
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    19. History Ireland
    Illustrated Irish history magazine suitable for the scholar and the general reader. Feature articles from all periods of history, books reviews, news, events. Secure online

    Search the archive: Welcome
    Around this day 1 November 1884 The Gaelic Athletic Association, for the preservation and cultivation of the national pastimes of Ireland, was founded at a meeting in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. At least four of the seven men who attended were Fenians.
    6 November 1649
    Owen Roe ONeill, military commander and victor of the Battle of Benburb (1646), died at Cloughoughter Castle, Co. Cavan.
    Compiled by Aodhan Raghailligh
    Editors recommendation Celibacy in the Catholic Church: a brief history and A church in crisis
    History Ireland is published every two months on the following dates: January 16, March 16, May 16, July 16, September 16, November 16 @import url( ./images/gray.css );
    History IrelandIreland's History Magazine
    Cover Story
    Featured Articles Cover Story A man of great power for a long time:Tigernn Ua Ruairc and the Book of Kells A man of great power for a long time:Tigernn Ua Ruairc and the Book of Kells
    Denis Casey analyses a particular source on an Irish king popularly remembered as the wronged husband jilted by Derbforgaill for the king of Leinster, Diarmait Mac Murchada, in the events that led to the Norman invasion of Ireland.
    Featured Articles Miraculous meddlers: the Catholic Action movement Miraculous meddlers: the Catholic Action movement Maurice Curtis examines the role, activities and influence on Irish society of militant Catholic lay organisations in the first half of the twentieth century.

    20. Ireland History, Culture & Traditions | Irish Encyclopedia
    Information on Ireland — Geography, History, Politics, Government, Economy, Population Statistics, Culture, Religion, Languages, Largest Cities.

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